Hi Reddit. We are Garfunkel and Oates AKA Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci. We live in LA and write funny songs. Here is our new video, The Loophole, launched today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8ZF_R_j0OY&feature=c4-overview&list=UU1R9fG_iKqvt9FIhEQH9nTA

And here is proof: http://instagram.com/p/a_w2M3sJcH/

Ask us anything!!

UPDATE: Thank you so much for taking the time to ask us questions! It was such a pleasure to connect with you and answer your questions. Let us know what you think of the new video. Thanks!! Riki and Kate

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wilkinswontkins617 karma

Question for both: Have you heard from either Art Garfunkel or John Oates about the name of the band, and if so, what was their reaction?

2 questions for Riki:

  • How often do you get "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" jokes?

  • What was it like shooting that nude scene in "Hell Baby"? It must have taken hours to shoot. Was it weird being nude on set for that long? And did it take a lot of courage to do?

GarfunkelOates1278 karma

This is Kate. I'll answer the John Oates question. Riki...you can answer the other one. About a year into being Garfunkel and Oates, John Oates myspaced us. I was in my kitchen and Riki called and said, "Check out myspace page!" (This was in 2009) John Oates said he was totally cool with us using his name as long as we offered him a beer when he came to our shows. And then he asked if we would want to open for him. We were seriously jumping up and down, so excited. So we opened for John when he did a solo show near L.A. And I think his audience was a little confused or shocked by us. But the highlight of the show for us was playing Maneater with John. I played a trombone solo during it while Riki did a strip tease. She stripped from one modest dress to another. John has probably played that song a zillion times. But I think that was the first time he sang it while a trombone solo and strip tease were happening simultaneously. John has been a great friend to us. Last time we played Nashville he even helped Riki pick out a new guitar.

r131313508 karma

I knew we could count on John Oates to be a class act.

That said... seeing as you have a direct line to the man himself... would you please ask him to consider regrowing the mustache?

GarfunkelOates428 karma

John Oates should grow that stache back. He just seems so iconic with it. Totally agree.

GarfunkelOates466 karma

(This is Riki). I get A LOT of Rikki don't lose that number jokes. I don't really mind them though. In fact, that was my phone ring for a while.

Shooting the nude scene in Hell Baby was really nerve wracking. I'd done a topless scene before (In Last House on the Left) so had dealt the whole "this will be on the internet forever" of it all. But this was total nudity so it was pretty scary. The good part was that the scene was with Rob Corddry and Keegan Michael Key who could not be nicer guys and Tom Lennon and Ben Garant (the directors) were super pro and made me really comfortable. The whole scene only took about 5 hours to shoot so it wasn't that bad.

The scene is loooooong so the first time I saw it in front of other people was a little strange but now I feel okay about it. I just hope everyone likes the movie!!

billycrombie460 karma

Having just watched the loophole, Kate is it wrong for me to feel as if you're always being tricked into saying/doing these lewd things against your will?

GarfunkelOates606 karma

Haha not wrong at all. (This is Riki) We came up with the idea for the Loophole two years ago and Kate refused to do it. Then, one day, out of nowhere, Kate said "Riki, I have something to tell you. I'm ready to do the loophole." It made me so happy. Some of the lines in it still make Kate uncomfortable but overall, she likes the song.

GarfunkelOates989 karma

This is Kate. You aren't wrong that I sometimes feel so uncomfortable with what we are singing about. But at the same time, it is kind of liberating and I feel like Riki is helping me grow. Or maybe I'm just getting beaten down. I don't know who I am anymore. Please help.

Fofilmusigner228 karma

In an interview Kate said she never even sweared before joining G&O, so Riki, how does it feel having corrupted such a pure soul? ;)

GarfunkelOates351 karma

I think she's way more interesting now that she swears and isn't so pure. Kate has changed a lot in the last 5 years and I think for the better in almost every way. She was very sheltered when I met her and now I think she's so freaking interesting. I love it.

