Keeping it classy in San Diego by interning at major porn company Naughty America since February 2013. I've seen everything you have, plus more.



EDIT: Everyone! I love the questions. I'm back from my weekend break. AMA! :)

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JPree369 karma

Here's my pitch:

"Glitter Load" (or G-Load)

Basic P.O.V. of a guy picking up a girl at a bar or whatnot. The girl is wearing glitter. That's his target. He takes her home and they do what all porns do. He gives her a facial and while she is sitting there with it on her face, he grabs a handful of glitter and throws it on her Emeril-style. Then runs away.

Can we get a greenlight?

naughty_intern147 karma

Lol wtf?

JPree147 karma

You know it's perfect.

JPree66 karma

In this day and age, with the internet and sites like Reddit and 4Chan, this is right up their alley.....along with "Hot Girls with Fake Mustaches". (Another one of mine.)

naughty_intern35 karma

Have you seen those cars driving around with pink furry mustaches on the front?! Hilarious...sorry random I know but every time I hear the word mustache that's what I think of.

Loki6666116 karma

Have you ever been watching a shoot and think "God I wish I was that girl right now"?

naughty_intern197 karma

ALL the time.

HonorConnor82 karma

Anal fisting scenes?

naughty_intern13 karma

Ok no...not into anal of any kind

Masterchiefsauce10 karma

Do you wish that because you want to get rammed by the dude or what? It looks like fun?

naughty_intern26 karma

There are a multitude of reasons, but yeah let's say "fun" is the reason ;)

spacecowboy00777 karma

Do they play 70's porn music in the elevators where you work? And is there any casual office sex which happens?

naughty_intern140 karma

No they play Disney music to try and help us maintain our innocence.

RAWR_Ghosty4 karma

She didn't deny the causal office sex though...

naughty_intern4 karma

There's none I've heard of...yet

rzm4hf64 karma

Do they make you take sexual harassment training?

naughty_intern60 karma

They sure do!

spacecowboy00754 karma

Wait.....on how to do it?.....or how not to?

naughty_intern111 karma

Lol, on how not to do it ya silly space cowboy.

jlange9463 karma

Will you just be working behind the scenes all your time there or is your goal to be in front of the camera?

naughty_intern50 karma

Yeah, I don't plan on ever being in front of the camera. I'm loving working here helping people find their fantasies, just doing it in a way that won't make my family freak out. Porn stars are brave sexy beasts.

pfelon33 karma

Witness any meltdowns from performers?

naughty_intern24 karma


pornymcgee32 karma

HOLY CRAP! Is that the comic con exclusive street fighter akuma on your desk? do you guys do anything for comic con seeing as its in san diego. I noticed alot more porn stars tweeted about being there this year. I would like to see a comic con porn, where like you hire some of these hot cosplayers at comic con and pay them money to bang across the street at the hard rock. can i direct this?

naughty_intern52 karma

Haha Yes it is! Comic Con was so much fun. I'll try and pitch that to the writers. Good idea, glad I thought of it.

Release_the_KRAKEN30 karma

What's the food situation like over there?

naughty_intern54 karma

All-you-can-eat candy and catered lunch twice a week!

FreeOnes_Petra25 karma

Holy crap! I'm dropping FreeOnes and coming to work for you guys. LOL ;-)

naughty_intern18 karma

Hahaha yeah we've got some great perks.

Hamburglarrrr46 karma

Yeah you do ;)

naughty_intern5 karma

...awkward lol

Release_the_KRAKEN4 karma



Loki66664 karma

Taste the rainbow.

naughty_intern20 karma

I love skittles. Skittles everyday. And Starbursts. And Reese's. And chocolate! Damn the list goes on I gotta stay away before I get anymore cavities.

Loki666621 karma

It's hard to fill cavities sometimes.

hispanica31625 karma

not if you use both arms.

naughty_intern7 karma

Lol what?!

OKCutepid27 karma

What is the most comical thing you've experienced at work that has been sex-related?

naughty_intern51 karma

Probs discussing pussy types with my boss. Haha can you say AWKWARD?

Loki666611 karma

I'm sorry... Their are types? Did he educate you on said types and if so do they influence how porn is produced?

naughty_intern32 karma

Yep, kinda like belly buttons. there are innies and outies and a few other things. It's one of the first things I learned for SEO reasons. Funky eh?

Loki666624 karma

I feel like I need a Pokemon ball and should start a quest to collect them all!

