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Of all the lines you've read, what's your favorite?

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I saw the filming of Superbad for TV. They just reshot a bunch of the nastier scenes with non-sense words. How often to movies actually film with an alternative TV version in mind?

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Tim, Can't wait to see The Comedy!

I have a question about your graphic design work on Awesome Show. Is it something you and Eric participate in? Do you pick your own jokerman fonts and liquify your own frowny faces? Some of the design work seems like a character in itself on Awesome Show.

Bonus: anything else on the horizon for Heidecker & Wood?


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Scott! Welcome. Thanks a lot for your podcast. I listen to Earwolf all the time. It really helps to pass the time at work.

I'm so glad you're doing this AMA because I have been dying to ask you this for YEARS. How's it going?