I'm 23 years old I have been on Dialysis for 3 years going on 4 soon.Sorry about the typo in the title I meant 23 years old, I am in desperate need of a kidney my blood type is B positive . The wait list for a B Positve kidney is 5 to 10 years, I can't take much more of this. Here are some pics to prove im not lying. http://imgur.com/a/8YTtE

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Obliosmom1283 karma

My blood type is B+ and I'm in excellent health. If we are compatible by whatever other criteria required, I would not hesitate to give you a kidney.

Where do you live? Send me a message. Anyone who knows me knows I would do this in a heartbeat to help someone whose whole life is ahead of him.

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Thanks! My blood's great, I donate all the time. It seems to be a matter of tissue typing and making sure the recipient's blood does not have antibodies to the donor's.

divinitywouldntfuck17 karma

Contact me.

Obliosmom14 karma

Done. Would you like that plain or in a pie, sir?

divinitywouldntfuck18 karma

Combination no olives.

MyBrainItches29 karma

If you are serious, you just made the single most generous offer I have ever seen online.

...but if you are not serious: we can't be friends anymore.

Obliosmom54 karma

After connecting with the OP, I contacted the university hospital's transplant center and have completed their online donor screening. If everything goes well, we'll hear in 7-10 days about arranging the initial blood tests.

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Once again thank you , You have no idea what this means to me. Honestly you are probably the most selfless person I have ever met in my entire life, We don't even know eachother yet your willing to donate to me . Words can't really describe how I feel right now.

Obliosmom23 karma

I think it's nothing more than many people would do if they just knew more about it. I feel very fortunate to have been given even a chance at making your life better. You deserve to enjoy a happy, healthy life. :)

divinitywouldntfuck6 karma

People say that but you are probably the only person I know who is actually willing to do it.

Obliosmom30 karma

I'm just very lucky, that's all. Let's hope our antibodies play well together - my left kidney is thrilled at the possibility of being inside a 23-year-old body again.

divinitywouldntfuck8 karma

Thank you.

toonewtothis10 karma

Will you please keep us posted whether or not this match works out? I'm sure many of us would be curious to hear how your story ends. Best of luck!

divinitywouldntfuck8 karma

Yes I will try to keep you guys updated if I can.

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What is the process for this? Is it possible for a person to donate their kidney to a specific patient?

divinitywouldntfuck5 karma

Contact me

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No I havn't thank you.

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What are your thoughts on people being allowed to sell their kidney? Or get priority on donation recipient list if they donate?

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I don't really care as long as I get a transplant and live to see another day.

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Hey, just want to say I worked for a nephrologist for a year and a half (also in CA), met/knew a few younger patients who were on regular dialysis like yourself.

It is incredible the shit you guys go through, the way you feel, how tied down you are, how exhausting the lifestyle is. Even so, many of the patients I knew were some of the most interesting, mentally, emotionally developed people I've ever met because of the extreme challenge presented by their circumstances, and the way they faced that challenge each and every day.

I will say that during this time, I saw many patients get their transplants. Most of them were not expecting a kidney anytime soon, either. It was a complete surprise to them, to the office. I recall one got the call on Christmas eve, the whole situation was too perfect for words, she was beaming.

Keep it up man, you'll get yours, stay strong.

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Thanks for the support.

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I have had two grandparents on dialysis, so I know how much it sucks. You go in every other day and sit in a chair for 4 hours getting blood pumped out of you. Miss a day, you get real sick. Miss a week, you are dead. Your whole life basically revolves around this one illness. Transplants aren't all fun and games either. One grandparent got one, but you need special diets and awful immunosuppressant drugs. A simple cold sends you to the hospital.

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The hospital is like my second home, Im in there alot. My immune system is similar to someone with aids. The kidney disease won't kill me its the complications from the kidney disease.

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Keep strong dude. I had a close brush with permanent kidney damage when my lupus flared up (my creatinine went from 1.5 to 2.3 overnight, was continuing to get worse until they pumped me full of some meds) and I had to go through multiple Plasmapheresis treatments (non-standard for lupus nephritis, but I was so young they didn't to risk the more dangerous drugs on me). I can't imagine having to go through what I did in that week for an extended.

I have no questions, just wanted to say keep it strong.

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Thanks you to.

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If your interested in requirements to donate look up UCSFhealth.org

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Do you wish that paid organ donation were legal so you could buy a kidney without going to the black market?

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First of all, personally I would not trade what could be years of my life for cash, the thought of adding double of they recipients life is enough for me. Let's say it was legal though, what's the going rate for a kidney?

divinitywouldntfuck7 karma

I honestly have no idea.

