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guidzilla141 karma

Only question: How many days you been sober Jay?(congrats it advance)

jaymewes832 karma

1089 days today ...THANK YOU

Number1AbeLincolnFan124 karma


jaymewes149 karma

we shot it with themind set of first person shooter and documentary style, where my character is following the vigilante and has cameras mounted all over the guns and body of such ...therefore there is shots from gin POV ,Body POV and from my character camera that he is following them with , it has turned out awesome and is gonna get only better..

As for the comedy element i was not attempting to be funny but while describing some of the story and action ETC.. i am goofy so therefore it comes of somewhat funny .....

i am excited about this cuz not only am i acting in i am producing and gonna direct a couple episodes i am putting my heart and soul into this :)


Frajer114 karma

How's the sober life treating you?

jaymewes273 karma

it has been great sincerely ,with working,Meetings,friends and family. it has kept me busy and on track ...so things are good :0.. Thank you for asking

letsgetrockin741111 karma

Are you excited for Clerks 3 and do you have any input into the writing?

Also, Hawks or Bruins!?

jaymewes351 karma


Clerks 3 is hoonestly amazing , i am not just saying such cuz it is kevin but seriously when i read it made me smile , laugh, cry and get a straight up BONER !!!!!!!

bbkfftw98 karma

Do you consider yourself the c.l.i.t commander?

jaymewes199 karma

i do i do...i try to practice and continue to master on the regular

jaymewes83 karma


Will Be back Later to answer the questions i missed..!!!!

When you get a SEC Check out


Have a Sexy DAY!!!!

caseyrain79 karma

On a scale that starts with snooch and ends with snooch to the absolute motherfucking kickass nooch, how good is Kevin's "Clerks 3" shaping up?

jaymewes191 karma

it is a mother fucking snootch to the motherfuckin snootch kickin ass nootch!!!!!!!!!!

Squingle65 karma

Have you considered broadcasting some of your Dungeons and Dragons games via Twitch using Roll20? Almost like podcasting but instead you play a DnD game where everyone can see the board and hear you and whoever else in your D&D session.

jaymewes81 karma

That souynds AWESOME. i havnt played in a bit with us touring for GROOVY MOVIE and Shooting this series.

free on MACHINIMA ETC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o63Tv1RbJEw

but sounds awesome and really would love to. thanks for the info!!!!!!

jbosk1st2ten53 karma

Seriously been refreshing the last 10 minute. your late jay! j/k, I love you.

  1. Thank you for making Boo Boo Kitty Fuck my husbands nick name for me.

  2. How awesome was it to be naked in 3/4 of Zack & Miri? (nice body by the way)

  3. I've watched all of KSmiths movies 10x over. Jay is definitely one of my favorite characters being as dirty & raunchy as myself. Which one of the series of these movies was your most enjoyable? Clerks of course set it off...but of all if them, which one was your fav?

  4. I love you, please come do the The Silence of the Lambs sexy dance at my next birthday.

jaymewes94 karma

i am not late silly i have been here.... he is my boo boo kitty fuck.

Thank you for the nice body and it was not so bad ..my biggest concern really was my family seeing and the mother in law.

i will try and dance at next birthday with a new dance silennce of the mewes :)

and MALLRATS was my fav to shoot,and is my fav to watch !!! stan lee and three breasted fortune teller !!!!!!!!

11223344556677889947 karma

I heard Kevin talk a lot about how you've really helped people doing "Get Old." I'm sure lots of people have gotten courage to face their demons hearing your stories. However, have you had any instances where people actually used you as justification to keep using drugs, kind of like "it can't be that bad. Mewes survived."?

Also, in I think episode 1 of Get Old, you told Kevin that you don't know why you used drugs. Have your insights improved since then?

jaymewes94 karma

i have not had any instances where i am aware of someone saying "he did it and lived " and used that to justify it.... but hopefully not because i hope they hear that just cause i am doing better it is never over ..i have been lucky with wife,kevin and everyone who listens to podcast and supports me and meeting ETC.... but again it never ends making sure i never get to the thought of i can have one beer or one this or that....... so again i hope no one ever feels that way...

