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The chilling effect on inquiry is real. I was a physics undergraduate in 2001 and it became common for classmates with certain ethnic backgrounds to ask white folks to rent the books on nuclear physics from the library so they could complete coursework without ending up on a watch list.

I hope your efforts succeed wildly.

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I did undergrad work in astronomy and physics. There are tons of pioneering women in astronomy and very few in physics (though Noether and Curie are criminally under appreciated). Now my work is towards the biological and geological side of things. When I teach a biology course, there are more women than men and their performance is better. Geology is getting there but still mostly men.

Why do you think there is such a difference between the fields, both historically and in the present?

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Some men haven't heard about her yet.

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Is Joe Biden a boob in person? Also, you might have the coolest job I've ever heard about.

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Yes, I am serious. Surely. She is the only human being in history to have won two Nobel Prizes in different fields. There is a non-trivial argument that she is among the greatest scientists who ever lived... in a Mount Rushmore-sized group, along with Newton. A person can be widely known and celebrated and still under-appreciated.