I was burned December 28th, 2011 at a friends house during a bonfire, where she decided to pour gasoline on the fire burning 3 of us, but unfortunately I was the only one burned severely even after being the smartest one and backing away.

Video One (The day it happened and the news report): http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6592084

Video Two (About how the fire hit me, and myself partially through recovery): http://www.abc2news.com//dpp/news/region/baltimore_county/atf-studies-fire-phenomenon-that-a-burned-baltimore-county-teenager

Video Three (Me recently, and firefighters talking about my recovery): http://www.abc2news.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/family-recovering-from-flame-jetting-incident-sees-awarness-as-a-blessing

Before the fire: http://i.imgur.com/806CXyL.jpg

Picture of me right after burns with firefighters, and me recently with firefighters: http://i.imgur.com/OWusFbg.jpg

Very Recent Picture of me with my boyfriend: http://i.imgur.com/Q4Dzs7f.jpg

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CantHugEveryCat50 karma

I am also a female burn survivor. Every time I try to get with a female, I get burned.

Aubreyannna18 karma

HAHAHAHAHAH. This was prettay prettay good, sir.

AI122319 karma

What does being on fire feel like? I can't imagine it feeling very pleasant.

Aubreyannna27 karma

In all honesty, I was on fire for a good amount of time. Since your body goes into shock, and if it burns your nerves, you don't feel it at all. All I felt was afterwards them throwing freezing cold water on me, that hurt the most out of it all.

blockstackers5 karma

I managed to have my right hand covered in molten (and burning) plastic when I was younger, and all I can recall from that experience was an initial "uh, my hand is on fire" followed by my brain vapor-locking on the whole concept of "hand on fire". Did that happen to you at all? I mean, you obviously realise at some point you're burning, but did it register instantly or did it actually take a bit to process through it?

Aubreyannna13 karma

It registered pretty instantly. I kindof just stood there in shock though, and was like "oh fuck, I'm on fire stop drop and roll!" Which didnt help either way, but I knew, I just didn't process what to do about it. I could see the fire burning on me even though my eyes were closed which was crazy weird

Xanza3 karma

I can also confirm this. As a child I was burnt on my face, and the only parts I remember actually hurting was contact with anything wet or moist (water, silvadene cream, ect). Aside from that, recovery is a bitch.

Aubreyannna3 karma

Silvadene and mesalt were the worst...

insidli8 karma

Do you remember your thought process while it was happening? I'm a huge wuss with bonfires, if the wind changes slightly I fully expect sparks to land in my hair and engulf me in flames. I can't imagine going through what you went though, I don't feel like I'd be one of those optimistic survivors, I'd just go into a deep depression and isolate myself and waste away. Or does an experience like this make you a fighter and completely change your outlook on life?

Aubreyannna18 karma

I do, I remember everything about that night. After stop dropping and rolling and getting stuck under a porch all i could think was "I am going to die here, this will be my death.. what will my family think, what will my friends think, what will my boyfriend think?"

I thought I would go into that state of depression but once I finally got home from the hospital and realized hey, this being depressed bullshit isn't getting me anywhere its time to get up and get out and go have fun, and I did.

I did infact change my views, I am a much happier better person now, as weird as that sounds; Ive learned to forgive and forget, and even though I'm still angry sometimes I get over it. I go out and live life like i would have if this never happened.

insidli4 karma


Aubreyannna4 karma

They ran away, according to the police report. But thank you so much, that's honestly what I've been trying to do, hoping maybe someday it will help someone I never knew, either be confident after something terrible like this, or to help it never happen!

insidli5 karma

They ran away?! I really hope if I ever experience anything like this (I really hope not) that I'd go into superhuman hero autopilot mode and have the courage to act fast. I think I'd rather risk my own safety than see someone burn to death and live my life wondering if I could have helped, i HOPE in any event like this the adrenaline rush would spur me into action before the panic hits.

Aubreyannna10 karma

Yeah, my "friends" actually tried telling me different stories, but Im going to trust the fire reports cause none of their stores matched.


