I am actually a recycling collector because I work on a recycling collection truck. For ever 3 trash routes, there is 1 recycling route. (That should put into perspective the amount of time spent on the truck) On Thursdays I am what we call a swing laborer, I bounce from truck to truck helping different crews, so some times I am a trash hauler.

I work for a company in Northern Virginia (United States of America) called American Disposal and we service over 3 millions customers weekly, run around 100 rear loader trucks, 100 front end loader trucks and 100 roll-off container trucks. I have been working in this profession for some time now and I still can't decide whether I love it or hate it. I work 60 hours a week, arrive to the yard at 4:15am, punch in at 4:30, leave at 4:50 and start the route around 5:00am. We work all day, only taking breaks to go to the landfill and back to the route, and the occasional 7-11 or McDonalds stop for food if we didn't pack anything. Finish around 4pm some days earlier, some days later.

Not sure how I can really prove it, but this album should help ;)

Album 1, the day in the life of trash man

I am prepared for any and all questions. I am currently on the truck so if I don't get to you I will shortly, we are picking up farm country in nokesville, Bristow, Manassas and hayharket so I won't be on the step for more than 10 mins at a time.

Wow holy shit guys that was awesome! Was not expecting all that!

I tried to answer every single question but I missed like 10 or 20, but everyone who posted got an upvote from me!!

Alright guys. thanks so much for such a great time, this was so fucking awesome, unfortunately i have to go to bed to get up for work tomorrow, ill check in the morning and answer anymore questions that come up

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yourtehdiction196 karma

Was there a moment when you saw the contents of someones' bin and thought, "fuck this"?

SubzeroMK289 karma

Yes. Yes. Yes. Everyday.

One time came up on a stop that was across the street doing recycle the guy filled his entire toter with wet newspapers, all the way to the top. I'm used to just grabbing and go, I yanked this can and it yanked back, took me 5 mins just to push it across the road, than it took me my driver and the lift on the back to lift the can. Definitely a fuck this moment.

Doing trash came up on a can and it smelled funkier than usual, opened the lid and was full of old nasty rotten food, almost liquified. Needless to say I had to go home early due to getting very very sick to my stomach.

PlanetMarklar18 karma

to branch off of that, was there ever a moment when you saw the contents of someone's bin and though "fuck YEAH!"

i imagine you find some cool shit to bring home from time to time

SubzeroMK27 karma

Not yet :(

Jibfestdan169 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, I think that anyone that preforms a job that can be considered less than desirable and does it with a smile and pride is a true man (or woman).
What is the best way to show appreciation and courtesy to the people who pick up my trash and recycling? What can I do to make things easier for your job? For garbage (maybe you know) is it preferred to have it in bags or in a can? If I have an extra bag but am out of tags, how can I get my extra bag on the truck?

Thanks for doing what you do by the way.

SubzeroMK179 karma

Just a smile and thanks, but we enjoy a bottle of soda and a small snack :)

Bag EVERYTHING and TIE them shut. Only put either recycle or trash can out when they are totally full.

Well we take anything around and in the cans regardless but tape a piece of paper to the side or something is usually what our customers do.

And no, thank you random citizen!

high five

hogiewan57 karma

My garbage guy just drive the truck up along side the can and the arm grabs it and dumps it. I haven't figured out a good way to leave him a gift.

SubzeroMK395 karma

Don't. He's a lazy fucking ass hole. Those side loader guys are a joke and an insult to garbage men everywhere

hogiewan36 karma

ha - I have two truck pass - the side-loader and a team to pick up yard waste. I have left them bottles of water when I put out a lot of shit

SubzeroMK68 karma

We have rear loaders for all residential be it trash recycle or yard waste. We love the free waters!!

marbel34 karma

Are you ever worried about the "free" waters? I've wanted to leave them out on hot days but am worried I might be scaring you guys...thinking I'm poisoning you.

SubzeroMK70 karma

They are sealed so we drink them

Poopstock32 karma

...wait...why? It seems not having to jump down would be more efficient.

