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Swimming is too much work anyways lol. I work as a tech in clinic and my patients who don't want to get a fistula/graft say the same thing; they don't like needles and honestly, who would. Those suckers are gigantic. Best of luck. I hope that kidney turns up soon for you.

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Do you have a fistula, graft, or catheter? Because I think you can swim with a fistula or graft but not with a catheter. If you have a catheter, why not get a fistula or graft?

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Just wanted to say hello to a fellow tech! Hang in there. I just hit my two year mark and have to say, the first year is the hardest.

Missing fistulas and grafts will happen as well as the occasional infiltration. Just don't be afraid to ask for help and keep your head up. Also some patients won't let you stick them at first so don't get offended or let it get you down. It all gets easier and you'll get faster as time passes.