Hey! My name is Mike. I was born into an animal-loving family. I, myself, love animals and grew up helping them in many ways. I currently live on a 14 acre piece of woods with my mother and other various family members in NJ. Around us is a lot of friendly, tame wildlife that has over the last 20 years or so accepted us as a part of their "norm". This is through a mix of rehabbing them at one point or another and releasing them and them having spawn that was naturally "friendlier" or just grew to like us.

Over the years, we have had some publicity with various cases. One of our more "popular" ones was "Splash" (one of the many articles - http://articles.philly.com/1996-04-10/news/25659773_1_splash-ice-dog-animal-world)

We've also adopted out to Mookie Wilson (baseball player or something).

There are a lot of dark things you see and hear about doing animal rescue... Mills for example. Probably one of the most depressing things I've seen. I've also gone to a couple of slaughter houses to save various animals from certain torture and doom.

Anyways. I'm here to answer questions and enlighten. Animals deserve a lot of respect. They are the only beings incapable of lying and yet are capable of loving.

(Hoping I can get my mother to answer a few as well on here, no promises though)

Pic of property - http://i.imgur.com/MjCBFPS.jpg

EDIT: We don't steal. Seems like a lot confused that. Lot of people also thinking im a hypocrite for eating meat yet am still doing this. That's a real lame way to think. Just saying. I understand it may not seem right, and that's fine. That's your opinion. But please, do not degrade me for my opinions.

EDIT 2: Want to thank everyone who participated thus far! This has been awesome. Probably going to pass out for the night. If anyone has any questions overnight, I shall respond in the AM. Night everyone!

EDIT: Morning! Back for more questions!

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OhNoThereSheGoes19 karma

No questions, I'm in the pet care industry myself, but just wanted to say thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. My baby girl was an Amish puppymill momma for six years, and it has taken so much to bring the light back to her eyes. At almost 11, she has been coming to work with me almost every day, learning to be a dog again. The transformation has been beautiful to watch, and she never would have had this chance without people like you. So, thank you, truly. You're making a difference. Lots of love from me and Shilah, the dog that rescued me.

READlbetweenl13 karma

My dog rescued me too. Totally know what you mean. Thank you.

frankgrimes112 karma

are you a vegetarian

READlbetweenl11 karma

No I am not. I assume you are asking if I eat meat and the answer is yes.

I live my life normally when I can and do enjoy a burger from McDonald's here and there.

You can't think about it like that. I know that there are animals being tortured to bring us the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and for other various reasons... The odds of bringing those people down are astronomically low.

Instead, you focus on the "local" battles. Non-industry ones, the ones you can win with some smarts. For example, we go to a lot of the local slaughter houses posing as meat buyers and have gotten various animals out of there.

sjallabais9 karma

Local slaughter houses, as in small scale businesses where the animals are slaughtered by experienced butchers?

READlbetweenl3 karma

Next bit is NSFW

Not really sure if it would be classified as that.... But. There is one place that will shove hooks through a goats hind legs, hang them from them, slash their throat and wait for them do die from blood-loss.

sjallabais12 karma

I assume by your description that this is halal-slaughter. Every other place would kill the animal before bleeding.

It's still petty theft though. And especially bad since you're going for local businesses. I don't think being a butcher in America is easy, with the huge industries selling almost all of the meat available. It makes it especially harder if some idiots steal their animals.

READlbetweenl0 karma

We buy as if we are going to butcher.

Wolfszeit19 karma

But isn't it kind of counterproductive to buy those animals? By buying them you make for an increase in demand for those animals, and those businesses will therefor increase there stock. (AKA the animals.)

You will only cause a greater influx of said animal cruelty

READlbetweenl-10 karma

Do you have hard facts or is this just an assumption? What have you done to save a life? Serious question. If you eat any sort of meat; do you know if its free roam and if its injected with anything?

Wolfszeit12 karma

Having grown up with no animals, I quite honestly don't think that hard about it all when I buy my meat.

However, I was talking about you. It could be me misunderstanding the English here (I'm not English), but if I get it correctly you do this:

You buy animals from local businesses. Those businesses 'cultivate' those animals in an inhumane way or they get them killed in an immoral way. To 'save' those animals you buy them from those businesses. If I'm wrong at this, please correct me.

However, if I got it right, then hear this: I can tell you for a fact from an economical standpoint that by buying those animals, you actually strenghten those businesses. How? Because they actually make money from cultivating those animals. They don't care who buys them. They only care about selling. And if you buy 5 of his 20 animals, then he might make enough profit to enlarge his business in such a way that he can now cultivate 25 animals.

