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I wanted to let people know that Mango does respond to this if you expand comments. It's just so immature and assholish that it's been downvoted into oblivion.

Edit: people have asked for a link, here's a quote too

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i can say that i have grown up a lot in the last 2 years .. and i waited to shake ur hand at ncr but you were crying or whatever and i was gonna wait till you were finished And ive been more civil to you outside of smash for sure but when it comes to the game itself i have 0 respect for ur " skill " . I think ur a disgrace to the game and i think ur god awful. You learned 1 gimmick and abused it .. You never adapt to anything .. Ur just bad at the game and if you wanna shut me up. Beat me consistently dude and it will change .. Until then get off of reddit and go practice

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Chill out on the downvotes people, he is making a joke about the guy's username.

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As someone who also suffers from the US's lax public health options, how did you move to the UK? When I looked into moving elsewhere, I kept reading that places with public health care refused to allow people with chronic illnesses in.

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So he does sit in his house listening to his own stand up and laughing?

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In the thread you mentioned music-- that you play several instruments. How important was music to you before your hearing loss? How did you feel about losing music, and how did you deal with that part of the loss?