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This right here is a wonderful example of how you can still respond to a question that you cannot answer for some reason. Thank you very much, sir.

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Are you still on? I didn't know links/referrals weren't allowed since actors are often promoting their movies here.

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I think you'd be greatly surprised at who watches cam girl type shows. Just like people who watch porn, it goes across the entire spectrum. It's like assuming married guys never masturbate or look at porn because hey.. they have a wife, right?

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This seems to be an honest, normal-person-like reason. Thank you, Mike. I may not even have agreed with what you wanted, but you tried, even though you knew you likely wouldn't win, you tried and for that you have my appreciation.

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It can vary hugely. Seriously, some girls can make a LOT and others make very little. It's not all about beauty either, it's about knowing how to work the system of being a cam girl. I dated a girl who did MFC and have a lot of experience with it. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about it.