Unless you have an infinite amount of money to keep on buying those animals, you will not stop those businessess from treating those animals like they do, you will actually encourage them to keep on doing it. Simply because there's profit in it.

READlbetweenl-7 karma

There's profit in it because a majority of people don't give a shit about the animals there. I do, my family does. We do what we feel is right to save the life of those who need it as much as we can.

I'm done with your questions. You are asking them for the wrong reasons.

READlbetweenl-10 karma

We don't have an infinite amount of money. Far from it. We struggle to stay even, but we do.

As for strengthening business. If I buy an animal and slaughter it... That's a one time thing.

However, if I am taking care of it through out its life that's money I'm spending on it through out its life.

sjallabais5 karma

Ah, so no theft. Good.

READlbetweenl1 karma

No. None at all.

geminixo4 karma

Ohh, okay. So it's okay to let the larger corporations kill animals for profit and McNuggets...but GOD FORBID the mom and pop stores who try to etch out a living practicing a craft that is as old as man kind...

Good for you! It's wonderful to have people like you and your mother, adding to the already surmounting obstacles smaller businesses face everyday.

READlbetweenl0 karma

We buy them as if we were going to slaughter them. We don't hurt the economy any... If anything, we are helping.

Snowinaz8 karma

What pets do you have?

READlbetweenl14 karma

A lot. I may forget a few. This is gonna be all over the place...

About 20 rescue rabbits, 2 palmeranian pups we got from a mill (that were part of a group of 30 we pulled out of a larger group of 500 or so)

2 iguanas, one of which is missing a leg, 2 bearded dragons, fish, a half blind, full deaf dachshund, a neurotic mut, a fat-ass pug that we got as a pup, 3 cats, and thousands of squirrels.

READlbetweenl9 karma

We've had - raccoons, baby deer, a tarantula (deceased), birds, anoles, Guinea Pigs, monkeys (before I was born), chickens, horses, snakes, chipmunks, turtles, rats, mice and more...

NotYetDomestic4 karma

When I was young, my family briefly took in a crow that had gotten into a fight with something and lost. One of the coolest pets I can remember. Also, thank you (and your mom) for helping all these awesome critters. It takes a lot of time and sacrifice to be so devoted, so thank you from a fellow animal lover :)

READlbetweenl1 karma

Thank you as well.

NotYetDomestic2 karma

I wish I could do more. Is there any way that the general public can support what you and your mom do?

READlbetweenl2 karma

Best way is to adopt from a rescue if you are ever looking for a pet.

Aside from that, look at your local vet to see if any rescues have flyers up on their bulletin board.

Petfinder.com may have some resources as well.

agloomysunday6 karma

20 rabbits? That sounds like heaven.

READlbetweenl4 karma

Lol. It is. Especially at night. That's when they nibble on stuff, and the sound is sooo hypnotic.

sOhio3 karma

Can we get a picture of the squirrels, I love squirrels c:

READlbetweenl8 karma

Pic - hand feeding a younger squirrel. He still gets a little freaked out. Sry for the quality (http://i.imgur.com/RrMc1Iy.jpg)

And to make up for the bad squirrel, our domesticated wild rabbit. This is peanut. He eats peanuts. (http://i.imgur.com/AvGUFh7.jpg)

READlbetweenl8 karma

Let me get back to you on that one, I will thou, I promise. There are certain "times" they come around. They are quite spoiled too. Half of them won't even eat peanuts anymore. They want fucking walnuts and if they don't get them they look at us like we are trying to poison them or something.

scoutycat8 karma

What should people who are adopting rescue animal know that might not apply to 'regular' animals?

READlbetweenl6 karma

Very good question!

The animals background. Since there are so many types of abuse, you really need to understand where that animal has been.

If it was a physical abuse, any sort of close proximity with an animal can trigger a defense. If you get a physical abuse case, depending on the severity, you may never be able to really handle the rescue like you would a regular adoption. Physical abuse is easily the hardest thing to overcome and the most common. The best way to overcome it is time. You need to almost show "little" interest in the animal. If he/she is close by, almost try to not look at them in the beginning, but also let them know you know they are there. Let them see you put food down and water as well. Once they associate a safe, stress free meal with you then you go from there. Some may never want to be held, or touched. They will wag their tail though and respect you.

Other cases may involve a constant, tight feeding/medicine schedule.

