Hi, Reddit! I’m Kellye from Nissan’s social media team, and I'll be hanging out on-set with 12 Heisman Trophy winners (see the full list below) today and tomorrow as they film Nissan’s Heisman House commercials for the 2013-14 college football season. During their down time in between takes, the Heismans will be dropping in to answer your questions. Some of the guys will be typing their answers themselves, others may choose to dictate them to me. Either way, we’ll sign each comment so you know who it’s from.

Who’s in the Heisman House this weekend?

  • Sam Bradford – 2008 Winner
  • Troy Smith – 2006
  • Matt Leinart – 2004
  • Carson Palmer – 2002
  • Ron Dayne – 1999
  • Desmond Howard – 1991
  • Ty Detmer – 1990
  • Barry Sanders – 1988
  • Tim Brown – 1987
  • Mike Rozier – 1983
  • Earl Campbell – 1977
  • Tony Dorsett – 1976
  • Robert Griffin III – 2011 (Limited time on set, so he won’t be able to join the AMA, sorry guys!)

A little background: Nissan has been a sponsor of the Heisman Trophy since 2005 (they even give us one vote, which we let the fans decide), and this is the third year we’ve worked with ESPN to produce the Heisman House TV spots. Here are a few of our favorites from last season:

Ok, that’s enough about us. Sam Bradford Ty Detmer will be the first to join us in about 15 minutes. The schedule of today’s shoot is fluid, so I’ll be grabbing the Heismans whenever they’re free, until around 5PM PST. If your question is specifically for one of the guys, go ahead and mention that. If it’s a general question, we may have a few of them respond. Let’s get started!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/NissanUSA/status/332893443544190976

Edit#1: Sorry guys! Sam Bradford got pulled into another scene! But we have Ty Detmer here now! PROOF: http://imgur.com/mQuNnxF

Edit #2: Tim Brown is now in the house! And he's back on to finish questions at 10:45am. PROOF: http://imgur.com/fQkHaGx

Edit #3 (10:30am PST): We're now chatting with Tony Dorsett! PROOF: http://imgur.com/0SdfNiO

Edit #4: Sam Bradford is finally here with us! PROOF: http://imgur.com/KqAbSSB

Edit #5 (1:15pm PST): Time for a lunch break on the set, everyone! We're going to give these hungry players a few minutes to eat but we'll be back in a few!

Edit #6 (2:00pm PST): And we're back with Ron Dayne! PROOF: http://imgur.com/nK2f6N9

Edit #7 (3:10pm PST): We're now here with Troy Smith! He'll be our last Heisman for the day, but don't fret - we'll be back tomorrow! PROOF: http://imgur.com/IUbsBF5

THANKS EVERYONE! Great questions today - Join us same time tomorrow and keep them coming! We'll try to snag some time with all of the Heisman winners we weren't able to get to today. See you tomorrow!

Edit #1 Day 2 (9:00am CST): There's so many great answers we're going to answer a few more on Day 2, kicking it off with Desmond Howard! Submit your questions now! PROOF: http://imgur.com/JCJ9hBI

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MidwestDrummer168 karma

Question for Mike Rozier:

How do you manage to keep your wardrobe so fresh? Every year at the Heisman Trophy presentation you're the baddest looking mother in the room, and everyone knows it. Do you choose everything yourself? Do you have a wardrobe manager?


NissanHeismanHouse13 karma

I like to be presentable wherever I go, somewhat decent. My mother always told me that, the first impression is always the most important. I have my suits made for me. And thank you for the compliment. - Mike

twistdmentat116 karma

Mr. Dorsett (TD), Lifelong cowboys fan here. I saw you play against the 'Skins at home in '84. I had been a fan since SB XII, and it was my first live game. I remember either at halftime or after the loss you were walking to the tunnel with your head slightly down. I hollered out to you from above the tunnel, "Hey Tony!" and you looked up and gave me a smile and a wave. I am almost 44 now, and I still treasure that moment (and the one where you took it to the house 99yds against the vikes... I remember watching that play live on TV... wow!) The kid and adult me thanks you!!

NissanHeismanHouse122 karma

Thanks for the kind words. I always try to recognize my fans, win or lose. -Tony

Honestly_114 karma

General Question:

We all know Nissan is compensating you for your time, but what's your dream car and what's your actual daily driver?

NissanHeismanHouse161 karma

My dream car is actually my daily driver.. it's my F150. I'm not a huge fan of sports cars, a lot of them are too small for me to fit in. I love my truck.

