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The night before the incident, we were talking about marriage and forgiveness. He gave me very good advice. "Sometimes you gotta do the right thing and let love catch up"

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Do not give up no matter how much you think you are bothering them. No matter how much they say they are fine. Think of it like a time bomb that needs daily maintenance even when showing no signs.

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I recently had some VA therapy where I learned Mindfulness meditation. That is the biggest help I have ever received with depression and other symptoms of PTSD.

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I have spoke on meditation in other replies. It has been super helpful. I heard something about memery altering on the Joe Rogan podcast I think but havent looked into it. Anything is worth a shot.

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WOW. I do not know much about the brain, but the way you explained this is purely awesome. I want you to know I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into this and the meaning you put behind it. I will use this information. Thank you.