I'm the host of IFC's "Comedy Bang! Bang!," which returns for its second season this Friday at 10pm. Free preview episode, with Sarah Silverman, Adam DeVine, and Joe Lo Truglio available on IFC.com

I also host the podcast of the same name, and co-created "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis." AMA about me, the show, Reggie Watts, Reggie's hair, my hair - - really, anything about anyone's hair.

Hey everyone - thanks for all your great questions. If I had known there would be so many, I wouldn't have answered any of the joke ones. Anyway, after three hours, I have to go! Sorry if I missed your Q, and didn't A!

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ZsaFreigh184 karma

First off, just want to thank you for all the free comedy over the years. You would be an inspiration to me if I wasn't so lazy.

My question is simple: Would you rather be a professional taint model, and reap all the fame and fortune that comes with such a gig, OR Live a quiet, uneventful life in which nobody ever sees, or wants to see your taint - but your dominant hand has been replaced with a fully functioning stun-baton?

SAukerman166 karma

How often do I have to charge the baton?

jayman28873 karma

Every 30 seconds or your heart stops

SAukerman133 karma

When you say fame and fortune that comes with such a gig - how MUCH is that?

GrandfatherJesus150 karma

Hey Scott, I've always wanted to ask you this: how much money do you make?

SAukerman430 karma

People don't want to ever answer this question - but I'll give you the straight answer: $67,035 a year (after taxes)

s4082211143 karma

Not a question, I just wanted to thank you for the hours upon hours of entertainment you have given to the world. I've gone through some tough times, and your podcast has really helped put a smile on my face and almost always would result in hysterical laughter after intense sadness. Thank you, really, Thank you.

SAukerman123 karma

you're welcome - and thanks so much for that. it means a lot.

StopTacoman133 karma

Do you use stamps.com

SAukerman171 karma

You know I do!

Memphish_Boognish132 karma

Where is Bob Ducca? We miss him

SAukerman124 karma

Seth has been really busy lately! He was on Go On. I've asked him a few times to return, and he really wants to, but has had a packed schedule. I will let him know that the fans are clamoring for him, though!

lawmedy106 karma

Why do you refuse to have Paul F. Tompkins on the TV show? IT'S BEEN two seasons now!

SAukerman155 karma

IT'S BEEN too long!

zeel2314100 karma

What's it like hanging out with Paul F. Tompkins all the time? Can there be a podcast with Gordon Ramsey and the cake boss?

SAukerman163 karma

Paul is a dream - super nice and ALWAYS funny. That's a great idea about Ramsey and Cake Boss! I'll run it up the flag pole.


You're in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise, Scott. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back, Scott. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that, Scott?

SAukerman134 karma


jayman28889 karma

Rot Flounderman, how fuckable is Brian Posehn's son really?

SAukerman125 karma

haha, you're a MONSTER!!!

xngk88 karma

iPods? iPads?

SAukerman205 karma

To give a serious answer: I don't know anymore.

Frajer82 karma

Do you have any input into which characters people play on Comedy Bang Bang?

SAukerman158 karma

Every once in a rare while we'll discuss it briefly - for instance, when Taran Killam and Paul Brittain were on the other day, they were trying to figure out what they wanted to do, and we were sort of spitballing - and Paul said "What about a couple of dads who have a band?" And we both said, "yep, that's it" Usually no more than that. They are all really funny people, so I let them do whatever they want to do.

communiqueso78 karma

Would you rather live in a universe where the only version of Bat Dance was a 30-minute jam version by Phish or a universe where Prince could only play Phish covers?

SAukerman68 karma

Would I have to listen to Bat Dance?

BillDaBeast70 karma

May I ask a question?

wafflesocks76 karma

Great question. I hope he answers this.

SAukerman188 karma


kimburly68 karma

Hot Saucerman / Scottabot / Choctaw,

So glad you're doing a CBB AMA… IT'S BEEN a long time coming!

