Hi Reddit, We're Scott Lowe (ScottEatsKids) and Mitch Dyer (MitchyD) from IGN! We just got back from Microsoft's Next-Generation Revealed event, where we spent the day at Microsoft's campus learning about the development of the system, getting hands-on time with the new hardware, and talking to Xbox executives and developers.

We'll be here answering your burning questions from 1pm to 3pm PST!

Verification: http://i.imgur.com/DPeaCuz.jpg

EDIT: Thank you guys for bearing with us as we tried to get through all of your questions. We answered as many as we could. If we missed yours, we hope you find the answer you were looking for in some of our other responses. Please keep the conversation going here on Reddit and feel free to hit us up via Twitter (@ScottLowe and @MitchyD). Until next time! - Scott and Mitch

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thegoodonesgone832 karma

If the Xbox One red rings, will it be the One Ring?

ScottEatsKids582 karma

Not a ring to be found on the Xbox One! Clever Microsoft.

kurtrussellisawesome269 karma

Scott, it's Max Scoville from Rev3Games. Quick question: when you take off your glasses, do you look like Michael Keaton? Because I was watching Jackie Brown and Michael Keaton would totally look like you if he put on your glasses.

Also, hi Mitch.

ScottEatsKids171 karma

I never take my glasses off. But if I did, I'd almost certainly look like Michael Keaton.

KingClaus256 karma

Will used games really come with a fee to play them?

MitchyD306 karma

Count on it.

SpinnersB69 karma

Has there been any discussion on pricing theories for this?

ScottEatsKids112 karma

Not yet. It'll be easier to guess once we know how much new games cost.

riggleit152 karma

Knowing that a Kinect is required for the Xbox One to operate, will tampering with it render the console unusable? ie. taping up the camera and microphone so it doesn't see my "O" face.

ScottEatsKids116 karma

Not to my knowledge. It seems optional for most applications.

MikPick104 karma

The Xbox One itself looks huge, how big is it compared to other consoles like the 360?

ScottEatsKids120 karma

About the same size as the original 360. Boxier and thicker, but rough estimate is about the same footprint.

AceDynamicHero98 karma

Do you feel like the pitchforks that the internet seems to be raising is justified or just fear/hate-mongering?

ScottEatsKids289 karma

Justified. Microsoft left a lot of critical questions unanswered and sent all sorts of mixed messages.

DeviantBoi97 karma

From what you've seen, can you put a price on it?

ScottEatsKids143 karma

I'd guess $500 - $600, unless they go the 2-year Xbox Live subscription subsidized model route.

jaypeeps63 karma

Although that makes sense with the kinect being automatically included, the price seems like it will really hurt the sales. Isn't that one of the big reasons the PS3 came out behind in the last group?

Suzushiiro86 karma

Technically speaking, PS3's problem was that it launched at $500/600 while the 360 was at $300/400 and the Wii was $250. If both PS4 and X1 launch at $500-600, neither one will be at a disadvantage against the other due to price.

ScottEatsKids84 karma

Pricing is going to be a late announcement, I'm guessing. If one goes early, the other can use the time to undercut it.

EdYOUcateRSELF85 karma

I have read that the controller is supposed to have improved sensitivity and mechanisms as well as it being more ergonomic. The picture of it looks almost identical to the last gen with small design changes to the exterior. Was there a noticeable difference?

ScottEatsKids90 karma

Unfortunately, Microsoft was focusing largely on the new impulse triggers (the rumble feedback in the triggers of the new controller), which only really included rudimentary tech demoes of how the motors worked.

Houstons-Problem34 karma

Any idea of how badly this would affect the price of the controllers?

Rumour has it a new controller was listed on Amazon yesterday for around $90 each for pre-order. That seems kinda ridiculous.