GarfunkelOates261 karma

Thanks Riki! -this is Kate

Fofilmusigner111 karma

Yeah Kate is freaking interesting! :)

Looking back on the past 5 years, did being in G&O change you too? What events (good and bad) do you think shaped you and Kate the most?

GarfunkelOates205 karma

Yeah, being in G&O has changed my whole life (this is Riki). It's given me an outlet for my creativity and helped me figure out my voice and what it is that I want to say. It's taught me about how to be a partner and has made me feel like I could have a lasting relationship with someone. It's made me proactive about getting the things I want and has made me not feel like a victim (the way a lot of auditioning actors feel). I feel more like myself than I did before. It sounds cheesy, but it's true.

autrefois293 karma

Hi, love your music! Was there a specific inspiration behind "Pregnant Women are Smug"? It's definitely made an impression — the way my sister announced on Facebook that she was expecting was by posting the video of "Pregnant Women Are Smug" with the comment "I promise I will try to not be smug and act superior even though I now have a little, teeny tiny baby growing inside of me. :p" We thought it was hilarious! Were you hoping to send a message with this song to expecting mothers or just writing something to be funny? Thanks!

GarfunkelOates515 karma

Riki was hanging out with three friends and all three of them were pregnant. The lines in the song are actually things they said to Riki. "So what do you even do all day? I can't ever remember what I did before I was pregnant, it all seems so meaningless." What a crazy thing to say. So after that, Riki got home and said..."We HAVE to write a song about this!"

CantHugEveryPlatypus202 karma

Kate, did you write the songs you performed on Scrubs? They were awesome!

GarfunkelOates321 karma

Yes, I wrote all of the songs that I sang on Scrubs. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Bill Lawrence gave me the chance to do my own thing. I am forever grateful to him. I had just started performing a few months before getting cast on Scrubs. So the whole idea of playing songs in public was very new to me. Then to be playing these songs for a national audience...it was awesome! Also, at this time, Riki and I had 2 songs. One was Fuck You, which had been posted on youtube. Bill asked if I could sing Fuck You with Ted. So I remember being in my dressing room(which was an old hospital room), trying to reach Riki. Riki was in Spain and I was having a hard time tracking her down. Then finally I was like, "can I sing Fuck You on Scrubs?" And she was like, "Of course!" So we changed it to Screw You. You should have seen the list of alternate titles. Nail You was not allowed. (too forceful maybe?)

dontbrittait165 karma

I love the new video! How was it to work with Childish Gambino? Is Donald Glover as hilarious in person as he is on tv?

GarfunkelOates216 karma

Donald is 100 percent talent. He's so funny and cool. We were so happy to be on his first album and it's really cool to see how he's blown up.

Fofilmusigner124 karma

First of all, thank you so much for doing this! You girls are amazing! Your songs never fail to make me happy! :) Congrats with the new video it's perfect!

Prepare to get a trainload of marriage proposals!

So what are your ideas about touring Europe? Or do you think we won't get the references you use in the songs?

GarfunkelOates119 karma

Thank you!! We really want to come to Europe. We would love the opportunity to play there.

Araneatrox50 karma

I too would like you to come to Europe. Perhaps Sweden, that would be good.

GarfunkelOates117 karma

Riki is Swedish but has never been to Sweden. We would love to go there!

Ryno3639121 karma

Rikki & Kate! Huge fan of Garfunkle & Oates and your individual work (Specifcally: Rikki in Enlightened and Kate in Bored to Death). You are both guests on your fair share of podcasts, not to mention sing a few theme songs for different podcasts. What is your favorite podcast theme song? What is your favorite podcast to appear on & why?

GarfunkelOates162 karma

Thank you!! Our favorite podcast theme song is the one to Doug Loves Movies. We sing it live on the podcast every Christmas with Hard n Phirm. We both love appearing on Doug Loves Movies, Nerdist and Comedy Bang Bang. Riki's been on You Made it Weird and she loved that, too.

dcheesma72 karma

I would love to hear Kate on You Made It Weird. Her with Pete would just be 2-3 hours of over politeness which would itself be weird.