MY WIFE and I are big fans of both the podcast and the TV series. Judging by the S2 trailer, the show looks a lot more fantasty-sketch based than S1. After S1, did you make some tweaks to the format to explore the crazy visuals imagined in the podcast? How did you approach transitioning the podcast into a TV show (very well, I might add!)?

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SAukerman80 karma

yes, we did change the format a bit - plus we were able to stretch the budget out over 20 episodes, which makes everything a little more cheap to produce - so we could do bigger things this year. And when I met with the marketing people, that was one thing I really wanted to convey to them (so they could convey it to the public) - that the show is really a sketch show that LOOKS like a talk show.

The transition for me was very exciting - making the pilot was a big experiment, but when we were done, we felt like we made the right template for the show. I guess some folks were surprised that it wasn't EXACTLY like the podcast, but I didn't want to do a show where we were all sitting around a desk, Real Time style, just having a conversation. This show is kind of like the sketch show I've always wanted to make.

MurgleMcGurgle66 karma

What shampoo does Reggie Watt's hair require?

SAukerman282 karma

Reggie has Head and Shoulders, so he uses that brand. If there were a brand called "Entire Human Body," he would probably use that, because it's a little more specific.

NorthDrive65 karma

Mustard or pants?

SAukerman97 karma

mustard-stained pants

Memphish_Boognish52 karma

Hey Scott, huge fan, I have two quick questions about the podcast

  1. When will you and Pete Holmes to the o' podcast switcheroo? I want to see Pete on bang Bang and I would love to see you Make It Weird

  2. When will some of your old Mr Show buddies that haven't been on the podcast yet like John Ennis and Jay Johnston be on?

SAukerman55 karma

Pete's schedule has never worked out the times I've asked him to do it - but sometimes it's so last minute, I can't expect people to be able to drop everything and do it. I'm supposed to do YMIW soon - we just need to schedule both of our shows. Love Pete! And John Ennis is on the TV show this year - I kind of don't know where Jay is really lately =- I don't have his contact info - but would love to have him.

TittyWhiskers49 karma

Have you ever had an awkward encounter with any of the celebrities that your guests impersonate on the podcast?

Thanks for casting all them pods.

SAukerman92 karma

Usually the people who are impersonated are pretty far removed from our sphere... I'm not really running into Andrew Lloyd Weber that much. I thought we might have gotten into trouble saying that people are going to be on the show, since we never say they're not actually them, but it's kind of like SNL, I guess, where it's obviously parody or satire.

feistheist48 karma

Who's your favorite PFT character?

SAukerman111 karma

I have to admit, I don't really know anything about Werner Herzog, so i was a little nervous to do that first show with him. But now he's more of a German weirdo who has other bizarre interests. I really love Andrew Lloyd Weber, probably. I think we have the most to talk about (I know that sounds strange, but our conversation flows really easily)

SanterKlantz47 karma

Now that folks like Andrew Lloyd Weber and Garry Marshall have burst through the open door policy to become invited guests, will they ever try out their own new characters on the show?

SAukerman70 karma

haha, that's a great idea - i think the closest we've ever come is the whole Mike the Janitor/ Lord ALW fiasco - but i will suggest that, and see if anything comes of it!

evan_46 karma


SAukerman93 karma

No, thank goodness! No one cares about me.

A_Google_User46 karma

Counting down from -1, what are the top 10 reasons to watch CBB Season 2?

SAukerman157 karma

I'd rather count down from 1, if you don't mind...

