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Well she(23) is Polish, I(28) am American, we both live in Germany. We both read quite alot... love Video Games and play Paintball/Airsoft (both) together with a passion.

Im a great fan of Japanese History surrounding Takeda Shingen and the other Samurai, also Musashi Myamoto etc i would love to go see Shingens armor display... I'm more historically oriented so pretty much the national museum, Himeji Castle, the Imperial palaces in Kyoto and Tokyo, shrines etc. She loves Pokemon ( i think she has every game there is), Anime and the Japanese culture. So i think she would like to see Akihabara for example.

Did this help?

But if you just show up and get a room do you not pay more than if you would have booked one?

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Just ask her how long she has been massaging etc and if anyone ever requested a happy ending from her etc... if your to afraid to ask if you can have one because of the high chance of your friendship going haywire just see if shes ever done it at all and let it rest, if shes really into you she might even smirk and ask if you want one and this is why you ask etc.

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Ever think of staying in the business and just swapping companies? Theres a few out there with decent MMO's that have quite good userbases. I can as a matter of fact say atleast 10 of the GMs/QAs and guys from the HR department at vivendi/blizzard i knew back in France now work for Wargaming.net and on other MMO's.

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TIL Google Juice

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I'm actually considering having my Honeymoon in Japan, what Area would you recommend for something like that/do you think would be most suitable for this? I would consider it a 1-maybe 2 week trip.

I would just like to warn you that you are now my go to guy regarding Japan.

More Questions:

Did you just pick a area to go to and drive there and let yourself be suprised or did you book certain things in advance that you already knew where in the area?

Same question applies for Hotels, did you just go and find one and get a room or book it in advance?