***Thank you to everyone who sent in questions, I tried to answer as many as possible. I was amazed that so many of you are stoked on what I do, that's just awesome! I'm off to Australia for a while with the Nitro Circus crew so I've got to wrap up this thread. Thank you again, and keep an eye out for the next episode of Roner Vision. Until then you can see what I'm getting upto by following me @ErikRoner on Twitter.

Hi I'm Erik Roner; Professional free-skier, BASE jumping veteran, member of Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus, star of Roner Vision on Network A. I just released a video of me riding my late friend Shane McConkey's snowmobile off an 800Ft / 250M cliff before I parachuted out. AMA!

Today I released a crazy video that I'd love for you to watch http://youtu.be/fzaU2EoZc_s

The video shows me riding a snowmobile off an 800Ft / 250M cliff in the backcountry of British Columbia, Canada before ejecting out with a parachute. Some might think this is crazy but for me it was a tribute to my late friend Shane McConkey who was my partner for many years in pioneering ski-BASE jumping (where you ski off a huge cliff and then release your parachute).

Shane was an amazing and talented guy. Please check out the movie that was made about him http://mcconkeymovie.com/

Here's a bit about me...

I grew up in Northern California and loved the outdoors. When I was 18 I headed to BYU to play soccer. There at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains my love for skiing won over my desire to play ball, but I still managed to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design.

I've traveled everywhere with skis and parachute in tow, and made numerous first descent ski BASE lines from Chile to Argentina to Alaska to New Zealand and all over Europe.

Currently I have a web-series on http://www.youtube.com/networka called Roner Vision but you also might have seen me in some of these magazines: Powder, Skiing, Outside, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men's Journal, and FHM.

In 2005 Motocross legend Travis Pastrana, and the Nitro Circus crew contacted me to help BASE jump dirt bikes into the Grand Canyon. I loved them and they loved me so together we did two seasons with MTV, a sold out live World Tour, and the recent completion of a 3D feature film.

And I'm also the father of the craziest two-year-old daredevil on the planet - Oskar Roner!

And I must say a huge thank you to my sponsors Hurley, Rockstar, Scott, Klint, DNA and Backcountry.com.

PS- Check my Twitter page @Erikroner and you'll see that this is really me!

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sally_rotten_crotch33 karma

Erik Roner? I can't believe you're pro, I can BASE jump so much better than you.

Fitting end to saucer boy's sled, can't believe it's been four years.

ErikRoner22 karma

Nicely played! Yes 4 years has gone by very fast....

Stefve23 karma

Were those really Shane's ashes?

ErikRoner29 karma

Yes they were.

travis501818 karma

Do girls dig the tramp stamp?

ErikRoner19 karma

no not really... they laugh too. It's good to make people laugh.

Cshuster18 karma

Erik huge fan of you and nitro, i got one question. Has there ever been a point in your career when after a stunt you really felt like you almost died?

ErikRoner21 karma

Thanks! I've had a few close calls for sure. Anyone that has BASE jumped for awhile usually has some "close call" stories. I try to be more selective with my jumps these days. the old days were a little loose!

dumbest_thang_ever14 karma

Watching Nitro Circus gives the impression that all of you just go from one adrenaline rush to the next, non stop. Can you give us an overview of a "normal" day for you?

ErikRoner13 karma

It depends...for me things go in waves. Ill have a bunch of stunts, jumps or scary activities and then I like some downtime to decompress, learn and reflect. It important to listen to your gut and instinct...it will keep you healthy and alive. I love hanging with my family in Tahoe...that's the best.

f30R12 karma

Howdy. Thanks for doing the AMA! Got a couple of questions for you.

While filming Nitro Circus, did you ever feel pressured to do stunts that you didn't really want to do? Any stunts you have done that you regret doing? (That could have ended badly)

Will there be more Nitro Circus in the feature?

Have you considered base-jumping in Norway? If yes, any place in particular?

