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from past AMA's they were doing a double check on a ruling. they wait for breaks like that. they apparently don't want you looking at the board and formulating a plan of what answers are still available.

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i'm from a third world country too and we jumped through hoops to get here as well. our country is worse at overstaying visas, its almost impossible to legally visit some countries.

i know the OP didn't have a deciding say in moving to the us, and i applaud him for making the most of his opportunity. that being said i agree with you.

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the smart teams are focusing on shots at the rim and corner threes because they're the most efficient.

what's the next step when defenses figure out a way to slow that down?

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You can be as green as you want raising meat but there’s no getting around cows release methane. Meat in the quantity we eat now isn’t overall good for the environment. We don’t need to completely eliminate it but reducing consumption will help.

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huge fan! what's something in basketball that the average fan would be surprised to learn can be accurately predicted/measured by stats?