Hey Reddit,

Many of you may remember me as the guy who livestreamed for 21 hours straight during the eviction on OWS. Since then I have covered protests across the US, in Montreal, Madrid, and now Im Reporting for VICE in Turkey.

Yesterday I got my ass handed to me by tear gas, dodged water cannons, rocks, and was very close to two cranes that exploded. I've also been able to talk to many people here in Taksim to learn and better understand what is going on. I'll do my best to answer as many questions as possible.

Cool other things you might want to ask about include: My livestreaming aerial drone Current experimenting with Google Glass to report in Turkey

Links- Google Glass feed - https://plus.google.com/u/0/114090905694962986317/posts

VICE Live feed (currently just an aerial shot) - www.vice.com/read/tim-pool-live-streaming-from-istanbul

Proof - https://twitter.com/Timcast/status/344840673528279043

edited to include proof* I know I spelled Taksim Square horribly, forgive me, little food and little sleep out here.

EDIT: I'm on my way down to Taksim now! I will be back later to answer as many questions as I can! Make sure to pay attention to the live stream should anything happen.

EDIT2: Answered some more questions! Gotta get back out there!!! Reports that police will attack at 3AM Istanbul time but no one can be sure. My cell service is very weak since they pulled the mobile towers (and burnt one to the ground) But I will do my best to send updates to the VICE page via text, photo, or live.

EDIT3: Im on the ground just outside of Taksim now. I will try to answer some questions via my iPhone every chance I get.

FINAL EDIT: The roads have been reopened around Gezi/ Taksim, the park has much less people in it today than before. Things seems to be slowing down, some police have left.

Thanks for all the questions!

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mundus10880 karma

Protestor from Istanbul here. I think what you're doing is great. Thank you!

  • How long are you here?
  • Do you need any assistance?
  • Are there any groups in particular that you would like to contact/interview?

We're still trying to spread awareness of the horrific situation the government is putting its people through, and there are many that would like to help you spread the word about what's really going on here.

Timcast13 karma

Many people often thanked me for what I do, but I do it in hopes that all people will better understand each other.

Only with correct data sets can we solve out problems. I try to understand everyone, even those who seem to be 'bad guys'

aebroo26 karma

What's your take on the Turkish media coverage of the whole thing?

Timcast62 karma


The ultimate scandal!

During the outbreak CNN Turkey aired a documentary on penguins instead of coverage of the conflict.

Since then people have spray painted stencils of penguins all over the place; one person even wearing a stuffed penguin around his neck.

But it is what it is, everyone has their criticisms of established news. They have to adhere to their bankroll, like PBS pulling the doc because they didnt want to insult that Koch bro.

aurisor19 karma

You (and others, like Greenwald) seem to be at the forefront of a new wave of independent, global, tech-enabled journalists. What role do you see for the traditional news organizations 10 years out? Will the two paradigms coexist peacefully, fight, or will one supersede the other?

As a follow-up: how do we guarantee 2nd amendment protections and ethical integrity in such a world?

PS I remember following you during the whole OWS story. Really glad to see your career taking off and branching out!

Timcast26 karma

I report on the ground what I sense: Sights, smells, sounds, feelings. The newsrooms need to collect and verify data but also provide more context and analyses.

The biggest problem I see with newsrooms is that they take too long to adapt to a changing environment. Mobile has been here for 7 years and it is still very weak in many newsrooms.

Journalists need to be ready for change and they should be excited for it. Remember its not just the newsrooms that need to adapt its the workers too.

I envision a future where journalists are enabled to go live at a moments notice, tweets(or other social media) are a primary form of short term communication, and real long form pieces provide the context and backstory to the current events.

There will always be a place or real investigative journalism and it needs to be rejuvenated.

As for the 2nd amendment, I'm not sure. Sorry.

modelmotion19 karma

pm erdogan says: "we will end this within 24 hours.

Your impression?

Timcast27 karma

I think he can and will strike, but it won't end, not unless he enacts curfews and martial law but even that will be difficult.

Yesterday the police attacked a rally of 10,000 - 30,000 people and easily cleared Taksim in minutes, however the struggle lasted all day and late into the night. Violence begets violence.

jamesjrsy8 karma

Did you ever experience anything close up with Turkish Police? Can you make any comparison with other country's police force?

Timcast16 karma

As aggressive as theyve been they are not stone faced robots like I have seen in other countries and cities. They seem to be mostly young(ish) men.