Favorite band/artist?

ErikRoner11 karma

Nitro is constant pressure...not from everyone else but as a group. We are all competitive and want to keep pushing the limits so we always pushing ourselves. I regret every time I get on a dirt bike and they make me do something. Im scared of those dirt scooters...they have control of me. Yes there will be more Nitro Circus!! We have a live tour coming to North America for the first time in 2014! Never jumped in Norway but Im going this summer!! BEASTIE BOYS!

koppck11 karma

Can you tell us a story about Shane? I watched the video of your send off of his sled this morning, what an awesome tribute.

ErikRoner26 karma

Shane was one of the biggest pranksters I know. There was never a moment when he wasen't trying trick, fool or make someone laugh. One time Shane held on my back while we made a BASE jump. He did not have a parachute and was not attached to me in anyway. If he let go he was gone. It was gnarly but we did it....Travis Pastrana saw that and made me do it with him too.

pjz430210 karma

Not a question, just a comment.

That snowmobile looked like it held up surprisingly well!

ErikRoner15 karma

She was a good Polaris!

julianf091810 karma

I see so much of Shane in you, Eric. I love how you're always just goofing around, like the urban big mountain in AK before you got injured, or with all of your son Oscar's stunts. I always try to emulate that style when I'm out on the hill. Thanks for the inspiration.

That said, what is Oscar's next big stunt?

ErikRoner5 karma

Thanks for the support and good words. Oskar latest stunt will drop soon!

sammanbre10 karma

Best time of your life?

ErikRoner16 karma

Nitro Circus!

zahiiR9 karma

What an inspiring video. My question for you Mr. Roner is: How did you build the courage to do your first jump? I can only imagine that it must be a bloody nightmare right before one's first jump.

ErikRoner8 karma

The more you learn about jumping the more it makes sense and some of the fear goes away. Knowledge is good.

cjriley99 karma


ErikRoner9 karma

Yes and yes...I dont get to tour around Tahoe too much but hopefully that will change. Palisades is coming up for Oskar!

nichiplechle8 karma

How did your first ever major jump feel like? Any stunt you regret doing?

ErikRoner14 karma

I was afraid of BASE jumping at first...It's scary stuff. After I was around it some and learned more about the way things worked I tried a jump. Ive been hooked ever since... no regrets...just learning leasons.

krldrn18 karma

Who's the most extreme person you've ever been around, has anyone ever just made you think "fuck".........

ErikRoner14 karma

Travis Pastrana...he's gnarly. He has an amazing control to step outside his head in crazy situations.

PrinceHabib727 karma

A few questions, all somewhat related. This relates to either Nitro or not, your choice

1) Favorite stunt you've ever pulled?

2) Best stunt you've ever seen?

3) Stunt you most wished to have done yourself, but didn't get to for whatever reason?

4) (Last one) Stunt you wished you hadn't done?

ErikRoner12 karma

1) Building to building big wheel jump... 2) Pastrana flipping a dirt bike 100 ft between two buildings 3) fly the jetman pack...Travis got to do it cause hes Travis. 4) Hill climbing on the 900 paddle tire dirt bike I had no business being on.

LordHayati7 karma

Have you ever played Skifree? and have you ever been chased by an abominable snowman/yeti?

ErikRoner4 karma

I think I have os that the one you ride on the yetis back?

ballsdeepjew7 karma

Erik your work is awesome when you did the umbrella jump how much planning and did it take? also what is the best and worst part being part of the nitro crew?

ErikRoner8 karma

The umbrella took some planning for sure...it was still a silly idea at the time so we could have done a lot more to strengthen the umbrella. Im going to try it again but better this time. The nest part is traveling the world with my friends doing awesome stuff the worst part is getting hurt

sam_10147 karma

whats the easiest and best way to get into BASE jumping?