BitchNowYouKnow21 karma

I'm sorry man. Maybe, maybe this story will get on top of reddit. Maybe someone will try to help you. Maybe. What things can you not do because of dialysis?

divinitywouldntfuck33 karma

I can't travel often. I can't go on rollercoasters or any fast moving vehical with no windows. Can't swim , can't eat anything that taste good and can't live a normal life.

swefpelego13 karma

fast moving vehical with no windows.

Why no fast moving vehicles with no windows?

divinitywouldntfuck25 karma

My body is very fragile and so my catheter wont go flopping and flying everywhere .

vulvalociraptor9 karma

Do you have a fistula, graft, or catheter? Because I think you can swim with a fistula or graft but not with a catheter. If you have a catheter, why not get a fistula or graft?

divinitywouldntfuck12 karma

I have a catheter , I do peritoneal Dialysis because I don't like needles. I did have a graft in my chest when I first started hemodialysis but I switched to PD because it was easier on my body. Also because my blood does not clot fast so a shunt would not be a good idea. I don't know how to swim any ways.

vulvalociraptor11 karma

Swimming is too much work anyways lol. I work as a tech in clinic and my patients who don't want to get a fistula/graft say the same thing; they don't like needles and honestly, who would. Those suckers are gigantic. Best of luck. I hope that kidney turns up soon for you.

divinitywouldntfuck6 karma

Thanks alot for your kinds words.

Rawrz3dg17 karma

Your AMA has officially scared me into taking care of my diabetes. I'm on the fast track to kidney failure, and well...you've made it clear it is shit. I truly hope you find a donor. I would if I could, but you wouldn't want an uncontrolled diabetic's kidney. Thanks for the unintentional help (:

divinitywouldntfuck8 karma

No problem. The diseases are linked. I don't have Diabetes but they asked me that as my kidneys were failing.

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Hey guy. I was diagnosed with ESRD at age 24 - I was wheeled into the ER, and put on dialysis in an emergency setting... never knew I had something wrong with me, I only knew that I felt like shit for a long time and no one could help me. My father donated a kidney to me later that year, and that seemed to be doing well, but in a follow up surgery, the surgeon nicked and damaged the kidney and I lost it. I then was on dialysis for another 6 years - I did in center hemo-dialysis for a while. Right before I had to go back on dialysis, I met a girl, who stood by me, and we eventually got married. We started doing in-home hemo with NxStage - and exactly 2 years ago, out of the blue, I was offered a kidney. It was a high risk kidney - it had come from someone who was an intravenous drug user. They had tested the organ, and it was functional and clean - but they say there is always a risk of something like Hepatitis hidden in it, despite the testing. I took the risk, and as of yesterday - my creatinine is 1.4, and I feel amazing.

They gave me the same odds - 5-10 years. I did it. Goddamn it, it was hard though. It was so fucking hard. Really - I know how you feel. My life was taken from me, my youth was robbed. I couldn't travel, I couldn't really do much. But I managed to struggle through it, get married, I started a company that makes video games... it's hard as fuck, I ain't gonna lie - but you can do it.

If you're looking for more support and people like you, try looking up "I Hate Dialysis" they have some pretty amazing forums with some people who will know exactly what you're going through. And if you want to ask ME anything, please feel free.


divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Thanks Im already a member of "I Hate Dialysis though, lets talk some time.

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You have to take a bunch of test to see if your compatable. The medical cose arn't covered. Its all up to your insurance and your income. The Transplant cost in the tens to hundred of thousands when everything is said and done. And that isn't including the cost of your recovery and anti-rejection pills.

g-dragon28 karma

the donor pays nothing aside from travel expenses and time taken off of work. your insurance and medicare cover all medical costs for you and your donor.


divinitywouldntfuck21 karma

Im not a expert im just a patient anyone willing to donate a kidney pls?

Curlypeepes14 karma

Forgive my ignorance but does someone just need to have the same blood type and be a willing donor? How does one become a candidate for donation?

divinitywouldntfuck13 karma

Same blood type helps but not always. Requirements are same body mass, tissue and good health. No pre existing conditions like diabetes or hepatitis.

Curlypeepes7 karma

What is your body mass? How do you know if tissue is a match? Again sorry for the questions but please educate us. If someone wanted to donate directly to you, could they do that? I'm hoping someone out there is a match.

divinitywouldntfuck8 karma

Blood and Tissue test that I don't know all the details of. If someone wanted to donate a kidney to me directly that would be the ideal situation.

divinitywouldntfuck4 karma

I am 6 foot 1 and 195 pounds.

Gypsyhook_18 karma

I will give you a 5'8 139 lbs persons kidney. How do I find out what type of blood I have?

divinitywouldntfuck4 karma

Blood test through your doctor.

Mattlovemom1 karma

What's your blood type?

