Original Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1ex6et/guy_with_cerebral_palsy_cant_talk_can_barely_walk/

Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iItgeWUeQ_4

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/x5GpLBP.jpg

EDIT: Thanks for taking the time and all the questions. We're going to wrap it up for now so Scott can get home. He appreciates all your comments and is just shocked and thrilled that you all watched the movie. If you post any further questions I will relay them to him and come back and post the answers later.

*P.S. I told him you guys were gonna ask some really graphic questions about sex, masturbation, etc. He said he was fine with it and ready for it. Not sure if we're relieved or disappointed that you all behaved :) *

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BenIsHere164 karma

I just want to say you are an amazing person and a huge inspiration to me. This video really changed me and my outlook on life, thank you so much and keep being a badass!

ciscomd140 karma

Scott says: Thank you for watching my movie!

GoodGuyAnusDestroyer72 karma

I agree, I shared your video with my sister when she told me that her day was horrible and she just wanted to get away from everything. I showed her this video and with a cheekish smile she looked at me and said "Thanks".

So thank you for having such a positive outlook on life despite your disability.

ciscomd447 karma

He says thank you and you need a new name.

Dunkinize143 karma

My 11 year old nephew was diagnosed with CP when he was born (severely premature). He has broken all the rules, just like you have.

I will be sharing your story with him this weekend, and I know it will bring a sense of pride to him, as well as helping his desire to do more for himself.

Thank you for just being yourself, and also for posting such uplifting information for people with CP.

ciscomd357 karma

Tell him don't give up, keep trying new things. If you stop trying, you lose.

whatliesinside81 karma

Your words in the video were very inspiring. I couldn't help but marvel at the technology that let you communicate with all of us; if that tech didn't exist, we might not have received your gift. Thank you.

My question is this: what is the name of the device you use to speak with us, and what other assistive technology do you use? How important is that technology to you?

ciscomd113 karma

The speaking device is called Vantage. I also used a motorized chair and sometimes a cane. These are of the utmost importance to me. I need them to live.

whatliesinside39 karma

How do you use the internet (if at all)?

How do you communicate remotely (phone, text, email, something else)?

ciscomd72 karma

I don't use the internet much. Friends help me with it sometimes.

For remote communication, I text or sometimes Facebook. I don't email. I sometimes talk on the phone with my Vantage.

antdude14 karma

Ha, I am the opposite. I am an Internet addict especially on Reddit. I also have communication problems, but thanks God for the Internet (also BBSes) that I can still do stuff online without physical stuff. However, I am a lazy bum in terms of exercising. :P

ciscomd41 karma

(I'm typing for Scott because it is hard for him to type.)

jillrabbit59 karma

Hey Scott, you are awesome! Where are you from? What do you like to do for fun besides working out?

ciscomd145 karma

I am from Glendale, Arizona. I like to go out to eat, go to the movies, sometimes I go out drinking with my friends. I also play video games.

Edit: he added "try to meet girls" :)

antdude29 karma

Darn, I thought you live in Glendale, CA. :P

Which video games? Computers?

ciscomd66 karma

PS3. I like first-person shooters.

kryptokatalyst56 karma

You have a great attitude and I enjoyed watching your video. You seem to be incredibly motivated. What keeps you going?

ciscomd99 karma

Scott says: I don't forget how hard I work, and why I want to be the best person I can be, and I want everybody to know my name :)

Extellenova47 karma

I would totally party with you.

What type of movies do you like?

What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite sport?

ciscomd96 karma

Food: pasta or Mexican food.

Movies: Action movies (Note: I don't think he has a button for "action." He said "a lot things going on." I said "action movies?" He smiled and nodded)

Sport: MMA. Favorite athlete: Chuck Liddell.

antdude28 karma

Have you been to any MMA events? Do you dream you could kick butt as a MMA fighter? ;)

ciscomd90 karma

I've never been to one. Sometimes I do dream that I am a fighter.

flippityfloppityfloo43 karma

You. You are an amazing person. Please for the sake of all of humanity, keep on doing what you're doing. I can only see you as being an inspiration to all. My two questions are:

  1. What sort of diet do you maintain with your workouts?

  2. And what are the three most difficult parts of your day?

ciscomd88 karma

  1. I eat whatever I want (then he laughed).

  2. (He didn't know how to answer this. His day is normal to him so the question sort of took him off guard.)

ckahr40 karma

I have very mild CP myself. So mild I don't like to mention it because I think it does a disservice to people like you.

You truly are an inspiration and thank you for your video and the AMA.

ciscomd66 karma

He says you shouldn't hide it. It's part of what makes you who you are.

MSJ237 karma

I'm not going to ask about your disability or anything, just about your workout. What's your favorite exercise? Are you currently doing any program? What's your max bench? :)

Keep killin it in the gym. That's awesome

ciscomd99 karma

Favorite exercise is smith machine squats, no current program. Max bench is 185lbs.

