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Max_Beezly358 karma

Since you tagged this as NSFW, we demand pictures of your breasts

MFCCamgirl671 karma

Sure! I'm not shy. My titties.

krazykoo19 karma

Is that your natural hair color?

MFCCamgirl57 karma

That picture was taken in the shower, but yes. I don't dye my hair any more. I used to, but I ended up damaging my hair so much that I had to have it cut shorter than an inch.

Cold-AssHonky300 karma

What effect do you think your career choice will have on future relationships (sexual, familial, or otherwise)?

MFCCamgirl344 karma

I'm going to be a veterinarian eventually. I don't really see it affecting my career in that field. And as for future relationships, I prefer to have open mind-ness in my relationships. If someone has a problem with it, then chances are we aren't going to get along very well to begin with. My current boyfriend doens't mind, and he actually enjoys the fact that I go online and do my webcam things. My mom knows that I do it as well. She doesn't like it, but tuition is expensive. I find it empowering, rather than degrading. All I have to do is show my tits and guys, or girls, will throw their hard earned money at me. All from the comfort of my home!

valentefd160 karma

It sounds evil when you place it like that.

MFCCamgirl374 karma

Muahahaha! I'll show you my tits for your HARD EARNED DOLLARS!! >;]

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MFCCamgirl164 karma

Mmhm. There's definitely something hard about it. ;)

kedj36 karma

I'm not sure if you know how it's done here on reddit, but we only throw imaginary internet points at girls for showing their tits.

MFCCamgirl8 karma

Haha I'm a redditor for over a year. This is a throwaway. :)

MrCGrey92 karma

I just do not understand why people still can't comprehend that women like sex and being sexual.

MFCCamgirl130 karma

Me either. We aren't in the 30's anymore! Women are sexual creatures, too!

Batmaners50 karma

Tits : 50
Pussy Flash : 100
Save dog's life in 500. Come on guys! TIPS!

MFCCamgirl14 karma

Haha! If you don't want these innocent puppies to die from starvation, just 50 tokens a day!

Snart_the_Cat31 karma

Be very careful about going into veterinary medicine right now. Schools are hugely expensive, and you'll be making $40-60k/year tops for a long time afterwards because there's an oversupply of graduates. It's not like human medicine where there's a lot of insurance money and a high demand for doctors and techs.

MFCCamgirl12 karma

Thank you for your word of caution. However, animals are my passion. Like art students that go for an art degree without very good job security because they love art, I would go into the veterinary field even if it meant I were to be poor for the rest of my life.

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MFCCamgirl18 karma

Thank you for your concern! I actually have many volunteer hours. I also worked in a veterinary clinic for about a month until I had to quit because I moved two-thousand miles away.

I've seen many spays and neuters and a few other surgeries. The only one that really bothered me was a declaw. I feel like declaws should be banned. It also probably didn't help that the veterinarian I was watching sliced open his thumb while doing it.. Ouch!

TheLastGuitarHero-50 karma

Whatever helps you sleep at night. "I feel showing my tits to pay for school tuition is empowering." Yup.

MFCCamgirl18 karma

I don't do it because I think it's empowering.

I mostly do it because I like being watched. I used to go on chatroulette and just do it for free! When I found out I could get paid to do it, I thought, "Why the hell not?"

But I also do it because I like the extra money.

shootphotosnotarabs260 karma

If your BF gets home and you have been working does it get old to be active with him after you have been doing it all day?

MFCCamgirl554 karma

I don't live with my boyfriend, but I'm still always up for sex when he's around. Having sex with someone you love is an entirely different feeling than when you're masturbating on camera for near strangers.

GuyWithFace181 karma

It's understandable if you don't want to answer this question, but: About how much money do you pull in on the average night of webcamming?

Do the performerss on those cam sites have a circle-thing going, as in do you know eachother? Or is each cammer/model solitary and does their own thing?

MFCCamgirl219 karma

On an average weeknight I can get anywhere from $100-$200, depending on how much effort I put into it, what times I'm on, and for how long. On a weekday when I'm on for 1-2 hours I might make $60. It all depends on if my regular customers are on, and if it's a payday.

krazykoo196 karma

Huh, this is surprisingly lower than I was led to believe. Still beats a minimum wage job, and you can work from home though!