1: We have great guests this season 0: We actually filmed it, so why not watch it? -1: We encode secret messages in every episode which describe where to find treasure (both buried and un-buried) -2: Reggie Watts is actually afraid of cameras, so it's rare to see him in front of one -3: What else are you doing on a Friday night at 10pm? (other than having fun) -4: There are twenty episodes this year, so that means double the chance I will have an ugly sweater on -5: I got to sit next to Jessica Alba, so I don't really care if you watch or not - that was awesome -6: Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen makes a surprise cameo this year as Tim "Tool Time" Taylor -7: It will raise your IQ exactly one point and -8: You don't want to be listed in the Snubs & Flubs edition of Entertainment Weekly!

s408221146 karma

In interviews I've heard you say that there was a guest who didn't really "get" Comedy Bang Bang/ Comedy Death Ray, would you be willing to finally reveal who it is?

SAukerman78 karma

No, cause they're a cool person, and it was just a misunderstanding. once you put something like that out there, you are constantly asked about it (much like how I've been asked about this constantly since I vaugely mentioned it), and I don't want to inflict that upon them.

wassuppaparazi45 karma

Hi Scott, huge fan of the show. I was wondering who was your favorite person that you worked with on the show in season 1? What am I chopped liver?

SAukerman206 karma

Adam Scott was nice enough to do the pilot episode - a show that didn't exist up until then, and he did it sight unseen and killed it.

Zach is always super generous with his time and comes in with no PR team or handlers - he just hangs out until he's done, then drives away in his shitty Subaru

Amy was a joy, and so up for anything - she told me recently that when people ask her what doing CBB is like, she says "it's the kind of show where, if you ask if you can wear a wig, they say 'okay!'"

Hamm is an old friend, and had better things to do, I'm sure - but he did a million takes of that director bit, then jumped on a bike for us.

Mike Cera is one of the few people who came to the show with a bit he wanted to do - the Angry Birds thing. He's so dry and hilarious.

Seth Rogen I had never met before - and he was telling me about how incredibly busy he was and how he was turning down a bunch of work. I asked him "they why are you doing this show?" He said - "I always have time to do cool shit like this!"

Paul Rudd is also an old friend and a big fan of comedy - I feel like I took advantage of his time, because he was there FOREVER. But the payoff was great, because he was hilarious.

Elizabeth Banks I had also never met before - and I don't think she quite knew what she was getting into - but I've seen her since then and she is so effusive about the show, and says she has friends who are really into it.

Ed Helms was so awesome and gracious - he even came to the wrap party, and told us he wanted to come back as a character in season two (we couldn't work out the timing, since he's so busy, but I hope it'll happen in season three)

And weird Al - how much of a dream get is that for a young kid who grew up wanting to be him? He's the nicest, sweetest, funniest guy.

And big ups to Will Forte - who didn't come as himself, but who has done characters in both seasons, and even mentioned the show on Larry King LIve!

Furkel_Bandanawich45 karma

Chalktaw, can we please see a return of Dueling Jimmy Stewarts on the podcast/show?


SAukerman49 karma

who was the duel with? Besser? I can't remember!

Rad103044 karma

Hey Aquaman. I've been a huge fan of the CBB podcast since the Death Ray days. I've nearly crashed my car on multiple occasions because I was laughing so hard at your p-cast.

My question is, can I ask you a question?

Follow up question, what does Paul F Tompkins smell like?

P.S. Sorry for using the term p-cast.

SAukerman151 karma

Hey, let me know when you ACTUALLY crash your car - until then, you're not a real fan!

Bill-Cosby-Bukowski43 karma

Hot tub foot?

SAukerman96 karma

parallel parkinsons disease

hausinthehouse42 karma

Hot Soccermom,

I assume the floor is open for questions. How did you get into comedy? Did you start by writing, doing stand-up sketch? What inspired you to do whatever you did?

SAukerman66 karma

I was an actor and a playwright who was trying to break into the writing business. I wrote a one-hour pilot that was kind of a drama-comedy (like the plays I was writing at the time). But in my personal life, I was always really into comedy - I just never thought I could do it. I thought my sense of humor was too weird or dark.

But then a friend of mine suggested that my dramatic scripts weren't that good, but since I was really funny, I should try performing at the new alternative comedy scene that had sprung up. She introduced me to Mary Lynn Rajskub & CJ Arabia, who ran a show at the tiny room in the Comedy Store. They took a chance on my friend BJ Porter and I, and we went up and did a bizzare sketch.