Pandolin1168 karma

Careful, you might catch more than you're wanting.

naughty_intern20 karma

lmao you guys are hilarious.

naughty_intern21 karma


WesDiamoni22 karma

How well does it actually pay to be a porn star? 5 figures, maybe 6?

naughty_intern30 karma

I really wouldn't know. But probs around there. Also it depends on the star! I'm pretty sure girls like Christy Mack get PAID.

SybariticLegerity13 karma

Never heard of her.

So thank you, for that.

naughty_intern13 karma


2257Guy21 karma

Who handles 2257 compliance over there? How serious do you take it?

naughty_intern26 karma

Very seriously. And we all make sure that everything we do or put on the internet is 2257 compliant.

yin2lazy21 karma

you have a nice chest btw

naughty_intern37 karma

Thank you? lmao

SpittageFromTheAve21 karma

1) what does interning at a porn production company involve? 2) why did u choose to intern there? switch up from ther other black and white options or youre interested in a career?

naughty_intern36 karma

Depends on what you're interning for. I intern for the marketing division, and I'm in charge of most of Naughty America's social media sites. Why'd I choose to intern here? Well, it's pretty damn funny, that's for sure. I wake up in the morning and see a giant penis or vagina on my screen. And then I watch as the girl yells out profanities while I'm asking myself if it really is THAT GOOD. Lol I crack up all the time, getting paid to laugh? Hell yeah!

creamy_jesus19 karma

So you get to just watch porn all day?? What! Sign me up ASAP!

seqz7 karma

You'd probably just end up with your dick stuck in a fan!

naughty_intern23 karma

With a name like "creamy_jesus" he'd probs get his dick stuck in one of the donuts we get here in the office on a daily basis.

the_onanist21 karma

  1. Naughty America gets porn star to sit in front of computer with "Reddit AMA sign"

  2. Marketing shill answers questions and flirts with redditors

  3. Profit!!

naughty_intern6 karma

Lol. Nice try, but I'm really NOT a pornstar. Nor do I ever plan on being one. And flirting?! HUH?!

TommoR20 karma

Favourite scene you have been there for?

naughty_intern42 karma

Any scene with Jessica Robbin! She's so awkwardly hot.

MonsterInTheGarage16 karma

Oh man how have I never heard of her?

naughty_intern43 karma

Idk man. Get on that shit.

imblackdynamite20 karma

What's "casual Friday" like at a porn office?

naughty_intern96 karma

Jeans and a t-shirt. And heels cuz I'm a fuckin' lady.

SlightlyStable20 karma

Who is your favorite male star and favorite female star?

naughty_intern38 karma

Ooooooh I love Johnny Castle and Lexi Belle!

xnerdyxrealistx43 karma

Fuck yeah Lexi Belle

naughty_intern49 karma

You know what's pun intended...

pornymcgee15 karma

I have a theory that James Deen is really just James Franco in disguise. Have you ever met Deen and can you confirm or deny my suspicions?

naughty_intern26 karma

Well, what if James Deen were actually James Dean who didn't really die but took a time machine to the future to do porn work because he just got sick of acting? I know someone has built a time machine, idk when, idk where, but I know it's out there.

TripsB1315 karma

How do you feel about search engines such as google and yahoo trying to eliminate nsfw links and pictures from the web?

naughty_intern37 karma

The people of the world are naughty. They'll find a way to get their porn. Even if those major search engines are trying to eliminate it.

huzzaah14 karma

Exactly what is it that you do? Any thoughts on the Porn ban in the UK?

naughty_intern21 karma

I take care of all of the social media stuff... At least we have Danny Mountain.

StasisNation14 karma

Honestly, what kinds of jobs are there for guys and girls beyond getting banged, and where can you find them?

naughty_intern13 karma

Aside from cast and crew. Most of our office is full of computer programmers, web developers, and designers.

pornymcgee14 karma

do you ever get hit on by male (or female) porn stars....if so, any stories?

naughty_intern6 karma

Hasn't happened yet...I'll let you know if it does though!

OUSOONER198013 karma


naughty_intern24 karma

A specific one I can think of right now was the live show starring India Summer and Logan Pierce in My First Sex Teacher a few months ago. It was super hot and I loved reading everyone's comments. She also replied to one of my questions! So awesome.

PuffsPlusArmada13 karma

You appear to be hot, have expressed that you get jealous of the girls you get to watch get fucked, and said you haven't told your parents what you do probably because they'd dissaprrove.

Are you a fluffer?

naughty_intern17 karma

Lol no, not a fluffer. The 'rents are pretty conservative, so I just keep it on the DL. I'm sure you guys would too, no?

LiverhawkN712 karma

What exactly do you do there?

naughty_intern15 karma

I take care of the majority of Naughty America's social media sites. Follow us on twitter? That's me tweeting. Follow us on Facebook? That's me posting. Follow us on Instagram? Well, that's my hand...the one I talked about in my header...