SubzeroMK109 karma

Because you can get an entire street at once, side loaders have to turn around all the time sorta like the mail man. A side loader will drive by the same house 6 times while I will only once

jethroboom49 karma

Politeness and concern for the neighborhoods, this guy.

SubzeroMK78 karma

I just try my hardest to please everyone

SubzeroMK108 karma

Oh and if you have boxes, break them down and bundle them with twine or strong tape.

Delta_Jax156 karma

Everything I've learned about garbage men has come from this movie


would you say there's any accurate scenes?

SubzeroMK152 karma

Holy shit never seen it, I know what I'm doing tonight, ill message you after I watch it!

corskier129 karma

I forgot my garbage a few weeks ago, and a step rider grabbed it from the side of my house and took it anyways. Thanks for being an awesome group of hardworking dudes!

SubzeroMK126 karma

I always love doing this because the sheer satisfaction on their face is great

colski08105 karma

The other day, I passed a truck on the road with a step rider on my side and he waved at me. For some reason it felt cool to be waved at by him. Maybe because of the fact that there's no other occupation quite like it and to see those guys riding on the back of trucks is a little bit of a sight to see. The guy I saw looked like he was really enjoying his job. Do you feel somewhat, for the lack of better words, cool when you pass other cars or people? I mean you get to be freely suspended from a moving vehicle for your occupation while everybody else has to be stuck in their own vehicles.

SubzeroMK302 karma

Great question, I wave to everyone I see. And yes sometimes there is a sense of coolness, especially when we are riding at 35 mph and I'm hanging on by 1 hand and 1 foot just chilling. It's very interesting and I actually highly enjoy my job, outside all day, smoke my cigs, be as loud as I want.

Edit: sometimes ill do things that look cool, jump off backwards and slide grab the can and swing it upside down using 1 hand and place it back perfectly without using my left hand. It's the little things in life.

hnice132 karma

You are the coolest dude. Like, if you're going to have a difficult job, it is awesome that you're reveling in the cool parts.

SubzeroMK195 karma

I think your the coolest dude

kindabiglie279 karma



hnice47 karma

Now yore the coolest dude.

SubzeroMK91 karma

I also like to rid back against the truck an lean on the rails for added effect!

how_do_I_upvote-17 karma

I'm so sorry, but I have to do this.


SubzeroMK4 karma

It's okay I sill love you hunny

Izeake96 karma

Just wanted to let you know, I found your title quite enticing. Great job!

SubzeroMK121 karma

I found your username quite exotic!

Maxiscoolerthanyou41 karma

read that as erotic.

SubzeroMK61 karma

Maybe it was ;)

SubzeroMK57 karma

I love you

SubzeroMK33 karma

Your my hero.

everennui62 karma

I worked as a trash collector (step rider) for a while at Harter's Quick Clean Up in LaCrosse WI. My brother was a class B, and privately contracted me to help him 3 times a week. I worked for rent. That is the shittiest job I have ever done. Rain, shine, sleet or snow. Waking up at 4:00 isn't so bad in the summer, but in the winter--it is damn near impossible. Strangely--as far as the job went--it was much nicer to work in the cold. The dumpster juice freezes, the refuse isn't cooking in the hot sun and you're warm enough to be in a hoodie. ...'cept on those -15°F days. If I were making salary, I would do it for a while.

SubzeroMK41 karma

Everything you just said is truth!!

Testiclese60 karma

You guys are the unsung heroes of the modern world. I salute you, Garbage guy!

You get to work outside in the sun, you are in better physical shape than office drones, no pressure, right? An honest day's of work and then go home and forget about it.

In some ways, I'm rather envious!

SubzeroMK139 karma

I'm actually a fat ass fucker, in this business it's not about physical shape it's about endurance and strength. I can run and lift all day. We have marines come in and don't make it.

pwnslinger59 karma

That's the definition of "in shape".

SubzeroMK424 karma

I'm round, round is a shape!

Colbax35 karma

I would like to upvote this forever.

