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Do you think the American version is easier (no offense) or more coddled than Sasuke? To be specific, the mandatory minimum of people have to pass each level and this year I see they are requiring a winner. Sasuke isn't like that all, you lose your done. Sometimes that means only 8 guys make it. You're always one of my favorites! (By the way Mt. Midoriyama is tautologically awkward. Midori (green) yama (mountain) so it already means green mountain. So when they say Mt. Green Mountain it makes my family cringe)

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I could use some reasons

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Exactly! People who say things like PIN number, ATM machine, "it's 7am in the morning".

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What type of music is your band? How did you get started in acting? Any regrets in life?

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Basically means redundant, redundancy.