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Why wouldn't you get help?

You're going to die, bro. Just like my fat friend who had a heart attack at fucking 38 years old - it's not healthy.

Seriously, you have a health condition that needs to be addressed if you want to live. I'm telling you this because people seem to be glossing over a very real danger - you keeling over, grasping your chest, and never making it to the ER.. Sound harsh? That's because I've seen it and it's horrible and sad.

Get yourself some help, amigo. Your health should be more important to you.

Edit: and stop drinking diet soda - that shit is fucking you up.

Edit again: I don't really care what people think - OP's weight is a FUCKING PROBLEM and he needs to deal with it if he wants to live. Watching an overweight friend turn grey, hit his knees, and gulp air like a fish while he dies of a heart attack is not something you want to witness ever in your fucking life. His wife shouldn't have to go through that - no one should. The truth isn't always palatable - but that doesn't change this person's situation. Get the help you need OP.

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Why would someone toss out a potentially lucrative idea with no NDA, where anyone could see it and grab it, including you and your buddies?

Nice idea, but I'm not sure this AMA is going to work.

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Asked the man worth $400 million....

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You probably thought Todd Bridges was much younger.

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Do your sites still make fake profiles to lure users into a false sense of popularity?