Edit: -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse85 karma

Dream car: Rolls Royce, Daily: S500 -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse82 karma

Dream car: probably a jacked-up F250 pick up truck. Daily: I have a F150 -Ty

NissanHeismanHouse56 karma

I wasn't a big car guy, but probably a Lamborghini. I drive an Avalanche now. -Ron

NissanHeismanHouse53 karma

I'm low maintenance in terms of cars, since I'm from Ohio. So I'd say my favorite is a Chevy Monte Carlo. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, blend right in with the city. -Troy

NissanHeismanHouse6 karma

My dream car: probably a Bentley, I've seen a couple of those that would be nice to drive. Everyday driver: Ford Expedition. -Barry

iamadeformedewok62 karma

General poll:

Will we ever see another defensive player join the Heisman fraternity?

NissanHeismanHouse100 karma

I think so, if it is they will have to play special teams. Like Charles did. Unfortunately, you'll have to be able to score touchdowns, some way. But I'm sure it will happen. -Sam

Honestly_60 karma

General Question:

What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?

NissanHeismanHouse151 karma

My first game my rookie year I returned the kick off 97 yards. I don't think anyone expected me to do that. - Tim

NissanHeismanHouse106 karma

That first game that you suit up for. All of a sudden it's the regular season and you're preparing to play against the same players you've been watching for the last 10 years. - Ty

NissanHeismanHouse79 karma

It was probably my first game. I thought training camp practices were fast, then we got into the pre-season, and I thought things were then going REALLY fast. I'll definitely remember the first game. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse40 karma

Getting the call before I got drafted. -Ron

Sir_Walter_Dibs54 karma

To Ron Dayne: What's it like going to a lot of events in Wisconsin where you are still such a big celebrity?

Also, I just wanted to say that I was only 9 years old when I watched you break the NCAA rushing record at Camp Randall but I will never forget that. I still have the towel they handed out, still remember how absolutely ballistic the stadium went, and I remember the huge signs on top of the Atmospheric Sciences building that kept updating with your yards. I will never be able to say your name without thinking of the stadium announcer saying RONNNNNNNN DAYNNNNNNNNNE and I just wanted to thank you for solidifying my now pure Badger fandom.

NissanHeismanHouse31 karma

It's still a lot of fun, brings back a lot of memories. -Ron

courtpanda35 karma

question for sam bradford:

i'm a huge rams fan, and youve been my favorite nfl player since the rams drafted you!

how do you think this year's team compares to the greatest show on turf days? i know they arent really comparable (yet), but i can be optimistic right?

NissanHeismanHouse66 karma

Haha, it's hard to compare a team who hasn't played a game to a team whose won the Super Bowl. But I'm optimistic, we've acquired a lot of great play makers, our teams defense played really well last year -- all the pieces are in play for the team to be really great this year. -Sam

sgtpepper9534 karma

  • for Carson: how excited are you to play with Larry Fitzgerald? Also you got ripped off in 2003. Are you happy they finally got a playoff or upset cuz it took them so long?

  • for Matt: my dad and I went to the game where you beat Oklahoma. How satisfying was that since they trash talked?

  • for Barry: what rb resembles you most that plays right now (excluding your son)?

  • for Earl: hook em horns! What's your opinion on the Texas TAMU situation?

  • for Sam: do you ever call Jeff Fisher "the 'stache"?

  • for Desmond: which was more memorable: the punt return vs OSU or the kick off return in the Super Bowl?

  • most important: which of you is the best?

  • for Ron: how do you think Montee Ball will be in the NFL.

  • for Tim: what was the most memorable punt return you had?

  • for Troy: I had friends over to watch the Michigan - OSU game when it was 1 v 2. Is that the most memorable game you played in?

  • for Mike: what do you think of Nebraska's move to the B1G?

Edit: added a few questions

NissanHeismanHouse33 karma

I would agree with that. Because in the years of the rivalry I don't think it had ever been 1 vs. 2 to go to the championship. That is definitely one of my more memorable games as a Buckeye. -Troy

NissanHeismanHouse32 karma

Tim: Well the one that put me on the map was my junior year. It put my name in the running for the Heisman for the next year. -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse11 karma

They're both special in context. If football was a father, those two plays would be twin sons. -Desmond

NissanHeismanHouse4 karma

I think they're moving to much if you ask me. Football sports is all about money now. It's helped the school out to get more money, so it was a business decision. But I do like it because now their games are on TV and they play schools that I can now drive to see. - Mike

Honestly_34 karma

General Question:

In your opinion, who was the best college player to never get a Heisman?

