I spent a week on set as a guest for episode 503 Hazard Pay. Got to hang out with the cast, crew, etc.

EDIT: proof http://imgur.com/AudJjDO

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BlackBillMurray212 karma

Was Walter Jr. as charming in person as he was at the breakfast table?

Brokelyn1193 karma

He was one of the few people that wasn't shooting that week. Never got to meet him.

BlackBillMurray83 karma

That's unfortunate. Regardless, thank you for your response.

Brokelyn189 karma

yup yup, no problem

dkkotoluvsdnl142 karma

How did it feel being around Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul during that time? Did you get to have any sit downs with them personally, or go out for drinks or anything like that? What are they (Bryan and Aaron) like off camera?

Brokelyn1256 karma

They were awesome. I spent each day sitting in what they call "video village" which is just the area where the directer, dp, actors who aren't on screen, ect. sit, so I was around them all the time. They both are funny off screen. The first thing Aaron started talking to me about was watching Lost.

frankenbeanies120 karma

The important question: did you make/use meth?

Brokelyn1159 karma

No, it was a bummer. Didn't even get to see any.

Draculas_teabag113 karma

Skyler does an awesome job at being a b-b-b-bitch on the show. Tell me she is actually cool in real life.

Brokelyn1111 karma

She actually wasn't shooting the week I was there. I never got to meet her, Rj Mitte or Dean Norris

mikeandhisc104 karma

Of the cast, who is the least like their character in real life?

Brokelyn1303 karma

Besides the obvious point that none of them are actually sitting around cooking up meth, Charles Baker who plays Skinny Pete seemed to be the polar opposite. I didn't even recognize him at first without his hat. Looks like a completely different person. We were shooting at a music shop and he was playing the piano like it was nothing. Classically trained.

elizabeaver96 karma

Is Aaron Paul just as attractive in real life?

Brokelyn1183 karma


fsakj89 karma

What were the people like? Was there anything about them that surprised you?

Brokelyn1160 karma

Everybody was unbelievably nice. Way nicer than I expected. Went out of the way to talk to me, see how I was doing, etc. That goes for the cast and crew

fsakj54 karma

What was the most memorable part of the experience?

Brokelyn1195 karma

On my last day there, it was a late night shooting on set. All of a sudden I hear a booming voice yelling behind me. It was Bryan Cranston yelling my name and saying "You're still here?! They haven't put you to work yet?"

fsakj51 karma

I really liked your story!

Brokelyn1104 karma

haha I was shocked he remembered my name

T1K148 karma

Even Skylar?

Brokelyn170 karma

Never got to meet her :/

Tyrone_Asaurus73 karma

I imagine Cranston is more like Hal than his is like Walt in real life. Can you confirm my fantasies?

Brokelyn1123 karma

Definitely. At one point he broke into a show tune with Jonathan Banks.

The-Pwnage-Man36 karma

What showtune? For some reason, I hope its legally blonde...

Brokelyn161 karma

Not sure what it was. It just sounded like a barbershop quartet...except it was just the 2 of them. Really funny to watch

iamadeformedewok71 karma

Did you come away with any memorabilia? Like a prop piece or something?

Brokelyn1230 karma

No props, but on my last day they gave me a tote bag which had had some "better call Saul" matches, a Beneke Fabricators mug, shirt, etc. Some cool promotional stuff.

Edit* and a baseball cap signed by the cast

bananalouise51 karma

Did you get much of a sense of what the relationships are like among the actors and between the actors and the crew? Is it very familiar or more sort of friendly but impersonal? I mean, I've seen a video of Bryan pointing a penis-shaped water gun at Aaron in a scene that calls for an actual gun, but what about the general tenor of conversations around the set? Is it cliquey?

Brokelyn188 karma

They honestly have a very tight-knit cast and crew. There didn't seem to be any distance with the actors and the crew. You could turn around and see Bryan Cranston talking and joking with one of the gaffers. Everyone seemed to be on a first name basis with everyone else. It's also not like they would shoot a scene then run off to their trailer either. If they weren't in a particular shot, they would just be hanging out by the monitors with the rest of us.

AphxTwn66645 karma

Did you get to sing the "Malcom in the middle" theme song with Bryan?

Brokelyn162 karma

That would have been great.

thebirdbridge42 karma

Was the blue sky as good as the show made it out to be?

Brokelyn1101 karma

The meth? I'm still tweaking.

Musicmantobes36 karma

How were you able to be a guest?

Brokelyn162 karma

I know someone with the show. They got me in contact with one of the producers who would be on set and from there we picked a week where not too much would be going on.

iamadeformedewok27 karma

I know someone with the show.

Does this person work for AMC? In other words.... are we going to see you on the set of The Walking Dead next year?

Brokelyn128 karma

No, but I bet that would be a fun show to be on

GrdnGekko35 karma

Was Jesse your best friend?

Brokelyn181 karma

He was the first person to talk to me. Really nice guy.

Draculas_teabag30 karma

Did you get any clues about how the show might end? If so, don't tell us.

Brokelyn150 karma

No sir. I don't think they had the ending written then anyways. Can't wait for the second half to start though.

caucasianasian129 karma

Were any of the actors or crew unpleasant to be around?

Brokelyn173 karma

No, everyone there was unbelievably kind to me. Actors would just strike up conversations with me. When I first arrived, the airline lost my luggage so I didn't have a change of clothes for the first 2 days. At one point one of the women with wardrobe offered me clothes out of the wardrobe trailer. They couldn't have been nicer.

fawaffle26 karma

Did you get any breadsticks?

Brokelyn138 karma

Such a good scene. The catering was on point there though.

iamadeformedewok24 karma

Any memorable bloopers?

Brokelyn157 karma

Nothing that really comes to mind. Bob Odenkirk was always cracking jokes.

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Updated the description with a photo

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This was from last year - first half of season 5. Episode 503 Hazard Pay

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I don't know how any of this works. A friend suggested that I create an account for this because people would be interested. Figured it was worth a shot