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StarsAreYummy32 karma

I love your comics! Sorry, I don't have a real question. I just wanted to thank you for the laughs.

adamtots13 karma

You're welcome! I'm glad people have responded so well to the stuff I make.

SoWhataboutbob17 karma

How are you so dang cute?

adamtots39 karma

I blend human stem cells into my morning bloody mary. Also I made a pact with a witch 275 years ago.

xMLCC13 karma

Which of the Sailor Scouts do you relate to the most?

adamtots20 karma

Sailor Jupiter. Or maybe the cat.

RadioSlayer5 karma

Luna, Artemis, or Diana?
'cause just saying "the cat" is kinda vague.

adamtots10 karma

Luna, duh.

RadioSlayer2 karma

Solid choice. I was Artemis for Halloween once

adamtots13 karma

Artemis was fine, but Luna was the real HBIC.

Kweeston13 karma

If you were to fart in a mason jar, seal it up tight, and smell it in a year

I mean what would that thing smell like

adamtots14 karma

Spicy tuna curry burrito.

How's my shirt fitting you today?

RadioSlayer11 karma

How does your family feel about your career path?

adamtots24 karma

Yesterday my mom read my book and texted me saying she was "blown out of proportion with pride."

I don't think my grandparents know what a blog is. They don't even have the Internet.

chrislounsbury9 karma

Will there EVER be a penis cake?!

adamtots9 karma

I'm pretty sure Kristin made one. I made a tiny penis out of fondant once. Does that count?

arbniter209 karma

How does a man attain eyebrows as glorious as yours?

adamtots51 karma

Step one: Have one thick eyebrow. Step two: Separate said eyebrow.

CanticumVulpes8 karma

What house would you be sorted into at Hogwarts and WHY?

Also, if you could have any superpower what would it be?

adamtots27 karma

Ravenclaw. They had freaky parties, I bet. As for a superpower, I'd like to be able to talk to and control machines like that little kid from Heroes. Free vending machine snacks, what whaaat!

hooperdoo8 karma

Favorite subreddit?

adamtots12 karma


dbake947 karma

What hair product(s) do you use?

adamtots18 karma

Bumble and Bumble styling creme (it's expensive, but I don't need very much, and the bottle I have has lasted me for over 18 months). I also use Got2b Glued Freezing Hairspray to hold everything in place. I'm also not ashamed of my portable blowdryer. NO SHAME.

scarymunchkin0077 karma

Please describe the kind of fart you would be (if you were a fart).

adamtots17 karma

A chain of small farts that get louder and louder, and they smell like blackberries.

nuksucao7 karma

Remember that time that we exchanged comments on Facebook? Probably not, huh? Well, it made my whole week. Thanks for that, bro. Onto my question, what was writing your book like? Did you just sit down and vomit it out, or did it take careful thought and planning? I luv u.

adamtots18 karma

It was mostly vomit at first, and then I stared at the vomit, and organized it into little vomit piles with my hands. Then I picked out the parts I didn't like, and sent it to my editor. Then I vomited a few more times and eventually I had a book.

I luv u 2.

Profzachattack6 karma

do you ever over exaggerate for the blog?

adamtots14 karma

Not really, no. Sometimes I have to make little edits so the narrative flows better, but I never invent stuff. Everything you read about actually happened.

SpiritedAway6 karma

How's your new cat?

adamtots16 karma

She's great. She has an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis, so I have to give her eyedrops 3 times a day, jab a pill down her gullet twice daily, and squirt some liquid into her mouth every night. Somehow, she doesn't hate me yet. I sort of hate me. Poor Pepper.

radmam5 karma

Do you still have the tooth ?

adamtots11 karma

It's rolling around somewhere in my old apartment in Portland. When I moved, I left a LOT of stuff behind. Since it was cursed, I decided it was best to part with it.

sleepyhead175 karma

What advice would you give me a budding, talented (and modest!) young cartoonist such as myself? I've done political cartoons and want to dive into blogging sometime soon. Love and admire your work and also, will you be my mentor? :)

adamtots13 karma

Keep at it, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams.

Ok, but really. The most important thing is to try and make content you believe in, and eventually people will notice it. Do you have anything online? Show me!

hazydublinteen5 karma

Was there ever a time when you tried to do panelled comics? Do you ever feel like you should be doing panelled comics? What other artistic mediums do you want to explore?

also, for the record, you're awesome, and i'm a big fan of the way you write/illustrate your posts.

adamtots5 karma

I actually did paneled comics in middle school. I used to write these ridiculous comics about me and my friends. They will never see the light of day if I can help it.

houseofsharks4 karma

Whats up with you and Kristin? Are you guys dating or just BFFS. Also, her comics and art are a lot similar to yours. Does this bother you or is it a friendly competition...that was like..3 questions.

adamtots9 karma

Kristin and are are actually fraternal twins. We hatched from eggs.