ErikRoner7 karma

Start skydiving...you'll meet BASE jumpers and have them teach you. Or you can look online and there are several different first jump courses.

mtqwerty7 karma

Hey Erik! I'm asking this for another newschooler that couldn't make an account.

What are your two biggest fears? First can be skiing related (specific trick, certain comp etc.) and second can just be in general (sharks, spiders and stuff). Thanks!

ErikRoner11 karma

Id have to say skiing big lines with big exposure and having pocks of snow pull out or even worse get avalanched. Those are things out of our control and you can only try to listen to the mountains.

Cars...I dont trust people driving and way too many people die driving from point A to point B. Thanks for the questions!

Workin4Honda6 karma

Erik! It seems like you and the Nitro crew are always trying to outdo each other and each stunt is crazier than the last, which get's me wondering, what's the next big thing to come to the world of extreme sports?

ErikRoner6 karma

Extreme sports is always growing, changing and developing. That's what makes it so fun to be a part of. Its great to see all the new XGames popping up and it will be fun to watch the future. As for me I have some really fun ideas I want to pull off this summer so stay tuned!

Pyromine6 karma

So, Erik, being that you're a professional free-skier what advice would you give to the young ones aspiring to grow up in to that scene. As well, when do you think is too late for someone to really start getting good, to still have a chance at going pro?

ErikRoner5 karma

If kids are passionate about becoming a professional skier Id suggest a lot of time a Woodward for general air awareness...we never had those facilities growing up and they are changing the game. Things are different these days. Kids can put out edits on the internet and receive huge exposure which can lead to sponsors and help get things started. As far as too late that is a state of mind...if you are too old it will be tough to keep up with this kids sending everyday...just the way it is.

Prongs9115 karma

So, I've had a dream of riding a wave runner off Niagara Falls and then parachuting to Canada. Since I'm obviously never going to do this, do you think you can make it happen?

ErikRoner6 karma

That would be awesome! good idea...

jscottfoshizzle5 karma

After doing all this crazy stuff, what are you still afraid of?

ErikRoner5 karma

Same stuff you are...its fun to overcome the fear and pull something off. Try it!

K_reale125 karma

I'm a huge fan of nitro...you are my favorite, your tramp stamp is hilarious...what is the sketchiest stunt you have done?

ErikRoner5 karma

The blob BASE jump was scary...you never know what way those things are going to toss you. Sometimes backwards which would have been a bad day.

Stefve5 karma

Did you think you were going to clear that cliff farther out, and what sort of prep did you do to know you were not going go nose first into the side? INSANE

ErikRoner4 karma

Yes I thought I would have more speed and go farther out. We had a little wind that day and new snow which I think factored in. I knew i was going to be fine off that cliff but the more speed the farther away I am the safer it becomes and the more time I have...Id like to go again knowing what I know now.

Accent125 karma

Erik! Huge fan of Nitro Circus! What's the worst anyone has been hurt on the show? Would it be Travis' dad with the broken pelvis in mexico?

ErikRoner5 karma

Jim DeChamphad an induced comma for a few days. That was really bad not knowing what the outcome was going to be.

jehu245 karma

How did you get into BASE jumping? Did you just buy a parachute and jump? Also if you could BASE jump with anyone in world living or dead who would you pick?

ErikRoner6 karma

I had some friends that taught me the sports. At some point yes...I did just buy gear and make better jumpers teach me. That's a tough one...Id have to say my grandfather....hes gone now but would have loved to fly wingsuits!

f30R5 karma

Lets say that you weren't a professional 'insert extreme sport'. What would your day to day job be?

What do you do to relax on your days off?

ErikRoner5 karma

I used to do graphic design but its been so long Im not sure I still be any good. Spending time with my son is the best thing in the world!

LemansBlue135i5 karma

Erik, what was your best memory with McConkey?

ErikRoner6 karma

It was sneaking around on something illegal before a BASE jump. Funny moments.

morganrees19974 karma

Random question. Do you think X Games Global is a grate idea ?? And what extra stops would have you added ?

