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The trickle down of technology from NASA to the real world is well established. In your opinion what is the next big thing to coming down the line that will benefit society?

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Military board of corrections. There's one for each branch of service. You have a packet you fill out along with justifying paperwork. Takes forever but it's all you can do.

EDIT: http://arba.army.pentagon.mil/

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If you were put in charge of the Chipotle menu for a day, what would you change/add/delete?

Also I want to thank Chipotle employees everywhere. My wife and I have been in and out of the hospital frequently recently due to pregnancy complications. There is a Chipotle quite near the hospital and at times that was the only thing she would eat and one of the few things that will make her smile. So again thanks.

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You have to remember the hellfire was designed as an anti-tank weapon, not for use against personnel. We work with what we can but shit happens. Also depends on the squadron supporting you.

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Due to the value placed on a single life in American society, yes, anything that can become unmanned will be. However some missions will most likely stay manned. Nuclear enterprise and personnel transport come immediately to mind.