As for my insight on why , i think it has do do with it being in family genes and such just bad blood :)

thank you

conker7641 karma

Hey Mewes! What was your favourite part of Dogma? and working with on the set?

jaymewes108 karma

my fav part is when ben and matt are at moobys board room.

and for me working on the day i got to shoot uzi and blast wings off :)

jbosk1st2ten32 karma

When people recognize you on the street, do they make you say Snoochie Boochies?

jaymewes76 karma

they ask for snootchie bootchies. and also the F song :)

boo boo kitty is also another one i get

Nanna66629 karma

I know you've heard this a million times but congrats on quitting. I myself am "in recovery" as well. Even though I hate that phrase. I prefer to call myself retired. Temptation is a dirty bitch and it's the hardest thing anyone can go through, no one really knows unless you've gone through it. I'm glad your still around and doing movies. Thanks for all your work.

jaymewes30 karma

Thank you i really appreciate it , really!!! have a fantastic day

tcstadler25 karma

Will Jay and Randall finally have it out in Clerks 3?

jaymewes77 karma

They Finally Fuck...Just kidding , i am not sure i can say :)

SgtBobIE25 karma

If you had, would you bone Wolverine or Deadpool?

jaymewes92 karma

deadpool, i feel he would make it as painless as poss. he would crack jokes and make me smile before wooops ......

jaymewes73 karma

every chance i get i will do a tuck dance :)

Needsnewbatteries20 karma

Favorite Jay and Silent bob movie? Which was most fun to shoot? Which do you think turned out best?

jaymewes73 karma

MALLRATS was my favorite movie to watch and shoot.i had a blast with jason lee ,stan lee ,ethan suplee and everyone really.

it was our first studio movie and it was surreal to me the whole time.


bayb18 karma

I never, ever tire of hearing young Jay stories from Walt & Bry. Looking for some guy's sunglasses then getting an invite to come stay with him? Hilarious.

jaymewes20 karma

hope they dont tell everything they remember ,,NOOTCH. it has been awesome knowing and working with all these guys for so long ... 25+ yrs wowsers

sundawg10217 karma

Holy crap jason muthafucken mewes I loved the vigilante diaries episodes 1 and 2 cant wait for the next installment! Does thia dark setting make you crave for some of the darker days in your life, primarily drugs?

jaymewes31 karma

Thank you , i am really stoked about this series and what we have done and what we have to come. there is 8 more episodes written and it just gets better and better. it doesnt make me think or crave any drug. just some hip hip doooogan :)

mrowbottom16 karma

2 important questions:

  1. Did you have a good birthday?
  2. Why wasn't I invited for cake?

Less important questions:

  1. How did you get involved with Chill?
  2. Do you think this will be a good model going forward for TV like shows (subscription based episodes where users have to subscribe before new episodes are even filmed)?

jaymewes41 karma

  1. Yes it was fantastic. BBQ with couple pals and wife and pups.
  2. it was last minute and didnt think you could make it

1.buddy of mine had worked with them and put us together. 2.yes i think this can really help with other shows so there is no waiting for studios and such to answer with a yes and or no especially when a show is loved and awesome and the studio still seems to cancel........

this project is awesome check it out..

free on MACHINIMA ETC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o63Tv1RbJEw

Deltr0nZer016 karma

Electronic cigarettes, are you still using them? Whats your set up and favorite flavor?

also you should check out r/electronic_cigarette

jaymewes21 karma

i been trying , E-CIG and i would say RED-BULL fav Flavor

boston199315 karma

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Just throwing something different out there.

jaymewes40 karma

i really want to go to rio de janeiro, i want to go to top of that hill and see big statue.

J2nation15 karma

What is the hardest part about being the character Jay?

edit: becoming*

jaymewes43 karma

so far it has been pretty easy since i have been doing the character for so many years plus jay is exactly the way i was at 14 :)

bdepz15 karma

Just re watched clerks 2 a couple nights ago and i wanted to thank you for the part of the movie where you tuck your dick and balls between your legs. This was the most hilariously random thing in the movie. Also (maybe more directed towards kevin) thanks for including the drive on rt 35 in the begining of the movie, it was pretty crazy seeing places I drive by every day on the big screen.

jaymewes22 karma

Sweet thank you and it was nice intering touck for a little TUCK. i was hoping no-one or maybe someone to see balls and cock tucked from back :)

Acetrak14 karma

Sup Jay?