ErikRoner3 karma

I love watching X games so I thinks its a great idea! I'm hoping the new stops do well so XGames can continue to grow and add stops around the world.

-internets4 karma

Hey Erik, huge fan of yours! Actually the episode when you guys were in colorado was my favorite. Especially when you went coloradoing.... I've been too scared to try it myself.

Anyways, my question is what is your favorite sport outside of skiing and snowmobiling?

ErikRoner8 karma

Id have to say skydiving and BASE jumping...playing with parachutes is super fun and opens up a lot of fun adventures. Try Coloradoing....just make sure there is soft snow!

irGoodman4 karma

Hey Erik, thanks for doing this!

  1. Did you live the lifestyle that Travis did as a teenager? ie practically a millionaire out of the womb?
  2. Does your son strive to follow the same path as you? and how does the thought of him jumping off enormous mountains make you feel? Haha.

Big supporter of Nitro, you're a cool guy!

ErikRoner4 karma

Thanks for the support! I am far from a millionaire. I make a decent living getting to do the things I love. I'm happy with that...yes being rich would not suck but I feel pretty lucky. Ill probably not like it if my son follows in my footsteps...i'll worry about him. That not really fair so I'll need to learn how to deal. As long as my son is passionate about something I'll be happy.

ISpeakMyThoughts4 karma

What was the most nerve-racking stunt that you or anyone from the Nitro Circus has ever done?

ErikRoner4 karma

They all can get pretty nerve racking...anytime someone's life is on the line can be tough. I think when StreetBike Tommy and Jim DeChamp tried to do the car barrel roll stunt was when I was most nervous...it went really bad.

NegaManda4 karma

Big fan of Nitro Circus, can't wait for the North American Tour. Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

ErikRoner6 karma

Have a dragon...that would be best of both worlds...The north American tour will be bananas!

a10poundpudding4 karma

Huge fan of you and Nitro Circus, and the tribute to Shane was awesome! my question is: How has Shane's passing affected your outlook on what you do?

ErikRoner4 karma

Its affected me a lot. He was superman so when he died it made me take a step back and reflect on everything. The bottom line is we are who we are and we should live our dreams no matter what. If I stayed safe all the time that would be a boring lifestyle for me.

Powness3 karma

Just have to say that I'm a huge fan and you really inspire me to keep living and exploring life. Did McConkey's death made you think about what you where doing in any way? I know you live a fast paced life with mind blowing experiences day after day, do you have time to slow down life sometimes and take in the views?

And if you are going to Norway sometime, give me a call. Even tho I'm not the greatest skier yet, trying to get out in the back country this year. We got some great ski base mountains ;) Peace.

ErikRoner6 karma

I definitely take time to relax and "take in the view" Yes life can be fast but I try not to let it get away. SHane made me open my eyes and I pick and choose my battles now. The old days was go at everything...

stralerman3 karma


ErikRoner6 karma

Being in the mountains and skiing. There's nothing else like it and I hope I can do it as long as I live.

Buschfan3 karma

Favorite comfort food?

ErikRoner4 karma


lewis101233 karma

Erik! Massive fan of all of your stuff, the Roner Vision episodes cannot be uploaded fast enough for me! Just like to know how you truly got into Skiing and what Canadian/American resort you would recommend for a UK skier looking to do a season.

ErikRoner6 karma

Whistler is the best all round spot. Its like Disneyland for skiing. Great terrain, night life and good people. I like Squaw Valley and Snowbird...they are my favorite mountains to ride.

stralerman3 karma


ErikRoner5 karma

I played forward...liked to score goals. I liked the San Jose Earthquakes back in the day...my younger brother played for them.

benliinus3 karma

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Thanks :D

ErikRoner5 karma

To fly...cause that would be the best!

WillMain3 karma

Have you ever seen a stunt go wrong with nitro in such a way that it made you think "fuck this, I'm out"?

