Hi my name is Peter King, senior NFL writer at Sports Illustrated and Editor-in-chief of the newly launched TheMMQB.com. I'll be taking your NFL questions for about 45 minutes starting at 2:10pm ET.

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Fire away!

UPDATE (2:55pm ET): Thanks a lot for coming, everyone. Hope you enjoy The MMQB.

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Gareth_Bale189 karma

Hi, Peter. I love your coffee column but what I want to know is why you spend so much of it talking about football?

PeterKingTheMMQB76 karma

Well, when they pay me to write about Peet's Major Dickason's Blend, maybe I'll change my focus.

PFTCommenter114 karma

peter im working on a column would love 2 know your take- if you were 2 make a NFL team of dog breeds what positions would they be?

PeterKingTheMMQB127 karma

QB: Corgi. Thoughtful. WR: Greyhound. Well, of course. TE: Pitbull. Tough but agile. OL: Newfoundlands. Big horses. Pass-rusher: Golden retriever. Dying to get the ball.

funsplosion111 karma

Hi Peter, I was wondering if you could tell us who you think the loftiest player in the NFL is?

PeterKingTheMMQB34 karma

I don't know what that means. I would if I could.

vibrantorange105 karma

Do you ever read what they post on Deadspin and Kissing Suzy Kolber about you?

PeterKingTheMMQB61 karma

Deadspin, all the time. SKS, used to. Too depressing.

mr_showboat79 karma

In light of the Von Miller news, what is the true nemesis of the Broncos organization:

  • A) Jacoby Jones
  • B) Fax Machines
  • C) Alcohol
  • D) Whatever concoction of drugs Von Miller (allegedly) took.
  • E) All of the above

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PeterKingTheMMQB54 karma

Love the question. E.

rspunched71 karma

I read you for years (I don't currently but that is more to do with how much I read about football period.)

Anyways, I often thought about it would be interesting for you to do a piece on workplace relationships in the NFL. Between the salaries and the bravado there is so much an anonymous piece could tell. I am not talking about sensationalism I am talking about the little things. Whats it like to have a guy beating you out of a job? Whats it like to have a coworker make 10x as much as you?

PeterKingTheMMQB67 karma

An excellent idea. I like it a lot. I will consider that, and we'll discuss at a story meeting soon. Thank you.

xmasapeksk54 karma

What gun do you suggest using on someone talking in the Acela Quiet Car?

PeterKingTheMMQB20 karma

No gun. Just a good shushing.

wyckyd_sceptre51 karma


PeterKingTheMMQB84 karma

How do those two things bother you? I said in 2010 that getting Hernandez at 113 was good value. Going at 113 means he was a flawed player, and that flaw showed up three years later.

Feklahr42 karma

True or false (or MAYBE)? Charles Tillman is one of the top 3 underrated defenders in the NFL.

PeterKingTheMMQB25 karma

Not anymore. Two years ago Peanut was.

AloysiusTravers41 karma

Why did you steal that foul ball from that kid?

PeterKingTheMMQB71 karma

Childhood issues I never got over, I guess.

jdwyer200932 karma

Will you go visit Aaron Hernandez in prison?

PeterKingTheMMQB22 karma

I would if I could interview him. But seeing as I don't know him, I doubt that will happen.

mississippiwildman29 karma


PeterKingTheMMQB35 karma

No. But I understand the comparisons. Bill covers all sports and pop culture. We cover football.

IrkenInvaderGir15 karma

More football, less reality crap.

PeterKingTheMMQB29 karma

Well, okay. I hear that a lot. All the time, really. When I tell people my average off-season column is about 4,000 words on football and maybe 600 words on non-football stuff, it never seems to help. Don't know why.

Feklahr26 karma

Do you like IPAs on the heavier malted side, or a lighter, more citrusy note?

PeterKingTheMMQB19 karma

I like white beers on the lighter sides, IPAs heavier.

Atmosfear201224 karma

Why did you go with TheMMQB?

I suspect that "Kinglandia" was already taken. There was a not-insubstantial portion of your readership who were really hoping for Kinglandia.

PeterKingTheMMQB22 karma

There wasn't a lot of deep thinking that went into it. It was never going to be Kinglandia. We all agreed that the MMQB name was pretty recognizable, and just added "The" to it.

BurritoBrosShits23 karma

Peter, are you intimidated by the mustache of Shad Khan?

PeterKingTheMMQB21 karma

I think it weighs more than I do.

jdwyer200919 karma

Where is Royal Baby on the depth chart?

PeterKingTheMMQB25 karma

Fighting for a spot on special teams.

Cardsfan153917 karma

Hi Peter! What would say is a prediction you got absolutely wrong? (i.e thinking Jamarcus Russell or Brady Quinn would be great)

PeterKingTheMMQB90 karma

I get 20 predictions a year horribly wrong. Hard to keep track of them all. I picked the Browns to get to the Super Bowl one year. Is that bad enough for you?

amswindle352412 karma

What's the more "walkable" city, New York or Boston?

PeterKingTheMMQB14 karma

Boston. Can get anywhere in 30 minutes on foot.

ryker88811 karma

How do you think the Saints will rebound after all the drama and mess of last season?

PeterKingTheMMQB13 karma

Quite well. Sean Payton is doing the right thing--treating the 2013 season as thought it's his first year with the Saints. He'll be tough on them. Biggest issue is whether Rob Ryan can find a pass-rush.

zaikanekochan10 karma

Peter - big fan of SI, and have always had an admiration for the mag. With that said, the sports journalism (and everything journalism) scene has changed rapidly, with sites like the hilarious Deadspin and terrible Bleacher Report popping up; where you you picture your new project landing?

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PeterKingTheMMQB19 karma

Thank you. I hope we provide a different look at pro football. Read Greg Bedard's story this week about the read-option, and going to Stanford to learn how to defend it from the defensive coordinator there, Derrick Mason. Read our long piece Thursday on what it's like to be cut. We have Jason Garrett's 35-minute pre-training-camp speech to him Cowboys up on the site right now. I hope we can find a niche in what I'd call experiential coverage.

the_space_coyote9 karma

With the Pats, isnt it likely that Brady will make one of these younger underdeveloped WRs into a great target? Did it with guys like Branch, Welker and even Gronk/Hernandez

PeterKingTheMMQB13 karma

Yes, or Shane Vereen will become the kind of weapon we haven't seen in him yet.

BoundToHatpin6 karma

If you weren't covering the NFL, what sport would you want to focus your column around?

PeterKingTheMMQB13 karma

Baseball. Big baseball fan. Have the MLB app. Watch a lot of games on the road.

sjohn13624 karma

Do you listen to Howard Stern?

PeterKingTheMMQB2 karma

I have often in the past, but I don't have Sirius in my apartment. So not right now.