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma


yungJoc12 karma

What is life on dialysis like? How did you end up on this?

divinitywouldntfuck31 karma

Im gonna be completely honest. Life on dialysis is shit. You really have to live day by day because if u try to plan ahead you will go crazy. Travelling is a bitch, because I have to do Dialysis every 4-6 hours everyday. If you skip to much dialysis u will die from the build up of toxins in your body.

lovesickremix10 karma

I understand your life, my mom is on dialysis which i take her to the center to get it done. There are two younger guys there also. One has gotten shot 5 times, and it destroyed his kidneys, the other also had kidney disease. My heart goes out to you man! Stay strong!

Quick question what do you normally eat? any good food tips?

divinitywouldntfuck13 karma

I eat whatever I want because my doctors want me to get my electrolites up.

baberunner5 karma

4 to 6 hours on PD? That is a really short time. My husband (he just turned 31) is on for 8 hours (while sleeping) and does an all day dwell that he drains when he comes home from work. He was on 10.5 hours for a bit. He is a slow transporter and they are having a tough time getting him to the right clearance numbers.

divinitywouldntfuck9 karma

when I said every 4 to 6 hours I meant doing manual PD Exchanges. I am on the cycler 9 hours every night.

divinitywouldntfuck23 karma

I was born with kidney disease I did'n't know until my kidneys failed when I was 20. I had never had health insurance.

damnhustle10 karma

what keeps you going day to day? what makes you not say, fuck it. I am just going to go somewhere and just die.

divinitywouldntfuck27 karma

What keeps me going? sheer will to survive and my hobbies. I have a small collection of retro videogames to keep my mind focused on other things. Instead of thinking of all the negatives in my life like the fact that I don't produce urine anymore and my anxiety and depression.

LinearFluid9 karma

Pardone my ignorance but you could receive B+ B- O+ O- Kidney.

Do you have a High PRA?

divinitywouldntfuck7 karma

Yes I can recieve O and O - universal blood type.

bobthemagiccan8 karma

have you consider asking a relative to donate a kidney to you? (living donation)

divinitywouldntfuck7 karma

Already tried that it failed. And they wouldn't let relative outside the country donate. I know because I tried that to.

bobthemagiccan4 karma

thats odd, in canada. i believe you can have relatives outside the country donate.

may I ask why it failed? if you do not have a willing relative, then I'm sorry to hear that. But if you have a willing relative, you can consider paired exchange donation

divinitywouldntfuck7 karma

I had a willing relative but aparrently they had to be a us citizen to donate.

alieninvasion6 karma

Can you not go over to their country of residence and do it? I know insurance probably wouldn't help you out and it would be limiting.

divinitywouldntfuck5 karma

You need money day to day and my treatment. Dialysis treatment is very costly.

Mayhew1018 karma

I'm assuming you keep in mind a sort of image of hope, something that keeps you fighting. What is it? Do you hope to one day fuck the Miami Dolphin's cheerleading squad? You gotta do something crazy after all this?

divinitywouldntfuck21 karma

I want to travel the world. And yes losing my virginty would be a bonus. Diseases do not attract women.

The_McAlister7 karma

Does it weird you out that there are millions and millions of people dedicated to forcing women to donate their bodies on the basis of a fetus's "personhood" and right to life ... who are perfectly happy to let you die rather than demand someone donate a kidney?

At the very least we should change our donor system from opt-in to opt-out. Places where you are default in and have to actively opt out have a much higher donor rate than we do. Don't you think?

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Yes it does .

divinitywouldntfuck7 karma

UCSF medical center transplant service.

burzumite7 karma

How can an average redditor help?

divinitywouldntfuck8 karma

Tell your friends and family also go to UCSFhealth.org to see if you or anyone you know can donate a kidney.

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

I just got confirmation from UCSF that the process to get my transplant has just begun. This is going to take a while. UCSF will be sending me and my donator the first of many labs and tests to be sure were a match. By my estimate I will have my transplant at some point in the new year.

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Thanks everyone for the replies I am going to sleep now , keep asking questions, I will answer them when I wake up.

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Windows 7 man

HarryBalsonya_3 karma

A-negative. If I could I would help you. Reach out to as many people as you can. Reading books on your subconcious is a great start. Check out Dr. Joseph Murphy

divinitywouldntfuck4 karma

Blood type is important but matching body tissue is more important.

rbootrom3 karma

As a person with AB+ blood, I am useless to you, but I wish you the best. Are there any long term effects from being on dialysis for so long? I heard it doesn't work as well as a kidney.

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

You have the possibility of various other diseases of the heart and liver. As well as mental problems like dementia or alzheimer's.

myhppavilion2 karma

What's yout favorite food?