Be sure you're ready for whatever case may be. Make sure you can handle it. You don't want to rescue and then find out you can't do it. I can almost assure you that animal won't last much longer.

MidnightNightmare7 karma

What's it like seeing hundreds of underfed puppies without medical treatment? Do you find homes for all of them or give them to shelters?

READlbetweenl9 karma

The mill I went in was in a residential area. This lady, who I must leave unnamed, had aliens working for her and about 500 puppies in a garage, like space. All sitting in their filth.

The first time I went there it was unusually quiet. I was told by the ASPCA I was doing a bit of undercover stuff. I took pics and managed to get about 30 dogs out. I walked back with about 4 carriers in my arms and was led into a small 4x11 room which had about 60 dogs in. Maybe more. Right when the door opened, a roar came out like I was in the middle of the superbowl during a tie game in overtime on the final drive. I was ear-shattering. Then I was led to the actual garage which had about 3 dogs to a 2x2x2 cage, that were stacked three to four high.

The smell was so overbearing that within seconds my nose was congested and mucus was constantly trickling down my throat. I could taste the feces and urine and fur.

MidnightNightmare6 karma

That's terrible. What would bring someone to do something like that?

READlbetweenl12 karma

She didnt think she was doing anything wrong. You could tell by how she was talking and her body language. And the way she would handle the dogs right in front of me. She would grab them by either their front legs or back legs and carry them that way.

People like her think animals don't feel like us... IMHO.

MidnightNightmare8 karma

I have a lot of respect for people like you.

READlbetweenl10 karma

And we respect people like you. You guys make it possible. If you ever are gonna get a pet, rescue. That's all we ask for. We know its hard to sometimes... But at least try. :)

Chillocks6 karma

Thank you and upvote for you. It has to be hard, and it takes a very strong person to do the kind of work that you do.

READlbetweenl5 karma

It's as hard as it is rewarding. I really don't consider myself strong, especially considering some of the animals I've seen.

I've seen pit bulls tortured to near death with chains grown into their necks because it was on them for so long, be the best lap dog ever. Most people would give up in that situation sadly.


Do you ever dress up any of the animals with like hats or dresses?

READlbetweenl4 karma

My sister does with her dog. They are both idiots.... I find that most animals don't enjoy wearing clothes.

Can't say that I blame em...

Unic0rnLover4 karma

Was it traumatizing growing up seeing the enormous cruelty you're telling us about ? Do you think it would be better if you would've grown up in a "normal" family ?

READlbetweenl4 karma

This is the norm for me. However it can be traumatizing.

The worst is finding out an animal you adopted out isn't be taken care of properly. It doesn't happen often, but it does. We do a ton of vet-checks and background checks before adopting out just to be safe. These situations are the worst as they almost turn into a hostage negotiation.

Last week we found out a couple we adopted a rabbit to broke up, and the husband was threatening to let the rabbit go. My mom was in tears because was a great rabbit that loved people. We feverishly exchanged comments, all while making sure we didn't piss him off. Offered a refund and to pick up the rabbit. A eventually got it, but damn...

tromboneham4 karma

This makes me happy. My rescue pup is the sweetest being I've ever come across.

Keep up being awesome to the both of you.

READlbetweenl1 karma

Thank you! Thank you for rescuing.

theassdestroyer4 karma

I have mad respect for you man. Keep on being a hero to those animals that need help.

READlbetweenl2 karma

Thank you! Keep noticing. Lots don't unfortunately.

sOhio4 karma

What's the worst thing you've seen thus far in Animal Rescue?

READlbetweenl4 karma

Depends, emotionally the puppymill. Think about 500 dogs, all cross bread with one another that just grows up in a cell thats proportionally smaller than most convicts get. Grosser too. Then, the dogs that you did grow up with, most likely brothers and sisters, get tortured in front of you. Some die and sit next to you for days because the "owner" didn't notice.

Puppymills are like sex trafficking in animal form. But worse... And unfortunately, mills are like roaches. You can't get rid of them.

Physically. There have been so many... Rabbits that had nails growing through their feet due to not being clipped, teeth that were as curly and long as party confetti.

Dogs I've seen starvation cases, fighting cases, and just other forms of abuse.

reddittailedhawk3 karma

Any hawk/bird of prey stories?

READlbetweenl2 karma

A sad one...

There is a hawk that hangs on our property somewhere.

