NoShirtNoShoesNoDice2023 karma

1 2 3 times 2 to the 6

Which is it?

  • 123 x ( 26 )


  • ( 123 x 2 )6

EDIT: For those that have never heard Rollin':

koobrik3858 karma

123 x 2 to the 6th ( 64 ) = (password to my high school locker)

Captpopsicle1756 karma

So who did Christina Aguilera give head to first?

koobrik2338 karma

She never gave head to me as far as I recall.

Lot_Jockey534 karma

Did you argue with Carson Daly?

koobrik909 karma

I barely know him.

joec_951231410 karma

Did you really do it all for the nookie?

koobrik1966 karma

Ahh, the NOOKIE! Well, I guess it's definitely been a powerful vice in my life, to some extent. I wouldn't say that I did it ALL for the nookie. I would say I did "some" things for the nookie.

chok11392 karma

Hi Fred,

I have the fondest memory of when before you guys blew up, you did a show in Ft Lauderdale and Clutch was your opening act. You were standing out front, my friend and I walked up to you to tell you how awesome we thought Limp Bizkit was and you were shocked for us to know who you were. You even said, "You know who I am?" You signed our tickets "Fred Sucks". I thought that was so awesome thanks for that!

koobrik1616 karma

I sort of remember that show, but I do not remember anything else. I still think "Fred Sux".

CrapFrancis1334 karma

How many red hats do you own? Do they come in backwards or do you have to turn them around yourself?

koobrik2462 karma

I have a line of exotic woman to turn each one around for me. If they over rotate then they don't get a new swimsuit.

koobrik1019 karma

I think we are coming to a close here. I appreciate all of you taking the time to chat. If you ever want to do it again just let me know. I will be releasing our new video Ready To Go around midnight tonight. Keep in touch with me on Facebook and on Twitter - you know I am right here on Reddit

koobrik1012 karma

Let me ask YOU something. What motivates you to evolve? I am curious to know how people think in regards to their own evolution. My experience with Limp Bizkit has been an unexpected one, but essential to my growth mentally.

colderx971 karma

Hey Fred, will the track 'Rebels' with Jay-Z ever see the light of day??

koobrik1537 karma

How the heck do YOU know about that? I am not sure it will.

mikeyfreshh950 karma

Does chocolate starfish mean butthole or is it just a nonsense phrase?

koobrik2300 karma

Yes, Chocolate Starfish is a direct reference to the physical hole between most human butt cheeks.

colderx911 karma

Hey Fred, are you and Eminem on good terms again these days??

koobrik2329 karma

I haven't heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don't speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were. I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I've learned there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He is definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.

gunnji692 karma

So how was Britney ?

koobrik1372 karma

Britney who?

xxxzombie663 karma

How do you handle all the negative criticism you receive? Seems like it would be a beating after a while. Where do you think it comes from?

koobrik1290 karma

It has been a part of my life since birth. Questioning it's existence or relevance has only led me to the conclusion that it may all make sense later.

bobster999630 karma

What colour are your bathroom towels?

koobrik1456 karma

Master bathroom = light grey-ish

Guest bathroom = Star Wars print

Joaster609 karma

Hey Fred,

Not much of a question here - just wanted to say, Thank You. People may joke and say stuff about Limp Bizkit and you – but truth be told you shaped the person I am today. I grew up listening to your music, and still to this day I will fly my LB flag with pride.

In February 2009, when the first word of Wes returning and Limp going on tour across Europe, without hesitation I bought three tickets (concert and plane) for me and two friends to go from Canada to Germany to see you guys at Rock Am Ring. Being front and center that day with that massive crowd and you guys a few feet from me is a memory I’ll always treasure.

So again, nothing really much to ask you – just always wanted a chance to say directly to you – Thank You. Thank you for getting me into music, for having a better appreciation for film, life, family and friends, and for honestly, being a role model to me. LBF

EDIT: So I feel like this is a total wasted opportunity. Here’s a shot at communicating to Fred and not asking a question. So may as well throw one out there:

Fred, I know you had plans to direct Runt a long time ago among other things, and I really did enjoy The Education of Charlie Banks – so any plans to continue working in the director’s chair?

koobrik697 karma

I appreciate your honesty, really. It is hard for me to think that we have had such impact on anyone in a significant way. I am humbled and affected, tremendously, by your emotional reaction to what we do in a very positive and inspiring way.