Her blog is similar to mine in format, but I don't think it's all that similar. The "illustrated essay" type of blog is getting more and more popular, and I say the more the merrier.

notourkinddear4 karma

What is your formal shoe of choice?

adamtots6 karma

I love a nice chocolate Oxford.

onlinelauren4 karma

What's your favorite go-to drink at the bar?

adamtots8 karma

Vodka tonics. But I do love a good bloody mary.

picante_pants3 karma

What are your favorite beard-grooming products?

adamtots4 karma

All I use on my beard is a Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit. About one a week I snap on a #2 guard and trim my beard. And I keep my neck shaved up so I don't look like a hobo.

katiemd893 karma


adamtots14 karma

The food carts, definitely. And the summers. Summer in New York is pretty brutal, like swimming through hot garbage chowder.

vinyladdictforlife3 karma

Just picked up your book on my way home from work.

Been reading the blog for years and had you do a portrait of me a few years ago and then one of my best friend and his fiance for their wedding shower.

They said it was the most thoughtful and awesome gift they ever got. Thanks for the help!

adamtots2 karma

You're welcome! I'm glad they liked it!

clumsylaura3 karma

Do you get recognized in public? Any awesome/ horrifying stories from that?

adamtots5 karma

I do! It's weird! People have been nice and normal so far, though.

thebothering3 karma

Hey Adam, I've been a huge fan of your blog since I discovered it two years ago. I just want to escape from the hellish furnaces of the Deep South and would like to ask: where would be the best place to live in Portland (neighborhood, apartment building, whatever)?

adamtots3 karma

Pretty much all of Portland is wonderful and offers different stuff. North Portland is the only part you'd want to avoid. What exactly are you looking for?

spellotape3 karma

If given the chance, would you eat another "Hooburrito"?

adamtots5 karma


pandamoanyum2 karma

Please eat pizza with me???

adamtots12 karma

Ok, but you're buying. I want a white pizza with ham. Also garlic knots.

Caitydid0072 karma

Do you have a current favorite video game?

adamtots6 karma

Old faves: Final Fantasy 7, Earthbound, and Fallout 3.

Recent faves: Last of Us stuck with me long after I beat it. That game really lived up to the hype. It's not my favorite game ever, but if someone was like, "Last of Us was my favorite game ever," I'd nod and be like, "Coo', coo'."

LaurenAWood2 karma

If you were a character on The Waling Dead, what would your role be in the group? What would you bring to the table?

Also, have you seen that mean girl that pushed you off the bus and caused you to not get any ice cream in recent years?

adamtots2 karma

I don't think I'd have a specific role. I'd keep morale up. I'm actually a pretty good leader as long as I don't have to get dirty or eat a lot of squirrels.

pyjamaspyjamas2 karma

You're a pretty cool dude. If I come to New York can we hang out?

adamtots5 karma

Sure, unless you're a creepmonster. Are you?

MMMmmmmo2 karma

Have you finished Skyrim?

adamtots3 karma

Yes. Twice.

lizzernet2 karma

What art school did you attend? And how long before you high-tailed it out of there?

adamtots3 karma

I went to college in Boston, and I actually graduated! My mother would've murdered me if I had ever dropped out. She's a college professor so not graduating wasn't an option.

RadicalRelicanth2 karma

Who is your favorite Superhero?

adamtots6 karma

Jubilee, always and forever.

Littlefox72 karma

Do you prefer doing drawings on paper or on computer software?

adamtots4 karma

I used to do stuff on paper, but now I use a Wacom Cintiq.

miss_civic1 karma

Hi from a fellow Billings-ian! Billings-ite? Anyway, how do you feel growing up in Montana affected your experiences/perspectives regarding big city life in Portland/NYC? Thanks for doing this AMA, can't wait to read your book!

adamtots4 karma

Growing up in Montana was fun as a kid. It's really beautiful and I have a lot of fun memories camping and running with elk during gym class. Montana is less fun for a teenager.

pearrot1 karma


adamtots6 karma

Don't move to New York hoping it'll be like on TV or in the movies. A lot of people move to the city thinking that it's going to be this fabulous adventure, and it certainly can be, but it's not all that different than other places. Get used to a lot of obnoxious comments like, "New York has a way of taking care of you, if you let it."

Basically, New York is what you make of it.