MFCCamgirl148 karma

I'm still new to MFC. I'm only in my second month now. I've been on LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free, and another one quite briefly that I don't remember the name of. By far, MFC has been the best paying. I just need to build up my customer base. LiveJasmin is very boring. Even when I put effort into it, in the end, I would have an empty room a lot of the times. I'm trying to be more regular with the times I go on (it brings more loyal customers) but I don't feel like coming on every day!

krazykoo47 karma

Thanks for your response! Another question I'm somewhat interested in as well: What is the general consensus of your friends/family that know what you do? Do you find they are most accepting, or more judgmental towards your current employment?

MFCCamgirl163 karma

Well, I am also a pharmacy technician, so if someone asks what I do, that's what I tell them.

Some of my closer friends know what I do. None of them really judged me, at least I don't think so. My boyfriend knows, and he thinks it's sexy. I asked him before doing it though. I was really surprised when he said it wouldn't bother him.

As for family... my mom and brother know what I do. My mom knows most of what goes on, and my brother just overheard a conversation one time. I had to tell my mom because I live with her, and I can't have her knocking loudly on my door when I'm in the middle of a show. My stepdad thinks I work for a company online and answer questions, sort of like a call-center. He doesn't need to know.

Batmaners8 karma

I realize you have shitloads of questions in your inbox still coming in, despite the AMA being done. But I have a few questions about LiveJasmin.

Are there penalties for doing what you want? I've noticed LiveJasmin girls don't just hang out in the nude, they are covered up and they tease until someone takes them to private. They also don't seem to interact with their audience in the same way MFC does. And, would you be able to say if LiveJasmin owns some of their "talent" and forces them to do shows? (I'm asking if LJ owns sex slaves for camshows). Many of their girls are absolutely disinterested and seem to be there against their will. In some cases, it seems like they are in a booth designed for cam shows and you can sometimes hear other girls in the adjacent rooms. I'm not eve a cam watching kinda guy, I've been there out of curiosity a couple times, but the vibe I got from LJ was MUCH different than MFC's. Either way, I doubt I'll get a response, but I felt this needed asking regardless.

MFCCamgirl7 karma

I have no idea if LJ owns the girls as sex slaves. And I tended to dislike LJ.. a lot of the members would get rude if you wouldn't show body parts in public chat. However, if you did, then you could get monetarily penalized. I started to lose interest in LJ after a while, too. It seemed that if I was just sitting there I would get just as many privates as if I was actually trying.

mjolk22135 karma


MFCCamgirl214 karma

I don't mind guests. Yes, it's nice if you tip, but I'm there because I like to be watched, and also because I want money. If you aren't going to tip, there are going to be people who will. However, don't be offended when guests and basics (non paying members) are muted and can't PM or talk to the models.

I think people pay so much money because sometimes they have so much of it that they don't know what to do with it. Also, it's pretty customized. If you're watching porn you don't get to tell the actors or actresses what to do. When you're watching a camgirl, you can tell her to bend over and slap her ass. If she doesn't, then you can leave and she loses the business.

My room isn't usually silent, but in the rare occasion that it is, I like to browse the internet or practice on my violin. I've just recently taken up the violin, and I'm trying to get as much practice as I can. People have actually tipped me for playing it, too.

MFCCamgirl135 karma

Removed my chatroom link

I'm online now-- Wrote my username on my hand.. does that work?

IKingJeremy131 karma

It's her.

I saw it.

MFCCamgirl94 karma

Are you a mod? I usually reddit from my phone so I don't know how the browser-based one works all that well.

IKingJeremy54 karma

Yes, but if you have any questions for the mods, it would be better if you message us directly.


MFCCamgirl50 karma

Thanks. So am I verified now, then?

IKingJeremy154 karma

Well, usually when someone posts their proof publicly the mods don't verify the thread.

However, since your proof is you on your webcam at work, and some people will undoubtedly view this IAMA at a time when you are not on cam and will not see your proof; then an exception can be made.

This user has verified their claim of being a Camgirl for the Myfreecams website.

MFCCamgirl60 karma

Thank you! :)

Setiri25 karma

Are you still on? I didn't know links/referrals weren't allowed since actors are often promoting their movies here.

MFCCamgirl47 karma

I am not still on, I actually have to get going to bed soon. I'm going to an orientation in the morning so I can begin volunteering at another animal shelter! :)

But I think links are allowed, I just didn't want anyone to assume I was doing this AMA to promote myself. My profile is myfreecams.com/#SexxiiBabii69 , I believe. If not, you can probably look me up by my username, SexxiiBabii69.