What's your favorite spot to eat in NJ?

jaymewes34 karma

broadway diner in RED BANK......PORK ROLL/EGG/Cheese YUMMY

tobyALIVE13 karma

If you could do a cameo in any upcoming Marvel project which one would you pick and what would you like your lines to be?

jaymewes44 karma

BLADE movie, MORBIUS i would be and i would say " i am gonna Bite That ASS"

Megsx0x12 karma

First thing..hey! Second thing..truthfully how long have you been clean and what was your rock bottom?

jaymewes34 karma

week will be three years truthfully.....and i would say ROCK BOTTOM was when i was using candles for lights and pissing in a bucket in my living room that was soon not gonna be my living room and when i set couch on fire because i was using candles for light.

Ewwiikk12 karma

When filming, how much of your dialogue is scripted and how much of it is improv?

Also, this is awesome that you're doing this and I've been a fan of yours since I saw Mallrats as a kid.

jaymewes14 karma

Thank you, mallrats is my fav of them all.

70-scripted 30-improv

see if you like this

https://chill.com/VigilanteDiaries/1-2 https://chill.com/VigilanteDiaries/1-2

jgyenortab11 karma

Will you be reprising your role of Jay in Clerks III? Any idea when it will shoot if so? Thanks!

jaymewes33 karma

Not sure when clerks 3 will shoot they going thru budget ,location and meetings. yes i will be in it and ofcourse kevin/silent bob ...WOO HOO it is gonna be awesome

AssCrust11 karma

Hi Jason,

I've heard from the podcast that you're interested in directing a movie some day. Let's say you get the offer to direct a superhero movie of your choice.

Which hero would it be about and what would the story be?

P.S. Thanks for all the free funny on Get Old, your stories are golden and I'm glad you're doing so well!

jaymewes17 karma

i dont think i would want to do a marvel or DC character i would rather see someone else take on those but i did my type hero!! directing next episode


GeneralXHerpes9 karma

What is the meaning of Snoogans?

Also my girlfriend dumped me because I called her boo boo kitty fuck. Thanks!!!

jaymewes20 karma

Sorry she dont deserve you then Snoogans means i am just kidding.

SmartassWithTheGrass9 karma

Lemme get a nicklebag.

jaymewes23 karma

FifTeen Bucks Little MAn!!!!

RazzleThemAll8 karma

What's the status on a Todd and the Book of Pure Evil sequel? You were so great in that. One of the best TV show in a hot minute.

jaymewes11 karma

it is gonna be finished off with animated movie http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/todd-the-book-of-pure-evil-the-end-of-the-end

check it out

tanner7568 karma

How much of comic book men was scripted and did Ming ever get paid back?

I hope not though screw ming

jaymewes19 karma

i never did pay back ming he mentioned it to me everytime i see him too :)

betterdustinthewind8 karma

Jay, Loved seeing you guys for the Super Groovy Movie tour! My question is this, you have so many fantastically ridiculous stories that will forever be immortalized with the Jay and Bob get old podcasts. But with the recent success of 'Tough Shit' would you ever consider publishing any of your stories to reach a wider audience? A lot of the stories in Tough Shit had been told before on podcasts and Q and A's but the writing style made them refreshing and entertaining again so I can only imagine how ridiculous a book of cautionary tales by Jay Mewes would be.

jaymewes15 karma

i am looking into doing a book the past couple months. i really want to do something just trying to figure out what i need to do and how to go about it. So hopefully soon something will be out there

matlockdown7 karma

Have you ever turned down a role in a tv show or movie that you've regretted later?...on the flip side have you ever taken a role you wish you hadn't?

jaymewes19 karma

Never turned down anything i regretted..