It seems to me like they were trying to scale things back yesterday since the extreme brutality of the past week and a half, however it was still a bit over the top.

starfleetofficer8 karma

We've met several times while doing work in NYC and Chicago's NONATO actions. I've always been a staunch supporter of your work despite flak received from activists and even accusations of being an undercover. 1) How do you respond to the assertion that you, as an independent journalist, have to choose sides while reporting? And 2) Does this type of activist paranoia exist among Turkey's organizers as well?

Timcast14 karma

There are no sides, that is what people need to understand. At the end of the protest police and protesters eat burritos next to each other.

My friend told me "we all play roles we think we are supposed to play, But once we are out of that element we act the same"

Arkaik1 karma


Timcast3 karma

I can;t speak for anyone else, but I just do my thing. If you watch my coverage and trust it that is all that matters. I get criticism too, everyone does.

SmokeyBare7 karma


Timcast9 karma

I haven't talked to many protesters about their role models, however the nationalists hang turkish flags and pictures of Ataturk. I've seen some Che Guevera banners, but that hardly represents the entirety of the protesters.

SmokeyBare2 karma


Timcast9 karma

The message seems to mostly be about their rights to assembly and against the police brutality. The politics get fragmented like any large group but they are all here in agreement for a few things.

oscar_mosko6 karma

What is helping foster large rebellion in other countries that Americans seem to be missing out on?

Timcast29 karma

Community and confidence.

I feel like Americans are self driven. We have a history built on independence where as many of the other countries are more communal(i.e. universal healthcare, public university). At the end of the day I feel like people in the US just want to be left alone.

But maybe its just that when it comes to America not protesting is the more palatable option for people. As soon as they feel like they have nothing left to lose they will stand up.

huntaj6 karma

  1. How do you profit from all of this and afford to live and survive in the places you're reporting from?

  2. What constitutes you going to a specific place to report, and do you just leave the USA to other location as soon as an uprising begins?

Timcast21 karma

I don't profit really. Last year I had a 'pay what you will' model where I would spend money to go somewhere and then ask for support while I was streaming.

This was easy when most of the reporting was domestic US, but as I tried to reach places in other countries the costs began to overwhelm me. As for Turkey I am here officially reporting for VICE and ts been great. They are excited and awesome people.

I usually report on things I think will change the world. Most visibly its protests, political conventions, and technology but often its hacker and internet culture.

SnookSnook5 karma

If you could get a definitive, on the record answer from anyone in the world, and you'd get exclusive rights to the story- what would the question be and who would you ask?

Timcast20 karma

Obama, why are you targeting journalists and whistleblowers?

On a more whacked out day Id ask about black ops military technology.

sharked5 karma

Thanks for all your work Tim. Your coverage of OWS was awesome and it fired me up to take some action of my own. I've actually met you a few times but I never had the balls to say much more than "great job."

What role do you see independent journalists like you and Luke (we are change) play in the future of journalism?

Timcast3 karma

Hopefully more people take up the mantle, technology enables independence.

More voices, more views, more stories, will help us find a better understanding. At the same time we will have to work harder to filter the noise.

JeremyNJ19845 karma


Timcast5 karma

Seems like tourists were enjoying the square and the wreckage until the police attacked, then they were gone.

mac1234steve5 karma

Can you ask the higher ups to increase Thomas Morton's salary so he can afford some food? He's so frail looking on the show.

Timcast4 karma


defnot_hedonismbot5 karma

What's a protest like in Canada? Do they all just stand and look mad?

Timcast35 karma

The police come out and apologize to the protesters for the unwanted presence, the protesters then apologize to the police for making them have to come out, the police then apologize to protesters for having to hit them and lob flash bang grenades, the protesters than apologize to police for having to be cuffed and arrested.

grant05 karma

What's your experience with Vice been like? I subscribed to the magazine, but it has a bit of a rep for hyperbole. Is there pressure to make everything crazy and dramatic?

On a related note, I'm thinking about going to Karachi, Pakistan in August, wich Vice describes as "insane" and "ultraviolent"…should I be scared, or is that just Vice being Vice?

Timcast16 karma

This is my first time working with VICE. They really just let me do my thing. The only thing they asked me to do is more!

When I am on the ground somewhere and getting shot at I bet I sound crazy, scared, and hopped up on adrenaline. I think the statements are genuine, though nothing is absolute.

hughAjass4 karma

The protesters seemed to have a dynamic relationship with the police. Would you say the police support their own actions or are just following orders?

