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A lot. I may forget a few. This is gonna be all over the place...

About 20 rescue rabbits, 2 palmeranian pups we got from a mill (that were part of a group of 30 we pulled out of a larger group of 500 or so)

2 iguanas, one of which is missing a leg, 2 bearded dragons, fish, a half blind, full deaf dachshund, a neurotic mut, a fat-ass pug that we got as a pup, 3 cats, and thousands of squirrels.

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My dog rescued me too. Totally know what you mean. Thank you.

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She didnt think she was doing anything wrong. You could tell by how she was talking and her body language. And the way she would handle the dogs right in front of me. She would grab them by either their front legs or back legs and carry them that way.

People like her think animals don't feel like us... IMHO.

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No I am not. I assume you are asking if I eat meat and the answer is yes.

I live my life normally when I can and do enjoy a burger from McDonald's here and there.

You can't think about it like that. I know that there are animals being tortured to bring us the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and for other various reasons... The odds of bringing those people down are astronomically low.

Instead, you focus on the "local" battles. Non-industry ones, the ones you can win with some smarts. For example, we go to a lot of the local slaughter houses posing as meat buyers and have gotten various animals out of there.

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Me, personally, I appreciate the effort, but wish they wouldn't. Those animals, mostly, are born in captivity and have no sort of survival skills outside. Unfortunately it's all they know. Cases like these are a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of thing. Also, by freeing them you are making the immediate area dangerous for everyone. You don't know what they were testing, there could be serious biological implications.

I just hope that people get their senses straight and realize that life is life. You're robbing something that has as much of a right to live as you.