It went over really really well, and I was surprised - I kind of expected to bomb. But in the alt-comedy scene, I found a bunch of like-minded people who had similar senses of humor. I threw myself into performing, giving it my all, and eventually, Bob Odenkirk liked the writing of our bits so much, he sort of adopted us (the way he would for Tim & Eric and The Birthday Boys over the next few years), and offered us a job on Mr. Show.

But there's no one path to getting into comedy - you just have to love it and constantly do it, and eventually the right people will see you and offer you jobs, hoping to suck your talent dry for their own projects (the way I do with my writers!)

Tattooth41 karma

Do you know Reggie Watts on a first name basis?

SAukerman91 karma

FIrst, last and middle initial! Reginald Q. Wattersmith

bmorecomical41 karma

Hi Scott, Maybe it’s just me, but for me, any time you have Paul F Tompkins on (as himself or in any incarnation) an episode it’s an instant classic. I also love hearing everyone improv their way through Would You Rather and hope it makes a return soon. The recent episodes have been fantastic for sure, but they’ve been mostly devoid of the games.

Here’s my questions: 1) is there anywhere we can find audio and/or video of your stand-up? 2) any chance we’ll get another Kroll/Mulaney or Mantzoukas/Andy Daly episode soon-ish? Those are two of the best pairings. Always hilarious.

Love your tv show, podcast, and everything you’ve done for the LA comedy scene. Thanks!

PS Phish sucks!

SAukerman36 karma

thank you! i think the only record of my standup is on the old Comedy Death-Ray CD - but it's not that great - I never focused on it that much - I spent about a month getting that material together for the CD and I'm pretty ambivalent about it.

would love kroll/mulaney back -when is john in LA? And i know there is a Zouks / Daly one coming out at some point soonish.

okconsumer41 karma

Is the floor open for questions?

SAukerman61 karma

not yet

medicalalphabetical39 karma

Would you rather be immortal and your fingers always smell like peanut butter OR die young but be remembered as a God?

SAukerman56 karma

Chunky peanut butter? and am i a god, or just remembered as one?

WillTry239 karma

Hello Hot Saucerman. Thanks for doing this AMA! Are any more Earwolf podcasts becoming tv shows? How did this Get Made could really use some video. More Mantzoukas!

SAukerman53 karma

we hope so! Can't talk about anything yet.

DalvadorSali38 karma

Do you think Trey should jam out tube more?

SAukerman31 karma


DressedLikeACow35 karma

The Andy Richter/Jessica St. Clair episode was one of the first I listened to and it got me hooked. Did you know Marissa Wompler was going to be so popular right away, or did it take a few episodes?

SAukerman52 karma

I saw Jess do that character on stage (in a neck brace, if you can imagine), and knew I had to get her on the show. The weird thing is, her husband is a huge fan of the show, and can't believe Jess has become one of the most beloved characters. It's such an imaginiative characterization, I'm so glad people have taken to it.

jimithing_42033 karma

What is your home address?

SAukerman81 karma


s408221132 karma

Will we ever hear the return of Jukebox Jury?

SAukerman58 karma

Analyze Phish sort of is that

MistletoeAlert31 karma

What CBB joke/bit did you think was hilarious but the audience just didn't seem to connect with?

SAukerman77 karma

most people don't seem to like Alive or Dead or Hollywood Facts... but i loved them!

on the TV show, we were very surprised (and relieved) that things we thought were hilarious, like "Maybe It's Just Me, But For Me" or "Tsk-Tsk Attaboy" were embraced -they're kind of hard to explain, and there aren't a lot of bits like them on TV, so we were nervous.

djbehar29 karma

How did Reggie become a part of the show?

