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I have been waiting for this question. Thank you for asking it!

I believe like most hardware that was pioneered by the military. RPA's or "drones" have tremendous use in the civilian sector. I believe in 10-20 years we will have perfected the technology necessary for unmanned aircraft to really do tasks that no one wants to do I.E. Delivering Cargo over vast distances, or surveying drill sites or excavation sites using topographical scanners.

Not to mention the technology just to support this infrastructure will exponentially explode. Maintainers, data link managers, aeronautical engineers. The sky really is the limit for non-military applications.

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Absolutely not.

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I don't deny the possibility.

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I'm not a console gamer at all. PC ALL THE WAY! Haha

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Any and all combat related career fields have their accidents. However, it needs to be known that even the bad guys kill innocent people and statistically they do it far and way more often. To answer your question, I don't know and will most likely never know as that information is rarely divulged to us unless we absolutely need to know.