One day my uncle and I were on the porch puttin feed out. We saw a chipmunk coming from the woods to our house. As he was about to get to our porch, the hawk came and snatched him up... Never saw him again. :(

reddittailedhawk3 karma

To be fair, that's all part of the food chain. Hawk was probably grateful to you for feeding his lunch.
That said, thanks for what you do, because puppy mills and other animal abuse situations are definitely not part of said food chain.

READlbetweenl1 karma


bosslurker3 karma


READlbetweenl0 karma

It's not just that. We get local wildlife from our zoo and rehab them if they are sick and release them on 14 acres of untouched woods.

lawlasaur3 karma

Would you rather rescue 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

READlbetweenl5 karma

I suck at decisions like this...

The horses would be fucking adorable. But... The duck is too tempting. I could like fly on the back of that shit. Right? That allowed in this fantasy?


if the duck is fighting you how would you be able to fly on him? would you still be fighting him while flying on him in the air?

READlbetweenl3 karma

I'd totally pull a Gandalf.

Woopderitis3 karma

Are you vegan?

READlbetweenl0 karma


Had someone ask this already, was that an assumption of yours? Just curious.

elsophe3 karma

With all due respect I don't understand why you operate an animal rescue when you yourself eat animals and their products. To me it seems that you are valuing the lives of some animals (especially dogs and 'pet' animals) over others. Where is the point in that? Surely if you cared about animals then you should care about all animals?

READlbetweenl-2 karma

That's your opinion. I'm tired of explaining this. Read around some.

Kdude9001 karma

You're a total idiot, and a hypocrite. You're literally killing more animals than you're saving. Buying up vast amounts of animals from local butchers, and thus giving the butchers a bunch of money to kill more animals with. You're literally killing animals. Than you go and eat McDonalds who kills animals in a much more inhumane way than any of these local people you're talking about. And than I see you in this thread talking bad to someone who doesn't eat "free range" meat, and you eat Mcdonalds...

You can't even treat people nicely judging by the way you're talking to all the people trying to give you constructive criticism. Learn to treat your own right before you go out trying to "save" all the animals.

READlbetweenl3 karma

This is not constructive criticism. If you look at the other couple of comments similar to this, I give my reasons to people who criticized in a way that didnt offend me. You did, as did a couple others. Maybe you should learn to ask questions without sounding like a belittling prick. Have a nice holiday.

Kdude900-1 karma

Did I ever say this was constructive criticism? It's not, it's and insult. The people you were talking with earlier were giving constructive criticism, and you went crazy on them.

But isn't it kind of counterproductive to buy those animals? By buying them you make for an increase in demand for those animals, and those businesses will therefor increase there stock. (AKA the animals.) You will only cause a greater influx of said animal cruelty.

Than you said,

Do you have hard facts or is this just an assumption? What have you done to save a life? Serious question. If you eat any sort of meat; do you know if its free roam and if its injected with anything?

See how his comment is perfectly polite, just asking a question. Whats the point? You're just killing animals. He's not saying that you're a bad person or that he doesn't like you, he's saying that isn't a very smart way to do things. Than you go crazy and start getting mad and ask if he eats meat from animals that were properly treated. But you don't, you eat McD's...

And you're reply to my comment is my point, I didn't even ask a question, I didn't even try to give constructive criticism (though I hope it enlightens you to what a jerk you're being), I was just saying that you're being a total jerk...

READlbetweenl0 karma

I apologize for my harshness. But I cannot help but feel you are only looking for a reaction. If you weren't then I apologize even further. I got bombarded by comments like these and maybe my frustrations of others who were a bit harsher came in here as well...

I think we are both being jerks, although I may have started this one. Agree to disagree. Ok? I don't like fighting. This AMA was only to help others with questions. I understand my morals may not be that of yours or others, but I have my opinions which I care strongly for, as you appear to about yours.

I respect your opinion fully. I know it may not seem like that, but I do. Maybe since we both have a screen between us we misinterpreted emotions, I don't know.

No one is perfect. I do what I can and try to live my life to the fullest as I hope you're doing as well.

Kdude9000 karma

Yes, I am looking for a reaction. That's how people talk, we say things, and see what the persons reaction is, of course I'm looking for a reaction, I don't really see what you mean by that.

Those other people were just trying to explain that your animal rescue system was a bit flawed.

You seem a lot nicer now though. :D

Untagged as self-righteous hypocrite. :P

READlbetweenl1 karma

I appreciate the un-tagging. Don't like arguing. Allow me to explain a bit more...

I know my system may be a bit flawed. Yes, everyone once a while I will eat out. It's not just McDonalds. I will go to a restaurant and live life like most people. The meat I eat 90-95% of the time is from a local food store that purchases from a local farm that we know of. These animals are free-roam and live a good life up until the end.