Thank you in regards to The Education of Charlie Banks. As for me directing more feature films, YES, I am working on my third film now and I WISH i could tell you more about it because it is extremely special. I will be able to announce the details very soon.

koobrik569 karma

I'm still here for a bit, if you are.

Airworksfan548 karma

Hey Fred.
Can you tell us something crazy that happened during Woodstock 99 that we wouldn't have known from the media? Cheers

koobrik869 karma

The craziest art of the aftermath from Woodstock was how much of spineless twirp Kurt Loder was. I grew up watching him on MTV and felt he had a great sensibility about him. How he reacted and focused on LB felt like an in the moment knee jerk that could've been handled differently, on his end. I have nothing personal against him. He help mold and shape my coming of age.

masta666547 karma

Where did you come up with the name Limp Bizkit, and why did you decide to run with it? What other names got passed over during the process? I love the music, but this is something I've wondered for a while now.

koobrik1342 karma

The name Limp Bizkit came out in a riff session when deciding what to call the band. I wanted it to have the same roll off of the tongue as Led Zeppelin, but be so odd that you would have a hard time forgetting it. I remember things like Gimp Disco, Split Dickslit, Bitch Piglet, and somehow...Blood Fart. Plus, we never really took our name or purpose very serious considering the chances of succeeding were slim to none at that point.

beforethewind541 karma

Have you ever considered proposing to Kirsten Dunst for the sweetest "kept both names" name combination ever?

koobrik546 karma

Good idea!

kat-man-did505 karma

I was counting the number of "fuck"s in Hot Dog. I think you were off by two.

Also, I wish the undertaker would still come out to Rollin'.

koobrik668 karma

I never actually counted the number of "fuck"s in Hot Dog. Was a good guess I suppose. Just some freestyle at the time that stuck.

JimTokle468 karma

I just want you to know that I had that CD in fifth grade and knew every word to "Hot Dog". My teachers were not amused.

koobrik914 karma

I am sure your teachers sensed something unique about you at that moment.

blairpacheco447 karma

Is today just one of those days?

koobrik805 karma

Today is NOT one of "those" days. Today is more like a lot of other days.

Timonster439 karma

why the fuck did you say "rest in peace Johnny Depp, we lost a great actor today" at the Rock im Park concert in June. that freaked me out... that and the 20 beers i had in my blood...

koobrik864 karma

That was Wes. And he always does silly things like that. I do not know why. BTW, 20 beers is way too many for anyone!

koobrik437 karma


TheHolyNewton370 karma

I read recently that you once in a room where ''there were 15 ladies all bending over, and another putting strawberries up their arses''... Care to share the back story to that?! Also, have you had any other simply bizarre rockstar moments in your career? Cheers man.

koobrik683 karma

That one is true. I can recall the entire experience. Smelled like...strawberries and cheap perfume.


Fuck it, nobody has asked this, might as well be me. USA Tour, will it ever happen again? I was the guy you pulled on stage at the milwaukee show back in may and we sang stuck. Thank you for picking me that night. Life is now complete

koobrik419 karma

I hope you had a great time up there!! I love those moments with fans!

chorbz350 karma

have you ever considered going back to the 3 dollar bill yall type of sound???

koobrik590 karma

Going "back" is not moving forward necessarily. I embrace evolution. If we happen to capture a similar sound or vibe that resembles 3DBY along the way, then I wouldn't be disappointed.

WulfwoodsSins296 karma

As someone who spent most of his awkward highschool days tucked up in a corner listening to Significant Other, I just want to say, thank you.

koobrik412 karma

I am happy to know you made it through. I get it. Sucks.

leopleuredon292 karma

What's your relationship with Wes like these days? Is it a strong friendship or a professional understanding?

koobrik573 karma

Wes and I have become very close over the past few years. We spent most of our time in a dysfunctional and professional relationship at the beginning. We had no relationship outside of the music. Time has given us a true friendship and it has been useful in making LB stronger than ever.

koobrik382 karma

Fucking typo. Love it.