SubzeroMK46 karma


gojutremere7 karma

The more you reply, the more the rest of us round guys can upvote you!

SubzeroMK42 karma

Round guys unite! Lets roll out!!

costanza_vandelay26 karma

Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

SubzeroMK47 karma

I love my job!!!

Richardmg953 karma

How much money do you make? and is collecting recycling better than collecting trash? Horrible acrid smells- constantly, rarely, or a few times a day?

SubzeroMK79 karma

I make 500 a week roughly.

Recycling is harder because its a quicker pace and longer hours but its 100x cleaner. 1/20 cans may be a little nasty but generally our truck doesn't smell like anything.

Guys prefer trash because of thurs and Friday being early days.

I like recycling better

theusualuser65 karma

$24k a year? Damn son, you're underpaid for what you're doing. I knew garbagemen didn't make much, but that's not enough to support a family on. Makes me wonder how all the families of garbagemen got by when I was a kid.

SubzeroMK62 karma

Well that's after taxes, it's 800 before taxes so figure that. Plus bonuses and shit

Alex01119 karma

What do you get bonuses for?

SubzeroMK108 karma

Working safely (as I'm typing on reddit while riding the step) and shit

manofoar10 karma

you guys gotta unionize! In Seattle, all major garbage companies are unionized. Swampers make about $18/hr, drivesr make $27/hr.

source - I used to be the IT guy at a garbage company.

SubzeroMK57 karma

We are a private company and we are just happy to have a job.

iwillnotbesubjected1 karma

I have a friend who works in a nuclear plant as an engineer, picked up straight out of college- he makes 2000 euros a month. It's an Eastern Europe country.

SubzeroMK7 karma

Fucking engineere

Rhino88745 karma

What's the most interesting thing you've found in someone's garbage?

SubzeroMK111 karma

I once found an old carving set from 1950s still in great shape. Values at 100$

Find a lot of porn.

We sometimes find cases of unopened non expired sodas and juice and stuff.

Found 2 dollars once.

Nothing really over the top that I could retire with. Sorry that wasn't more interesting of an answer.


Non expired sodas sound great! Bonus Soda!

SubzeroMK64 karma

Hell yeah!!

theamorouspanda28 karma

Do you ever keep anything you find? Like did you throw the carving set in the truck and keep moving?

SubzeroMK34 karma

Nope took it home its on my shelf

TheSpicyPepper13 karma


SubzeroMK33 karma

When I get home. Or check my imgur. Username is subzeromk

rob_n_goodfellow42 karma

Does it ever irritate you that your job is more dangerous and (arguably) more important than police or firefighters, but they get treated like heroes while you guys never seem to get the respect you deserve?

SubzeroMK100 karma

We are currently number 4 most dangerous job in America and I don't care. It's just another day at the office to me, done people hate us and some love us. I go in clock in work clock out go home. Sure I've almost been killed a few times but that's part of the job.

lolzsupbrah32 karma

I'm confused. Why is it considered dangerous? Danger and garbage and garbage man don't seem to really go together. Care to explain?

SubzeroMK120 karma

Well I'm working on the street with moving cars all around me. A lot of guys get creamed by cars going to fast around the truck when they step off to the side. Another thing is people like to thro away needles and a lot of guys get HIV and shit. Plus all the broken glass we pick up. 41 in every 100k employees die every year due to these dangers.

ilovemesomepoptarts55 karma

Jesus, man. I'll definitely leave out some drinks and snacks for my garbagemen in the future. I had no idea you guys had a dangerous job!

SubzeroMK49 karma

Well thanks my friend :) just wish my customers were some of you guys

Iam6ft617 karma


SubzeroMK38 karma

I meant hep b sorry for confusions man!!

DisPosHap21 karma

Can you elaborate on 'almost getting killed a few times'? What happened? What makes the job so dangerous? thank you for your AMA and work.

SubzeroMK54 karma

Came out from behind the truck early morning and a car almost hit me, like 2 inches from me, at 60 mph.