That's what I approve of. The places we buy animals from are very inhumane places and are probably at the very least, unhealthy.

I'm not one to class people or stereotype... But the people that shop and work at this place don't seem like very nice people too. But that's just from my experience there.

We hardly do the slaughter house bit anymore because you do run into a lot of issues. Vet costs for the animals we get out of the are astronomical as they have serious respiratory issues and open wounds from caging and or fighting. Let alone, social issues like you wouldn't believe, which I don't blame them at all for. But seem of our nicest animals have come from these places.

It's really tough. You go in knowing you can't save them all... And you have to choose. That's the toughest part. How do you choose? What do you base it on? Health, looks? Feeling? I don't know what kind of a system I have. Its just been a gut feeling, as it has with my mother.

Kdude9001 karma

I do like arguing, (though I prefer to call it "debating" :P) that's the problem. Haha, I promise I'm not this hostile in real life.

But yah, that's pretty cool that you do all that. Even if it isn't particularly helpful to the animals, sounds like a lot of fun.

Tagged as, "Guy who spends too much on animals." :P

READlbetweenl0 karma

Probably do...

scalpel6122 karma

Hi! A year ago, my SO and I adopted a stray from an animal shelter. The shelter said by the way she acted, she was likely abused but they couldn't prove much of anything. She is a Min Pin mix of some sort, weighs about 13 pounds, and is a year and a half old. She basically looks like a Min Pin but with a longer snout, longer legs, and neither her ears nor her tail was cut. She is VERY territorial of me (a girl), but not so much my boyfriend. Any time we are on a walk and someone walks by me, she starts barking and jumping toward him/her. She still barks at my roommates, with whom I've lived with for almost a year. My question for you is if you know any way for me to help her calm down and realize that she is not the one who needs to be guarding me, but I am the one protecting her. I know she has evolutionary instincts to be the protector, but there has never been a time when we've had her that we have been in any kind of danger. Not sure if you can really answer this question, but since you have so much experience with animals that have been abused, I'd love to hear your two cents. Thanks for all you do for animals! I'd love to be able to foster animals- maybe one day when we actually live in a house.

READlbetweenl1 karma

Does she get territorial against a particular sex or is it both men and women/boy and girls?

scalpel6122 karma

It's everyone. She comes into contact with more girls than boys (my mom and sisters, my female roommates, and then the only male she regularly comes into contact with aside from my boyfriend is my dad).

READlbetweenl1 karma

Couple things you could try is giving the people she barks at a treat for them to give to her, once she stops barking, unless you think she will bite them obviously, also have the people she barks at, almost completely ignore her. Hopefully she'll realize that what she is doing has no impact. You may need to be somewhat patient with that one.

Also, use voice commands. Dogs understand tone. Be assertive, yet gentle. It's what she needs. Use hand motions when you say "no" like a wave of the finger. Repetition is key.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Ashole882 karma

Can you talk about some of the bad slaughter house stuff you've seen? As a vegan, I get frustrated with people who automatically assume under cover footage and horror stories are all made up by animal rights activist nutjobs.

READlbetweenl0 karma


I've seen rabbits eat their own young alive, males who were in the same cage just tear each other apart. Chickens walking around without beaks, as they get clipped off.

Goats and other various animals of that size getting hooks driven through their rear ankles, hung by them, then have their throats slashed to have them die from blood loss.

These places really don't seem sanitary either. We've tried to close them down, but the ones we go to are some of the nicer ones...

Ashole880 karma

Thanks for the info. I appreciate what you do... Keep up the amazing work! And if you ever consider veganism, remember you will save about 100 animals per year. I know that's a drop in the bucket to the billions slaughtered, but to those 100 I like to think it means something :)

READlbetweenl1 karma

I don't eat a lot of meat, I assure you. Rarely eat fast food because I know how gross that stuff is.

I'd say that 90% of the meat I consume I know where it's from.

Ptolemy482 karma

How do you and your mother feel about the people that free animals from medical research labs, like what happened in Milan back in April?


READlbetweenl11 karma

Me, personally, I appreciate the effort, but wish they wouldn't. Those animals, mostly, are born in captivity and have no sort of survival skills outside. Unfortunately it's all they know. Cases like these are a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of thing. Also, by freeing them you are making the immediate area dangerous for everyone. You don't know what they were testing, there could be serious biological implications.

I just hope that people get their senses straight and realize that life is life. You're robbing something that has as much of a right to live as you.

