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dstenersen102 karma

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

BlizzardThrowaway278 karma

Scrambled with bacon and tabasco.

dstenersen77 karma

No cheese? That's an ingredient I couldn't live without in my eggs

BlizzardThrowaway254 karma

Ok fine, I'll have some cheese.

Dr_Wreck74 karma

Why the heck did you go the interesting route of making Sarah Kerrigan human just to make her zerg again inside of 4 missions? Even my biggest blizzard fanboy friends were totally flabbergasted about that.

BlizzardThrowaway110 karma

Something I had absolutely no control over. That would be the devs. :/

jamiem149 karma

Is there any proof you can provide?

BlizzardThrowaway57 karma

Getting it setup as we speak.

TrueShak13 karma

Why DID diablo 3 take so long and why did it suck?

BlizzardThrowaway17 karma

You'd have to ask the devs that one.

megaman_xrs13 karma

Does Blizzard actually give internships?

BlizzardThrowaway12 karma

They do, however it was because of said internships that lead to the release of some project schedules. I don't think they do that anymore, or are at least very choosy.

nanneedaname8 karma

How are the devs set up? Are there a lot of dev teams, or a team per game? And what kind of organizational methodology is used (agile, waterfall etc.)

BlizzardThrowaway15 karma

There's a team for each game, Team 1, 2, 3 etc. There's a Battle.net team, art department, cinematics, etc. I believe they utilize both Agile and Waterfall methods as Producers.

thisisseriousmum17 karma

Are you responsible for error 37?

BlizzardThrowaway28 karma

lol it's funny because I was actually on the Battle.net QA team, but was laid off before D3 was released, so I blame it on everyone else.

Ranger1075 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! Huge StarCraft fan here!

  1. Zerg, Protoss, or Zerg?

  2. Why, why didn't you just let Sarah save Jim ?

BlizzardThrowaway7 karma

  1. Protoss.
  2. Totally my fault, I take full blame for that. ;)

soobin3 karma

How's new job hunting going? I dont know if there is a big market for game QA people. What is that, find bugs in games?

BlizzardThrowaway12 karma

Yeah, there actually is a decent market for QA people since you can test pretty much anything. The problem is that most gaming companies want you on contract until their game is released and the they dump you. That was the good thing about Blizz, they at least kept you on permanently. Unfortunately jobs in Cali suck balls and there's so much competition that it's hard to land a decent one. Still on the hunt, though!

savage1ma2 karma

Ever think of staying in the business and just swapping companies? Theres a few out there with decent MMO's that have quite good userbases. I can as a matter of fact say atleast 10 of the GMs/QAs and guys from the HR department at vivendi/blizzard i knew back in France now work for Wargaming.net and on other MMO's.

BlizzardThrowaway2 karma

Not sure what I want to do yet, but it's always an option.

electronicat2 karma

did you know of anyone abusing their position as GM ? free stuff to guild, hints to friends ?

BlizzardThrowaway3 karma

Oh yeah, there were plenty of idiots there and they always got caught. We have a department called IA (Internal Affairs). There wasn't much you could get away with if you were trying.

mekimillion2 karma

As the market for MMOs changes (especially with the free to play releases of major games like Planetside 2) Do you think that Blizzard will be moving away from their pay to play WoW model or even into free to play territory as time goes on?

BlizzardThrowaway6 karma

Highly doubtful.

thinkingthought2 karma

If you followed WoW, any idea how much player dropped there's been in PVP?

BlizzardThrowaway4 karma

What do you mean?

Mostlyatnight_mostly8 karma

I think he means how much has the PvP population decreased in the last few years.

BlizzardThrowaway11 karma

Oh yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that. I'm a big PvPer myself and I have noticed that there just aren't a lot of people participating anymore. I think it's because they've made the game, shall I say, too easy for people. It's lost a bit of it's charm from back in the day when you had to put in some hard work to get your reward.

Wizzrd932 karma

Is it true Thrall is the next xpac boss? And Voljin will rule org? And the cap will be 100?

BlizzardThrowaway5 karma

I left before I heard about the xpac. :(

BubblerFett1 karma

how much did you get paid in qa? i am in software qa, and my bros friends and friends bros work at blizzard, and i always wondered if its worth working there. I am just too lazy to write an essay lol. I hear they pay like ~35k for developers there :/ but with good bonuses

BlizzardThrowaway2 karma

If you're hired into QA from outside the company, it's $12/hour. Hired from inside the company, it's $14/hour. I made more as a GM, but that was because of tenure.