GarfunkelOates154 karma

Pete has asked me to do his podcast. I am nervous to do it! I'm afraid we are going to go deep. But whatever...I should just do it, right? I love Pete!

smapdee12 karma

The episode with G&O and Bob Ducca is hilarious. I recommend. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/the-premiere-of-bob-ducca/

GarfunkelOates16 karma

We LOVE Bob Ducca.

firmin1290 karma

Can you tell us anything about the pilot you just made?

GarfunkelOates180 karma

We just wrapped two weeks ago and saw the first cut last night! It's about two women (me and Kate) who are sort of at a crossroads in life and feeling uninspired. We realize that we don't do anything but tour and so have nothing to write about. When the show starts, Riki is heartbroken and Kate has never been in love and we have to find some way to get inspired or else we will never get any new material.

freebyu60 karma

Did you two write the episode? Were there any other writers?

GarfunkelOates151 karma

We wrote it ourselves. No other writers :)

Fofilmusigner55 karma

Where can I sign up for potential love interest for Kate? :)

GarfunkelOates210 karma

This is Kate. If you are between the ages of 20 and 62, you are eligible.

Robotekk90 karma

How did you two meet? The chemistry between you two comedically is phenomenal. After you met, what was/is the writing process like? I'm always amazed at how clever your songs are, and The Loophole is no exception. I'm a huge fan, and thank you for doing this <3

GarfunkelOates152 karma

We met at UCB through a mutual friend, Doug Benson. We became friends and for about a year, would have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and write down our goals on napkins (for real). After several months of telling each other our goals and dreams, we realized that we had a lot of similar ones. After I saw Kate perform (this is Riki) I knew we had to write songs together.

Aaroneously88 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this - how shiny! ...Knowing that the ‘funny’ songs are the most popular, I’d still like to compliment you on the few you’ve done that were more serious (silver lining, my apartment’s very clean, etc) -- they are sweet, touching, encouraging and fantastic. Any chance there will be more in the future?

GarfunkelOates138 karma

Thank you! That makes us so happy. We like the sad songs just as much as the funny ones, we just feel like we can't play them live because they're not as much for the audience. We have a new song that we wrote called "Good Enough" and it's about figuring out whether or not to marry someone. It's about a person who isn't totally sure but doesn't want to leave the person they're with either. The chorus is "When is it good enough to say, okay, I do." It's really sad. We hope you like it!

bucherman774 karma

You two don't often play outside of NY or CA... can we expect at least a US tour anytime soon?

GarfunkelOates103 karma

We hope so! Going to Portland, Denver and San Francisco soon and really want to tour the whole country. Hopefully we can start in the fall.

bucherman730 karma

I'll be at the Denver one for sure!

GarfunkelOates33 karma

Awesome! See you there!

ekmpdx19 karma

Yay! I had tickets to your Portland show earlier this year and was really really bummed you had to cancel. Helium again this time?

GarfunkelOates35 karma

Yes! Working on figuring out our Portland dates but we will be there this year!

Ryno363970 karma

Marry, Fuck, Kill? Doug Benson, Scott Aukerman, Reggie Watts.

GarfunkelOates171 karma

Marry Doug. He's the sweetest and he introduced us so it feels like the three of us would make a good couple. Fuck Scott. He's so cute with his smirk and sly wit and would probably be good in bed. Kill Reggie and turn him into a legend. There will be a bio pic within a year.

awesomeman46268 karma

Kate, can you still not curse without singing?

Also, Riki, loved hearing you on Adventure time.

And thank you for the Loophole, first song of yours to make me cry from laughter

GarfunkelOates167 karma

This is Kate. Before we started singing together, I never said curse words. Now I can't fucking stop saying fuck.

GarfunkelOates111 karma

This is Riki. Thanks! I love Adventure Time. I'm so glad you liked it!

Fofilmusigner63 karma

When did you first realize that G&O was going to be this big?