READlbetweenl2 karma

Someone else asked about this but I have no problem answering again.

This is a touchy subject. If people just open the cages and let them loose or out in the wild, it's quite counter-productive. Most, if not all of the animals will die. Then there could be risk to people.

What these people did, switching the labels and cages is better, however it's still the wrong way. I'm not sure what the fit way is with this, I do want people to be helped too. Quite a tough subject.

Haephestus3 karma

I ask not to attack your belief in animal rescue--certainly there is a place for it, particularly when animals are being senselessly abused--but I find that in some particular cases (such as this one), the use of animals in laboratories has great potential in helping people.

I also ask because I am a farmer. My family and I raise cattle for beef production. For the record, we follow all protocols to avoid animal abuse, growth hormones, unsanitary or unhealthy living conditions, etc., but of course our animals are produced for human consumption. What is your opinion of what my family does for a living?

READlbetweenl3 karma

I approve. Farming and agriculture is a way of life for any society. That's fine when it is done the good old fashioned way.

Mind if I ask what an average lifespan for a cattle is? Just curious. Never really had the chance to talk to someone in your line of work.

Just like hunting. I approve of it as long as its for more than just killing.

Haephestus2 karma

Cows typically live for up to 5 or 6 years. Surprisingly short, given the fact that they mostly lie around in a pasture and eat all day.

READlbetweenl2 karma

Lol. Thank you for the answer.

Flint-1 karma

Tl;dr is basically: "I'm a self-righteous hypocrite!"

READlbetweenl1 karma

I hope you're not directing that towards me. If you are, you are just like the other assholes in here trying to get a "response" out of me. If you are directing that towards me, you yourself are a hypocrite. I'd like to see what you've done to save the life of an animal.

Flint--1 karma

I'm vegan, for one. Won't contribute to the slaughter of animals for the sake of a cheeseburger. Won't contribute to the slavery of pets. Won't contribute to the fashion industry. Won't contribute to the medicine industry that extorts animals through vivisection.

You save some animals, but eat others. You indeed are a hypocrite. Move along, you won't find friends by sharing this dirty little secret.

READlbetweenl3 karma

Dirty little secret? Is not a secret. I have not hidden anything here. Now move along. You obviously assume you're a better person than me and are trying to belittle me. I'm glad. You're such a hardcore Animal Lover. Congrats.

You're just as much a hypocrite by coming in here and poking and prying and thinking your views are better than mine.

Shame on you.

Kdude9001 karma

He's not calling you a hypocrite for eating animals. He's calling you a self-righteous hypocrite because you think you're saving animals when you're really not, you're "rescuing" from the butchers is literally killing more animals than you rescued. And then you go and eat Mcdonalds. Do you know how they kill their animals? Certainly not humane.

Just your response to this guys comment shows how hypocritical you are. When he made that comment, he didn't claim to be a vegan, or an animal lover, or anything like that. But you're first response is "Well I don't see you saving any animals." You're not either. But you're sitting there boasting about it and yelling at anyone trying to burst your bubble...

READlbetweenl2 karma

Your argument means nothing, it's an opinion, just like I have my opinion. You're entitled to it. Have a good holiday.

[deleted]2 karma


READlbetweenl1 karma

Look. If you actually read the other comments you would see my reasoning. I'm tired of typing it. Spend five minutes and READ. Please

FancyHippie1 karma


READlbetweenl0 karma

I was born into it. As was my mother and grandmother. It's just kind of been in our family.

I would look at your local vet to see if there is a bulletin board of sorts, see if there are any rescue functions upcoming. Also, you could ask the receptionist there is there is any Rescue looking for volunteer work.

JakeyG141 karma

Nothing to ask, just wanted to say that it's a very admirable thing that you do.

READlbetweenl0 karma

Thank you. I appreciate it.

scoutycat1 karma

How can you tell the difference between a legit shelter and a hoarder?

READlbetweenl2 karma

Good question.

Through our experience, we have known good shelters thankfully as my Grandmother and Grandfather ran a very successful one back in the day, so they had an in and knew the right places.

Mind if I ask what you mean by legit?

In terms of looking for signs, the animals are key in my opinion. I can tell when an animal is being mistreated. They have a look to them. It's like they look at you and feel lesser. When an animal looks at you like that, you. Know there is something up.

scoutycat3 karma

I guess i don't know what I mean by legit! lol I was just thinking of a couple shows I've seen on animal hoarders, and they all seem to justify their behavior by claiming to be a shelter and caring for the animals, even though they seem to be overwhelmed and the animals aren't always doing that well. However, even the humane society run rescues are not the best places for animals, and they are overwhelmed with animals and often turn animals away where I live. It seems difficult to determine who is in trouble and who is really helping sometimes.

