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Hi Michael,

Your appearance in “Jack Sparrow” by The Lonely Island became one of the funniest and most popular cameos in recent memory… How much of the song did you contribute? Did the guys let you add pretty much whatever you wanted? (Yes I’m mostly thinking of, “THIS WHOLE TOWN’S A PUSSY, JUST WAITING TO GET FUCKED?”)

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I don't think a lot of people know about your experience crashing in the desert when you were 19 and how career defining it was for you. Could you elaborate on that a little bit?

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Nick, After the success of your first AMA, is there anything you feel that you did not get the chance to discuss last time that you would like to let everyone know? much love

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Can you put more videos on Youtube of you running around and trying to be athletic?

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At what point did you realize that you were not only going to make it in the MLB, but actually be one of the most powerful home run hitters in the game? Or did you always know you had that power behind your swing?