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Are you excited for Clerks 3 and do you have any input into the writing?

Also, Hawks or Bruins!?

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Hey Nikki, my best friend lost his battle with addiction three weeks ago. He loved your first album, especially “Stick to Your Guns” and “On With the Show”. I guess I figured I’d let you know since I had the chance. Are there still plans for another album, or was “Sex” the last new song we’ll hear from the Crue? I’m very much looking forward to hearing what Sixx AM puts out, as well as Mick’s solo album that he mentioned in the press conference. See you August 8th!

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Hey Joe, do you remember Joe (Wright) Jammer? I took guitar lessons from him a few years back in Chicago. He told me about you guys, and then showed me his name and stuff in one of your books!

He told me all about how he used to know the guys in Led Zeppelin, and that he roadied for Jimi Hendrix. Would like to know if he was for real!

EDIT: If any of you guys on here have heard of him, it would be cool to hear from you!

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Thank you. When it comes to drugs, no matter what you do for the person, you have to remember that it is ultimately their decision to turn their life around. Its a tough thing to admit, but sometimes you have to realize that their time will come if they don't get themselves cleaned up.