Fred Durst

is an American musician and film director from Jacksonville, Florida. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the multi-platinum nu metal band Limp Bizkit

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koobrik3858 karma

123 x 2 to the 6th ( 64 ) = (password to my high school locker)

koobrik2462 karma

I have a line of exotic woman to turn each one around for me. If they over rotate then they don't get a new swimsuit.

koobrik2338 karma

She never gave head to me as far as I recall.

koobrik2329 karma

I haven't heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don't speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were. I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I've learned there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He is definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.

koobrik2300 karma

Yes, Chocolate Starfish is a direct reference to the physical hole between most human butt cheeks.

koobrik1966 karma

Ahh, the NOOKIE! Well, I guess it's definitely been a powerful vice in my life, to some extent. I wouldn't say that I did it ALL for the nookie. I would say I did "some" things for the nookie.

koobrik1616 karma

I sort of remember that show, but I do not remember anything else. I still think "Fred Sux".

koobrik1537 karma

How the heck do YOU know about that? I am not sure it will.

koobrik1456 karma

Master bathroom = light grey-ish

Guest bathroom = Star Wars print

koobrik1372 karma

Britney who?