I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well! I'll ask an entirely different question, what are you going to study in college?

Aubreyannna10 karma

I'm actually going to study, Biology, Sociology, and Psych. I aspire to be a Psychopharmacologist!

sarcasticalwit10 karma

May I suggest a double major to become both an analyst and a therapist.

Aubreyannna5 karma

Why the analyst exactly?

PoobearMcAwesomeflap5 karma

It's a gag from Arrested Development... Tobias Funke was the world's first "Analrapist".

Aubreyannna5 karma

I should have caught that...I've been watching that show so much lately I'm on the third season,end of it ATLEAST. Still need to watch the fourth season.

Or I can be a filamtrapist.

(Always sunny gag, full-on-rapist)

PoobearMcAwesomeflap2 karma

Hehe, I've seen all of Arrested Development about nine million times (still getting through the fourth season), but have only seen a couple of episodes of Always Sunny... I should really get on it!

Aubreyannna2 karma

I was just introduced to it recently and I love it, I don't know how I never watched it before. But always sunny is my favorite, watched it since season one and I'm totally in love with Charlie day. So horrible bosses was great for me, arrested development and always sunny!

Tomasfoolery4 karma

It's a reference to a Netflix show.

Aubreyannna3 karma

I get that now, don't know why it went over my head, I've watched almost every episode but the new ones within the past month or so but for some reason that just went right over my head. Haha


That's an awesome combination, good for you! Not sure if anyone's told you this yet, but being disabled myself and in college, make sure you sign up with the disability program there. At the least, you can get extended time for tests (in a quiet environment, no less) which is fantastic no matter how you look at it. They also can help with books and tons of other things. Of course help varies but trust me, signing up with them is great and will make your life easier. Best of luck to you!

Aubreyannna5 karma

Thank you! Yeah Ive already talked to disability about it. and having extended times on turning things in because of surgery is going to be nice

luckylillylolly2 karma

The biopsychology program at UC Santa Barbara is AMAZING!! Lots of people go from that program to grad programs in psychopharmacology

Aubreyannna7 karma

I will defiantly look into it! The only thing with me is I want to go to Boston, I just want cold.

CallmeBDD6 karma

HI Aubry,

Do you have contact with the person who dropped the fuel on the fire? What is that like, if so, for you two to process this?

When in public/new people, would you prefer people feel free to ask you what happened or have them let you blend into the crowd like anyone else?

What is a burn unit like? I cant imagine dressing changes is a very pleasant experience, etc?

Aubreyannna8 karma

I sortof do, not exactly. I'm not really pressed over it though, it was an accident and a 16 year old being stupid. So I basically just put it behind us.

I actually enjoy getting asked questions, id much rather them ask me question then just sit there and stare. As long as its not like "Damn gurl wut happened 2 yu?" because thats annoying. Ive met alot of new friends from the experience and I doubt If it would have never happened I would have met the guy I am currently with.

Uhm, the burn unit i rarely remember, I was In johns Hopkins bayview (One of the best burn centers in the world.) My nurses were amazing, I am actually friends with alot of them now and talk to them alot/ visit them. Most of the painful dressing changes i was unconscious, (i was in an induced coma for a month and a half) but the ones I slightly remember were horrific and painful. I remember before they amputated my finger tips they would peel the skin away from the bone, and even though i was drugged up, I think the visual of it was horrific.

halloweenjack3 karma

Not to take away from your own pain, of course, but my sister the nurse tells me that working on a burn unit was the worst part of her training, particularly when they had to do the debridement.

Aubreyannna3 karma

That's what my nurses would say. It's kindof like a horror film, they scream and cry, but you really can't do anything.

ProtrudedDemand5 karma

Tell me about your friends. Are they cool? I bet they're cool.

Aubreyannna7 karma

Well theres this guy named dan... yeah hes the worst of all my friends. I hate him.


ProtrudedDemand4 karma

Dan is such an ugly name. He sounds like a complete tool. I bet he has horrible taste in music. You should stop being his friend.

