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This is Kate. I'll answer the John Oates question. Riki...you can answer the other one. About a year into being Garfunkel and Oates, John Oates myspaced us. I was in my kitchen and Riki called and said, "Check out myspace page!" (This was in 2009) John Oates said he was totally cool with us using his name as long as we offered him a beer when he came to our shows. And then he asked if we would want to open for him. We were seriously jumping up and down, so excited. So we opened for John when he did a solo show near L.A. And I think his audience was a little confused or shocked by us. But the highlight of the show for us was playing Maneater with John. I played a trombone solo during it while Riki did a strip tease. She stripped from one modest dress to another. John has probably played that song a zillion times. But I think that was the first time he sang it while a trombone solo and strip tease were happening simultaneously. John has been a great friend to us. Last time we played Nashville he even helped Riki pick out a new guitar.

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This is Kate. You aren't wrong that I sometimes feel so uncomfortable with what we are singing about. But at the same time, it is kind of liberating and I feel like Riki is helping me grow. Or maybe I'm just getting beaten down. I don't know who I am anymore. Please help.

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Haha not wrong at all. (This is Riki) We came up with the idea for the Loophole two years ago and Kate refused to do it. Then, one day, out of nowhere, Kate said "Riki, I have something to tell you. I'm ready to do the loophole." It made me so happy. Some of the lines in it still make Kate uncomfortable but overall, she likes the song.

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Oh it is okay. We could have them if we wanted to. #birthcontrol

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Riki was hanging out with three friends and all three of them were pregnant. The lines in the song are actually things they said to Riki. "So what do you even do all day? I can't ever remember what I did before I was pregnant, it all seems so meaningless." What a crazy thing to say. So after that, Riki got home and said..."We HAVE to write a song about this!"