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma


sjohn13622 karma

Do you listen to Howard Stern?

divinitywouldntfuck4 karma

No but I have a blunt personality .

muaj_lao122 karma

ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຫວັງວ່າທ່ານແມ່ນດີໃນໄວໆນີ້. ດີໂຊກ!

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma

Are you Lao, Thai, or Cambodian? Im Lao.

muaj_lao123 karma

I apologise for typing in Lao. I find English somewhat difficult. I am Lao too. It is not often I see another of my countrymen here! If you are in the country at present then I will be sure to be tested to see if I am eligible to help you. Once again, good luck!

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma

I am in California. My Grandpa is going to Laos soon maybe you can meet.

Charger5252 karma

Just curious, which part of California? I'm in northern Ca near SF.

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Fresno California.

sMiLeYcHaOs3 karma

AYO. Visalian here. Hope things get better.

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

thanks man.

titopk2 karma

Dude I'm from Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo León) and I checked my driver license and I have the type of blood you are looking for. I don't know if there's a foundation or something to help to send th blood where u live!. Ask for help with that I will try to investigate here in my city don't give up!

divinitywouldntfuck5 karma

I need a kidney not blood. Thx tho

georgestroke1 karma

I'm sorry to hear that you're on dialysis... Do you have any Co morbid conditions being treated (ie hypertension, diabetes etc) how many medications do you have to take?

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

Like a dozen different pills everyday and phosphorus binders with every meal.

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

it is almost 3 in the morning I really need to get some sleep but my insomnia is acting up like usual. once again thanks for the replies keep asking questions everyone I am going to try to sleep now, I will answer more questions when I wake up.

Shalynhuetter1 karma

Also, Gods bathroom floor is a favorite song of mine. ;)

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma

Mine to, Slugs best albums r his first 3.

Shalynhuetter1 karma

Having to do dialysis every 4-6 hours, what is your professional life like? Are you able to work? School?

Also, I read you found out your condition after your kidneys failed you at 20, and you didn't have health insurance- do you have insurance now? How much money has this cost you?

I hope this AMA brings you, and people suffering like you, some awareness, and maybe even bring you a donor directly. Good luck to you!

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

No work and no school. Not enough time to do anything really besides dialysis. I have Medi-Cal state provided insurance, it has cost alot. Thank you

evian8881 karma

I just wanted to say that I really do hope you get a kidney soon and it's successful.

My mother was on dialysis for 5 years with polycystic kidneys and eventually got a transplant last September. Unfortunately she passed away in October (the transplant went well, didn't reject, it was very sudden), so I know the stress, anxiety and daily grind that dialysis inflicts upon the body and mind.

If you ever want to chat you can pm me.

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

thanks I will keep that in mind.

Ajpimpin1 karma

Are you in any pain because of this? Do you have a cannabis card or have you thought about medical cannabis to help with any pain, sleep problems, nausea etc. you might experience?

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

Pain comes and goes with this disease , I don't have a cannabis card but I am considering getting one. I have never actually smoke or drank .

Ajpimpin3 karma

I think it would really help you with any pain, nauseousness and insomnia you may be experiencing. You don't even have to smoke either, there are edibles you can try or tinctures which you can drink, that are glycerin based, I'm sure alcohol based ones wouldn't be good for your kidneys. It would be something worth looking into. A lot of those pharmaceuticals cause more harm then good

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

Thanks for the advice I will look into it.

RedRota1 karma


I am interested why your shunt is in your stomach. I've worked in dialysis for quite a while and have never seen someone with a shunt in the belly.

There was a 19-year-old girl in dialysis too, she said the worst thing about this is not being able to drink much. Especially as a young person I can imagine how annoying it is to be completely sober in bar. She once got a kidney, but suffered too much from the medication. The donor kidney ended up failing aswell after about a year..Do you go to a doctor's office for Dialysis or do you stay at home?

EDIT: I don't mean to bring you down with the kidney story, that was the only case. We had patients who came to our office to check in and say they're okay years after the transplant!

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma

I do peritoneal dialysis not hemodialysis that is why it is in my belly . I do my dialysis at home every day. thanks for the support.

notestasiskis1 karma

I may not be remembering correctly, but will O positive work as well? I don't know if it's the same with organ donation as with blood donation, but I thought O could be used almost universally.

divinitywouldntfuck1 karma

Yes that is correct O can be used universally.

LittleWanderer1 karma

How has your views on life changed since you started dialysis/heard you had kidney failure.

divinitywouldntfuck2 karma

I would say yes my views on life have changed. I honestly don't know what my views are at this point. They change every day.

InvisibleBlueUnicorn-6 karma

Define God

divinitywouldntfuck3 karma

Some one who may or may not exist, who's to say right ?