SAukerman87 karma

When we first started talking about the show, EVERYTHING was under discussion - what the set would look like, would I have a desk, what would I wear - and the music on the show was a big part of that discussion. Dan Pasternack, the executive at IFC who championed the show, suggested Reggie, and I knew immediately it would fit right in with what we were trying to do - his presence, instead of a ten piece band, subverts the genre in the way we were trying to do across the board. And he's one of the funniest dudes out there, and makes the show two thousand percent better.

megxyz29 karma

Scott, why does Reggie Watts no longer perform the theme song live in studio every week? Budget issues? Scheduling conflicts? Internal discord? The people want answers!

SAukerman74 karma

He got so tired jetsetting around the globe... people don't know this, but that's why we had to take so many plane breaks - he was always in them, traveling to and "fro" (PUN INTENDED). Now that he doesn't do it live, no need for anymore plane breaks, which I'm sure makes the fans happy, since they slow down the show so much!

BaconALaCarte29 karma

My girlfriend left me on the same night Season 1 of "Comedy Bang! Bang" premiered. Will season 2 be good enough to make her regret her decision?

SAukerman61 karma


Brian_FETO29 karma

Have you played Words With Friends with Gillian since the.......incident?

What kind of cake does Cake Boss smell like?

SAukerman44 karma

We have decided to keep our friendship non-WWF for now. I will let everyone know if this changes.

Snugalicious28 karma


  1. Marry, fuck, kill: Gary Marshall (Please, call him Gary), Lord ALW, and Cake Boss (Cake Boss)

  2. What are your thoughts are on women in comedy, given the fact that you are married to a comedienne and are in a position to promote female comics?

  3. On a scale of Unicorn mane to Sasquatch thatch, what does Reggie's hair feel like?

(Love yah Scott! You help make the world a fun place to be in.)


SAukerman45 karma

Thank you! Well, first of all, it's Fart, Mary Kiss -- but I'm going to change it to Fart, Garry, Kiss, for this question.

Fart - Cake Boss, definitely - look at him Garry - Garry Marshall Kiss - Lord ALW is a member of KISS

women in comedy - you're slipping a serious question in there in between two joke ones! well, there are super hilarious women out there, and it's our job to make sure that EVERYONE is represented. There maybe is a case to be made in the past for it being harder for women to get into the business, but now, with things like the UCB Theatre, there is NO excuse!

Sqatch thatch

rabidelectronics25 karma

hot tacoman! why don't YOU do some characters on the podcast? Have a guest host for half an episode and just let yourself go. I would love to hear that. Thank you for my all time favorite podcast.

SAukerman55 karma

PFT and I want to do one where he plays a charac for a half hour, then we switch and he hosts while I play one - we haven't set it up yet, but some day!

winrosenfeld24 karma

I feel like you do a few slightly different "Scott Auckermans." Scott on the CBB podcast, the TV show, and even on other podcasts are all tonally kind of different. Is this intentional? If so, what kind of thought goes into that? Love the show(s).

SAukerman54 karma

yeah it's a little intentional, but it always changes. I have my sort of "role" on various things - when I'm on Doug Loves Movies, I try to be just a sarcastic dick, choosing my moments to make fun of something. In fact, when I was just on with Anthony Jeselnik, he was so good at that, and so funny, I kind of felt like I had nothing to add to it!

the tv show scott is a little goofier, and friendly. sometimes clueless. Podcast scott goes thru phases - conservative pundit, blowhard who asks questions to which he does not care about the answer. I also have to over-annunciate to make sure I don't mumble, like I do in real life, so that affects my character sometimes.

ibanez6624 karma

How much of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" is scripted and how much is improvised?.....Also, just would like to say "Comedy Bang! Bang!" has become one of my favorite shows on Netflix!

SAukerman47 karma

Thank you so much! About a third or a half is improvised... I've seen other fake talk shows, like Fernwood 2-Night, or Knowing Me, Knowing you with Alan Partridge, and I could tell they were always fully scripted. After doing the Between Two Ferns videos, I liked the feel of totally spontaneous interviews that we would edit together, so I wanted to incorporate that into the show, as well as the gold that comedians come up with when they're on the spot.