Aubreyannna6 karma

hes pretty sucky, i just might... or ill just ask him what hes doing tonight and maybe we can hangout.

b_klawz5 karma

  • how long was the recovery time?

Aubreyannna12 karma

I'm actually still recovering. They say anywhere from 2-10 years. I have many more reconstructive surgeries so I probably have around 2 more years of recover. But so far, its only been a year and about 6 months.

Musabi3 karma

I hope you have great doctors! I has 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 20% of my body and the first three plastic surgeons I saw told me I didn't need skin grafts. Fourth plastic surgeon was pissed because I should have had them. I'm nearly 3 years into my recovery now! I wish you the best and you look great so far!

Aubreyannna5 karma

I had the best doctors in the country, and I'm pretty sure the world. Johns Hopkins bay view is one of the best burn centers in the world!

tiltmfc2 karma

I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins It was Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering. And they were blazing that shit up every day.

Aubreyannna1 karma

Step brothers reference?

b_klawz2 karma

have you been treated differently by your peers?

Aubreyannna16 karma

Not at all, everyone knew me as the same person as I am now, and they still look at me that way.

Texoccer5 karma


Aubreyannna11 karma

Well, back when I was first in the hospital the guy of two years I was with was cheating on me, and left me the day I got out of the hospital. I was pretty broken over that. But Ive actually dated after that and I've been with the guy I'm with now three months and couldnt be happier.

I actually dont talk to many friends from before i was burned, I've made new friends (who occasionally make burn jokes because i make them myself) but thats about it.

My parents actually got a divorce around my 18th birthday, ( a year after my accident) I try not to think it was because the stress of my accident, but my dad basically hit a midlife crisis and i rareley talk to him anymore. My mom, well shes just basically turned crazy and over protective. Its whatever though I will be leaving for college soon and not have to deal with the stress at home.

film_composer7 karma

What a terrible guy to cheat on you in those circumstances—any circumstances, really. Good riddance. I really admire your positive attitude and the way you've dealt with the situation, especially making your friends comfortable with making burn jokes by making them yourself. Clearly you're doing something (many things) right in your life to have such great spirits despite your misfortunes. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy!

Aubreyannna10 karma

Well thank you! I try really hard, and when people are like "Youre not deppressed? I would be!" well I have great reasons not to be depressed I get to live another day, I get to live my whole life. Yeah with some complications, but who cares I could be dead right now not informing other people of the dangers in gasoline, or helping them get past accidents.

My boyfriend says "I know." :P

MidnightSun5555 karma

That boyfriend of yours is pretty handsome, I don't know him or anything but he looks like someone I'd want to have sex with.

Aubreyannna9 karma

Well that girlfriend of yours, damn she's just the fucking sexiest thing alive, you should be lucky to have such an amazing inspiring beautiful intelligent girl in your life, with the best music taste around. (May I add she has nice tits and a rocking ass. she's also great in bed)

John_Q_Deist5 karma

I think I can see what's going on here...

Aubreyannna5 karma

Well, you know.

AlessiaJ4 karma

Was the girl arrested?

Aubreyannna5 karma

No, because it was an accident. (of stupidity)

AlessiaJ3 karma

Wow I thought negligence like that would lead to an arrest. Does she seem sincerely sorry?

Aubreyannna14 karma

I dont exactly talk to her anymore. But when she visited me in the hospital she seemed sorry. She tried committing suicide and wouldnt leave her house for weeks, for school friends or anything.

willdill4 karma

you know, we all have problems, and sometimes it takes someone like you to put other peoples problems, including my own, into perspective. With that being said, thank you and good luck with everything.

Aubreyannna5 karma

Thank you, really. I did not expect to get this much feedback. It's really great to tell people about it and actually have them listen.

[deleted]3 karma

I was trying to think in my head how this happened because I have poured tons of gasoline and other flammable liquids on bonfires and even made flamethrowers/blowtorches etc and coudlnt get how it happened but that "blowtorch" phenomenon is quite the thing. I learned something today.