NissanHeismanHouse97 karma

Rocket Ismail -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse35 karma

I don't know if I can pick just one. There's so many good players every year who don't get it. - Ty

NissanHeismanHouse25 karma

Greg Pruett -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse18 karma

Probably Peter W. -Ron

Honestly_32 karma

NissanHeismanHouse8 karma

EA Sports was kind enough to send me a box of them and I'm hanging on to them for my kids. -Carson

3_exclamation_marks30 karma

General question, I have read that many players give their awards to their parents or create a display for it. So, where is your trophy right now?

NissanHeismanHouse87 karma

It's actually at Buffalo Wild Wings in Madison, WI. -Ron

NissanHeismanHouse54 karma

Right now, it's in my home office. Originally, it was in my mom's house. But she got tired of people coming over wanting to see it so she told me to take it home with me. -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse53 karma

I built my house around the trophy. It has a very special spot in my home. - Tim

NissanHeismanHouse42 karma

It's been at my parents until this year. I think my mom was tired of it being in her living room so I took it to my home office. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse37 karma

My trophy is in Ohio, it's with me. My mother did have it for a while, and my nephew did have his hands all over it. I hold it dear to my heart, so it's by me all the time. You'll have to pry it from my dead, cold fingers. -Troy

NissanHeismanHouse34 karma

It spent the first 10 years with my parents since I was moving around the country. Now it's in my office at home. -Ty

NissanHeismanHouse9 karma

My trophy is with my mom, it's always been with my parents. There was no way I was going to get it out of my dad's possession. They were always very happy and proud to show it off. - Barry

midnightyell30 karma

What are your opinions on a freshman joining your elite fraternity, and on the media circus that's followed him this offseason? What about how he's handled it/been portrayed as behaving since the award? Have any of you met him outside of the night he received the trophy?

NissanHeismanHouse45 karma

I'm fine with a freshman winning it. It goes to the best player. It definitely has created a tougher situation for a young kid to handle all the things thrown at him now. - Ty

NissanHeismanHouse43 karma

I have no problem with a freshman considered the best football player of the season. In my opinion, watching him play, there's no question he deserved it. How many freshman win the Heisman trophy? The media was expected. -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse41 karma

I have no problem with a freshman, I actually thinks its cool. He was the best college football player this last season, so he deserved it. I feel bad for him with the media attention he's getting. It's hard to enjoy college if everything you're doing is being filmed. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse29 karma

It's a great thing for him, but it's going to be tougher for him down the road. People are going to expect him to play just like that if not better each year. -Ron

Talpostal29 karma

Tim Brown and Desmond Howard,

How do you guys feel about the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry ending for the forseeable future?

NissanHeismanHouse39 karma

It's not something that everybody's proud of. But when a Big 10 becomes a Big 12, you knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. But hopefully they'll be able to resurrect it soon. -Tim

bcity2029 karma

Question for Sam Bradford.

I saw you at a Radiohead concert a couple years ago in St. Louis. What are some of your favorite bands right now?

NissanHeismanHouse94 karma

Kings of Leon never get old for me. The Black Keys. The XX. I still love all the old Arcade Fire stuff too. -Sam

iSlacker27 karma

Sam, are you excited to have Austin and Bailey? Do you think they will make an immediate difference?BOOMER!

NissanHeismanHouse30 karma

I'm extremely excited about getting on the field with those two guys. Excited to get back. -Sam


To Ron Dayne: It's about time you got into the NCAA Hall of Fame... Do you have any coaching plans in the future?

NissanHeismanHouse24 karma

Haha, no. Not at all. Thanks -Ron

ThaCarter21 karma

For Ty Detmer: what's it like going back to work as a coach in high school after the success you had at the highest levels of the game?

NissanHeismanHouse40 karma

It's been fun, really refreshing. Working with kids who are playing just because they like football. But there are also some frustrating times. - Ty

MrSoxo21 karma

General Question: What's your thoughts on paying college athletes?