Pretty much the rule of thumb is, if I'm talking to a guest, it's usually improvised, and if it's a sketch, it's written.

Fishmandog22 karma

Hey Scott. First off, thanks so much for everything you do. IT’S BEEN… fantastic listening to Comedy Bang Bang. Few things in the world have entertained me as much as CBB. I kinda want to be you. Basically, do you have any advice for fans of yours who are inspired by you to pursue comedy in some form or another? Or, even more specifically, what would be your advice for aspiring podcasters? Maybe you can hire me as your personal assistant.

SAukerman51 karma

Thank you so much... IF you want to get into comedy, or really any kind of artistic endeavor, you have to first DO IT ALL THE TIME, and also move to a city where it's done all the time. There are so many people who never take the scary step of moving to the "big city" - but that sometimes will be 80 percent of it. Once you're there, you will meet a bunch of like-minded people who you will work with and you'll support each other. And most importantly, BE NICE TO PEOPLE! Don't be a dick or talk shit about people.

goodfellas445556322 karma


SAukerman32 karma

None and constantly

mattpicasso21 karma

If you could have dinner with any three of your fictional character guests from CBB, which three would you pick?

SAukerman68 karma

definitely not fourvel - that would be too dangerous. Probably Marissa Wompler, but I'd ask Listler to stay at home. Probably Ice-T, because I drink it a lot... and I feel so sorry for Bob Ducca, I'd probably feel like i HAD to invite him!

jason128721 karma

I love CBB, the Jason Mantzoukas an Andy Daly episodes especially. My question is, how much thought goes into pairing specific people with each other? Do you notice certain characters working best with certain people?

SAukerman24 karma

it's a little like alchemy - you never know what you're gonna get. But when you hit upon a great combo, it's so good.

Drop_the_Base20 karma

Hey Scott, who has been your favorite non-impersonated guest you've had on the podcast? Or alternatively the celeb who you couldn't believe you actually got to come in and record?

SAukerman50 karma

I love having Adam Scott on the show... he's on so much, he could be considered a regular. We have very similar senses of humor (and voices, people tell us). Similarly, Amy Poehler is one of my favorites - I can't bug her that much to do the podcast, but once a year is great for me!

s408221120 karma

After reading your IMDB I've always been curious, exactly what part did you have in creating Shark Tale?

SAukerman47 karma

I was brought in to write the sequel about a year before Shark Tale came out. The weird thing about animated movies is, they take three years, and sometimes don't really have a completed script when they begin. So Shark Tale 1 was in a state of disarray when I got there, which made making the sequel a little difficult, since we didn't know why any of the characters were doing what they were doing yet. So we got asked to contribute to writing the first one for a year, until it was released, and then we would move on to the sequel.

We turned in the sequel, which was REALLY funny, and way better than the first one, in my opinion. But we were told that, even though it was the best script Dreamworks had ever received, the algorithm of how much $ a film needed to make to get a sequel didn't quite work out, and so they were going to pass. I went on to do a draft of Puss in Boots for the company - all cool people. But you'd be surprised how much of a mess most animated movies are until right before they come out.

Go_Phish20 karma

What's your opinion on my username?

moodyfloyd12 karma

we need harris with him for a proper analysis.

bandola23 karma

We should set up /r/FoamCorner and perhaps Harris will join in.

SAukerman164 karma


four_giants20 karma

Scott, what are some of your favorite comic series today?

SAukerman60 karma

I really like Avengers Arena, Fraction's FF, Fantastic Four and Hawkeye, loved Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four, and wonder where he's taking the Avengers - Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man (his whole run of SM), Invincible... I would have said Morning Glories, but I can't follow it on a monthly basis anymore - i need to re-read the trades and figure out what's going on. Loved Avengers Academy when it was out - such a shame it went away. Oh, and Fables is my all time favorite, and Saga has begun incredibly!

