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What is the craziest order you have received?

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a cheeseless pizza with every meat topping we had on it with a LOT of ranch on top. thing was a pain in the ass to cut lol

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That sounds only slightly disgusting.

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it didn't look appetizing to me

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Do people request ranch on top frequently?

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yep. some get pissed cuz they gotta pay extra

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You still made it? Props to you.

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well yeah, if you pay for it, i'll make it

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What's the grossest thing you've seen happen in your establishment?

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honestly, we have a pretty clean store. but i will tell you that closing clean up and seeing the pepperonis that employees drop and get kicked under the "make-line" gets pretty nasty.

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High five for keeping your place so fresh and so clean clean.

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i'm pretty strict, not gonna lie, when it comes to the "close to open/open to close" policy.

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I work at LC, and pepperonis that DONT get kicked under the makeline and just stick to the floor and everyone steps on them are disgusting

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i hate when that happens, even with slip resistant shoes, you have no hope of survival.

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just like lemon wedges where I used to work (outback steakhouse). Those things were little land mines waiting to kill someone

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haha my buddy works at outback and he complains about the same shit

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Are there any rules at your store?

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keep your shirt on

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No pants? Sweet

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i keep the AC on high so you better have a good excuse for the ladies XD

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nevermind, after reading your username, you won't get the joke

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Do you trade pizza for food at other restaurants?

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oh yeah, there's a starbucks next door and we have great trades

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haha is that a common thing in winnipeg there is a little ceasers and starbucks next door to each other in quite a bit of areas.

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yes and no, here in AZ, it's usually LC, Wendy's, and Dominos next to Starbucks.

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lookin for a good breakfast pizza? use the nacho cheese sauce for the sauce and use breakfast like toppings ex: ham, bacon green peps. for some strange reason the cheese sauce kinda tastes like eggs when cooked. i used to work at lc for 6 years, everyone loved it.

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dude, we've done that lol. except we made it thin crust lol

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Should I get the deep dish? I've been meaning to but the store is out of the way.

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try the Deep Deep Dish. it's so good, and instead of cornmeal for the pans, we use a garlic butter and it adds such flavoring

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I'm a Domino's manager. We have garlic butter for the crust ring on hand tossed pizzas, but use plain butter sauce in our pan pizzas. I'm going to have to try the garlic butter in the pan of the next pan pizza I make myself. That sounds delicious.

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any way the general public can request it? i'm addicted to your pan pizza.

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ask, the worst they can say is no

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WHY don't they advertise THAT!, buying one today thanks!

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they have like 3 commercials

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What is your opinion on the Golden Corral whistle blowing, and do you think it was necessary to make more people aware of the need for quality in restaurant/delivery chains? I know that you said that your store follows strict policies involving cleanliness, but did the recent event change your view at all?

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i'm going to be honest with you, i have never heard of this. however here in the state of AZ, there is a HUGE risk when you have one small flaw or even sell a product that is under the minimum requirements or even violates the policies. Health inspectors always give us an A rating. i also believe that if a business "needs" more quality, then it should be removed from the books.

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They're basically infamous for rodent infestations and overall low health standards, and just last week an employee exposed their habit of placing its All You Can Eat food by their dumpsters in preparation for inspections.

I appreciate the answer; every experience I've had at Little Caesar's was always good affordable pizza.

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jeez thank god i hate golden corral already lol

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Wait, you're in az? Please tell me that's what you meant by here in az and more specifically, please be in Tucson.

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Where in Mesa? I'll come see you if you give me a reddit discount

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right now i'm in Gilbert, my main store is in Mesa.

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Damn, I wanted that animal style...

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"Mom, do you need anything in Mesa?"

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haha you wanna drive this far?

Tylerddrummer2 karma

Well geez if she needs something :p

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true son right there lol

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Do you guys use any secret ingredients for the Crazy Bread to make it taste so delicious, or am I only tasting the fatty butter?

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it's just butter and parmesan. but i will admit, the butter made for LC is a special recipe cuz i have never tasted butter so good.

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It's not butter if you notice the packaging. The wording of it is weird in that you can definitely tell its not butter. Its (at least when i worked there) worded something like buttery spread or buttery sauce.

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idk but that shit's good lol

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What was your funniest/most embarrassing moment at work thus far?

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The first photo totally made my night. :)

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lol i had to show the customers who were waiting, it was too epic. they laughed too

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our GM makes us dump the pizzas out of the box then throw the box in. This happened when one of our employees was harassed by a homeless person. i usually leave a garbage bag of crazy bread by the dumpster so they can be happy

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How many people have you banged?

JimenezCLJ5 karma

um...what? lol

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why is the crazy bread so good?

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because we at Little Caesars honor the "Quality! Quality!" rule

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Maybe you do at your little Ceasars, but that is certainly not true at any Little Ceasars I've ever been to.

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how so? do the ones you've been to suck? because i've been to ones that are terrible. but i am doing this IAMA cuz my store has bragging rights lol

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After working there and knowing all the behind the scenes details, would you still eat there?