KingKonga1267 karma

Hey Fred,

thank you for your music and hopefully you're going to rock for years. My questions:

  • How was it to work with Hugh Laurie on House MD?
  • Can we expect another Three Dollar Bill Y' All style album?

koobrik521 karma

When Hugh Laurie asked me to guest on House I was very surprised. He couldn't have been more kind and supportive. He's a bro for sure. That day was grueling. I have a new respect for TV after that.

CherrySlurpee250 karma

Dude...what happened?

koobrik479 karma

The double slit experiment!

koobrik412 karma

Parallel universes.

BurritoBrosShits224 karma

Hey Fred, are you a fan of the Jaguars? I'd like to invite you to our tailgate in Jacksonville on September 8th!

koobrik445 karma

Honestly, i think the Jaguars should bring Tim Tebow on board and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. The moral could help, a lot.

Frajer201 karma

What's it like collaborating with Lil Wayne or Method Man?

koobrik360 karma

Both experiences have been truly pleasant. I admire mc's who can use metaphors in the most simple form to give someone like me a new perspective around every corner. Method Man is so down to earth and as cool as you think he would be. Lil Wayne is absolutely a genius and prodigy that has found his outlet to communicate. Wayne is a great dude who is very sincere and thoughtful. I am blessed to know them both.

Oli_Row197 karma

How was it performing at WrestleMania 19? Were you a fan of WWE/pro wrestling before you performed Rollin? Do you keep in contact with any people from the company?

koobrik338 karma

WrestleMania was a lot of fun. We still keep in touch with our friends at WWE. I grew up watching wrestling back in the day! Dusty Rhodes, Rick Flair.

radium-v190 karma

Hey, I met you in Huntington at The Paramount with my sister. It was a sick show. Thanks for the opportunity to chill - you're a pretty cool guy.

Keep rollin'.

EDIT: You gave me a high-five between songs. Also the crowd was awesome that night

koobrik217 karma

The Paramount show this year is one of my favorite to date. Seriously. Amazing venue and audience.

crashstatus123 karma

NIN's With Teeth and The Unquestionable Truth came out on the same day. Which album do you think has aged better? Having purchased both upon release, 8 years later, I can wholeheartedly say that only one of those gems has "The Priest."

koobrik417 karma

I LOVE NIN and everything Trent Reznor has done musically. As for The Priest, that song is driven by my disgust for child molestation. How could ANYONE molest a child, let alone being a PRIEST!! Very sick people are in powerful positions. It is UNACCEPTABLE.

FreddyD_is_a_PIMP116 karma

When will we REALLY see Stampede of the Disco Elephants??

koobrik237 karma

You will probably never SEE a Stampede of the Disco Elephants, but you will hear Stampede of the Disco Elephants (#SOTDE), in it's entirety, the first quarter of 2014.

Oweoqi96 karma

Here's something you have probably never heard before: I am a programmer and listening to Limp Bizkit while I code is the number one thing that helps me stay focused and pump out the good stuff.

Weird right?

koobrik146 karma

That is AMAZING! I envy your talent. Really.

fredborland94 karma

fans want to see you without a beard, you think this

koobrik331 karma

Fans have seen me without a beard for 17 years. I am sort of perplexed by how much my beard has become a topic of conversation in the LB community. I don't understand it completely. I use my beard as storage for my face. And why continue to look the way other people expect me to look? I am only motivated by my own instincts.

Steve_The_Kid61 karma

Fred- thanks for doing this!

We had this rumor going around in various forums about a 3DBY anniversary tour, where you guys will be playing large amounts of the album, is or has there ever been a plan to do so? If yes, when?

koobrik175 karma

That a false rumor. But we are considering doing specific shows for specific albums playing the album from beginning to end except for the songs that have multiple guest appearances. This sounds fun to me.

DoIMakeYouYawn60 karma

Wow, came into this AMA expecting you to be a bit of a douche, bit this is one of the best AMA's I've ever seen. Thanks for putting the effort in! Don't have a question for you, just keep up the good work.

koobrik74 karma

Thank you. I appreciate that. I am sorry I cannot get to every question. Making everyone feel satisfied will never be my specialty.