ErikRoner5 karma

No...Im never out. We all make our own decision and live with those decisions.

mardi_gras3 karma

What is your favorite beer?

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite television show?

Ever been approached by the show to do a stunt to which you responded: NO WAY? What was that stunt?

ErikRoner6 karma

Corona Endurance Nitro Circus Not yet...some people come up with some ridiculous idea but its easy to tell when a person has no idea what they're talking about.

mtskier73 karma

You still like to hit the park when you are skiing?

ErikRoner5 karma

Ya but seems less and less each year. It always fun to play in the park!

saucysquid3 karma

That was an awesome video. One question though, what is Travis Pastrana like in person? He seems like he would be so sick to be around.

ErikRoner4 karma

Thanks! TP's great...very humble and down to earth. One of the best guys I know.

morganrees19973 karma

Hi Erik, Can you please reply to this saying "Hi Morgan, this is Erik Roner" ?

ErikRoner3 karma

Hi Morgan, this is Erik Roner

G5KiD3 karma

Hi erik, i too am very in love with the sport of skiing and love watching Roner Vision. so here is my question:

if you had to permanently live in one location for the rest of your life, and only ski the surrounding mountains (lets say 1 hour drive), where would it be and why?

ErikRoner4 karma

Tough question! Probably Switzerland...there are so many mountains there you could never cover them all in a lifetime.

mave1823 karma

Hi Erik, huge fan of you and Nitro Circus! My question is, what thoughts go through your mind before you do some of your sketchier stunts? How do you convince yourself to do stuff that seems like a death wish?

ErikRoner5 karma

Definitely not a death wish. A lot of time and preparation goes into each stunt. I dont do something unless I truly believe I can pull it off. Ill spend as much time with an idea as needed or until it all makes sense to me before I do it. If there is doubt or too much fear I walk away.

morganrees19973 karma

Hi Erik. Have you ever thought of starting a career in motor sport ?

ErikRoner7 karma

No! I dont need to break any more bones...

Kjellf3 karma

In the video of the cliff-hucking snowmobile you said that Shane was a good friend of yours, what is the most important thing that Shane has taught you?

ErikRoner6 karma

To laugh at yourself and not take things seriously

sammanbre3 karma

Favourite thing you have ever done whilst filming nitro circus?

ErikRoner3 karma

Back flipping a dirt bike the second time I rode one...that was a good feeling.

morganrees19973 karma

What is the first memory you can remember of you skiing ?

ErikRoner4 karma

Crying cause the lift stopped for a long time.

1337newb3 karma

Do you still ski regular inbound runs much? What's your ski of choice for a regular day at squaw or someplace like that?

ErikRoner3 karma

Sure I ski inbounds all the time. There are so many good skis out there right now its a tough call and personal preference. I like some Rocker but not too much...I like to use my edges too. Some of the skis out there are a little too exaggerated.

SidewaysInto3rd3 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA and thanks for doing what Shane would've done with that sled !!! Shane's a legend and we all miss him, even though most of us didn't really know him!

ErikRoner1 karma

Yes he was a legend!

swaqq_overflow3 karma

Do you think Shane's death has affected the sport? Obviously everyone's very sad, but do you think equipment, attitude, risks people are willing to take, etc. have changed as a result?

ErikRoner4 karma

No...people die all the time but there are others willing to keep pushing the limits, technologies and risks. Its just human nature.

gopro2973 karma


ErikRoner2 karma

Absolutely. I try to stay true to who I am but I'm much more selective about what I do and in what conditions. I love my life and my family and want to see my son grow up. That being said I cant sit on the couch and be happy. Its a line om working on now...

morganrees19972 karma

Hi Erik. What gets you motivated before a jump ? Music, silence, or nothing, you just go for it ?

ErikRoner4 karma

Its always different. Sometime its very relaxing and other can be more punk rock if you know what I mean!

