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If Time travel did exist in the future I would bet there would be rules on how it was used and that it was covert to the past.

In 2245 there is a law on the books to avoid Time Travel Related problems and paradoxes that no Time Traveler is permitted to travel back in time to Steven Hawking's Party under penalty of death

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Pardone my ignorance but you could receive B+ B- O+ O- Kidney.

Do you have a High PRA?

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Have you ever tried to steal one of Mike Tyson's Pigeon?

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Aren't you afraid that the Military might Weaponize your design and start putting lasers on the head of sharks?

Kidding aside I think it is wonderful. How do you see your cameras changing the future? Do you think that your camera experience can take the place of zoos? Should they take the place of zoos? Do we need to actually have the sensory perception beyond sight and sound to keep us in touch with nature, to make people comfortable around animals and to have them feel the need to preserve them over drive them to extinction?

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Horses that train on a track will know when they are putting in a workout. Horses are galloped of the rail mainly for safety of the breezing horses having the rail to pass. A horse will approach their breakoff point off the rail and the rider will start to guide the horses to the rail. They know then that they are working and most horses you have to really control as going to the rail they know that they are going to breeze.