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it really isn't bad at all. not the freshest but i can tell you that i will eat a pizza if i myself make it. i'm from New York, so i know what a real pizza is

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This man knows his shit

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thank you

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Whats the largest order you ever had?

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10 Pep, 5 cheese, 10 3 meat, 25 bags of crazy bread, 15 cheese breads, and 15 2 liters assorted.

ifelldownlol4 karma

Holy fuck.

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haha yeah i had the same reaction on the phone with the customer. get this though, it was for a SWEET 16

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Sad twist: No one got the invitations :( Happy twist: Got all of the pizza :)

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oh haha

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Lol, the one I worked at was right next to a military base. We had them order 250+ pizzas for pickup at 7 am one day. It was hilarious walking in and seeing 250 pizzas stacked up in our small output store. It wasn't so hilarious when we got the call at 8 am that they cancelled the order

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omg dude that's happened with an order of 20 for a high school, i got pissed.

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So way, way back in the day my favorite pizza was the square Meatsa! Meatsa! It came in a two pack on what seemed like a three foot long piece of cardboard. I would destroy that thing. At some point, Little Caesars quit making square pizzas and it was gone. It didn't taste the same when round. I think they were different crusts.

So my question is, does the new deep dish taste like that old square pizza?

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the new deep deep dish is the same way as you described. you get 2 square pizzas that guaranteed that chewy cheesy crust, and i do believe we sell a 3 meat version too, just ask

arnie_apesacrappin1 karma

Thanks for the reply. I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow night.

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lol great!!

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So why this job? Sounds like a cool job. Do you have dreams to make it any further up the business?

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actually this is my pedestrian job. i am actually an artist and i sell art. i only do it locally though, brings in a bonus every now and then

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You cant just leave us hanging I need to see your pizza art, on another note I see you posted pictures of feet in another thread, neat.

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yeah i know, two totally different worlds. lol. i have made art on pizzas, lemme look for a pic

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Do you have an artist website or a portfolio or examples of work we can see?

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i'm still building it. i wanna be able to have an online store set up. right now even with this job, money is a tight matter

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Dude i always get the 5$ pizza deal and crazy bread, i love LC! ON you're breaks do you ever just munch out with you're co workers a box of pizza?

JimenezCLJ8 karma

definitely, when working in a super fast paced food environment, we just grab a cheese bread, mark it in the waste log, and have at it

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what tips can you give to get a better order?

read on a forum a long time ago that we should order extra butter on everything to make sure you're getting a fresh baked and also extra delicious pizza.

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just say you want a fresh one out of the oven, a pizza from LC should never take more than 5 minutes to 5 minutes and 20 seconds depending on temps. and if they're not producing pizzas almost every 5 minutes cuz of rush hour, etc. then they need to get new people working. for a "best" pizza, get crazy crust which is butter and parmesan. some stores charge $1. some don't. we usually do, unless i'm in a good mood (i never charge honestly) lol

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How many Deep Dish pizza's do you guys average?

JimenezCLJ7 karma

recently we started selling the new Deep Deep Pizzas and we sell about 100 a day. they became so popular within the first week

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what? lol

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That may be to old for you to remember but in early 90's LC's made a fuckin' jawsome pizza that was rectangular in shape, and delicious in taste.

JimenezCLJ3 karma

the original deep dish is rectangular and some stores still offer those and the deep deep dish

sniperhare5 karma

We don't sell nearly that many at my store, but they're pretty popular. You guys do $5 for a large one topping, $8 for your Deep Dish?

JimenezCLJ6 karma

$5 cheese/pep $8 deep deep dish $8 3 meat treat and then $6 for one topping other than pep

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Do you still eat Little Caesers outside of work? I worked at a Little Caesers for 4 months once, I couldn't eat pizza for a while after that - eating pizza almost daily for 4 months will mess with you pretty bad haha

JimenezCLJ3 karma

i could eat pizza somewhere else like Geno's, Sbarro, etc. but if it's at an LC, it's my store and if i make it myself

OriginalDokument2 karma

What is your favorite pizza to make for yourself?

JimenezCLJ11 karma

Animal Style Deep Deep Dish. it's my own creation that uses Buffalo Ranch to replace the pizza sauce, then topped with sausage, bacon, and ham, then butter and parmesan. thing is a heart attack in a box lol

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Hey there, I've been an employee at Little Caesars for about two months now. I won't be eighteen for another year and a half, but when I turn eighteen is it worth going through the process of becoming a part time manager?

JimenezCLJ5 karma

depends on the requirements your GM/franchise has. mine was not about being the fastest at sheet outs or dressing pizzas, it was all about leadership and maturity

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How much money does the company actually make on the $5 pizzas? It's a great deal, but there has to be a profit margin for the company... I'm just wondering what it might be?

Also, I'm planning a pizza party for my niece who is going away to basic training (AF) in a few weeks. Any "specials" or deals I should ask for if I decide to go through LC for pizza instead of another chain?