HFallada103 karma

Do cam girls really like seeing his whack off, or is that just pillow talk?

MFCCamgirl151 karma

I can't speak for all camgirls.. but I do enjoy it. It helps me get to climax, especially if the guy has a nice cock or if he's attractive.

tekjansen09198 karma

if he has a nice cock or is attractive

so... 3% of your customers?

MFCCamgirl154 karma

Actually, most of the customers appear to be in their 20s! I'd say about one in five is 40 or over. At least the ones that I view the webcams for. This was actually the most surprising thing that I learned when I started.

tekjansen0937 karma

I wasn't saying your clientele were older, I was saying most of them either have ugly cocks (didn't think there was any of kind) or are unnattractive, because otherwise they probably wouldn't be paying for a cam website

unless of course you're saying all people in their twenties are attractive with nice peckers.

MFCCamgirl124 karma

I actually find a lot of them attractive. I'm not sure why they're on the cam site. Maybe they're socially reclusive

magoosauce83 karma

They just think its more fun to jerk off in front of you then to watch porn, probably a lot of guys with gfs on there

MFCCamgirl135 karma

I actually come across a lot of guys who will say that they have 'x' amount of time to be on before their wife/girlfriend/fiance gets home.

jesuswazblack84 karma

How big are your tits?

MFCCamgirl152 karma

34DD :)

politicaldan75 karma

Favorite memory?

MFCCamgirl201 karma

One time I got paid to talk to a guy for about 10 minutes in a private chat about how I enjoyed the beach, and then I showed my tits for a little bit while we chatted. It was very casual and I enjoyed it! :)

JaimeDeCurry62 karma

How did you get started in being a camgirl? Did you just send someone a picture of your tits and say "I want to show people these?" What's the application process like?

MFCCamgirl63 karma

Well, I pretty much just had to fill out an online form with my name, address, ID info, and I believe SSN. I then had to upload a picture of myself, a picture of myself holding my ID, and a photocopy of both sides of my ID. It didn't take long at all before I could sign on and begin work.

JaimeDeCurry36 karma

Wow, seems really easy. I would have thought they'd require like a portfolio of certain shots or something. Thanks for doing the AMA, good stuff!

MFCCamgirl38 karma

No problem! I saw that the last AMA for a cam-girl was a year or so ago.. so I thought we could use another one here :)

And LiveJasmin required me to send in a few pictures, but MFC only needed one I believe.

2centsdepartment61 karma

How long have you been at it? Weirdest fetish you've indulged? Weirdest fetish you wouldn't indulge? Do you find a lot of cam guys want to just chat and make a connection with someone? Ever made a real life connection with a client?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

MFCCamgirl183 karma

I've been doing it for about a year now. The weirdest fetish that I've complied with was a urine fetish. There wasn't much too it.. all I had to do was pee in the bathtub while I rubbed myself. And yes, there are a lot of guys that just want someone to talk with. I try to avoid those types because I do have a boyfriend, and while he doesn't mind that I am a camgirl, he would mind if I made an emotional contact with a client. I did have a connection starting to form with a client before.. and as soon as I realized it was happening I told him I was sorry but I couldn't speak with him any more. My boyfriend is more important to me than any of my clients.

TemporalDistortions148 karma

As a previously screwed over boyfriend, it's refreshing to know women like you are available in the world.


MFCCamgirl83 karma

I'm sorry that you were screwed over. There are still women out there.. you just have to find them! Honesty is honestly THE MOST important thing in a relationship, in my opinion. If nobody has lied, there will be no misconceptions, hurt feelings, or much base for argument. It's best to be completely open.

ilovebaaabydoll54 karma

Can we get a hint to your username at least?

MFCCamgirl122 karma

Sure, it's SexxiiBabii69.

RedditRalf48 karma

Do you have any 'special tricks' that you do whilst on cam?

MFCCamgirl69 karma

I try to do something for all of the guys on there-- the ass men and the tits guys. So when I'm performing.. I'll be front-faced to the camera sometimes, and then I'll switch it up and go doggy style towards the camera. I also try to dance and striptease.

hakunamatatatata39 karma

ass men and the tits guys

Is there a reason you used 'men' and 'guys' for ass-lovers and tits-lovers respectively?