NissanHeismanHouse71 karma

I think it's something that should be done, but I don't think it's something that will ever properly be done. Once you open Pandora's box... there's no going back. -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse31 karma

I definitely think that it should be brought into the fold and considered. The average student athlete helps to bring in multi-millions of dollars for the University. So yes, they should ber compensated. But the hard question is, how much? -Troy

3_exclamation_marks20 karma

Which previous Heisman winner did you idolize as you were growing up?

NissanHeismanHouse41 karma

OJ Simpson. He was one of the smoothest runners I've ever laid eyes on. He was deceptively fast. -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse30 karma

Tony Dorsett. I grew up in Dallas so I would always watch him. -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse6 karma

Probably OJ Simpson, I remember him in the early 70s when he was in the NFL. Next after that would have been Tony Dorsett. When Tony was at Pitt I was just starting little league and I loved watching him. - Barry

iwannaaskyouquestion20 karma

Sam Bradford, Before anything: please tell your team mates to come by for an AMA if you had a good experience, that would be awesome. Also please return later also, we rarely are able to ask quarterback questions and have them reply. I have numbered my questions below so it's easier to reply

1) for a quarterback, how much of the game is mental compared to physical? Most quarterbacks in the Nfl have amazing arms, and the best are mentally prepared also, but which would you consider more important?

2) I am a younger quarterback who has a fairly good throwing motion. I enjoy football a lot and have a passion for it (I play high school football at the quarterback position). But there recently has been something that has been preventing me to be better: how the hand leaves the football to create a "perfect spiral", I understand that there has to be space under the football in between your palm and the ball (I try to match your grip) and I also understand that the last finger has to leave off the ball to create an amazing spiral. What I'm asking is.. Is there anything else that you do with your wrist/fingers when you throw the football? Is there some fingers that you grip the football harder than others? Anything else that you could describe to help me improve the release of the football? (Sorry for so many questions)

3) what was the most difficult thing you've had to overcome personally? (Not necessarily football related)

4) did you have other plans for a career if football didn't work out?

Thank you in advance!

NissanHeismanHouse26 karma

Question#4: If I wasn't a football player, I probably would have ended up going to Law School. It's always intrigued me. It opens your eyes to new things. If not that, something in the business world. -Sam

NotMathMan82118 karma

Many of you played for well known, high profile schools in college before moving onto the NFL. What is the biggest difference between your college days and your professional days? What is the craziest road environment you have ever played in, be it the NFL or NCAAF?

NissanHeismanHouse27 karma

Well, college with the academics was tough. Your days were full, your night were long - studying, practice, etc. It requires discipline. But the discipline you need in the NFL is almost more. -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse17 karma

The speed of the game is a lot different in CFB and NFL. The guys are a lot bigger too, they're all pros. -Ron

Daigotsu17 karma

outside of the team you played for what is your next favorite cfb team?

NissanHeismanHouse57 karma

I don't have one. I grew up an Oklahoma fan. - Sam

NissanHeismanHouse33 karma

Well I live in Austin, TX so I definitely follow what the Longhorns are doing. -Ty

3_exclamation_marks17 karma

To all: if you got to vote during the year you won the Heisman and could not vote for yourself, who do you select?

NissanHeismanHouse65 karma

I probably would have voted for Colt. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse19 karma

Ricky Bell -Tony

Honestly_15 karma


  • What was your favorite part about going to BYU?

  • How do you like coaching?

NissanHeismanHouse23 karma

My favorite part about BYU was the setting - the stadium was tucked right up against the mountains. It was an awesome place to play. -Ty

Toastman0415 karma

Do any of them feel like winning the Heisman put a mental burden on them that brought up expectations to unreasonable levels?

NissanHeismanHouse22 karma

I don't think so. When you go into the NFL there's a new start, there's a little more pressure to think that you have to live up to it. But there's also more pressure that you put on yourself. -Ty

Smidgens14 karma

Do you guys get to improvise at all when filming the commercials or do you have to follow a strict script? Who's the best actor?

NissanHeismanHouse18 karma

You can improvise a little, through there's not a ton of lines. The facial expressions are all you though. Mike Rozier is by far the best actor. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse18 karma

Most cases, you can do a little bit of both. I haven't seen the script yet, so I probably will being a little improvising. I was already going to do it anyway! -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse13 karma

We follow a strict script and then they'll let you have fun afterwards. It's incredibly fun. -Troy

NissanHeismanHouse9 karma

We follow the script pretty closely. There isn't too much more you can do. -Ron

megamanxzero3513 karma

Sam, I'm an Iowa State fan. What did and didn't you like about coming to Ames?