WesBorlandsDog59 karma

Who out there were you shocked to find out is a Limp Bizkit fan ?

koobrik147 karma

Chris from Coldplay

gfuck55 karma

was counterfeit dedicated to someone?

koobrik95 karma

Yes. Two guys in particular. I slur their names in the beginning of the song intro.

tamammothchuk55 karma

What kind of equipment and software would you recommend for those on the engineering side of music production?

koobrik111 karma

I am using ProTools 11 and Logic Pro (making beats). Those are the only two in my arsenal. I guess I am used to those and haven't taken time to try out many others, but both of these are extremely good, powerful, and easy to learn, in my opinion.

Dualejandro49 karma

What are you listeting on this moment?

koobrik156 karma

Chet Baker and The XX

daftpunkz47 karma

Hey Fred, just saw this IAmA, was not expecting it! It's really good that you did this, HIFIVE! :)

Anyway, my question will be simple, what is your top 5 limp bizkit songs? I was always curious to see what direction of limp and structure wise that you love.

Keep it going and always do what you love doing, you know that many people although might not be fans anymore, still follow you. Your career speaks for itself :)

koobrik84 karma

It has always been hard for me to choose my favorite LB songs. They all have a different place in my life and the meanings of each apply to my individualized internal absorption of experiences along my journey. I have to relive why I wrote each song every time I perform them. Some people can heal and move on with hopes of forgetting about the scar, but not me. I have to go there mentally so I am not faking the spirit of it on stage. It's like opening up a wound and pouring salt in it over and again.

pons_monstrum40 karma

How often are you confronted in public by a random person who wants to tell you how god awful they find Limp Bizkit?

koobrik91 karma

Almost always online. Maybe once or twice in real life. Who cares.

replacedurst29 karma

If u got kicked out of Limp Bizkit, who do u think should replace you?

koobrik87 karma

I have this idea that Limp Bizkit is a spirit, not an actual group of specific guys. When I feel like my time with LB has come to an end, I would like to find a new group of guys with the same spirit to fill our slots and carry out the Limp Bizkit legacy for many more generations to come. They style doesn't have to remain the same, but the passion, heart, and spirit of LB should remain consistent.

KiyoWF29 karma

Hey fred, there's gonna be another single of SOTDE before the album launch?

koobrik46 karma

Yes, I would like to release another song from SOTDE very soon and hopefully have at least three out before the actual album is released.

Intangiblehands28 karma

Were you ever named head of the Austin, TX waste disposal service?

koobrik50 karma

I wish. I got close. Would've been spectacular.

DavidARay17 karma

I don't want to sound like an asshole, but this gives me an opportunity to ask you something that I've always kind of wondered.

I was in high school (11th Grade) when Chocolate Starfish came out. I read hit parade and other mags dealing with music at the time. The common perspective about you was that you were just a total Douchebag or a tool. I am guilty of drinking the Fred Durst is a Douchebag KoolAid.

So, here we go, were you a douchebag? Was it on purpose? Were you just trolling? Was it drugs? Did you get a lot of that shit?

Again, not a fan, just wondering. Answering this question would add a bit of context to my teenage musical tastes.

Edit: was it just jealousy since you were out to the head of some big label quickly after getting on the scene?

koobrik30 karma

It's easy to start a fire when the coals are hot. It just became a thing and that is what it will remain. It's hot in here.

bagel5512 karma

Hey Fred, Thanks for doing this. I just wanted to ask what is your motivation to keep doing Limp Bizkit even after all these years with the rise and fall of different generes? Also huge fan btw!

koobrik30 karma

We do it because we are passionate about the feeling performing live with LB gives us. Without that we wouldn't continue.

JediGlitterChild11 karma

Do you ever miss the 90's and if so what do you miss most?

koobrik55 karma

I miss discovering Cypress Hill and NIN for the first time.

DofS10 karma

What's a failed hipster effort?

koobrik8 karma

I think it is when someone who is trying way too hard to be a hipster accidentally exposes their true colors of not being a hipster at all. Maybe?

Dat_Laughter9 karma

Tell me what you think of Maynard James Keenan, in all honesty.

koobrik18 karma

I think his art is genius and I really like it.