SAukerman12 karma

shit - i forgot to mention Gail Simone's "The Movement," which stars a character named after and based on Kulap! KATHARSIS

johntomknight19 karma

Hey Scott! How many writers work together on ifc's comedy bang bang? And what advice would you give to someone who would like to work as a comedy writer for television?

SAukerman54 karma

Writers: Neil Campbell (former artistic director of UCB LA) 3 people from the sketch show "The Birthday Boys" (Who have a show coming out in October on IFC) - Tim Kalpakis, Dave Ferguson, & Mike Hanford Eva Anderson - who is from a sketch group called "A Kiss From Daddy" at UCB LA Paul Rust - producer/writer from Arrested Development and star of "I Love You Beth Cooper" Seth Reiss - head writer of the Onion

advice - move to LA or NYC, write a whole bunch of scripts, write fast and don't get too precious about your work. The faster you write, the more you'll be able to re-write. Get people to take a look at your work, and don't get mad at the feedback they give! They're usually right.

kdar19 karma

Scott! Welcome. Thanks a lot for your podcast. I listen to Earwolf all the time. It really helps to pass the time at work.

I'm so glad you're doing this AMA because I have been dying to ask you this for YEARS. How's it going?

SAukerman44 karma

whew boy! Pass.

jimmybronte18 karma

What is Fabrice-Fabrice like in real life?

SAukerman39 karma

nothing like how he is on the show... kind of an introverted, butch, square

emcardle17 karma

Did you ever expect Comedy Bang Bang to get this big when it was originally Comedy Death Ray?

Also does Reggie hide anything in his hair? If so, what does he hide?

SAukerman42 karma

i never expected to get my own talk show, no

a smaller Reggie!

funk_houser17 karma

Hi Hung Stockingman. Thank you for all the free content. What's the hardest you've ever laughed making the podcast? Was it when Bjork said "fart into her pussy" or something else?

SAukerman44 karma

i remember laughing super hard at Odenkirk and Andy Dick... that was very early on. I also remember laughing super hard recently, but I can't remember at what. Oh! Neil Campbell's freestyle rap in today's episode was something that made me die laughing.

aislematt17 karma

Do you have any plans for doing another episode of Analyze Phish? One of my favorite podcasts.

SAukerman42 karma

just came out yesterday - take a list3en!

thedude59616 karma

How much time do you and Reggie spend cuddling during shooting?

SAukerman48 karma

Only the first three hours... we don't like to keep the crew waiting much longer than that.

jeffisrael15 karma

What celebrity have you been most surprised to find out is a fan of the show/podcast?

SAukerman30 karma

it was cool that Anna Kendrick was the first celeb to sign on to do the TV show - she said she was a big fan. Bobby Moynihan listens every week, and that's really cool.

amswindle352414 karma

Are you or anyone in your group planning on doing drugs at the Phish show at Hollywood Bowl? I know your stuff was bunk at the last show but you and PFT taking mushrooms and ruining Harris' experience has the makings of comedy gold. I love your work and wish you a long and happy career.

SAukerman21 karma

I'll take em if PFT takes em

Huggabutt14 karma

Why's the show named that?

SAukerman46 karma

it was something MY WAIFE was saying in a stereotypical Asian accent (I mean "her accent"), and it was making us laugh. Plus, i think it conveys excitement.

Feliq14 karma

Hi Scott. I spend all day listen to various comedy podcasts while storyboarding and trying to fart as discretely as possible. I love comedy but I have no interest in pursuing writing or stand up. Do you have any advice to a sexy young Lion who wants to avoid comedians and/or performers. PS u look great in that shirt.

SAukerman27 karma

If you want people to stay away from you, fart more prominently!

vanzee13 karma


SAukerman19 karma

i do... i saw them a bunch back in the nineties. i think i answered the comic book question above!