ScottEatsKids47 karma

I doubt the impulse triggers would increase the cost drastically. I'm more curious about the new data port on the bottom.

halo4cometh84 karma

Did you guys share a room and bed. :}

ScottEatsKids253 karma

According to trusted sources, Mitch sounds like a congested pug when he sleeps.

saintmorning1077 karma

How much do you know about the integration of the kinect?


Will it be easy to disable?

Will it be necessary to use the kinect to navigate the UI? Thanks!

ScottEatsKids100 karma

The Kinect must be connected, but nothing in Microsoft's language made me believe that you'd be required to use it for menu navigation.

ScuttleSE77 karma

Did you have a bunch of Microsoft employees follow you around and applaud every two minutes?

ScottEatsKids129 karma

No, but that would have been a nice self-esteem booster.

TriviallyTravis73 karma

What are we going to call this thing? "The One?" XB1? XBone?

MitchyD77 karma

Xbox, personally.

daboose91 karma

embrace the bone...

ScottEatsKids101 karma

Xbone makes my eye twitch. People need to cut that out.

EdYOUcateRSELF66 karma

Anyword on Illumiroom?

ScottEatsKids61 karma

I'm skeptical that it will become a consumer-level product...anytime soon. It's certain to be a pricey add-on and Microsoft is more likely to focus on shipping the Xbox One itself.

Earthboundd60 karma

Were you surprised that microsoft named their new console the Xbox One? Do you agree this with this name or prefer Xbox Infinity, or even Durango? Thanks!

ScottEatsKids90 karma

I would have preferred it to simply be "Xbox" or "the new Xbox" — One works, but it's completely unnecessary.

RideBMX4life60 karma

If you were in charge of the development of the Xbox one, what direction would you have taken?

ScottEatsKids168 karma

I think they have the right idea in terms of building the "everything box," but how they chose to introduce it to the world was...lacking.

redblackbeard59 karma

What is the most misguided popular belief about the Xbox One currently? Also, is it sexy in person?

MitchyD169 karma

It's decidedly unsexy, I think. It looks like a VCR.

ScottEatsKids134 karma

Agreed. My understanding was that this design was done in-house, whereas the original Xbox 360 was a third-party. And Microsoft's in-house hardware ID is very boring.

ScottEatsKids54 karma

Hey everyone, I just got off of the plane back from Seattle and I'm on my way to IGN's offices. We'll be getting started in just over an hour, so please feel free to submit your questions now. Our hope is to answer any specific questions you have about the new console or our experience, but obviously feel free to ask about other topics. We're thrilled to answer whatever we can.

alphakrusher50 karma

Hey guys.

Microsoft has touted the 1:1 fidelity of the new Kinect and its apparent absence of lag (as reported even by you Mitch on your site)

How much truth is there to these statements? Will we be seeing true 1:1 representation of our movements within games?

ScottEatsKids72 karma

As far as we saw (a 15 minute demo of the sensor tech), there was no lag. That said, the experience could very well change when it's built into a real game. We'll have to wait and see.

SpaceEskimo11t41 karma

What are you personally excited about that they showed off?

What do you hope they show off later?

ScottEatsKids107 karma

I'm actually really excited for Kinect. Not trolling. It's the powerful, precise sensor/console combo it should have been. I'm not really all that excited for Kinect games, per se, but rather how it's used to COMPLEMENT existing games.

contineltalrift30 karma

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Has Microsoft actually released their specs for the ram showing as a DDR3 or is this all source work? Because if im incorrect I remember seeing a video on ign stating that the information is still incomplete.

MitchyD49 karma

Because they didn't specify DDR5, I'll bet my arm it's DDR3.

ScottEatsKids70 karma

Since I pine over these things, the RAM is DDR3.

weatherchef30 karma

Nintendo Wii won precisely because it didn't focus on hardcore gamers. Serious gamers are now complaining that XboxOne focuses too much on entertainment while PS4 is for serious gamers.

XboxOne could manage to attract a Wii size audience with entertainment options while also attracting plenty of serious gamers with both cross-platform and exclusive games.