GarfunkelOates127 karma

Riki knew really quickly (way before she had any evidence). It took me (Kate) about a year to start to realize that we might be on to something. I'm always a little slower to catch on. Even when Riki is like, "We have to write a song about this!" In the beginning I was worried about offending people. Over time I got used to it. Still, it took me a year to be okay with writing The Loophole. That one still makes me a little nervous.

NotYou00759 karma

Huge fan and Kate I love you on the Big Bang Theory and I have to ask, have you ever really climbed out a bathroom window on a date?

GarfunkelOates139 karma

I never climbed out of bathroom window but I have bailed on a first date. It was only because in the middle of dinner the guy started saying really scary things. He was telling me horrible, horrible plans for what he wanted to do to me. I excused myself and waited in a nearby bookstore until a friend picked me up.

Ryno363956 karma

Where do you think you would individually be if you hadn’t had such crummy dates and met each other at that Doug Benson show?

GarfunkelOates97 karma

(This is Riki). I honestly feel like we would have been doing this somehow anyway. Something about our relationship feels fated to me and I feel like we would have eventually come together. Maybe I'm just being sentimental. If we hadn't, I guess we'd both be acting (hopefully haha).

(This is Kate). I'd be married with one kid and one on the way.

Domini_canes53 karma

Riki, I loved you in Much Ado About Nothing! Your scene with Sean Maher was steamy! So, if you could choose the next Shakespeare movie for Mr. Whedon to direct, what would it be, and what role would you,choose for yourself and for Kate?

Oh, and what will your and Kate's roles in Dr. Horrible 2 be, now that you're cemented in the Whedonverse?

Also, your latest video is hilarious! The lingering shot on the guy after "as long as you're straight" is simply brutal! Brilliant stuff.

GarfunkelOates59 karma

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you like the new video and Much Ado. Much Ado About Nothing was the most fun I've ever had on a set. I loved the cast and crew so much and was beyond excited to get to be a part of that world and that film.

If I could choose another play, it would be MacBeth and I would play Lady MacBeth. That just seems like too much fun.

ps. I really hope Joss does another Dr. Horrible. Kate and I both loved it so much.

lilahking52 karma

How did you two come to be so cute? Can you share tips for the rest of us to be cute?

GarfunkelOates188 karma

(From Riki): Be born pretty then pretend you don't know you are.

(From Kate): Drink cute juice (aka alcohol).

kittendoofles47 karma

How often do you go go karting?

GarfunkelOates89 karma

Every time we are feeling lonely and need a little help to make us feel better.

whtshername46 karma

Hey Kate and Riki,

you and your song are the reason why I bought an ukulele. Thank you for being so funny :)

Now my question:

where do you get all the ideas for your songs from? And how do you make a song around this idea?

GarfunkelOates61 karma

That's so cool! I'm glad we inspire you to play it. Our ideas usually come from some kind of life experience (usually Riki's love life) and then we brainstorm from there. Most the ideas we have don't have enough to them to make an entire song and get ruled out quickly but other ones we just brainstorm on for weeks or months and see if there's enough there to sustain a 2-3 minute song. Also, if we can think of a catchy chorus.

Diabetic_Owl41 karma

I'm an incoming female college freshman looking to get into comedy. Tips?

I love you guys. As a short girl, you inspire me, Kate.

GarfunkelOates51 karma

Good luck at college! Get out there and start doing comedy! Improv, stand up, make your own youtube videos...whatever excites you. Make stuff and keep making stuff. Also, stand tall, don't slouch. (something I always have to remind myself) Good luck!

CPIz39 karma

Any tips for Taylor Swift on how to make her melodic emasculations of ex-boyfriends less biting, and more funny?

GarfunkelOates134 karma

I don't think she's needs tips from us haha. She seems to be making a lot of money with her current way of writing. Although it would be amazing if she did a song with us making fun of herself. That would be crazy.

freebyu38 karma

Over time, we have all learned how to tell a John song from a Paul song. Any tips on telling a Riki song from a Kate song?