ShoBeaut13 karma

As far as music goes, what is your opinion on the Beatles?

SAukerman52 karma

Maybe it's just me, but for me? They started a certain "mania"

daveinnes11 karma

Can I see you dance to the bat dance song?

SAukerman17 karma

why haven't you up til now?

DalvadorSali11 karma

besides Phish, what is the greatest concert you have ever seen?

SAukerman35 karma

I saw Prince seven or eight times last year, and those were the greatest. Also, I saw a Fishbone show back in 1988 that blew me away. Crowded House in 1987 was so fun and musically great, it led me to a lifetime love of all things Neil Finn.

s408221110 karma

How hard was it to stop your live show?

SAukerman14 karma

after a couple years, I really just wanted to get to five years. then after that, I thought ten would be unimaginable. But at the ten year mark, I knew I was going into eight months of production, and I thought I wasn't doing the comedy community any good, being a person who doesn't see much comedy any more. that's doesn't make for a good show booker. So yeah, it was hard, but I think there are new shows popping up that will take its place, so everyone is in good hands.

s408221110 karma

What episode of Comedy Bang Bang would you say would be the best to introduce someone to the podcast?

SAukerman13 karma

I couldn't possibly choose - but it might help to clue them in to the format of the show, instead of just having them listen cold.

aterrizaje10 karma

Mr. Saucerman, I always listen to Comedy Bang Bang when I'm cooking. Would you come do an episode from my dining room and I'll cook you and your guests a lovely dinner?

SAukerman24 karma


ComedyVolunteer5 karma


I'm a huge fan of Comedy Bang Bang. The interview podcasts like Marc Maron's are interesting, but rarely funny. Your podcast and a few others like Jordan Jesse Go introduced me to comedy that I'd never been exposed to and inspired me to try comedy myself.

I'm still an open micer with the very occasional booked show and doing improv class, but some nights it feels really tough. I know you've written for a lot of stuff but not a lot of it has been produced over the years. I was curious about how you feel about your career now that you're in the later years: Do you have regrets about deciding to pursue writing/comedy or feel you made any missteps? Was it worth it? Could you have seen yourself pursuing a different career track? How does it feel that you've finally achieved more success by making your own thing out of the traditional system.

Thanks again for all the awesome podcasts, looking forward to season 2 of CBB!

SAukerman14 karma

The regret I probably have is that I wanted to do TOO MANY styles of writing when I started. Coming out of Mr. Show, I probably could have and should have written a bunch of broad comedies. Instead I wrote a few broad comedies, and then branched out into doing a romantic comedy, animated kids films - basically any kind of movie I was interested in, I would get hooked to write it. I probably could have had more of a fast track into getting some movies made if I worked harder on comedies and focuesd on getting better at that. But that's just Could have, would have, should have, at this point - I'm really happy with what I'm doing now, and if I had done anything differently, I probably wouldn't have ended up doing CBB, which is the thing I'm most proud of.

And it's cool to make something outside of the traditional system, since I was never chasing it. I work inside the traditional system enough, and enjoy it, but it's cool to do something where I can do whatever I want!

CapLavender5 karma

Scoff Boxerton

I've had a feeling recently that there is comedy for regulars, and then comedy for comedians.

I say this because Comedy Bang Bang is beyond hilarious, but my dumber friends don't like it. Any thoughts on this distinction? I felt similar with the movie Funny People. It got shitty reviews, but I thought all the comedy chat was golden.

Thank you!

SAukerman10 karma

I think humor is just so subjective... you have to have the exact life experiences that contribute to what you think is funny. I wouldn't put it like dumber or smarter - it's just, if something strikes you on that day, it does, right? that said, I think people like the TV show the more they watch it - sometimes it takes a while for people to get a certain point of view right away. I know the first time I saw Reggie Watts, I didn't get it - then the second time, I REALLY got it, and knew it was exactly for me.