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General Question:

What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?

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Welcome to reddit! Did Victoria send you to /r/IAmA?

Next time consider coming to /r/CFB, we've had AMAs with several Heisman Winners (Herschel Walker, Tim Brown, Eric Crouch, etc) and famous coaches (Bobby Bowden, Kliff Kingsbury, Mike Leach) and others (we've got the Belk Bowl doing an AMA today) in an environment surrounded by folks who actually follow college football! It's way more time effective.

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he praised Elijah Muhammad as the "Black people's Hitler,"

I bet that quote didn't find its way into the praise section of any of his books:

"He is the Light for all!" -- Louis Farrakhan

"I learned a lot from this book." -- Professor Griff

"Compelling reading, He knows what he's talking about!" -- Clarence 13X

"He is Black people's Hitler!" -- Lincoln Rockwell (It's cool, Rockwell's a Nazi so it's a compliment!)

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General Question:

We all know Nissan is compensating you for your time, but what's your dream car and what's your actual daily driver?