GarfunkelOates116 karma

Riki write the dick jokes, Kate writes lines about moons and puppies.

gaberussell37 karma

Will you be restarting your "Making It" podcast? Or maybe a new one? It was fun to hear people's struggles and paths to success.

GarfunkelOates51 karma

I really really want to. It's been tough because we've been recording a new album and doing a pilot and it's taken up most of my free time. I love doing it though and want to get back to it really badly. Hopefully, soon.

FileCabinet236 karma

I feel like your music shouldn't speak to me as a 23-year-old male as much as it does, but man does 29/31 speak to my insecurities in and out of relationships (and usually pushes me back to the 29 side).

Also, I'll put "I'm like Golda Meir with no gold in my ear," up against anything Kanye has written.

GarfunkelOates36 karma

Wow thank you!! That really means a lot. I'm glad it speaks to you. Honestly, the ages we picked were kind of arbitrary. I think everyone feels both ways at some point. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

freebyu35 karma

Did anything prepare you for the experience of having fans (with their nosy questions ;)? How about your own experience being a fan when you were younger (or even now)?

GarfunkelOates62 karma

For us, it was such a gradual process that it didn't seem that weird. We are really grateful to anyone who watches our videos or comes to see us. Sometimes, we still can't believe it's happening.

(This is Riki). I was a HUGE fan of the The State when I was younger and it's the reason I wanted to do comedy. So when I met those guys, I kind of geeked out and felt very weird around them. I still get excited butterflies when I see anyone from that show.

(This is Kate). I used to send people fan mail and ask for autographs. I had a wall with Mira Sorvino's and Robert Dinero's autographs. Big fan of being a fan.

gaberussell33 karma

What happened with the HBO show? The clips on Go were fantastic. Will your new show be similar?

GarfunkelOates76 karma

HBO decided not to do a second season or pick up the show as a pilot so they released us from our contract. Now we are filming a pilot with IFC that's similar except it starts 5 years later in our lives/careers. Single girls in the their 30's trying to be artists.

Ryno363930 karma

What can we expect from your Garfunkle & Oates TV Show? Please tell me Reggie Watts will make some sort of appearance.

GarfunkelOates46 karma

The new show is pretty different from the HBO web series. It's a little darker and we play ourselves right now instead of 5 years ago. There are a lot of true stories in our show and I think people might be surprised about the things we are willing to do in it. We feel older and sadder but more ourselves than we did during the web series. We want it to be really authentic. Also, we would LOVE to have Reggie in it. He's one of our favorite people ever.

Leopardly22 karma

I just want to say I love you guys! When are you coming to the UK?

GarfunkelOates26 karma

We love the UK!! We really want to go soon. Kate's never been but Riki has lived there and loves it.

alextellez20 karma

I love you guys! You guys are my inspiration :)

what inspired you guys to start making duo music? Backstory? :D

What's the thought process involved in writing your songs?

Thanks! You girls are hilarious!

P.S. For the longest time, I had the biggest crush on Kate.

GarfunkelOates31 karma

Thank you!! That's so sweet. We'd both been writing funny songs for years before we joined forces and it seemed like the natural thing to do. We were introduced by Doug Benson and then about a year later, decided to start writing together and eventually formed our band.

When we write songs, we usually just brainstorm for weeks (or months) on various topics until we narrow it down and focus on one. It's an embarrassingly long process for us.

stenkiw20 karma

Is there a reason you choose not to harmonize? I figure it might be because the melodies in your songs ARE the harmonies to the song, and if Garfunkel and Oats were singing with Simon and Hall, they would be singing the lead. You both have very lovely voices by the way.

GarfunkelOates43 karma

Honestly, we don't harmonize because we can't. I (Riki) can only do the high harmony but when I do, Kate can't keep the low note. We need to take singing lessons and learn harmony. It makes recording very hard because in unison, every note we record has to be perfect.

communal-napkin19 karma

Your music video for Pregnant Women Are Smug was hilarious. Any plans on making one for Worst Song Medley?

