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GiveMeAnUpvote49 karma

Can you tell us a funny story about Jet Set? I hope he rests in peace.

erikgriffin87 karma

I saw him in Venice beach randomly selling T-shirts, i hear someone yelling, WORKHOLICS!! i come out of a story like JET SET!! what the hell are you doing out here?

2trainzz31 karma

Montez! You kick ass. What is Alice like outside of the show? She plays a bitch way too well

erikgriffin45 karma

Sweetest chick ever! Maribeth MOnroe check her out on twitter.

Hung_Like_A_BlackGuy29 karma

Is it true that all white folks love smoovies?

erikgriffin31 karma

You tell me. Seems like it right?

Alex4G12325 karma

How often do the guys smoke weed off camera? Have you ever partaken with them?

erikgriffin58 karma

we NEVER smoke weed. I never have, and I cant speak for them, but it NEVER happens on set. Its not a documentary the show isnt real. sorry to disappoint you.

iamnotdanethomas24 karma

You should come to Oklahoma and get drunk with me. That would be pretty cool.

erikgriffin32 karma

Can I trust you?

iamnotdanethomas27 karma

If shit goes down, I will get my ass kicked for you. Also, I won't do anything to you while you sleep unless its agreed upon beforehand.

erikgriffin84 karma

That's no fun, I want to wake up dirty and vulnerable.

pton1623 karma

sup tez! Who is the funniest off camera?

Also : Marry one fuck one kill one

Blake Ders Adam

erikgriffin34 karma

Blake is pretty funny off camera, they all are actually.

dtet22 karma

Why don't you poke me anymore on Facebook?

erikgriffin22 karma

Ha! who are you?

swineiscool22 karma

How do you know what a stingray coochie is like?

erikgriffin39 karma

Well the line was really PUSSY, but.. you know cant say that on basic cable.

cobaltcollapse18 karma

Does Comedy Central getting rid of Futurama make you feel any uneasiness with your show?

erikgriffin52 karma

We got picked up for 2 more season already.

LessThanLaura17 karma

I saw you live in Portland! Are we going to get more Montez in the next season? You're one of my favorite characters!

erikgriffin24 karma

Let's hope so!

sonofarex17 karma

What's the only rule in Montez's bedroom?

erikgriffin32 karma

Get your freak on!

milhouseuz17 karma

Why'd you get so upset over the cream cheese? It wasn't even good cream cheese. That honey walnut is where it's at....

erikgriffin26 karma

You know its not real right? Its not a documentary. haha

TheyreRedHot16 karma

What is the best thing about working with Blake, Adam, and Anders?

erikgriffin34 karma

Always laughing. Adam kills me, i ruin a lot of takes.

lfisher2k16 karma

If you could go back in time to karaoke with any former American President, who would it be?

erikgriffin27 karma

Clinton would be the bomb at Kareoke.

lfisher2k10 karma

He'd be OK. I would chose James Buchanon. He would be able to provide the bass to my falsetto

erikgriffin10 karma


Hiphoppington15 karma

We share the same last name. Are you my father?

erikgriffin25 karma

What's your momma look like!?

CGRampage13 karma

I don't have a question, I just want to say that you're awesome! Thanks for all the laughs!

erikgriffin16 karma


lucifer-obgyn13 karma

First rule of Reddit? Fuck all rules.

erikgriffin11 karma

For sure

nutwrinkles9 karma

yo Erik . . . we cool?

erikgriffin9 karma

I guess?

mameinhisname8 karma

Hi mr griffin! Huge fan. What has been your favorite episode of the series so far? Do you plan on doing Stand up in Philly any time soon?

erikgriffin16 karma

Future is Gnar was freaking hilarious my favorite so far.

wombraider58 karma

Erik! What do you think of this season compared to the previous? Thanks for the AMA!

erikgriffin22 karma

I think the first season was the best.

Big_Rig888 karma

Sup Erik. Just out of curiosity I'm actually from rancho cucamonga,ca. How did that end up being the citys name for the show?

erikgriffin9 karma

I have no idea.

txjdiesel7 karma

Is Salmon Cream Cheese really good enough to slap someone over? Also, I'm definitely watching your special tonight with my coochie mold.

erikgriffin11 karma


MontanaCelt7 karma

Erik, can you elaborate on Stingray Coochie and its origins...

erikgriffin6 karma

It suppose to be PUSSY, but they wouldn't allow that on comedy central.

Jamasmoove6 karma


erikgriffin12 karma

You have no idea, I ruin a lot of takes laughing. Adam is tooooo funny

Wishywashy24246 karma

Hey! I met you in indianapolis in Feburary. At the show where those lesbians got kicked out. How do you feel when stuff like that happens during your stand up shows?

erikgriffin14 karma

I hate it! that chick got arrested.

bunnytrox6 karma

When did you know you wanted to become an actor?

erikgriffin11 karma

Probably the first time I watched a movie. I WANNA DO THAT!

cargoman895 karma

Big fan of the show. How much of Montez is you just being you, and how much is the writers coming up with ideas/your persona?

erikgriffin11 karma

Montez is total character i am not really like that, maybe a small inner freak, but thats mostly just what they come up with and my take on it.

vam3315 karma

Unlimited OTP, or unlimited titty nibblin?

erikgriffin15 karma


StumblingWizard645 karma

What's the coolest thing about having a badass mustache?

erikgriffin27 karma

Makes my kissing interesting and my DOWNTOWN skills steller!