READlbetweenl0 karma

From what I've heard, a lot of shelters do a lot of put downs.

[deleted]1 karma


READlbetweenl0 karma

Honestly, not that I know of, it's so easy to be a fraud these days with that sort of thing. Try asking your local vet for local known rescues then do a bit more research.

Try petfinder.com too. :)

loltings0 karma

What is the worst situation you have seen where an animal has had to have instant attention?

READlbetweenl1 karma

I know I keep referencing the puppy mill, but that once again was the worst. We had thirty dogs taken out of there, most of which had to have all their teeth removed, and other various procedures do to being abused. The problem was that that was only thirty. There were hundreds more that needed that care and were most likely put down...

READlbetweenl0 karma

Please allow me to add. Every dog in this place was with two other dogs. They were never cleaned, therefor sat in their filth. Some cages had dead dogs in there, some of which were eaten.

We acted as fast as we could and are as low key as possible. Got two vets to work with us and help with all the procedures from the rotten teeth.

loltings2 karma

It is actually disgusting how people think it is acceptable to keep animals that way. Congrats to you for doing all you could.

READlbetweenl1 karma

Thank you. I appreciate your time in coming here.

scoutycat0 karma

We recently adopted a rescue cat. She is young, maybe 9 months old, very active and interested in people. She was a stray, so it's not clear what her background was. She loves to sit in a lap, and will follow us around the house as we do our daily stuff. However, she keeps biting, and I can't figure out why. At first, I thought she was just getting over stimulated because it was worst when we pet her, but we've reduced petting, let her come to us etc etc. and she's still biting. About 5 minutes ago, she hopped up on the chair next to me, and very carefully and deliberately, gently bit my arm. This morning, I put my hand out to her, she started to rub against me and then bit me part way through. She's pretty gentle, she doesn't leave marks or break skin, but I've got kids around here all the time so I'd really like to sort this ASAP. We play with her regularly (20-30 mins+ / day), she's got lots of entertaining toys, and she doesn't seem to be uncomfortable or in pain. Any ideas?

READlbetweenl1 karma

I actually think its just that, a sign of affection. Cats do that. Will she sniff a certain part of you and do it? Lot of times, a guys armpit will actually make them bite. Happens to me and mine a lot. Scares the shit outta me.

What I would do is, when she does that, just ignore her for a bit. It's what I've done with mine and they seem to get the hint that attention stops when that starts. Make a noise too when they do it, like a yelp almost. All animals know a yelp when they hear it.

scoutycat1 karma


READlbetweenl0 karma

No problem!

You. Shouldn't have to yelp forever either, so don't worry about that.

Good luck!

dogs_playing_poker0 karma

What is the best way to get involved in a rescue group? Also mad props for you dude.

READlbetweenl0 karma

Thank you!

I'd imagine there are quite a few ways to get involved, depending on area and type of volunteering. Petfinder.com is a good site for rescue groups to mingle.

Locally, I would go to a local vet and see if they have a bulletin board or something, usually people will post flyers about rescue functions and other events catered to animals. I'd also try looking in the news paper.

If you do donate, make sure it's to a good place. I'm not saying it needs to be a tax-exempt like organization. Just make sure the people are good people.


what is a secret about you that most people don't know about?

READlbetweenl1 karma

Why do you ask? O.o


I'm doing a research paper on secrets

READlbetweenl0 karma

And you chose to ask me in here?


in where? the bathroom?

READlbetweenl0 karma


NovaLovesFrogs0 karma

Under what conditions do you rescue animals from slaughter houses? I ask because of your meat-eating edit.

I love caring for animals and would like to rescue them [my family did some minor rescuing when I was a child] but I eat meat as well and I'm not against the use of furs or hides as textiles.

I'm not criticizing your decision to eat meat and rescue animals from slaughterhouses at all. I'd likely do the same thing. Like if the slaughterhouse was killing the animals in an inhumane manner and they were suffering.

READlbetweenl0 karma

The conditions at these slaughter houses are quite subpar. Ranging from dead to healthy animals in the same cage. Rabbits killing and eating their own young. Bloody feet because they have no bedding and are constantly on wire with no nail trimming or teeth trimming, Chickens running around without beaks, goats being hung from their ankles alive and having their throats cut open.