GarfunkelOates29 karma

We can't make one for the medley because we don't have the rights to those songs. Now that we monetize our videos, we can't do covers :(

Softrockaudio19 karma

Do you feel like the success/appeal of your music has aided in landing acting jobs or vice versa?

GarfunkelOates37 karma

Yeah I think it has helped us get jobs. It's probably lost us jobs too but over all, we feel pretty lucky to have gotten acting work from it. (This is Riki) I booked Much Ado About Nothing because Joss was a fan of G&O and Kate got "When in Rome" because of one of our Youtube videos.

pjpark19 karma

With the price of gold where it is now, it has become cost effective try more unconventional high-tech approaches to capturing Smurfs. If cost were not an obstacle (i.e., you had an unlimited source of funds which could only be used to capture Smurfs), what method would you use?

GarfunkelOates30 karma

I would make a little machine that would decapitate them and then keep their heads on keychains (this is Riki).

I used to collect Smurfs and have a bunch in my closet! (this is Kate).

SylvesterStapwn19 karma

I saw a few of the early videos of you guys performing the loophole in front of live audiences. Did you guys ever perform that song at festival or event for the wrong type of crowd? And if so, how'd it go? Did you ever recover? I'm envisioning you guys standing up on stage in front of a predominantly conservative, religious crowd and getting death stares while singing that song and it makes me cringe-laugh

GarfunkelOates47 karma

Ha yes, that song has not gone well quite a few times. It's always weird but kind of funny when we bomb. Other comedians can stop bits if they are not working, but once we start a song, we're in.

However, we did have a group of pastors tell us that they loved the loophole.

firmin1217 karma

Kate and Rikki, If a train leaves New York at 4 pm at 90 mph and another train leaves Chicago at 5 pm at 87 mph where and what would be the best time to schedule your next show in Chicago before they meet/crash?

GarfunkelOates24 karma

Any time in summer. Chicago is freezing otherwise.

schrodingrscat16 karma

{ What would be your 'Superheroine' names? }

GarfunkelOates61 karma

Riki would be Make You Come with One Look girl. Kate would be Unicorn Fucker (no explanation needed).

Fish9315 karma

Not a question, I just think you're both very funny and talented and great.

GarfunkelOates20 karma

Thank you :)

Gravee15 karma

If you had to pick one thing to have for all of your meals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

GarfunkelOates43 karma

This is Kate. I would pick spaghetti with my mom's sauce. When I am visiting my parent's I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We always have pasta every Sunday.

GarfunkelOates36 karma

I would have crepes with bananas and strawberries and nutella. yummmm....

krsvbg14 karma

What horror film scares you ladies the most?

GarfunkelOates43 karma

This is Kate. Last House on the Left. It is really hard for me to watch Riki acting so mean and then die.

GarfunkelOates33 karma

This is Riki. The original Last House on the Left scares me the most. Have you seen it? It's so crazy. Wes Craven's first movie from 1979.

athlon_713 karma

Wasn't Britanick supposed to be in that video?

GarfunkelOates20 karma

Britanick is in another new video of ours that's coming out soon called "Sports Go Sports". We LOVE those guys. Their videos are amazing.

mcflyhello13 karma

You two are modern comedy greats! A lot is said about women in comedy, but regardless of gender, you two are truly the tops.

Overall, you both seem really fearless. What is a project that absolutely SCARES you but is one you MUST do?

GarfunkelOates26 karma

Thank you! I'm glad we seem fearless because we are definitely not. We are becoming more so as we get older and realize that people not liking us is not the end of the world. After you get 100,000 negative comments, you learn to ignore them.

(This is Riki) I would like to see Kate do a drama. She hasn't done much drama but I think it would be scary for her and interesting to watch. I would like to write a book. I'm scared to do it but really want to.

Araneatrox12 karma

Have you written anything that has just been to "Out there" for you to perform?

