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Besides the obvious point that none of them are actually sitting around cooking up meth, Charles Baker who plays Skinny Pete seemed to be the polar opposite. I didn't even recognize him at first without his hat. Looks like a completely different person. We were shooting at a music shop and he was playing the piano like it was nothing. Classically trained.

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They were awesome. I spent each day sitting in what they call "video village" which is just the area where the directer, dp, actors who aren't on screen, ect. sit, so I was around them all the time. They both are funny off screen. The first thing Aaron started talking to me about was watching Lost.

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No props, but on my last day they gave me a tote bag which had had some "better call Saul" matches, a Beneke Fabricators mug, shirt, etc. Some cool promotional stuff.

Edit* and a baseball cap signed by the cast

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On my last day there, it was a late night shooting on set. All of a sudden I hear a booming voice yelling behind me. It was Bryan Cranston yelling my name and saying "You're still here?! They haven't put you to work yet?"

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He was one of the few people that wasn't shooting that week. Never got to meet him.