MrPepper72 karma

What does the adrenaline feel like going off that 800 ft cliff?

ErikRoner6 karma

It's so fun!!! Obviously intense as can be but if you do the right work before hand its a pretty fun ride. I wish I had 2 snowmobiles to hit it again after learning what I did from the first jump!

Squirrel_Whisperer2 karma

I live in Fernie but couldn't tell where the cliff is. Was it on the Lizard Range south of the ski hill?

When is the last time you have monoskied?

ErikRoner5 karma

Mono skiing is awesome....I use to monoski with Shane frequently. The cliff was up in the Crows Nest...does that help?

ErikRoner3 karma

Fernie is awesome by the way!

Brandito2 karma

Erik, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions from some rando's on the internet. Both you and Shane have had a large impact on the way I try to live my life! Glad you got to send out the sled in a fashion Shane would be proud of!

Now for the questions-

-I saw the Ronervision episode where you skied an awesome line called Terminal Cancer. Looked like a ton of fun, that said, what is your favorite/most awesome line you've ever skied in the states?

-What was your favorite memory with Shane?

-What's your favorite G.N.A.R. rule?

Thanks again man, keep up with the Ronervisions, we love them over at /r/skiing

ErikRoner3 karma

-Suicide chute in Little Cottonwood canyon is always fun -just hanging out laughing all the time...coming up with silly ideas -some of the ones that happen on the gondola Thanks for your questions and good words!! I appreciate it!

damennis7282 karma

It seems like all the other members are extremely pushy so has there ever been a stunt on Nitro or elsewhere that you have refused to do?

ErikRoner2 karma

Someone always steps up. Each one of us is good at different things so on certain days you know when it's your time to go. We all wave our "white flags" every so often when we're not into something though.

roockley2 karma

hey erik! just wondering when you were growing up, which skiers were your idols?

ErikRoner3 karma

Seth Morrison and Scot Schmidt!

davismurane2 karma

I am currently in high school and have the dream of being a ski bumb. it seems as if everyone is against it and that everyone thinks that i should work a job for the rest of my life and drop my passion. How did you get over the overwhelming amount of people saying you couldnt follow your dream?

ErikRoner3 karma

Just keep cashing you dream. If you believe in it you will find a way to make a living and ski. It takes work and dedication but stay true to your goals. You dont need to be a bumb to ski everyday!

morganrees19972 karma

Do you want Oscar to grow up like you , doing base jumps and skiing around the world, or would you want him to go his own way and enjoy what he will enjoy ?

ErikRoner4 karma

I just want him to be passionate about something. As long as he is...Ill be happy.

Widman20132 karma

What made you want to get into BASE jumping and other extreme sports?

ErikRoner5 karma

The freedom it provides!

Thunder_Powny2 karma

Hi I am a college freshman and my forte is in mountain biking but me and my good pal are planning on getting wingsuits(after the 200 just pre rec) but how does someone get to jump that many times? Also I am very interested in living the nitro lifestyle how would I go about doing this?

ErikRoner4 karma

Start skydiving and you'll see 200 jumps are not that much...its worth it. You'll get hurt less and want to have that experience when things go bad.

WILLingtonegotiate2 karma

Do you remember, the first time you did something, where you thought "Shit, I could die right here if I slightly screw up." ?

ErikRoner7 karma

That was way too long ago to remember...

KazamaSmokers2 karma

Decent money or are you paycheck to paycheck?

ErikRoner3 karma

Decent money

Moldy_Bread2 karma

That was awesome. What was your best experience filming with TGR and do you have any advice for someone who is aspiring to film with those guys.

ErikRoner3 karma

All the travels Ive done have been amazing experiences. TGR is an awesome company and family. Try to put out your own edits and get some recognition. Aligning yourself with companies they work with really helps as well.

dmtangen2 karma

I recentley saw McConkey at the Tribeca film festival. Definitely one of my favorites.

