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I_Ask_About_IceCream196 karma

As an adoring ice cream fan I naturally have three chest freezers large enough to hold a human body filled with ice cream. These cause large drains on my electricity bill and must be damaging my carbon footprint.

What can I do to more efficiently store my ice cream? Is there an easy solution or should I completely rebuild? I am happy to do either. Complete blue sky thinking.

For the good of the ice cream, man.

I_Ask_About_IceCream103 karma

Do they give you ice cream in the hospital?

What is your favourite type of ice cream? Did this in any way impact your decision to change sex?

I_Ask_About_IceCream19 karma

What kind of ice cream do you have at the microsoft offices?

Have you ever considered naming your software after ice cream, similar to google? I would love to install Microsoft Soft Scoop one day.

I_Ask_About_IceCream17 karma

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

I_Ask_About_IceCream11 karma

You have said you love Rocky Road ice cream.

Do you?

Further: Is it your favourite ice cream? What is your favourite ice cream? What is the first memory you have of eating ice cream?

What keeps you coolest on a hot day?