Diddlemyloins1 karma

What food do you most relate to?

adamtots7 karma

Fresh baked bread. Nobody really thinks about bread, but there's nothing tastier than fresh baked bread with butter. Give bread a chance. It'll surprise you.

superpyro1231 karma

How much of your stories are real? What sort of music do you listen to? Both just curiosities I've had while reading for the last few years

adamtots5 karma

They're all real!

Music: My tastes used to be a lot more varied. In college I devoured anything and everything. Lots of indie stuff. The National, Josh Ritter, etc. Over the past year or two, I've gravitated more toward more upbeat stuff. I'm too busy to be mopey and introspective. I'm listening to a lot of Robyn, Tegan and Sara, Kate Boy, Bastille, and older Janet Jackson.

sp3cimen1 karma

Did you stop and think I'm gonna make money off this blog thing and my mad drawing skills, or did it just happen? Love your blog by the way. And you. Will you marry me?

adamtots3 karma

I never ever ever thought my blog would make me money. I'm still surprised every day.

babysalesman1 karma

Hey there Adam! I found your blog years ago through StumbleUpon. Holy shit am I happy I did. Your writing is hilarious and your art is incredible.

So Questions:

  1. If you weren't a blogger, what would you be doing?

  2. Would you be willing to draw one of my custom super heroes for me totally for free?

  3. What would it take to get you inside me?

Thanks so much for everything you do! Come visit Grand Rapids sometime, it's the hispter center of Michigan.

adamtots5 karma

  1. Guest judge on Top Chef.
  2. No.
  3. Dinner and a movie.

Shinobi5581 karma

Adam, you live in Astoria and I live in Williamsburg, when are we going to play drunken Smash Bros and Animal Crossing?

Okay, serious question now :B do you plan on doing any signings or appearances for The Blunder Years? It's honestly one of my favorite books of the summer and I really would love to see more publicity for it!

Please don't stop doing what you do, you're an awesome guy!

adamtots5 karma

I'm terrible at Smash Bros. Make it Marvel vs. Capcom and we can talk.

officialpoypoy1 karma

Im in the same situation of the character in ur book I think even though I haven't read it yet. Which Im sooo interested too, is it in chapters? or is it only available online?

How long did it take you to create your book? How do you feel about grammar? Iv always wanted to write a book but I extremely hate grammar which fucks up my creativeness. How good is your life now from 1 to 10?

adamtots8 karma

Quentin Tarantino is borderline illiterate and he won two Oscars for writing.

folow ur drems

Malynlareina1 karma

if you had to pick one song to get the party going, what would it be?

adamtots9 karma

Robyn - Dancing On My Own.

maiways1 karma

Do you remember the first thing you've ever drawn?

adamtots4 karma

I think it was a turtle. Or a sheep? Ask my mom.

RadioSlayer1 karma

How big of a difference is there in your rent from Oregon to New York?

adamtots3 karma

It doubled. And I used to live right downtown in Portland.

I_Ask_About_IceCream1 karma

Which ice cream flavour really gets the creative juices flowing?

adamtots3 karma

Strawberry cheesecake.

Hobolovechic1 karma

Thor, Superman, Batman.

Fuck One, Kill One Marry One.


adamtots10 karma

Kill Superman because he's a whiney nerd with daddy issues and I will not have that shit. Marry Batman cuz at least he's rich. I'm not gonna fuck Thor, but he can watch me play videogames if he wants.

Bukkithead1 karma

Are you my dad?

adamtots8 karma


tikiblue1 karma

Love your comic, looking forward to getting the book. ?

adamtots24 karma

That isn't a question. ?

SoundProofHead1 karma

Does creativity hits you or do you hunt it ?

adamtots4 karma

It hits. It can be frustrating. I'm always afraid that I'm going to run out of stories to tell, but it hasn't happened yet.

DazedAndGandolf1 karma

How do you deal with writer's block? I've begun writing my first book, and I've just hit a huge creative wall.

adamtots4 karma

Get out of the house. I'll take a break and go get some food, or I'll go to the gym and run for an hour. It makes it easier to think.

Also, download Evernote for your phone. Make lots and lots of notes.

crazyvegancatlady1 karma

How often do you listen to Taylor Swift in any given week?

adamtots15 karma

Zero times a day.

errieee1 karma

Favorite food?

adamtots5 karma

Spicy tuna rolls, paneer makhani, and Berry Blast Mike and Ikes.

hypotrochoids1 karma

Favourite film? :)

adamtots3 karma

Lost in Translation, Kiki's Delivery Service, Fifth Element, Gummo.

mottison1 karma

Adam! What was your favorite food cart in downtown Portland? And also, what was your favorite Salt & Straw flavor?

adamtots3 karma

Samurai Bento was good. Favorite S&S flavor was Strawberry Honey Balsamic With Black Pepper.