ErikRoner1 karma

Ya he was a special person.

otterotica2 karma

Awesome to see you on here.

What do you think of the whole paragliding/speedflying + skiing stuff people are doing? Is it taking off around Lake Tahoe?

ErikRoner5 karma

I think its cool. Their footage looks like video game stuff. Ive only messed around with it but I have some friends very much into and yes it seems to be taking off everywhere.

sammanbre2 karma

Will you ever let Oscar do a base jump when he's a little older or let him go down the mega ramp!?

ErikRoner1 karma

hes already hit the mega ramp....well his stunt double has.

morganrees19972 karma

Where do you enjoy most ? California or Tahoe ?

ErikRoner8 karma

Both! I live on the California side of Lake Tahoe!

KristnSchaalisahorse2 karma

What is the lowest BASE jump and/or lowest pull you've ever done?

ErikRoner3 karma

120 feet into water

SwagSnail2 karma

Worst accident while skiing/snowmobiling?

ErikRoner3 karma

I shattered my femur in an avalanche last year. It took 2 major surgeries but Im almost back to 100%. Not too fun!

SwagSnail2 karma

Ouch... It'd be bad enough to be caught in an avalanche even without the femur bit

ErikRoner3 karma

Ya bad day...

Ass_Dragon1 karma

Were there any stunts in the movie that were just spontaneous, or were all of them planned out beforehand?

Edit: The Nitro Circus movie is what I'm referring to

ErikRoner1 karma

Most of them were planned out...most needed to be thought through

voxanimus1 karma

man i can't believe this doesn't have more comments; you and all the dudes at Nitro are so badass.

here are my questions:

do you like the dynamic of the group now that it's branched out into such a large undertaking compared to the old Circus TV show days? or do you prefer those days when you guys just screwed around Jackass style?

who is your personal favorite athlete on the tour right now?

what's it like hanging out with so many fearless people? i'd imagine that games of truth or dare, for example, would be pretty awesome.

ErikRoner2 karma

I like our hanging out with our main crew the best...we always have the most fun. With the live show we need more people and the cast weve created is an awesome group. Different times different experiences.

Josh Sheehan...gnarly!

It's good group talented people and never a dry moment

that1semiGoodcomment1 karma

Hey thanks for doing an AMA! Fan of Nitro Circus of course, and just have one question: Do you think family priorities will ever slow you down?

ErikRoner2 karma

Yes...they already have. There's just different chapters in life.

RED_NEKID1 karma

I just wanted to ask if you read, and if so what is a favorite book of yours?

ErikRoner1 karma

I always like reading the story "Endurance"

Mr_Miner1 karma

Former Rossi/Dynastar intern and it was awesome to see your tandem ski in person.

What type of industry do you think you would be working in if you did not become a professional athlete?

ErikRoner3 karma

Hey there! Not too sure...Ive always wanted to ski and couldn't imagine not being a part of it. Tandem ski was funny....RIP Speedy

guyfrancois1 karma

Ok so i've wanted to sky dive or base jump my whole life but never gotten around to it! Will you describe to me what it's like?

ErikRoner1 karma

It like being a super hero you can run off tall buildings and fly around!

vaylence1 karma

I can't believe you are a pro free-skier, I'm so much better than you.

proceeds to pole whack vigorously, then skis off

ErikRoner1 karma

well played!

ObeseAsianBabies1 karma

What's the worst injury you've ever sustained from a stunt?

ErikRoner2 karma

I shattered my femur when I got caught in an avalanche

Bobbarkersmicrophone1 karma

What was the best powder day you've ever had and where was it ?

ErikRoner2 karma

So many at Snowbird and Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon...best powder ever.

27mcmurdo1 karma

Did you ever hook up with Jolene?

ErikRoner2 karma

nope...shes like a sister.

4a4a1 karma

How does it feel to pretty much know exactly how you are going to die?

ErikRoner1 karma

Heavy question....not sure what you mean.