MFCCamgirl160 karma

Yes; I didn't want to sound redundant. I like mixing it up. :)

politicaldan48 karma

What's the worst you've seen?

MFCCamgirl177 karma

I've seen a guy tie his dick off with a shoelace and ask me to tell him to abuse himself. I asked him to smack himself in his balls, and he did. His dick turned a very dark purple and I started to get concerned so I told him to take it off... lol

Dramatic_Explosion64 karma

Good news, he should be safe up to 4 hours. When the body tissue is deprived from fresh blood that's when it starts to die, but until then you're good! (hence the "seek medical attention for an erection lasting 4 hours" because after that your penis starts to die)

MFCCamgirl45 karma

Well that's definitely good to know! It was still a frightening sight, though.

Dramatic_Explosion32 karma

To be sure, anything where you see a potential risk of injury is cringe-worthy. I dated a girl who wanted me to hit her during sex... not in a fun way.

Well, time to eat some pie!

MFCCamgirl55 karma

Oh! That reminds me. I once had a guy who wanted me to do anal with the heel of my high heel. I thought about it, then started to do it, and then realized I could probably seriously injure myself because the tip had metal on it. Needless to say, I did not do it.

poridgepants45 karma

What is your honest opinion of guys who pay for your service?

MFCCamgirl74 karma

I don't really have any opinion. I'm happy when I get paid, and I'm not a very judgmental person. However, when a guy says that they have a significant other... I do tend to get a little judgemental. I feel like hiding things from your SO is something that shouldn't be done. If you feel like you can't tell your boyfriend or girlfriend something, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

ForeverMirin45 karma

You from Romania?

MFCCamgirl65 karma

I am not! I'm from Orlando, FL. :)

hanyabananya44 karma


MFCCamgirl7 karma

Maybe-- what's your username?

TheUnBrokenOne44 karma

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while on the job? And thanks for doing this AMA!

MFCCamgirl143 karma

Well, some guys make amazingly hilarious faces when they orgasm. It's hard to keep a straight face when a guy looks like he's going all super saiyan with his dick. And I once had someone that wanted me to put a vaccuum cleaner to myself. I did it, but while the cam was off of my face I was silently laughing.

ericestro21 karma

no nude pics? :(

MFCCamgirl85 karma

I posted one already! But here's another.

Just_Another_Swede15 karma

Has your boyfriend ever been a part of your show? Have you ever been asked to include him by a viewer?

MFCCamgirl34 karma

We actually had an account together on LiveJasmin, but since we don't live together and we both live with our families it was a little hard to pull off. And yes, I have been asked to include him by some of my customers. I tell them I'll oblige as long as they give me enough time to get him to come over. I'm also saving up for an HD video camera so that we can record our own home-made stuff, and I can record some solo videos as well. I can sell those on my profile page. All I have right now are pictures. I do have one video, but I'm not sure how I would get it to a paying member because the file is too big to send through email. It would have to be password protected too, so that the link couldn't get spread among members. I'll figure it out eventually. I'm not too worried about it right now; camera first.

uiouyug15 karma

What percent of the tips do you get?

MFCCamgirl23 karma

For every token I get $0.05. It depends on how many tokens the members buy at once as to how much of the percentage I get. The more tokens they buy, the cheaper they are for them.

RobertCarlos12 karma

most viewers you ever got?

MFCCamgirl21 karma

  1. It was on a Friday night. I probably could have gotten more, but I was tired and felt like going to bed after I finished my show. On a night when I'm trying I'll get about 100 people in my room. I'm still sort of new on MFC, so I don't have the client base yet.

uncomfortably11 karma

Is it difficult to get into a serious relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend given your line of work?

MFCCamgirl29 karma

No. I actually have a boyfriend. I started camming about a month into our relationship. I asked him if he would be okay with it before I even started. It turns out that he actually thinks it's pretty sexy.

twurkaholic10 karma

Do you make good money from it?

MFCCamgirl26 karma

On LiveJasmin, no. On MFC I made $400 my first paycheck (for two weeks) for three days of being online, and $150 my second paycheck for being online one or two days. I recently switched to MFC. I didn't like LiveJasmin or Flirt4Free.

memymineown4 karma

Do you think you could make money with your clothes on?

MFCCamgirl13 karma

Yes, and I have! I get tipped sometimes for just sitting there and talking and being friendly. I've been tipped while playing my violin fully clothed before!