(Scott weighs 120lbs.)

svstee41 karma

Personal trainer here. I am very impressed you have figured out a way to incorporate squats into your routine. The smith machine sounds like a perfect way to do so.

Have you ever tried a leg press?

Have you ever tried inverted rows?

Keep on kicking ass, Scott. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

ciscomd53 karma

I have done leg press and inverted rows. I like squats better than leg press.

smookiThesnowMan36 karma

Thanks for taking your time and doing AMA. All I want to ask is what is the most challenging stuff for you to overcome in your daily schedule?

ciscomd47 karma

It's hard to say, because to me that's just how I have to do it.

(Note: I'm typing for Scott. What he's saying here is that he doesn't know any different-- he's always had to do things this way).

to3jamm34 karma

Hey Scott, I've never been more motivated to hit the gym since your video. How did you manage to get yourself to get up and add fitness to your lifestyle? Some redditors might need your advice.

ciscomd61 karma

It helps a lot with my disability. It makes my disability a little better. I can move more and have a lot more freedom since I started working out. I can walk by myself. I could not do that before.

antdude22 karma

When did you start working out?

ciscomd40 karma

High school.

ash137132 karma

You are currently single, right? You mention in the video its hard to meet girls.

ciscomd50 karma

Yes, I am single.

FentanylFreak41 karma

Need a wing man, pm me.

ciscomd49 karma

Cool. Any time is ok for me :)

ash137136 karma

Well...not to be too prying...can you have sex?

ciscomd183 karma

He says hell yes.

antdude24 karma

I have the same problem. I am almost 40 and have multiple disabilities (can't communicate well in person). :(

ciscomd29 karma

Scott wants to know why you can't communicate well in person.

whatliesinside32 karma

Who are your heroes?

ciscomd66 karma

My dad. My uncles. And my mom.

ash137123 karma


ciscomd121 karma

They are there for me and one of my uncles was in the army for 20 years. He was in Afghanistan and the Gulf War. I would be in the army if I could.

ash137130 karma

Have you always been in a wheelchair?

ciscomd42 karma

Yes. As long as I can remember. Maybe 4 years old?

tossinthisshit28 karma

Sup man, just wanted to say you are a real inspiration! I just started working out a few months ago but I have a long way to go.

Couple of questions:

1) What's goal are you working on the most right now? (for fitness)

2) Does working out make you feel better, day to day?

Thanks man, keep training hard!

ciscomd43 karma

  1. I am working on my walking.

  2. Yes.

Big_Ern24 karma

Scotty too hotty!! I got that same set of wrist wraps you're wearing..or at least the one on your right hand. lotsa respect for a bro like you who throws that kind of weight around in the gym.

ciscomd28 karma

Thank you.

applepi6621 karma

Wow. Thank you so much for doing this AMA. You are a huge inspiration; not just for people with disabilities, but for people that are too lazy to work out.

Couple of questions though:

1) how often do you work out?

2) what else do you like to do in your free time?

3) one thing on your bucket list?

ciscomd38 karma

For my bucket list, I would like to move somewhere else. I have lived in Arizona my whole life.

slamdunk666200321 karma

Do you keep track of the latest advancements in medicine for your problem and follow through or are you content living your life the way you are living now?

ciscomd66 karma

I do not keep track. I am content.

ash137116 karma

Do you have a job?

ciscomd49 karma

Not right now but I might have a job offer from this documentary.

runningandguitars15 karma

I seriously just want to thank you for being such an inspiration. I shared your video with all my friends who are too lazy or make excuses not to accomplish their goals. You are amazing and I hope you remain the happy person you are, because frankly, you deserve all the happiness in the world. You truly are a badass. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

ciscomd16 karma

Thank you and thank you for sharing.

xzak15 karma

What's something you really wish you could do but cannot?

ciscomd54 karma

Go into the Army.

awinnarisyou15 karma

Incredible video!

Do you ever plan to compete in bodybuilding (or powerlifting)?

ciscomd23 karma

I want to but I don't know how to get into something like that.

ash137113 karma

How fast did you have that treadmill set at?

ciscomd26 karma


SharkkkFighter12 karma

Scott you've done made me an animal in the gym today. What's the next challenge for you man? Rock climbing? Kayaking? Strongman competition? I know someone with your heart isn't gonna settle at weight training!

ciscomd22 karma

Thank you. I would like to try wrestling or fighting.

Accidentst12 karma

Thank you. Your video gave me a much needed motivation boost. What I wanted to ask was: How often do you workout and how long do your sessions usually last?

ciscomd27 karma

I go to the gym 4 times a week and I work out for 2 hours each time.

QuiGonNico12 karma


ciscomd32 karma

I took weight training class in high school and my friends lifted so I started.