Timcast8 karma

They are almost always just following orders, but I think some individual police just get really mad at their jobs and take it out on people.

corneliusgansevoort4 karma

Yesterday you mentioned that you couldn't stream while you were in the thick of the crowds, possibly because there was just too much cellular traffic, but I read rumors last week that people thought the government was trying to actively block/jam electronic communications or censor social media in some way? Have you witnessed anything like this? PS - i'm not Turkish, but as a human, thank you for what you are doing to try to raise awareness and provide coverage of these historic events. Stay safe, man!

Timcast7 karma

I have been in many congested situations, typically I see the same thing, 0/kbps

Yesterday in the crowd I saw the same. However when the crowd was cleared and numbers dwindled I saw 0/kbps - 500/kbps - 0/kbps - 500/kbps

My signal was jumping from strong to dead, not confirmation of jamming but something have never seen before. After the crowds cleared I should have had no trouble connecting.

thechinskyguy4 karma

What advice would you give to a high school journalist like myself who's looking into international news reporting? How do you handle rough scenes like the Turkish protests emotionally?

Timcast12 karma

My advice to you is to just go do things, go explore, learn, and try to understand. Learn as much as you can so that you can better understand and relate to people.

Try to avoid college. The debt will hold you back. Just embed yourself in a newsworthy situation and use mobile technology to write, stream, tweet, etc.

grant04 karma

What's your experience with Google Glass been like so far? Do you find it distances you from normal human interaction, or enhances it?

Timcast15 karma

Its a cell phone for my face that o far allows me to respond to messages, emails, post photos and videos to social media and translate quickly to Turkish. I love it. Everyone seems excited by it, except the activists who keep asking if Im filming. Once I explain they understand.

The battery life can't handle constant filming and if someone is filming you can see the image in the glass prism.

edm233 karma

What is your take on citizen journalism and do you think we will get to a point in the future where we will rely on ordinary citizens to report on breaking news?

What measures can we take with citizen journalism to prevent any inaccuracies?

Timcast6 karma

Citizen journalists used to be sources or witnesses, but because they now have access to public broadcast(of sorts) they are reporters.

In the future you might end up the most important journalist in the world for a day then go back to building hammocks, or whatever it is you kids do these days.

NESAtlas3 karma

Yesterday I watched Turkish protesters confront you regarding taking video of their faces for which they're afraid of retribution as if you're a state spy. Do you feel as though their concerns are warranted in such a large public demonstration? It seems to affect your own personal safety (which is paramount!), but do you think it is also affecting your ability to livestream the way you want to?

Stay safe out there Tim!

Timcast8 karma

I never intentionally film people's faces. Most of the people taking action wear masks.

As long as I just film generally they dont seem to mind though I have been grabbed twice by activists and once by a cop so far.

Considering the crack down on social media users I think their fears are warranted. Well that and PRISM.

Ghola3 karma


Timcast8 karma

I was brought to OWS by curiosity. I didn't feel like I could learn about what was happening from the mainstream media. I went to explore and understand, I wanted to share what I saw with people so that we could try to understand just a little bit better.

WSUhumanist3 karma

Is the military paying a role still I understand they are secular and impartial. Will they defend the people from the police?

Timcast8 karma

The people here tell me that the military leaders have been arrested and the army is now very weak. They usually expect the military to support the people and step in but for now they aren't sure.

yoloswaggins5ever3 karma

As an aspiring reporter, these are the kinds of things I would like to pursue. How did you come to cover controversial topics like protests? What, in your opinion, is the most dangerous aspect?

Timcast5 karma

The most dangerous aspect Is thousands of scared people running in one direction. You can easily get trampled Or like me someone can push you off a 7 foot high platform, Fortunately I have 14 years of skateboarding experience and I do parkour training.

I cover conflicts because I feel that they'll have a big impact on the community and the world.

I got my start by just going down and embedding myself as best as possible. Just go do something journalistic, Go somewhere and tell the story that matters to you

YouAreThatGuy3 karma

How competitive is your field? Is a journalism degree worth it nowadays? Just curious as to how many people are willing to walk into the middle of chaos, and work the most dangerous profession, in a country that despises them?

Bonus question: Any suggestions for someone wanting to get into the field?

Timcast10 karma

I don't find it competitive because no one is really doing mobile journalism. The real problem is the inability to adapt, no one is hiring mojoes. There is a lot of elitism and traditional values that the millennial demographic doesn't care for.

Seriously how weird is that canned TV reporter style of talking?