Aubreyannna5 karma

You learn something new every day! It's VERY dangerous. My story actual went viral around the world warning people about it. It was top on their website for three months.

More people should know!

TENGIL9993 karma

Do you really find it unfortunate that you were the only one getting severely burned? Also, do you believe that the others didn't back away due to lack of intelligence?

Aubreyannna6 karma

As cocky as it sounds to say, yes. My dad is a firefighter so I was taught alot more about fire safety growing up.

TENGIL999-5 karma

I do feel sorry about your burns, but you should really work on your attitude towards that.

Aubreyannna5 karma

How's that a bad thing? I knew more fire saftey then them making me more intelligent in fire saftey. No attitude just truth.

kakakarl3 karma

Thanks for sharing this. I hope your recovery goes well. I burnt my forearm a burn about the size of 2 bananas a couple of years ago and I can relate to feeling no pain.

Aubreyannna3 karma

It's way better than feeling it, cause that would suck.

LikeChicken3 karma

You'd think they could have used the parts of that interview where you weren't looking at you phone.

Aubreyannna3 karma

Hey! The second one I wasn't haha.

FeralFinnishKitten3 karma

Are you comfortable being touched, hugged or kissed by your boyfriend, your family or friends? Is there pain or discomfort?

Since you're 18, I guess I can ask this as well: How's the sex life and intimacy in your relationship?

Aubreyannna5 karma

Well, not to brag... But it's pretty great. I just recently got intimate with the guy I'm currently with, to say the least were both extremely kinky, well I mean if you consider the whole, hair pulling, spanking, restraint thing kinky. I have no pain from the burns at all... Just my sexual pleasures. I'm only burned from the chest up, and I just recently got my nipples pierced so I don't go through much pain lol.

chaseman4212 karma

Do you have any animosity (?) towards your friends who threw gasoline on the fire?

Aubreyannna2 karma

No, I don't. Everything is pretty much in the past.

raistlin75882 karma

Wow I can only say I'm sorry about what happened and I feel for you. I was also burned when I was 8, mine was grease burn (3rd degree) entire left arm/portion of leg. I assume by now you're done with the physical therapy part and are just having to lotion a lot etc? Anyways just wanted to drop in and say I know what its like and I hope all is well!

Aubreyannna2 karma

I'm supposed to, but I'm kindof weird about lotion, I really hate the feeling of it and I always would feel dirty when pt put it on me.

mamsh2 karma

No question, just good on you for this AMA and good on you for working so hard to get better. :) I wish you all the best!

Aubreyannna2 karma

Thank you so much! :)

redeye2712 karma

They threw cold water on you, that's just crazy, i don't even want to think of that pain :(

Aubreyannna2 karma

Yeah I mean, it felt cold it could have been normal temp but since I was so hot it was cold, but I'm pretty sure it was cooler water xD

starla13951 karma

I notice in one of the videos that you have trach! I was curious how having a trach treated you? I'm having a crappy time with mine, I gag constantly! Also, do you still have a trach? Mine is permanent and I'm curious how it has been?

Aubreyannna1 karma

Mines pretty fine, I just cough alot. Mine is not permanent though, just for surgery. I just hate that I can't swim or shower properly and etc. I had it taken out but my throat closed up in surgery, so I had to get it again.

starla13951 karma

I assume you have had yours for a while so that is something I'm glad to hear. I just got mine at the beginning of the month and I haven't even been weaned off of my ventilator yet. But when I'm suctioned I just gag and cough, or when I move my head and it's horrible!!! I really hope this trach will get better..

Aubreyannna1 karma

I've had mine for a year. I was on the ventalator and when I was/right after I was I would gag alot but now I'm just kind of used to it


Aubreyannna1 karma

Hardy har har

rawmeatface1 karma

I'm sorry to hear that, it seems like you're handling it well.

This made me laugh..."unfortunately I was the only one burned severely"

as for a question...what's your all time favorite HBO series?