And as for a role i did i regretted wasnt so much the role as it was the movie and the guys i was working with. they were messing around and making things uncomfortable and weird...but all in the end was what it was

Slymansworld7 karma

Hi jay big fan from the uk, have you ever thought of doing a Q & A or touring on your own. Love the podcast an we all love you over you are an inspiration to us all. Simon H

jaymewes6 karma

i did some touring by myself a while back and after groovy movie tour i am gonna look into doing some more solo touring solo

benweblight7 karma

What was it like working with Danny Trejo?

jaymewes15 karma

Awesome, Danny and i good Friends we have done like 4 projects together now. he is the man

Gonna try get him to do little something in this if i am lucky https://chill.com/VigilanteDiaries/1-2

EnigmaNaboo7 karma

Hi Jay, big fan here, I wanted to thank you for telling your story of addiction in so many places. I'm an addict as well that has been sober for close to 12 years now. I have 2 questions, one serious and one non-serious:

What keeps you going on keeping you clean?

If you could star in any comic book movie which would you choose and why?

jaymewes14 karma

family /friends/work and wanting a BABY

any comic movie i would love to be in, just as a third character or so cuz i love to sit in audience and watch others get super...

here is something i am doing that i consider my super


UnholyDemigod7 karma

Did Jay come from your own personality, or did Kevin conjure up this bizarre sweary fellow that you just play?

jaymewes10 karma

Jay is spitting image of me as a 13 to 20yr old. now i would say 60/40 have to watch and think before i speak and act out ...

Lu_beans7 karma

with being sober do you find that people are reluctant to go more places with you? I find it a lot harder to have people behave normally around me since i don't drink...

I'm a loud, tattooed lady with a quick wit, it baffles me why I'm not invited a bunch more places.

jaymewes12 karma

no i feel i hang mainly with sober people and the handful of normal people i hang with they dont go out much and neither do i ....but when they do i feel they invite me ....

sprin7 karma

When you are coming to Europe?

jaymewes10 karma

NOt sure but i really hope soon. there is some things in the works that need to be hashed out before we can get groovy up there :)

Doomstin6 karma

Man, would you snooch my nooch at the next Smodcast that comes thru Indianapolis??

jaymewes12 karma

i will totally snootchie bootchies ya at the next smodcast :)

ARandomCdn5 karma

I saw you getting old with Kevin Smith, will you bring Groovy movie to Canada please??

In all seriousness, I always wanted to tell you how awesome it is that you got clean and were able to continue what you love to do. Thanks for making me laugh!

jaymewes12 karma

Thank you for listening and we coming to CANADA soon . Very Soon

3mw4 karma

Jay, a few questions.

1) What keeps bringing you back to Sesma (he's a buddy of mine)? It seems like you're building a sense of loyalty with a new director after Kevin, curious if you see any similarities or big differences?

2) How does it feel to have such a cult following behind the character of Jay? Do you ever wish you did anything different from the start that would change how people react?

3) What did you think of Palm Springs when you shot there?

4) Have you filmed anything here in New Orleans –– and if not, why? I'll talk to Sesma and make that happen if you're in.

jaymewes6 karma


Sesma is sexy loved Palm Springs Baton Rouge not NO but close yes....

krystalbc874 karma

Hey Jason! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan and I loved you in Zach and Miri.

jaymewes14 karma

Thank you very much. i appreciate.

zach and miri was a blast!!

OhBlackWater4 karma

You were fucking hilarious in every fucking role I've seen you in. Keep on keepin on snootchie bootchie.

jaymewes8 karma

Thank you and Will DO

Check this new ROLE , https://chill.com/VigilanteDiaries/1-2

thenotlowone2 karma

I just want to say, listening to Jay and Bob get old and hearing about your battle with addiction and such really touched me and I am so glad you are the man you are today. Your the best man, just wanna say thanks and keep on mewsing

jaymewes5 karma

Thank you , will do ...i appreciate that.

JaiOhBe1 karma

How often do you find yourself dutch ruddering with someone else? All the time or just some of the time?

jaymewes2 karma

i never have but am waiting for the perfect moment and person

bbkfftw1 karma

Do you pull pranks on set? If so, what's the best prank you've pulled on someone?

jaymewes2 karma

i dont but should and my best will come. i will when doing the next episode of Vigilante Diaries...


rwhickok1 karma

How has it been touring for the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie?

jaymewes2 karma

Fantastic, i love the cartoon and doing QnA after is a blast.