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Have you ever considered changing your name (or at least how it appears in print) to the tilde symbol "~" a la Prince?

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I can never find videos of them online. Is SNL forbidden from releasing them because they don't have the rights to the songs? They were my favorite. The "non-denominational celebration of Jason Crisp" one when you were pregnant was hilarious

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Can vouch for this. My great-grandfather died two years ago. In the years between his move up north and his death, my grandmother would spend up to 4 hours a day visiting him and her mother (who died in 2010) with her little dog.

The dog was much much too insane to ever qualify as a therapy dog, but my great-grandparents and the other folks in the home adored him and loved to interact with him. He doesn't go to the home anymore, he mostly just sits around humping a giant stuffed duck.

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Your music video for Pregnant Women Are Smug was hilarious. Any plans on making one for Worst Song Medley?

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I remember watching the Alan Cumming/J.Lo episode of SNL. It was 2000, just three weeks before my fourteenth birthday, and you, Will and Alan performed a Culps sketch, singing You're The One That I Want.

Despite having watched Grease dozens of times, I could not for the life of me figure out what Travolta and crew were singing after "you're the one that I want" but your sketch had me convinced for years it was "can I get a what, what?"

Whose idea was that?