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Hello Mr. Gates, I admire the work you've done to eradicate diseases such as polio from the world. What can we do as citizens to help keep these diseases gone for good?

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How do you feel about seeing the Drawfee crew go independent after their separation from CH with seemingly huge success? Nathan and Co. are knocking it out of the park right now.

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Clone Brennan lol. But if you havent watched any of the behind the scenes vids for D20 on Dropout I'd recommend it. They talk to the players, Brennan, and the prop guys who do all the mini's, art, and set design, really cool insight into how they put it all together

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How do you think the Saints will rebound after all the drama and mess of last season?

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late response but that is awesome, so happy that you could help them get set up on their own, they are putting out some of my favorite content today bar-none. I've been a long time fan of them from watching back when Nathan and Caldwell were doing vids on Facebook and super thrilled to see them doing better than ever