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is an American sportswriter. He writes for Sports Illustrated, including the weekly multiple-page column Monday Morning Quarterback. He is the author of five books, including Inside the Helmet

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PeterKingTheMMQB127 karma

QB: Corgi. Thoughtful. WR: Greyhound. Well, of course. TE: Pitbull. Tough but agile. OL: Newfoundlands. Big horses. Pass-rusher: Golden retriever. Dying to get the ball.

PeterKingTheMMQB90 karma

I get 20 predictions a year horribly wrong. Hard to keep track of them all. I picked the Browns to get to the Super Bowl one year. Is that bad enough for you?

PeterKingTheMMQB84 karma

How do those two things bother you? I said in 2010 that getting Hernandez at 113 was good value. Going at 113 means he was a flawed player, and that flaw showed up three years later.

PeterKingTheMMQB76 karma

Well, when they pay me to write about Peet's Major Dickason's Blend, maybe I'll change my focus.

PeterKingTheMMQB71 karma

Childhood issues I never got over, I guess.

PeterKingTheMMQB67 karma

An excellent idea. I like it a lot. I will consider that, and we'll discuss at a story meeting soon. Thank you.

PeterKingTheMMQB61 karma

Deadspin, all the time. SKS, used to. Too depressing.

PeterKingTheMMQB54 karma

Love the question. E.

PeterKingTheMMQB35 karma

No. But I understand the comparisons. Bill covers all sports and pop culture. We cover football.

PeterKingTheMMQB34 karma

I don't know what that means. I would if I could.