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They really should have given him a more interesting final arc, though.

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Did you get much of a sense of what the relationships are like among the actors and between the actors and the crew? Is it very familiar or more sort of friendly but impersonal? I mean, I've seen a video of Bryan pointing a penis-shaped water gun at Aaron in a scene that calls for an actual gun, but what about the general tenor of conversations around the set? Is it cliquey?

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  • What are your current top three meals in NYC under $20?
  • What's your favorite city to eat in?
  • What's the most delicious thing you've ever made?
  • Can I come try out a restaurant with you?

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Hi Mary! Can't wait to read your book.

I have several questions, which you're welcome to answer all, some or none of:

  • Are you sure it's "copy edit" and not "copyedit" or "copy-edit"? I can never decide.
  • Do you follow New Yorker style in your personal life?
  • What widely respected rule do you hate most? (Mine is "Never end a sentence with a preposition.")
  • Do you have any favorite clich├ęs? Least favorite?
  • When I worked on the copy desk of my college paper, an editor told me that everyone secretly hates copy for making their lives more difficult in the middle of the night. This coincides pretty closely with the experience that led my mother to quit her newspaper copy editing job in a huff. In your experience, how do copy editors tend to be viewed by the rest of a publication's staff? How about the writers?

Thank you for this AMA!

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Ms. Gordon-Reed! So exciting to have you here! I'm having a hard time choosing between the things I'm curious about, but don't interpret the multiple questions as an expectation of having all of them answered.

  • What was education and training like for the skilled tradespeople among Jefferson's slaves? Would any of them have been deliberately taught to read, or did they endeavor to learn on their own? How closely did he supervise them?
  • Jefferson seems satisfied with the "general opinion" that alcoholism caused James Hemings's suicide. Do we have any more concrete information about him that would add nuance to that explanation?
  • Did Jefferson really hope to persuade Washington to authorize providing military support to the French Revolution? Did the United States actually have the resources to spare, or the possibility of amassing them, at that time? And did he have any idea how such an effort would have been paid for?