EDIT: He goes on to say: people pushed me around. (He had to defend himself).

whatliesinside12 karma

What was your high school experience like? Were you in general ed or special ed classes?

ciscomd37 karma

I took mostly regular classes but some for people with disabilities. In general, I hated high school. I got into a lot of fights. People would start fights with me or make fun of my disability or my friends' disabilities.

whatliesinside12 karma

It is shocking that people would do that. What advice would you give to school administrators who want to make school a more positive experience for students with disabilities? If you were in charge of the school, what would you have done?

ciscomd29 karma

(He gets a little frustrated trying to give a complex answer to a complex question, because his device limits his vocabulary. Finally he says:) Look into what starts it.

whatliesinside23 karma

We need a device that does not limit his vocabulary! I'm talking to you science!

ciscomd27 karma

(He shrugs)

antdude9 karma

Sounds like my past life. I hated HS too. I did love my small junior/middle school. College and elementary weren't bad too. Did you go to college?

ciscomd18 karma

I have not been but I want to go. I would maybe like to learn video design or work for myself.

1stCovert11 karma

What is your favorite exercise to do?

ciscomd31 karma

Smith machine squats. Because I do a lot.

ash137110 karma

It seems kind of...unsafe to not use a spotter? Do you just not have a reliable partner?

ciscomd38 karma

I use the stopper (the safety bars). Plus, people like to help too much. (Not meaning offer too much help, but meaning they lift up too much when spotting).

ash13719 karma

Is your CP a condition that is going to get worse? Is it static? Is the

ciscomd22 karma

It will stay about the same.

Edit: He goes on to say it got better when he started working out.

TKO2367 karma

Dude, I can't explain how emotional your video made. Really gave me a new outlook on life and for that I thank you. That being said, I have a question for you. Is there anything that you used to take for granted as a kid but as an adult really cherish and what are one of your biggest motivations?

Best of luck with all your future goals man :)

ciscomd10 karma

For your first question: just having carefree fun and the friends I had.

Second question: One of my biggest motivations to work out is to get better at everything I do (lifting, walking-- everything).

TKO2367 karma

One last question before I stop bugging you. What's you're favorite food item?

ciscomd10 karma

Mexican food.

SRode7 karma

You are absolutely inspiring, its amazing what you have achieved.

When did you decided to start working out?

What is your least favorite exercise?

You are an amazing person and thank you for making that video and doing this AMA!

ciscomd14 karma

Thank you. I started working out in high school. My least favorite exercise is running.

iNeverWashMyHands6 karma

You are insane. Seriously. Just awesome.

I saw from another comment that you don't currently have a job. What do you want to work as?

Another question: Have you been able to do more things than before thanks to working out?

ciscomd26 karma

Porn star. (He's joking). Maybe something athletic. I am looking into my options. I would also like to work with abused animals.

Edit: Forgot to answer your second question. I could not walk before working out. Now I can a little bit.

media_mute6 karma

thanks for doing the AMA- it was an inspiring video. hi from London

ciscomd11 karma

Thank you too.

Je5u5_5 karma

Scott, you are an awesome person. I wanted to ask if you ve had people treat you differently at the gym? I used to be a bit on the chubby side, and always felt unwelcome. How did you overcome that, also in life in general.

Peoples whos hand i would like to shake once in my life: Scott and Nelson Mandela

ciscomd16 karma

A few will say things you don't like, but you have to just do what makes you happy. That's what makes you who you are.

nstabl5 karma

Can we be facebook friends?

ciscomd11 karma

Are you a girl? (Joking. He doesn't use Facebook a lot).

jasonao5 karma

What short term/long term goals are you working on? Big, small, whatever.

ciscomd12 karma

Walking better.

Aluminothermic4 karma

do you like bacon?

ciscomd18 karma

(He laughs) Yeah.

Winter_Lager3 karma

Is there any particular movie that motivates you?

ciscomd10 karma

I like movies but can't think of one that motivates me.

CZ-Jack3 karma

Do you like to listen to music when you lift? If so what do you listen to?

ciscomd10 karma

I do if I remember to bring my music. I like hard rock and rap and blues a lot.

Smurf_Poo3 karma


ciscomd10 karma

Tell them to do whatever makes them happy. Don't let the disability stop them.

PounderMcNasty1 karma

How does it feel to be a badass?

ciscomd5 karma

He says he is surprised so many people have watched the documentary. He never thought this many people would like it.

Gnarseph0 karma

Can you draw me something on microsoft paint? That would be sick.

ciscomd4 karma

I used to draw with pencil and paper. (He doesn't have a computer)

[deleted]0 karma


ciscomd3 karma

(I'm typing for Scott) I don't think he gets the reference/joke.

JRod707-6 karma

have you considered juicing

you could be a beast, you have the determination

ciscomd11 karma

No. I don't want the side effects.