Edit: And this goes for any other of the guys that played in Ames.

NissanHeismanHouse17 karma

Well, I didn't like the way we played that day. It wasn't our best performance. I liked the atmosphere though, great to play in. -Sam

kingdadrock11 karma

Any aspects outside of football that winning the Heisman has helped you achieve?

NissanHeismanHouse35 karma

It definitely opens doors - for speaking opportunities, charity events... even to be in commercials. -Ty

NissanHeismanHouse10 karma

It's broaden my horizon in the sense of giving back to the community. It's put me on a national scale that helps when you want to give back. It's given me a leg up in that field to implement what we want right now into the community. -Troy

NissanHeismanHouse5 karma

It helps you become more of a people's person. Teaches you how to talk better to the public. -Ron

grauen0611 karma

To Tony Dorsett, How come when you were at Pitt you went by "Dor-sit", but when you became a Cowboy you went by "DorSET"? What do you prefer?

NissanHeismanHouse22 karma

I changed the pronunciation of it, of my real name. I liked the ring of it the most. -Tony

ptahian11 karma

Will we ever have another 2-time Heisman winner?

NissanHeismanHouse40 karma

No. And I don't think we should either. -Tim

NissanHeismanHouse35 karma

I think so, I think eventually now that it hasn't become such an upper-classmen award. The chances of someone winning it twice are now greater than they were in the past. -Sam

ElPolloHerman010 karma

Troy, you quarterbacked 3 wins against the school up north. Which was your personal favorite: 04, 05, or 06?

NissanHeismanHouse15 karma

It would have had to have been 05, it's when we played them there. The ability to be behind in a tough environment and then come back in win. Silenced the crowd and earned their respect, definitely a memorable win. -Troy

AndrewinDC10 karma

To Sam: Fellow Sooner here. What do you think the biggest transition was from the college game to the pro game? Many people like to claim that schools like OU which have aired out the offense are become more systematic and creating difficulties transitioning to the pro game. Do you think there is merit to that, or is it disparaging to certain programs?

Bonus Question: Favorite spot to hang out when you go back to Norman?

NissanHeismanHouse21 karma

The biggest transition was the speed of the game. My favorite spot in Norman is Victoria's pasta shop. Best restaurant in all of Oklahoma. -Sam

gamesindians10 karma

Open Question: Did winning the Heisman provide any confidence boost in your transition to the NFL?

NissanHeismanHouse44 karma

Honestly, not really. I was a ninth round draft pick so that pretty much took any of that confidence away. -Ty

NissanHeismanHouse24 karma

No, I didn't make my any more confidence. All the confidence I needed was obtained in my 4 years at the University of Pittsburgh. -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse15 karma

No, not really. I just wanted to go in and stay focused. -Ron

NissanHeismanHouse7 karma

It did, it put me on a platform and let me know I had the ability to compete with the best of the best. When you're in a room full of Heismans, it's still very humbling. Just to be around these guys, I'm tremendously blessed. -Troy

Trojann29 karma

Do you see the NFL as a more competitive league, even though players are paid, or the NCAA where everyone is playing with their hearts for the National Title on the line?

IE: Do you feel college athletes are playing more with their heart vs some NFL players with large contracts?

NissanHeismanHouse15 karma

I think both. The NFL is very competitive, the games are usually 10 points or less. But there are college players knowing that their not going to play in the NFL just because they love it. - Ty

keyree6 karma

Do any of you feel that you were not the best player the year you won? If so, who do you think should have won instead?

NissanHeismanHouse13 karma

I definitely think I should have won. But probably if not me, Don M. -Tim

Jumps_The_Lazy_Dog6 karma

Thank you guys for doing this! What's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked by a reporter or fan?

NissanHeismanHouse30 karma

It wasn't a question, but a lady came up to me at the Rose Bowl and said "good luck in the NBA finals" -Ron

NissanHeismanHouse21 karma

The weirdest thing was "do I think I can succeed at the next level being only 6 feet tall." And joking I said "You make it seem like being 6 feet is having a disease." -Troy

Pitt_Hypocycloids6 karma

For Sam:

I can't imagine how hard it was for you when you injured your shoulder your junior year. But what was going through your mind when you re-injured your right shoulder later that year? Did it plant any doubts about what would happen in the upcoming draft for you?