GarfunkelOates31 karma

Not yet. We will sing anything. We don't really mind bombing so it's fine. The only songs we won't perform are our sad ones. They kind of bring down the tone of the live shows but maybe someday we will be brave enough to do them.

CPIz12 karma

Who is your favorite non-comedy artist that you have shared a show with?

GarfunkelOates31 karma

John Oates. Hands down.

chris_trash12 karma

Who is more human, Robocop or a neanderthal?

GarfunkelOates43 karma

Neanderthal human more

SanGva11 karma

Can you tell Bo Burnham to start posting to his youtube channel again?

GarfunkelOates12 karma

Yes. Bo, if you're reading this, do it! Get to work, man.

firmin1211 karma

Rikki just saw you in Much Ado About Nothing, you do evil so well! How did you deal with the iambic pentameter speech in Shakespeare? You and the entire cast was able convey the meaning of the dialogue so well.

GarfunkelOates18 karma

Thank you so much! We all did a lot of prep work and had rehearsals before we began filming. Joss understood the play so well and was able to guide us when we felt lost with the language. Doing that movie was like going to camp and everyone was there to make it great and help each other out.

Chuckchuckgoose11 karma

Hello Garfunkel and Oates. You gals are awesome. What has been the most satisfying part of your journey together and will you be going to other cities this year?

GarfunkelOates24 karma

(This is Riki). For me, it's been that we made something on our own, from the ground up and it's actually been working. We've never had a record deal or help writing anything or making anything. It's just based on whatever we think is cool and funny. So it's really neat when people like we do.

(This Kate) For me, it's been the reaction of fans when we meet them and to know that we can make people happy.

thejonner10 karma

Is there any subject that you find is "off limits" to write a song about?

GarfunkelOates24 karma

Not so far.

neish8 karma

Hi Kate, we spoke once over the phone when you were booking a room in San Francisco. I recognized your name but was too awkward to say anything. I wanted to tell you then, and now, how awesome I think you are and that you were super sweet and nice over the phone and you made my night after having someone else call before you call and yell at me.

GarfunkelOates13 karma

Nice to talk to you again! I'm sorry that person yelled at you on the phone. If you work at the hotel I am thinking of, Riki and I had a great stay and we loved the view. Thanks!

CPIz7 karma

Would you two ever consider doing a remake of the children's show The Magic Garden, or at least parody it in one of your videos?

GarfunkelOates20 karma

The Magic Garden! That was my first concert when I was 3! Man...never thought about doing a parody of it. But I have to say, I was really into the Magic Garden when I was a kid. Maybe something we should consider. -Kate

olsteen597 karma

You guys are pretty cool peeps and I really, really want to go to your show at the Largo next week. My question; musically, who influences you? Like, which musicians made you two do the music you do today?

GarfunkelOates25 karma

We love show tunes and 80's pop. We also love other comedy artists- Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, Adam Sandler, Lonely Island, Weird Al.

BeauCarley7 karma

Have you guys ever guest starred in a film/tv show together? And if you had the opportunity to do it together would you? (Not including your pilot that will hopefully be on our screens very soon!)

GarfunkelOates11 karma

We just did recently for the first time. There is a new movie coming out next year called Search Party (starring TJ Miller and Adam Pally) and we play ourselves and sing songs in the movie. The script is really funny so I think it will be a good one!

lydia-deetz7 karma

I love you both very much and adore all your shit, especially Sex With Ducks. I was wondering if you guys really sang on that Childish Gambino track 'These Girls', because it's my fucking favorite.

GarfunkelOates11 karma

Yes we did. It was a weird day because Riki had lost her voice and can't sing those high notes so we were straining to get it out. But we love that song too.

buefordwilson6 karma

Hello from Grand Rapids, MI! I just want to know what you thought of your Laughfest experience at the Pyramid Scheme venue. Did you get to check out the town during your off time and did you enjoy your stay?