Aubreyannna2 karma

I haven't really watched any, a little of true blood. I watch more showtime. Dexter, and shameless.

kometes1 karma

What is your PT schedule like and how painful is it?

Aubreyannna4 karma

I'm currently not in pt, untill I have more surgerys. It was 5 days a week, for 4 hours, and it was terribly painful.

deutchmallow1 karma

Congrats on your recovery so far! Is there a moment when you realized you were going to be ok after the fire?

Aubreyannna1 karma

Do you mean like after I got out of the hospital, or after I was done burning?

deutchmallow2 karma

More at some point in your recovery, not so much at the moment you knew the fire had stopped.

Aubreyannna2 karma

Well, I'm a pretty optimistic and stuff... So once I woke up I basically just thought, hey you're going to be fine! You just have to work for it.

JJRimmer1 karma

How often do you relive that day/night?

Aubreyannna3 karma

Uhm, I think about it alot but I never really relive it.

guitarguy1091 karma

What was your reaction to seeing the flame jet recreated at the lab? The video said you got to see it in person but they don't talk about your thoughts on it.

Aubreyannna2 karma

Uhm, they asked me before they did it if I was okay with them doing it, which I was. It's a scary thing, and it was exactly how I remember it. The only thing is, I'm not scared of fire, but gasoline is terrifying.

XXXPerfectProdigy1 karma


Aubreyannna2 karma

Thank you :)

ighso1 karma

did it make you think twice about where you will go after you die?

Aubreyannna5 karma

Of course, no where besides in the ground.

lateralus420-3 karma

You don't think that God had anything to do with you living? If not, did you contemplate that at any point?

Aubreyannna7 karma

No, I think doctors had to do with me living. I think good health and young age kept me from dying. This question makes my skin crawl because those doctors have gotten no credit for my life, it's all just god this god that. No. Those doctors workd days to repair me, and I had strength to live through that night wheni wasn't supposed to. I will thank everyone who helped, in and out. And I will not say "god" helped me, because he did not (if he exists, which I believe in science, not god..so..)

tehlostrogue1 karma

My uncle does that all the time even makes the fire so you can't roast a marshmallow on a ten foot pole. But anyway on to my question. Was it a flash burn or wrud it set you on fire?

Aubreyannna2 karma

It set me on fire!

tehlostrogue2 karma

That sucks but at least from the photo you didn't lookthat bad at all.

Aubreyannna2 karma

Well currently, yeah. At first I did. In about 2 years ill look 80-90% like I used to.

Eightdaysago1 karma

What kind of limitations do you have due to the accident? My father was a firefighter before he became a police officer. He fell through a barn and had significant 3rd degree burns that required a very rigorous cleaning and bandage reapplication routine. As a result, he was not able to work few a few months.

Aubreyannna14 karma

Uhm, well I have slight movement in my left hand, and my right hand functions fine besides my finger tips being amputated. I have a few limitations, and things take a little longer than Id like, but over all its not that bad. I have alot of caring friends and family that help me with alot of it. I cant swim, because I have a treach so if its submerged in water i could drown, I also cant shower normally but i manage my way around it. Cutting up food is a bit difficult, most of the time other help me. Opening cans are hard, also because no fingertips on my right hand. I can tie my shoes but it takes longer than usual... I cant really think of anything super hard to do besides lifting stuff. But I am an artist still,

Heres a picture I drew recently: http://i.imgur.com/jB2x9b6.jpg

Heres some shoes Ive painted recently: http://i.imgur.com/BcN8tyw.jpg

hazhah4 karma

ahhh! I saw you on /r/blink182! a fellow blink fan :D

Aubreyannna2 karma

I've been a blink fan since... I can think if. :p I have seen them and AVA live!

streamlinetacos3 karma

With everything you've been through, I'm glad you're powering through it. Great artwork, also! :D

Aubreyannna3 karma

Thank you! :D I'm working on more at the moment.

halloweenjack2 karma

You're an excellent artist.

Aubreyannna2 karma

Thank you so much!

CallmeBDD2 karma

what is a treach? or did you mean trach? if trach, a cap on it would not allow you to swim?

