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But isn't it kind of counterproductive to buy those animals? By buying them you make for an increase in demand for those animals, and those businesses will therefor increase there stock. (AKA the animals.)

You will only cause a greater influx of said animal cruelty

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Having grown up with no animals, I quite honestly don't think that hard about it all when I buy my meat.

However, I was talking about you. It could be me misunderstanding the English here (I'm not English), but if I get it correctly you do this:

You buy animals from local businesses. Those businesses 'cultivate' those animals in an inhumane way or they get them killed in an immoral way. To 'save' those animals you buy them from those businesses. If I'm wrong at this, please correct me.

However, if I got it right, then hear this: I can tell you for a fact from an economical standpoint that by buying those animals, you actually strenghten those businesses. How? Because they actually make money from cultivating those animals. They don't care who buys them. They only care about selling. And if you buy 5 of his 20 animals, then he might make enough profit to enlarge his business in such a way that he can now cultivate 25 animals.

Unless you have an infinite amount of money to keep on buying those animals, you will not stop those businessess from treating those animals like they do, you will actually encourage them to keep on doing it. Simply because there's profit in it.