If that's the case, and it makes the most total consumers happy (while making a profit), do hardcore gamers really matter? If Microsoft loses a couple million "hardcore gamers" (who constantly complain) to pick up 5 times as many casual consumers, why not?

ScottEatsKids29 karma

I couldn't agree more. And TBH, I think that's a scenario where everyone wins, because the Xbox platform will continue to grow, whereas the hardcore audience otherwise wouldn't have been enough to sustain it.

Skipdr29 karma

How big is the new Xbox compared to the 360?

ScottEatsKids48 karma

It's comparable to the original Xbox 360, albeit thicker and boxier.

giantball22 karma

Are the games for Xbox1 region-locked?

ScottEatsKids23 karma

No word yet.

ipitydafool6420 karma

I struggled to come up with a question and realized I've got nothing. Your articles on IGN made me believe the new controller is better then it looks, the new Kinect sounds impressive (though we'll have to hope games use it for more then dancing or yelling commands at the screen), and the media capabilities are top notch. The business practices regarding used games, indie developers, and a seemingly bizarre lack of care for markets outside the U.S.A. have left me puzzled but we aren't getting clear information from anyone. So I guess just thanks for keeping the website up to date and getting your talented staff to write the articles. Let's hope Microsoft can clear up their message a bit for E3 because the conference was somewhat underwhelming.

ScottEatsKids26 karma

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the coverage. I'm certainly frustrated by their approach and the information that has been witheld, but I'm confident we'll know more very soon, especially given the outrage from the fans.

Karn_the_friendly18 karma

Will you be answering questions in this AMA?

ScottEatsKids60 karma


shaggydog73918 karma

The comments on IGN and around the internet regarding the Xbox One press event have been very negative. (Especially due to the fact that Microsoft seems more worried about creating an entertainment hub than it does about creating games.) Where you able to speak to the Microsoft reps about this, and if so, what did they say? Also, what is your opinion regarding this negativity?

ScottEatsKids23 karma

Honestly, we were so wrapped up in the on-site tours, interviews, and demos that we weren't able to see the feedback until late in the evening. I'm guessing it was the same for much of the on-site staff.

Marundo18 karma

Hello IGN team, watched most of you're Stream at my house, made an event out of it.

Tell me about these force feedback triggers? When the 360 came out first person shooters weren't the mainstream genre. With that being the case now, I imagine they could redesign triggers to have different feels and weights. Kind of like a Novint Falcon, which I think would be pretty awesome for the next gen.

ScottEatsKids30 karma

I remember the Novint Falcon fondly! I think I still have one...somewhere.

In any case, the "impulse triggers" are actually pretty awesome. There's a lot of potential to use the four motors to create unique immersive effects, like feeling the jolt of your breaks or the torque of acceleration in a racing game, beyond basic rumble.

quantamskates16 karma

The One's reveal was underwhelming and the snippets of games we did see looked like rendered footage. How do you think the X1 will do against the PS4? When we saw the PS4 we saw gameplay and in game footage from Shadow Fall and Deep Down. Do you two think the X1 will be able to step it up by E3?

ScottEatsKids31 karma

I think it was a conscious decision by Microsoft to keep games focus as limited as possible in order to make a bigger splash at E3. That's also why they didn't discuss the exact GPU specs, I'm guessing. If they don't make a big deal about the processor and its monster performance at E3, real or exaggerated, at E3, I'd be very surprised.

aangjsr14 karma

How loud was the machine?

ScottEatsKids19 karma

Couldn't tell you. We never saw one running. The controller hands-on was paired with a PC and the Kinect tech demo had the console hidden/locked away.

OverflowingAwesome12 karma


ScottEatsKids21 karma

Hard to say. On the one hand, it made a strong statement to gamers, but on the other, they now have to spend more time at E3 talking about hardware and not games.

EvilFefe11 karma

I want to hears Colin's opinion about the Xbox One. Could you go punch Greg and ask him when Beyond will be up?