Aubreyannna3 karma

I meant a trach. I dont think so. Ive never actually talked to the doctors about it but my parents just automatically assume. I dont think so though, because i think it could leak in through the actual hole. It will be removed soon though, its only for surgery so my throat doesnt close up.

SCf31 karma

MD represent!

Aubreyannna2 karma

We're the coolest of people.

lendmeyourbeard1 karma

So glad things are going well for you now! I am a female burn survivor also, though our stories differ, and I am guessing I am luckier than you because I can't recall my fire. I was 2 when I was in the house fire, so I don't remember the actual fire itself, I just remember having all of the graft surgeries up until I was 23, so 21 years of grafts, ugh. I'm curious how far burn treatment has come and improved compared to 20 years ago. Do you fear fire now, does it make you uncomfortable? I must admit I love setting shit on fire haha, and my friends can't understand why.

Aubreyannna2 karma

I love fire, I still want to be a fire fighter. I'm not scared if fire, I'm just terrified of gasoline. Fire is oddly great though.

lendmeyourbeard2 karma

Amazing how it can take a toll on certain mundane, everyday things in life. I commend you still wanting to be a firefighter. That's incredible. I can't stand to wear rights if any kind because of all the compression suits I had to wear throughout life. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl, and makes me want to upchuck.

Aubreyannna2 karma

Ugh yes, I hate the compression garments, they were the worst. I had to wear a face mask at some point, and honestly, I slacked a lot wearing. But my face is fine so I'm okay hah

myheadhurtsAH1 karma

So do you have problems with filling up your tank now?

Aubreyannna2 karma

Yep, luckly I normally have someone with me.

TinaTron1 karma

Were you mad at your friend after it happened? Did you forgive her?

Aubreyannna2 karma

I was but forgave her.

SplashIsOverrated1 karma

When I first read the title, I thought about insults between women. "Becky isn't even hot"

Aubreyannna2 karma

Hahahahaha, well I mean its possible. I survived an insult, ask me anything!

SplashIsOverrated2 karma

I am now imagining how awkward it would be if your name is Becky. You know, since you caught on fire. Well, of course you know but you know what I mean. Hm, this isn't going very well. This morning I had buttered toast. I toasted it on medium for about 2 minutes and the toast came out golden-brown and crispy. I think I used land o lakes butter but I could be wrong. I'm not exactly a butter connoisseur. Did you have breakfast today? If so, what was it?

Aubreyannna2 karma

Hahah luckly its not becky. and I had a doughnut after picking my boyfriend up from work... it was a boston creme, it was delicious. then i went to sleep and just woke up around 8:00.

SplashIsOverrated1 karma

I looked at "8:00" and saw a face. I've concluded that the 8 is a bow tie, the : are eyes, and debating if the 00 shoild be a nose and an agape mouth or two lips. Your opinion on this?

Aubreyannna1 karma

I instantly thought of an alien with two mouths.

SplashIsOverrated1 karma

That just brings up more questions. What purpose do the 2 mouths serve? If both are for eating and assuming that the alien has 2 hands, is it ambidextrious and able to feed both mouths at once? Are the 2 mouths connected? (like our nose and mouth are with our throat)

Aubreyannna1 karma

well, kindof. maybe he shits out of his second mouth because he doesnt have a butt.

[deleted]-6 karma

Sorry if this is offensive but was the burn/staying in the hospital so long the cause of the weight gain?

Aubreyannna13 karma

I actually lost 60 pounds, it's probably the picture/angles. I weighed 206 before the burns, 140 after, and I weigh 160 now. And am 5'6.

acehooy8 karma

Burn patients have such an increase in metabolic demands that they need many more calories than you or I would on a daily basis. In addition to regular meals, most burn patients take supplemental feeds.

Aubreyannna12 karma

I actually wouldn't eat for months, they had to tube feed me. And once I was off of the tube I would only take bites of food and I was extremely skinny, my doctors would complain. But luckily I'm at a normal weight now.