NissanHeismanHouse9 karma

I always knew if I needed to I could come back to school the next year since I was just a junior at the time. But it was definitely frustrating, since you want to play and not be on the sidelines. But I knew that it wasn't going to affect me, and it didn't. -Sam

Z545 karma

If you can, typical people work 40 hour work weeks, I know this isn't the case for you. Can you provide us with a typical work week? How much time is spent on the field, how much time is spent watching films, how much time is spent working out? Thanks!

NissanHeismanHouse12 karma

Typically, during the season, we spend (including games) 15 hours a week on the field. The meeting time is about 40-50 hours a week. It's a lot. And working out, probably 3 hours a week. -Sam

Rainyshoes5 karma

Open question: I see a comment about how winning the Heisman opened doors and opportunities for you, but did it also create any difficulties or handicaps for you? If so, what difficulties/challenges surprised you the most?

NissanHeismanHouse14 karma

It came with certain opportunities, that's why I'm here today - for speaking requests, etc. The difficulty would go back to the attention. For a while it's hard to go anywhere without someone coming up to you. Most people are really nice about it, but it's hard being alone sometimes. -Sam

NissanHeismanHouse13 karma

All I can say about the Heisman - it's all been positive. If there's any bad, it's only that you become a little more visible. You're no longer just "Tony Dorsett", you're "Heisman Trophy winner Tony Dorsett" -Tony

3_exclamation_marks5 karma

For anyone, are you superstitious and did that play a role in how you behaved prior to the announcing who won?

NissanHeismanHouse10 karma

Nope, not at all. -Tony

theyellowdragon4 karma

This questions is for Sam Bradford, do you feel like this is a "make or break" season for you with the Rams?

I'm from Big 12 country and loved watching you in college, thanks!

NissanHeismanHouse15 karma

Not at all. I approach every season the same. Our goal is to win our division, the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl. -Sam

G1NGER4 karma

So is Sam going to be coming back at all?

NissanHeismanHouse8 karma

Yes, we're going to be at the Heisman House until 5pm CST today and all day tomorrow. We apologize he had to leave, but he was needed for his next commercial. Thanks! -Kellye

Dandz4 karma

For Troy: You're working as a GA in the Athletic Department now right? What are you future plans; Do you want to get into coaching?

NissanHeismanHouse6 karma

I wouldn't say as much as coaching, but I definitely want to give back to the kids on a wider scale, national scale. The next generation is what we should hold dear to our hearts, the kids that succeed us need our help. It all starts with them knowing and understanding that you are real. - Troy

wupsupcup3 karma

General question, who would be your first pick in a game of two hand touch at the annual Heisman Barbecue?

NissanHeismanHouse8 karma

Desmond Howard! -Ron

NissanHeismanHouse5 karma

Cam Newton or RGIII -Troy

Hypnowalrus2 karma

What did you do the night after you won the trophy?

NissanHeismanHouse8 karma

The night after you win they have a very nice dinner just for previous Heisman winners and the newest Heisman winner. Kinda like a "welcome to the club" dinner. It was great, there was a band -- it was a great night. -Sam

drewdej2 karma

General question:

Do you watch more college ball or pro ball?

NissanHeismanHouse2 karma

Probably a little of both. There's certain games you want to see in NFL and CFB. -Ron

loginorreg2 karma

What's it like being in that exclusive fraternity of Heisman winners?

What's the meaning of the award to you? Is it the Most VALUABLE Player to the team their on, or is the award going to the best overall college player?

NissanHeismanHouse4 karma

A humbling experience. The closest guy I have to man crush on is Charlie Ward, and the first time around when we shot the first Heisman commercial, as soon as he walked in the room my palms started sweating. Haha, but I quickly snapped out of that. -Troy

pramirez1842 karma

General Question (but mainly for the guys who haven't played in 20 years): How do you think CFB has changed since you were playing and where do you see it going?

NissanHeismanHouse9 karma

I don't think the game itself has really changed. The fans and visibility of game has come a long way. When I was playing, all you would see was Notre Dame on TV. Now everyone's on TV, which I think they deserve. -Tony

NissanHeismanHouse2 karma

When I was playing it was more about the running game. Now it's more about the passing game. -Ron

ryanrackson1 karma

what was more thrilling, waiting to be announced the Heisman winner or getting drafted?

NissanHeismanHouse4 karma

Winning the Heisman. I kinda knew the draft was going to happen. But I had no idea I was going to win the Heisman that night. My heart was beating through my chest, I've never felt that way before. -Sam