I am a 7 year veteran of the USAF and a 5 year veteran as a Drone Sensor Operator. I have flown hundreds of combat missions in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Deployed in direct support and have extensive experience as a "Drone" Operator.

I will answer any and all questions that I can. However, any questions pertaining to classified information or anything that would violate OPSEC in the form of Tactics, Techniques and Procedure will go unanswered.

Edit Uno: I'm out grabbing a beer with a friend who just got back from the desert. I will answer as many questions as I can from my phone. Please upvote questions that you would like answered and I will get to them ASAP. Thanks!

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sparksman11 karma

Do people look butt hurt when they see the drones coming?

sensor_operator44 karma

They tend to not see us coming. But they know we are out there. Fear is a deterrent that cannot be matched by any weapons system.

Bloxd00219 karma

"They tend to not see us coming"

Is that because they're stealthy or they strike from far away.

sensor_operator39 karma

A little bit of both.

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I'm sorry, I laughed for about 5 minutes when I read the post in batman's voice. Haha

sicapat9 karma

why are you doing an ama?

sensor_operator0 karma

I'll be actively checking on this for the next couple of days.

sicapat-2 karma

you will be checking your post for the next couple of days to see how many questions you have? This site will be hostile territory don't you think?

sensor_operator12 karma

Sorry I misread your question, I thought you put "how long will you be doing an ama".

As to why I am doing an AMA? I feel that there is a general misconception with what we do in my career field and that passing my personal experience is a way to help the rest of the world understand "who" we are rather than "what" we do.

Time and time again many people call us "Drone Pilots" as if we do menial tasks that no one wants to do. When in fact we are very dedicated and professional about our jobs. There is a lot of care and a sense of urgency that goes into every single hour of flying.

My ultimate goal is to help alleviate some of the misconceptions that we are just a bunch of chair jockeys that play XBOX all day.

sicapat7 karma

are you guys really stopping anything or making matters worse in the long run?

sensor_operator5 karma

I can honestly say that I believe we are making a good difference in the world and in the long run. But since I do this for a living my answer may sound a little biased.

Holding_my_wiener2 karma

What drone system do you operate?


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gottlieb18851 karma

Do you experience any latency (i.e. delayed response) when flying a drone, and if so, how do you deal with it?

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Just a tad bit, just gotta think ahead of the plane.

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Mod verified

samferrara1 karma

If I were to join the Air Force tomorrow, how would my chances of ending up a drone pilot be? What if I told them I specifically want to pilot drones?

sensor_operator1 karma

Everyone wants the job. Just gotta go in and see tot yourself bro.

2wheeldreamn0 karma

How many total aircraft hours do you have?

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VANDARIN-6 karma

My question is if you are getting any money for the fields of opium that the US government is protecting there. The last five years my city has been flooded with heroin and I'm not one of the sheep with a yellow sticker on my car that can't connect the dots.

You aren't worthy of any respect for helping the army, so don't pretend like you're fighting for anyone but the Adversary when you kill Hadjis and protect the opium fields. Your drug exporting company is the real enemy of humanity.

sensor_operator10 karma

@VANDARIN Looks like you got it all figured out.