NovaLovesFrogs0 karma

Hanging an animal by the neck and slitting their throat is actually a pretty common way to slaughter them, and is usually considered humane. But they're shocked first, which paralyses them and [supposedly] makes it impossible for them to feel pain when their throats are slashed.

Otherwise, I completely agree with rescuing animals from those sorts of conditions at a slaughterhouse. Because not only is it cruel to the animals, but it's also contaminating the food chain and can cause illness in people who eat the meats the slaughterhouses produce.

Out of curiosity, what do you think of slaughterhouses that use a gunshot to the head to kill the animal before processing them for meat?

READlbetweenl1 karma

I'm not familiar with how effective the shot to the head is. I prefer the quickest, most humane way.

And people. The places we buy from are not good places. The animals are abused from day one. i cannot imagine the stuff coming from there is very healthy either. We buy from open range livestock. The animals have a good life and are free roam until the end.

NovaLovesFrogs2 karma

Which way do you believe is the quickest, most humane way, then?

There's a lot of debate about shooting animals in the head before killing them. If the bullet goes to the right place, death is instant. But the problem is people getting lazy and just shooting them anywhere in the head, which sometimes takes hours for them to die and it's excruciating as it does, and no one cares to even fire a second shot.

Which is why I'm against that method. I would prefer if they just shocked, hung, and severed the arteries while they're upside down. Another method I know of is they knock the animal out with a sharp tap to the head, then hang them and slit their throats. I have mixed feelings about this method, because the method they're knocked out with can cause severe pain, even if only momentary.

I prefer buying open-range, but you don't always know if it's really open-range. Like how so many egg farms claimed to be free-range and it turned out the chickens were in cages that were much too small and forced to produce eggs in those conditions. I sometimes find myself saying a little prayer when I'm buying meat, hoping that the animal was happy before it was killed to feed people.

READlbetweenl1 karma

This. Thank you. Means a lot not being hostile.

NovaLovesFrogs1 karma

I was afraid you'd think I was picking at your beliefs with my first comment.

It's nice getting to discuss this with someone else without there being hostility being thrown at each other. :)

READlbetweenl0 karma

Not at all. I don't like being an asshole to people. It's just, I felt their questions were more to stir up a commotion than to actually learn something.

Your comment was well thought and obviously had a reason behind it. Once again. Thank you!


what are your thoughts on breeders of AKC pups?

READlbetweenl2 karma

Breeding, if done right, is ok. However, a lot of breeders are assholes and if a dog is "imperfect" they dispose of them by lesser means sometimes.

That's how my mom got into rescue in the first place. She was a breeder for show dogs.

teazelbranchlet0 karma

what ever happened to splash?

READlbetweenl0 karma

He was never fully "domesticated" although he did trust us. He had a friend, a female dog named Jamie that he lived with for years. He grew old and eventually had to be put down as his back legs failed on him. He was happy though. That's what counted.

escaped_reddit0 karma

No offense but you and your mother are an idiot. You fail to grasp the consequences of your actions and choose to live in your bubble.

  1. Buying the animals to prevent them from getting slaughtered increases their demand making the butchers buy more animals.
  2. You are harming local businesses while not doing anything to large corps.
  3. You eat meat.

READlbetweenl1 karma

This is your opinion and I appreciate the input. Have a good day.

antoniusmagnus-1 karma

You guys are the best!

READlbetweenl1 karma

Thank you!

subfin-1 karma

By "rescue" animals from mills and what not do you mean that you stole animals from people, animals that were only born to be turned into food, animals that only had the chance to live, at least for some amount of time, because they were going to be eaten?

READlbetweenl2 karma

We have only stolen once, that was like in 93. It was an abused dog from an unresponsive owner.

I_CAPE_RUNTS-2 karma

have you ever encountered bestiality?

READlbetweenl2 karma

Not into that sort of thing.

...and thankfully no.

highassnegro-3 karma

Don't you feel the time, effort, and money put into helping animals should be put into helping, perhaps, starving humans instead? Surely no one can value the life of any animal over a person and there is nothing gained but marginal increase in happiness by having more animals around.

READlbetweenl2 karma

I feel that time and effort given in that sense can be chosen by those who give it. I would never put any deserving human in front of an animal... However, that doesn't mean there aren't people that I couldn't care less for.

And there is something gained. I love my dog like I would love a my own kid. He has so much personality and charisma that still, to this day, amazes me. And he's deaf and mostly blind. I gain his love. He actually hugs me too.