Screw the degree, I dont have one, just go embed somewhere, write, read, stream, film, record, share.

Joshynogood2 karma

This istanbullshit is starting to suck... Claims have been made about the police planting violent people in with the protesters to make them look bad for media... Have you noticed any fishy people or any suspicious thing as such?

Timcast3 karma

I havent but people keep saying the molotovs came from police. My colleague says they were Kurds

w00dbeck2 karma

Caught up with all you've posted so far. Are you concerned about Erdoğan's proclamation that "We will end this within 24 hours." and the police movements last night? Love that you are there reporting.

Timcast15 karma

I'm concerned for the bystanders, so many people just trying to get by getting tear gassed.

I'm concerned for the safety of everyone. I don't like seeing people get hurt because they refuse to understand each other or refuse to take a stand.

I'm concerned the ongoing stress on the police will result in emotional and aggressive violence from them. I'm concerned it may result in more police suicides.

I'm concerned about peaceful activists getting hurt, gassed, and killed.

Its a hard world sometimes.

JimmlyWibblie2 karma

How is it working with Shane Smith?

Timcast8 karma

I have only barely met him, he seems like a rad dude though.

ganeshpuri892 karma

Tim, what happened to the street feed? And is there anyway you can put the lens you had on the street cam on the overhead cam?

Timcast2 karma

Cell service down here is weak right now but I'm doing my best to run some tests and find a way to get a live feed from the park

guxlightyear1 karma

During the Madrid protests it was relatively common for police to pass for protesters and engage in violent acts to justify violent repression of otherwise relatively peaceful demonstrations.

Is it a common occurrence in the other demonstrations you have witnessed?

Timcast2 karma

Only speculation, though I can spot most plain clothes officers.

Doggycrap551 karma

Was there any time where you felt as though your life was in danger and had get out of there? If so what happened?

Btw I friggen love you guys, I watched a lot of your documentaries on YouTube. Keep up the great work man!

Timcast2 karma

When I got shot at in Anaheim I was worried about abdomen and head shots, but in Anaheim and Long beach I stood a few feet from a bean bag shotgun and it doesn't really phase you until later.

damnitnicole1 karma

You stayed on my couch once in your travels, and I was impressed by your dedication to everything you're doing. Not many people live and breathe their causes the way you do.

My question is a little more personal: before we all heard of you through OWS, what were you doing? What do you think you'd be doing with yourself now if you hadn't made a name for yourself there?

Timcast3 karma

Hacker, skateboarder, X games organizer, Non profit director, high school dropout, barista, Airline baggage crew chief, musician.

pieceoplastic1 karma

I remember this tricky moment during your OWS coverage when you were filming people vandalizing a police car in NYC and they approached you and asked you to stop. At that point you did not comply. I now notice that in Turkey you are very respectful and careful not to film the activists. What took you from A to B?

Timcast1 karma

OWS was American, I wasnt filming their faces, and they had a local news crew filming them. At OWS in the beginning everyone was told to film everything no matter what to catch provocateurs, here everyone is told not to film faces.

ViennettaLurker1 karma

Exciting work, thanks for doing it.

What are you opinions about VICE sending reporters into dangerous situations? You seem to be fairly freelance, so you probably would have gone for whoever sent you. But there is discussion amongst journalists that the "VICE Model" might be unsustainable or dangerous.

What are your thoughts and feelings about that?

Timcast6 karma

Journalists always go into dangerous situations. I have the utmost respect for people standing in the line so they can share the story.

I think most people have to decide its worth going into the danger. I know I do.

boccegee1 karma

How do you feel about accusations thrown at you by some OWS activists and others that you're not part of "the movement because" you report what you see and don't let anyone know what you support. Or worse, that you're police, CIA, FBI, etc.?

Timcast2 karma

The only way we will solve our problems is if we understand them. Journalism needs to give us a untainted set of data so that we can solve our problems.

Actuallyispotato1 karma


Timcast2 karma

I dont, it seems like it will get raided similar to OWS at some point but I cant be 100% sure. The police are aggressive but the frontline protesters are vigilant.

CanadianRedditor1 karma

Hey Tim,

Canadian here. Can you talk a little bit about how different protests were in countries where people embrace freedom, like Canada/Turkey/Europe vs America, where they are mostly apathetic and driven by fear and racism?

Timcast1 karma

Canada was way different, it had structure and demands. It was viewed as a means to an end. In the US and Spain it is more anarchic, it was about general corruption and collusion between banks and government.