LiverhawkN76 karma

Do you enjoy working there?

naughty_intern12 karma

I sure do! Laughing is a requirement here - we're all fucking silly in the office.

chriscosta7739 karma

I bet silly sure enjoys that.

naughty_intern8 karma

LMAO hilarious. Bad wording on my part equals naughty kids saying naughty things.

maxbaroi12 karma

How much money/what would you need to be promised to do a scene?

What has most subverted your expectations?

naughty_intern20 karma

Sorry folks, I'm not a pornstar. I leave that to the pros.

maxbaroi5 karma

What about the second question?

naughty_intern11 karma

Hmmm it's hard to say, I really had no clue what to expect when I took the job! So they couldn't be subverted if ya know what I mean?

xnerdyxrealistx12 karma

Do you get masturbation breaks?

naughty_intern23 karma

Nah. We've got lunch breaks though. And everyone knows where the bathrooms are located ;)

LuvList11 karma

Is there a dress code in the office?

naughty_intern13 karma

Most of us dress business-like. But then again, I see some guys wearing jeans and t-shirt, and other guys have a suit and tie on...quite interesting and weird at the same time. To the ppl who dress casual it's like: "Are you on the wrong floor?"

Patrick555510 karma

what is nina hartley really like?

naughty_intern11 karma

wordscannotdescribe9 karma

Which celebrity/actor/actress do you think would make it the farthest in the industry?

naughty_intern45 karma

James Franco

YourAngryFriend9 karma

Was this an industry you had previous interest in entering, or did it just kind of happen?

Yeti_Magic9 karma

If you could spend the day with any fictional character who would it be and why?

naughty_intern41 karma

Inu-Yasha - I would just stroke his ears all day. And pet his long flowy hair. Like a cat. He would be my kitty for the day. Is that weird?

Bronsonite9 karma

Does your parents know? How'd they react?

naughty_intern13 karma

Hell no hahaha

ceslek5 karma

Why not? It's a legitimate job. It's not like your actually doing the porn (which is also a legitimate job, but bad enough that many may hide it from their parents).

What do you parents think you do?

naughty_intern16 karma

It's just easier not to have them know... I tell them I do social media/SEO work for an online marketing company, which is vague but true :)

pleasemake7 karma

naughty_intern3 karma

Fetish of yours? Interesting, I'll forward that.

nrith7 karma

If sitting around watching porn is part of your job description, then what on earth do you do to waste time at work?

naughty_intern4 karma boss is reading this post...can't answer right now

OK4U2LOVE6 karma

I read from another comment your parents don't know, what you think they would do if they find out?

naughty_intern9 karma

Even though I don't do any of the dirty bits on camera, I'd just rather them not know. I really have no clue how they'd react if they found out, that's why they aren't going to haha.

totes-muh-gotes5 karma

What drew you to the industry?

naughty_intern14 karma

It kinda just came upon me...once again no pun intended.

inb4theedit5 karma

What is your sex fantasy?

naughty_intern16 karma

Ariel and Aladdin fucking under the sea...I am REALLY interested to find out how a mermaid has that just me?

TheBigN4 karma

Are you hoping for this to become a full time job rather than an internship?

naughty_intern10 karma

I am! I have so much fun working here, it's a super chill environment, and even though we deal with porn all day long we get to be creative on how we market and expose it to our Naughty America Fans.

Brad_Wesley4 karma

I ask all the porn chicks here to do this and they don't, perhaps you can get your company to do it:

You want a fan base? Make a reddit POV series. Have every girl do a POV fuck where she is talking to him like he's a redditor.

naughty_intern8 karma

That's a fucking awesome idea. I'm definitely passing that along.

HingeP4 karma

Best porn movie?

naughty_intern7 karma

Not sure if I have a favorite. There are so many new ones coming out everyday, & they just keep getting better & better!

lazyGravy4 karma

Are you a Street Fighter fan?

naughty_intern27 karma


allie_h_1233 karma

How do you like your eggs?

naughty_intern4 karma


spankymuffin11 karma

The correct answer is "anything but fertilized"

naughty_intern4 karma

You'd be surprised...some people eat fertilized eggs. Disgusting.

remote_production4 karma

I'm going to take this as a Turquoise Jeep reference

naughty_intern2 karma


TSapp853 karma

I know you said you're not a porn star and you'd never be, but have you dated or slept with any of the talent?

naughty_intern6 karma

Nope. I'm good with just fantasizing about them. Plus I've only worked here a few months and I've had a bfrand the whole time.