If you're referring to something outside of the cam-world, then that is a yes as well. I'm a pharmacy technician.

pablothe3 karma

Do you think guys are hornier than girls?

MFCCamgirl7 karma

I think that guys are, in general, hornier than girls. I also think that people are vastly different;one girl could have an insane sex drive while the next has none, just as with guys.

Airado3 karma

What are a few of the things you have seen that are deem worthy of telling while you are working?

MFCCamgirl11 karma

Well, there's the guy that tied the shoelace around his dick. There's also this guy that wanted to show me how far he could cum. I thought that he was like all guys and thought that he was super special, but this guy literally shot his load from one side of the bed to the other... longways. I've seen someone stub their toe while almost orgasming, and another guy fall off of his bed. Hilarious. I managed to keep a straight face though.

pkchang231 karma

Do you happen to know why some countries are banned? I tried to login for about 6 months and it kept redirecting me, saying that probably my country was banned or that some regions weren't available. I managed to find a way in though...

Edit: One other thing, I've been a member for a long time now, but everytime I try to buy tokens it keeps saying I've reached my limit, even though I haven't bought once at all. I'm sorry for these boring questions, I realize you're not in charge of mfc or anything, but I thought I'd give it a shot...

MFCCamgirl6 karma

Well, some of the models choose to ban their home country. If you can't access any of the models though, I'm not too sure. And I don't know about the token limit either... you could always try e-mailing their support!

I don't have any countries banned... because I just simply do not care if anyone recognizes me. If someone wants to judge me for showing my tits and making money, then let them!

pablothe0 karma


MFCCamgirl7 karma

Why not? I enjoy being watched, and I can make money from it!

belzurkur-11 karma

is it cool siting in front of a laptop for hours not doing anything just waiting on the sound of tokens then its only one token. mfc girl nothing special. it should be a part time job. but good job with the self promotion

MFCCamgirl7 karma

I don't need to promote myself here-- if anyone were to come into my room from here they probably wouldn't be paying customers anyways! (Unless they're already a member on MFC) And I don't just sit there and do nothing; I'm usually dancing or talking with my regular members. My room is never empty. :) When I have one or two of my regular members in there I will just practice violin while I chat with them.

IveGotAFork-23 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

MFCCamgirl9 karma

I would rather take the 100 duck-sized horses and take care of them. :)

Ducks are scary.

NoSeatNoProblem-31 karma

This AMA smells like crabs.

MFCCamgirl26 karma

Hey! I don't have crabs!

NoSeatNoProblem-56 karma

Maybe so but trying to get some free advertisement off of Reddit might get ya some.

MFCCamgirl18 karma

I wasn't going to post a link to my chatroom, but I needed to provide proof. I wasn't sure how else to go about it, lol. If a moderator can verify me, and post that I'm verified, I'll remove the link.

jimjonesgreen-73 karma

What mental health disorder/history of abuse do you happen to have?

MFCCamgirl24 karma

I wouldn't say that I have a mental health disorder, different strokes for different folks, ya know? However, I was sexually abused by my father when I was 13 after my parents divorced. Whether or not that had any effect on my sexual preferences now, I don't know, but I am me, and that's how I like it!

Ipeeongramaslawn-24 karma


MFCCamgirl9 karma

No, I don't have PTSD. Every now and then I'll get a little weirded out if someone asks me to call them 'daddy' though. I tend to immediately ban those people.

Edit: I accidentally a word

DailyFlashbacks007 karma

Wow, I've browsed Reddit a lot, but these kids are being fucking assholes. You deal with it like a champ, though, haha. Awesome.

MFCCamgirl5 karma

Thanks. :) I'm no stranger to rude comments. I decide to not let them bother me. There's so much more to life than dwelling on the negatives. Relish in the positives and you'll find yourself much happier than you expected!

DailyFlashbacks003 karma

Exactly. :) Mind telling us when the next show is?

MFCCamgirl3 karma

I'll probably be on tomorrow around 12-3pm EST. I don't know yet though-- I may end up having some errands to run.

jimjonesgreen-63 karma

sexually abused by my father

As always, the rule holds.

FallenRyuSaint16 karma

I don't think I've seen a comment on Reddit that's pissed me off as much as this one.

Thanks for that :/

MFCCamgirl10 karma

Thank you. :)