JimenezCLJ6 karma

all stores are different in grossing profit but i can tell you that each day my store ranges from 1,900-4,500 a day in sales.

try to call a week in advance, and ask for a "school" deal, at my store that deal is tax free, idk where you live so it may differ. it can save a lot of money.

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30 minutes max. and it depends the flow of customers

ProfBatman2 karma

Why are you at work on your day off?

JimenezCLJ3 karma

i got hungry for crazy bread lol

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There's no rules....There's one rule!

JimenezCLJ6 karma

that's right, keep your shirt on

hawkeye8072 karma

I met Dave Warden, the guy in the commercial, he's hilarious.

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I worked at Little Caesars for about a year and a half while in high school as my first job. My neighbor owned all the franchises in the area and I was required to get a job by my parents...

Place was fun as hell to work. My manager was awesome (impromptu water fight in the middle of a Saturday night like it was no problem) but the co-manager was sort of insane. She was mean but knew she was and if you proved yourself, she would be respect you.

I started working there right when we (not sure if it was national) started doing Hot n' Ready. Back when I worked it was only on Mondays and you didn't have to get out of your car. We had a table set up out in the parking lot with the to-go bags full. Running that table sucked. There'd be like 30 cars waiting to get pizza.

I also got robbed at gunpoint right after close one night. That was not fun.

JimenezCLJ2 karma

i'm sorry to hear about the robbery. but that sounds like a busy store!

guyatrandom1 karma

Dumb question: do you know where i can buy the parmesean garlic wing sauve?

JimenezCLJ2 karma

i honestly don't know. i doubt it's an LC special sauce. you can try at like Target or walmart

MrEdman41 karma

I stand by the fact that chain restaurants can never meet the standards met by NY pizza. Care to reply?

JimenezCLJ1 karma

dude i agree. i'm from Long Island so i know what a real pizza tastes like

ladykansas1 karma

Any ingredients or methods that people wouldn't expect in mass market pizza? (Like you actually have to make dough from scratch each day etc)

JimenezCLJ4 karma

honestly, it's very simple "start with a pitcher of water" kind of method

MrDeadlyHitman1 karma

Is it true that you can ask for an "old" (like 1-2 hours old) pizza and get discounted/free?

JimenezCLJ2 karma

nope. we never keep pizzas past 30 minutes to ensure freshness and any store that does should be shut down. you want a discount, just ask the manager for a deal

I_Am_Waters1 karma

Do you guys do any other deals on specialty pizzas. When I was in California last year the LC, they had a white chicken pizza for I believe $8. I had never heard of a white chicken pizza from LC since then. Also you guys should make cinnamon sticks!!!

JimenezCLJ3 karma

i would love to have white pizzas here. and no, we don't have the cinnastix

cold_ass_honkee1 karma

honestly, how much does it cost you to make a hot and ready?

JimenezCLJ3 karma

idk, probably around $3 a pizza

Metallus1 karma

My neighbor, who used to be a manager at LC, told me that there was exactly 17 cents in a hot-n-ready cheese pizza, not including labor. Slightly more for pepperoni. Not sure how accurate that is, just what I've been told.

JimenezCLJ2 karma

maybe. i'm not sure

mykidsaresleeping1 karma

What's your policy/practice on witnessing people leaving kids in their car to pick up a pizza?

JimenezCLJ2 karma

i give them dirty looks, sometimes i'm just a dick to them. like i take my sweet ass time to get their order and kinda hint it to them that they have kids waiting

Erthern1 karma

Who's the rudest person who's ever come in? What's the dumbest thing anyone has ever done there? What dumb stuff have people done near/outside the store?

JimenezCLJ7 karma

too many rude customers, but the rudest person had to be when they wanted wings and i explained to them there are 8 flavors and they yell "i don't have time for this crap, are you hot-n-ready or not?!" so i jsut gave them the plain wings no flavoring. :)

Erthern2 karma

Good call. I probably would've given them the spiciest flavor just so they could suffer.

JimenezCLJ6 karma

haha. it's Franks Red Hot, it's not too spicy

Erthern1 karma

Dammit. Then I definitely would have given him the plainest kind. And last question, what pizza do you recommend?

JimenezCLJ4 karma

depends. i'm a meat lover and a little spice so i invented the "animal style" which is a pizza that has the buffalo ranch instead of the tomato sauce and no pepperoni. basically, it's sausage, ham, bacon, buffalo ranch sauce (from the dip cups) and cheese with parmesan and butter crust.

Erthern2 karma

Can I order that? Like is that even request able?!

JimenezCLJ4 karma

there is no pizza there called the animal style but the sauce replacement, i'm sure if you pay for the dip cup, they should be able to, ask a manager. in my opinion, if you're paying money, they should have no problem.

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There's a company called "Crescor" that makes a giant metal box kinda like a heat refrigerator.

411_WAS_AN_INFO_JOB1 karma

What do managers make there?

JimenezCLJ2 karma

depends on the franchise owner.