ScottEatsKids23 karma

I'm always happy to punch Greg.

D_VoN8 karma

With the only clear advantage to Xbox One being the Kinect, do you think Sony has anything up their sleeves with the new PS Eye?

ScottEatsKids15 karma

Hard to say. Sony made the new Eye a very minor part of their announcement in Feb. E3 we'll know more!

ScalpEmNoles48 karma

How will they use Smartglass any more than a novelty? Are they going to develop smartglass applications for specific games?

ScottEatsKids16 karma

I think cross-device integration and mobile are going to be pillars of MS' longterm strategy. Start your game on your Xbox, continue on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Super8IsAGreatMovie7 karma

Hello Scott and Mitch! What was the vibe before, during and after the Xbox One reveal event?

ScottEatsKids21 karma

Before: Cold and damp...but that might have just been Bellevue. During: Excited yet frantic (it was an incredibly short presentation, considering) After: Confused.

bconcon6 karma

Hey guys!

Was it as easy to use as it looked when demonstrated via voice control?

And to just generalize, if you had to give Xbox One a rating out of 10, what would it get?

ScottEatsKids9 karma

Voice control wasn't included in our hands-on demo, sadly. But the motion tracking was incredible!

No rating yet. Still too many unknowns.

DanC1805 karma

Do you prefer white bread or brown bread?

ScottEatsKids20 karma

I like to think we live in a world where both can coexist deliciously.

jayjay811904 karma

Is it as horrible as everyone says it is?

ScottEatsKids3 karma

No. People are frustrated, and with good reason. But I think in the end, people will really dig the One.

JohnnyIERB4 karma

When it comes to consoles, one of the biggest (yet often overlooked) functional requirements is a controller that you can comfortably hold for hours. Ergonomics in mind, do you have any notes on the controller? Is it nicer to play with than the 360 controller? What about it's functionality?

ScottEatsKids4 karma

Our demo was brief and didn't include gameplay, sadly. That said, it felt very similar to the Xbox 360 controller.

alfonzoarellano212 karma

Has the microphone jack been removed for the XBONE controller? Do you think they'll be pushing Bluetooth headsets?

ScottEatsKids3 karma

The port on the bottom of the controller is now a proprietary data connector. My gut says that there will be a headset, but the bigger push will be to use the Kinect's new and improved voice detection and noise-cancellation features.

Frajer2 karma

What's the coolest new feature on the XBOX one?

ScottEatsKids2 karma

Kinect, honestly. Can't believe it, but it's true.

Krakens_wrath2 karma

How long do you think Microsoft will continue to make Xbox 360 games after the release of Xbox one?

ScottEatsKids4 karma

The Xbox 360 install base is so large, it'd be crazy for them to abandon it within the next two or three years. Like previous generations, development will slowly shrink, but some form of support is certain to continue...especially if the 360 becomes Microsoft's low-cost entertainment box.

Rob_Saget2 karma

First and foremost, thank you so much for doing this AMA! Absolutely love IGN!

  • What are your initial thoughts on the XBox One?
  • What is one thing you are looking forward to seeing or hearing about at E3 this year?
  • I just graduated college with a broadcasting/journalism degree and would love to work with IGN. What are some tips you can give on how to make my resume and myself standout?
  • Also, I host a podcast that talks the latest video game news. We've had guests such as Alison Haislip and Boyan Radakovich come on to discuss their thoughts of console gaming. Would either of you be interested in coming on?

Thank you again for the AMA and look forward to your responses!

ScottEatsKids5 karma

  • I'm excited for the platform. I was not excited by their presentation.
  • Watch_Dogs, BF4, COD: Ghosts because I'm a shooterbro at heart.
  • I'd worry less about the resume and more about your writing samples. Go the extra mile and write samples for each outlet at the time of your application. And obviously, published works. Publish more of them. :)
  • I always love talking about games. DM me!