Here in Turkey it seems to mostly be about the right to assemble and opposition to brutality, though there are many different groups with their own reasons to be here

alex3031 karma

What type of system do use to live stream? Are you just using a cellphone still or have you upgraded to one of those crazy backpack systems?

Timcast6 karma

Cell phone and battery, though right now I am experimenting with Google Glass!

Joshua_Seed1 karma

Thank you and Vice for the great coverage. I hope, in true Vice style, you are not sober. I have suspected that some of the anger in Turkey is from the alcohol ban that is going into place. Thoughts?

Timcast4 karma

I barely if ever drink XD

The alcohol issue contributes, but its more about an encroachment. This is another straw on the camels back.

ediboyy1 karma

Is there any sort of insurance that you sign up for or something that guarantee's your loved ones be taken care of in the case of anything happening to you? I know there are life insurance but most life insurances only cover you if you die of natural causes.. Because you guys go into the real thick of it especially reporting for VICE. I can't imagine you'd be out there with no real sense of security back home.

Also, what is your favorite sort of material to cover/ what material are you most passionate about?

Timcast1 karma

There is insurance for everything


No one in my family relies on me really.

I love to cover everything, but mostly things i feel impact the world. Someday soon I hope to cover something simple, X games skateboarding maybe?

Xfactor3301 karma

Big Vice fan from Slovenia here :)

How did you get involved with Vice, do you like your job? Best moments? Do you hang out with any other vice reporters?


Timcast1 karma

First time with VICE. Ive known some of the VICE people for a while so it just sort of happened. They are all rad and exciting people, I am quite stoked.

Actually I just met someone working with VICE UK today.

Pepper0051 karma

Hey Tim, I followed your livestreams and participated in marches with you in New York and Montreal.

Do the police and government in Turkey understand that the more they fight and hurt the general citizens, the more rally on the side against the government?

Also, what was the craziest thing you've seen in Turkey so far?

Timcast1 karma

Molotov cocktails. I dont think the police care, sometimes I feel like governments do this on purpose. They just dont learn from other events.

ro0k1e1 karma

Its taksim square not taskim

Timcast1 karma

sorry for the typo

lumpking691 karma

How does someone go about getting involved with VICE? How do I produce stuff for them and get them to air it... and maybe get paid for it? Do they pay btw? If yes, how do they pay and how much?

Timcast1 karma

I have no idea really XD My stuff is unique and they were interested, I asked them and then went from there.

raynecloud7251 karma

What would your advice be for older teenagers who want to become more involved in this type of journalism and social advocacy going forward? Where is a good place to start and do you have any resources that you would recommend? How would you recommend one start becoming more involved in the activist community?

Thank you so much for everything that you are doing. You are one of my favorite journalists and your work is really inspiring.

Timcast1 karma

Involve yourself, be there, tweet, post, share, etc.

herpnderp021 karma

Do you guys ever plan to make your show on HBO longer than 30 minutes? Compared to your online series, it feels like the whole story is not being told in just 10 minutes.

Timcast1 karma

I dont have anything to do with that stuff, sorry mate.

redodge1 karma

You've said elsewhere in this thread that journalism should deliver an 'untainted data set'. That's interesting. Tainted by what? And how do you ensure your data is untainted?

Timcast1 karma

there are always impurities, but i try my hardest to just say what is happening. It is what t is.

redneckwonder1 karma

I'm a high school student and I want to possibly pursue a career in journalism of this sort. How can I get started? Love the live feed by the way, I've been wanting to see what's actually happening.

Timcast3 karma

Just go do it, buy a cell phone and stat posting to social media. Dont wait for someone to tell you what to do

patricksaurus0 karma

What is something that you understand from being there that those of us monitoring mostly traditional news media probably don't understand but that would most inform our perception of events?

Timcast1 karma

What its like to be tear gassed, pepper sprayed, shot at, etc.

BrightenthatIdea0 karma


Timcast2 karma

Yea... it was supposed to be now but my drones top left motor burned out at the last minute.


NotAtLunch0 karma

Covers protests? How sleazy is that?!!

Timcast2 karma

depends on your perspective I guess. I had people come up to me today and thank me for covering the event, others tell me to stop.

C'est la vie.

thejudger-5 karma

How dare you call vice "journalism?" It's clearly sold as entertainment. While it may be occasionally informative, it is certainly not a reliable source of information complete enough to use to form an accurate opinion.

Timcast6 karma

I called myself a journalist.