SylvesterLundgren5 karma

WE BE SMACKIN BASSSSS!!! Erik Griffin i just wanted to say your hilarious, i love you in workaholics and your new comedy album is hilarious, i wish i coulda seen your comedy central in BOS but i unfortunately missed it. My question...you get any of that sting ray coochie on set?

erikgriffin11 karma

On set? haha I wish. But daddy is taking care of business on the road :)

SylvesterLundgren3 karma

HAH you the man, thanks for the AMA

erikgriffin6 karma

No Problem

Nero5545 karma

Will we be seeing you guest appear more often in other tv shows?

erikgriffin7 karma

I hope so!

Lohpraks4 karma

Ever had to follow through with the boy scouts rule of d's?

erikgriffin11 karma

I set with Anders.


Erik, first I want to say thanks for the pussy...t-shirt. My friend works at the Comedy Club in Madison, WI and he brought you by the pizza place down the street, you gave me a shirt and apologized that you only brought a large, not knowing how short I was.

I'm just going to be corny and ask, What was your favorite part about Madison?

erikgriffin3 karma

Thats a great town, I love the people, and that pizza was bomb

aworford3 karma

Do you feel it's better to get your stand-up shown later at night on Comedy Central, so they don't bleep the crap out of it (not just you per se, but comedians in general)?

Always excited to see hilarious comedians on Comedy Central, but when the premiere is on at 8PM, I know that I'm going to lose some of what I came for... midnight is what I'm all about!

erikgriffin6 karma

They have figured out that people dont watch the specials earlier.

Loweded3 karma


I am a huge workaholics fan and when I say huge I mean like I've seen every episode at least 5 times.

My question is What has been the most memorable moment as a part of the Workaholics crew?

Take it sleazy!

erikgriffin7 karma

THe dildo fight was epic!

mknutso3 karma

How did you like Minneapolis when you were there?

erikgriffin8 karma

It was COOOOOLD! And I love walking around the mall and meeting people.

ForGoodnessJake3 karma

ERIK GRIFFIN! How do you calm your nerves before you go on stage? I've always been told im a funny guy, but I just can't get myself on stage! Also, any comments on Amanda Bynes new haircut?

erikgriffin9 karma

Amanda Bynes is my girl, she just doesn't know it yet. You just gotta get up there and face your fear.

Damnskipp3 karma

Hey Erik, quick question. Did you actually have to see Blake's junk in that episode of Workaholics (forget what its called)? Thank you for your time!

erikgriffin9 karma

ITS HUGE!!! and HAIRY! haha jk.. no i did not.

lolnotacop4202 karma

You're fuckin great in the show man. I seen em all but one that sicks out is the hovercraft one man shit had me fuckin LOLin and it takes alot for me to laugh at a show. Waymond ratted you out bra. Do you improvise alot or is it mostly scripted? I feel you all probably improv ALOT

erikgriffin6 karma

I know Waymond is the worst! He is a boss on set though, I love Waymond.

k_nasty2 karma

How do you feel about smoovies?

erikgriffin5 karma

I love them of course.

Postman_Butters2 karma

What's your least favorite thing about working on Workaholics?

erikgriffin7 karma

I want to be on it more!

billtaft2 karma

Erik, my girlfriend went to your standup show in Madison, WI where she took a picture with you and told you about my fandom. When she wasn't sure if she should buy your vagina shirt for me you told her "JUST DO IT, HOW WON"T HE LOVE THIS?!" Just wanted you to know you were correct, even if i'm not sure where i'm allowed to wear it...

My question- how much input do you have on the dialouge of Montez, and are you involved in the writing of the show? Or does MOC take care of most of that?

erikgriffin5 karma

I sometimes improv but its mostly scripted. I don't write, I wish i did. :) Its a hilarious show.

lbeast322 karma

In your opinion who or what in particular is the biggest cancer to the comedy world? Other than the FCC.

I vote hipster comedians who talk about how they can't talk to girls.

erikgriffin16 karma

white Liberals who get offend for OTHER people. Get the stick out of your ass!

maxman30002 karma

I've heard that a good amount of Workaholics is improvised. Is it just the boys or do the other actors have that kind of freedom? Any improv gems you care to share?

erikgriffin4 karma

Its mostly scripted. I have improvised a few lines, like Lord of the Rings, repregnatized.. but its based off the script, the guys do a great job.

pnoystonr2 karma

Your fucken hillarious,

is it true that most of the scenes in Workaholics are improvised?

erikgriffin6 karma

The show is 100% scripted, we improvise on some takes but its based off the script.

bunnytrox2 karma

Who is your favorite actor of all time not including yourself?

erikgriffin6 karma

Robert Redford

twentysomethinger2 karma

Erik, what was your first stand-up gig, and how did it go? Favorite joke of the set, and one that you'd rather forget?

erikgriffin5 karma

It was at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, the graduation of a comedy class. My favorite joke was about my big nose.

ravensfan68892 karma

Who are some of your favorite stand up comedians currently and of the past? Looking forward to watching your special tonight.

erikgriffin8 karma

Richard P, Eddie Murphy, Carlin, some current guys, Sebastian Maniscalco, Johnny Sanchez, Dwayne Perkins, Ian Edwards, a bunch of my friends.

vengefulTaco2 karma

Whats your favorite character you've ever played?

erikgriffin5 karma

Montez, with out question. but thats because i dont have a long list of characters haha

pnoystonr1 karma

I saw your half hour special on CC while I was buzzed. Fucken hilarious dude keep up the funny.

erikgriffin1 karma


pnoystonr1 karma

How is waymen in real life because he never talks at all in the show?

erikgriffin1 karma

He is a crazy dude! cant shut up on set. thats whats hilarious about it.

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erikgriffin7 karma

This is me I just tweeted!