GarfunkelOates9 karma

We had A BLAST at the Pyramid Scheme! One of favorite crowds ever! Although it was weird and scary when that guy cut himself in the front row and there was blood everywhere. Still...one of our favorite places to play!

Charlie_Shulman6 karma

Hi, I am a big fan of a lot of what you two have done. What can we expect from the IFC show and how does it feel to get a tv show on such a comedy friendly network?

PS. Kate you were great on The Big Bang Theory and Til' Death.

GarfunkelOates9 karma

We are so excited to be doing a show with IFC. They understand comedy and the direction that comedy is going. They have amazing taste and we would be so happy to be a permanent part of that family.

Fofilmusigner6 karma

Do you get bad reactions? I guess the loophole can be offensive (but i still love it) how do you handle that?

GarfunkelOates25 karma

We do. Mostly we ignore them.

Most of the bad reactions are people telling us to go back to the kitchen and make them a sandwich and we just think it's hilarious that people think we can cook.

The comments that are really nasty are hard to look at so mostly we don't read it.

MrDoor6 karma

What did you guys end up doing with all that pizza from the Weed Card shoot?

GarfunkelOates14 karma

Riki says we heated it up and threw it in the face of children. Kate says we gave it to homeless people. The truth is we don't remember.

Boondocktopus5 karma

You guys are super alternative. Is this intentional, or do you enjoy mainstream things just as much as most people?

GarfunkelOates18 karma

We totally enjoy mainstream things. We love reality shows, romantic comedies and are really digging the new Miley. We are just dorks. But our creative sensibilities as far as what we write has always been a little off. Maybe we'd be more popular if we wrote really mainstream stuff but we kind of like that we have a smaller but cooler audience.

mwbbrown5 karma

You two are great. Keep it up.

Question, what was the best reaction at an event by someone who wasn't expecting a show with "R" rated songs such as The Loophope.

And Kate, dear Dear is amazing.

GarfunkelOates25 karma

Thank you!! Our favorite reaction to the Loophole is when people gasp. We love that. We've had a few walk outs during that song which is pretty funny. But we also had a group of 3 pastors come up to us and say they loved that song. That made us very happy :)

idc3215 karma

Favorite and least favorite parts of living in LA?

GarfunkelOates24 karma

(Riki): Favorite part- the food. It's so good here. Least: The traffic.

(Kate): Riki lives here. Least: traffic.

martinurbano5 karma

Did you grow up watching a lot of comedy, stand-up in particular? And if so, what was it like admiring people you later got to work with?

GarfunkelOates13 karma

(This is Riki). Kate loved I Love Lucy and watched it religiously growing up. That has been her biggest influence. But neither of us watched a lot of standup, mostly because we didn't have access to it in our small towns.

I loved The State and it's the reason I got into comedy. I've been lucky enough to work with a lot of people from The State and I get so giddy when it happens.

br0c04 karma

"The Loophole" was the first video i saw of yours, and i love it. Really very talented.

I get the feeling that you girls are Atheists, care to confirm or deny?

GarfunkelOates13 karma

This is Kate. I'm not an Atheist. I was raised Catholic and and practice Buddhism. Riki says she is a Just in Catheist.

keyree4 karma

Kate, there was one Doug Loves Movies where Doug was shocked that you had been drinking that night. What was it like writing/performing/shooting the video for Weed Card since you seemingly don't usually do that kind of thing?

GarfunkelOates11 karma

I actually just got my Weed Card about a month ago! But then I lost it. (I'm such a stoner.) I bought the G Pen, because I thought the vapor would be the way to go. I have used it twice and both times I got super paranoid. So either I have the wrong kind of pot, or maybe I should just stick to getting high on life.

PBandJag3 karma

Are you guys going to do a bit on Funny As Hell?

GarfunkelOates4 karma

Not this year :(

aeonstrife3 karma

how much does Doug Love Movies?

GarfunkelOates9 karma

SOOOOOOO much! He should marry them and have movie babies. -this is Kate (Riki didn't want to be associated with this answer)