Got rolled over 3 hoods in a neighborhood.

This is what makes it dangerous and your welcome

Davidharo19 karma

"Got rolled over 3 hoods in a neighborhood."? Dang, I thought I knew my slang. What's that mean? You got mugged 3 times or by 3 dudes?

SubzeroMK35 karma

Got hit by cars my frien rolled off the from of them

SubzeroMK23 karma

Hit by Carsten friend, rolled off the front of them

Pfaffgod11 karma

Did they feel bad to make you roll over their hoods?

SubzeroMK30 karma

Not usually, they said it was my fault for not paying attention

Willbennett4738 karma

I bet you are strong as fuck

SubzeroMK147 karma

I'm the fucking hulk

OoThatGuy105 karma


i'll see myself out.

SubzeroMK49 karma

You. I like you

Metalhed6935 karma

The week after Christmas must be total hell for you. How bad is it? Are there any other times of the year where trash is particularly hard to deal with?

SubzeroMK70 karma

The 3 weeks after Christmas is known in the disposal community simply as Hell, in the most unholy of definitions. Since recycle gets picked up once a week, when Christmas and New Years come on the same day of the week we have a triple pick up. But those 2 weeks every truck is running 3x the amount of trash/recycle. So if a trash truck runs 3 loads, they will pick up 6 loads. Trucks will and I guarantee be running from 5am to 9pm on those days.

The other bad day is thanksgiving due to all the leftovers being thrown away. And for trash is known as hell in the most nasty, disgusting, smelly of unholy definitions.

Pearl_Jam86 karma

Where I live, it is considered normal to tip the garbage man on big holidays. Especially Christmas. I give them each $100.

SubzeroMK69 karma

Fucking love people like you

mbn880735 karma

I'm 25 now but when I was little I would always wake up early on thursday mornings and my sister, our dog, and myself would all stand at the window waiting to see the garbage men. I loved the big cool truck and they would always wave at us, really was one of my fonder childhood memories. High Fives to garbage men!

SubzeroMK30 karma

garbage five!!

Geeayche35 karma

I work for a disposal company in New England and I just want to say that the people who drive and sling trash are some of the hardest workers I've ever met.

I've been on the back of the truck a couple of times and its freaking exhausting after an entire day.

I guess my question is since I've done it only a few times, do you ever get used to it? Or do you find a pace that you can work at for an entire day? I think my main problem is I went as fast as I could and was cooked after 4 hours or so.


SubzeroMK49 karma

Haha yeah, you get used to it and you find your center, I have my own pace I go at throughout the day, certain areas ill walk and others I will run as quick as I can. But I feel your pain, I know I'm always cooked at the end of the day, yesterday and Monday I pulled 15 hour shifts.

Stryker02130 karma

When I saw the words "trash slinger", I immediately thought of spongebob. The one of the Hash Slinging Slasher? Have you ever watched that cartoon?

SubzeroMK64 karma

Sponge bob is my homie. Me and my driver just talked about that episode earlier

diekapteinvandiepoes29 karma

Have you ever found anything illegal?

SubzeroMK65 karma

Yeah, unfired rounds, drugs. We just throw it in the back and forget about it

GymBongFun27 karma

So you didn't smoke that quarter oz I lost? Shit.

SubzeroMK155 karma

Nah negro I snorted that shit!

GymBongFun27 karma

Love this AMA

SubzeroMK8 karma

Love you!

dsettonni127 karma

Someone give this man gold!

SubzeroMK6 karma

Tehe your to good.

slightly_on_tupac27 karma

I work in NOVA! Lets get beer.

SubzeroMK51 karma

Where you at nigga

slightly_on_tupac28 karma

Shower first. I live in Arlington, work out by Dulles.

SubzeroMK25 karma

I pick up in loudon on Thursdays ATM in ashburn village

ThanklessPanda61 karma

Hey, you're my garbage man.

SubzeroMK38 karma

Oh yeah? Prove it

novaguy2817 karma

From Hoodbridge hence the username! Thanks for keeping shit clean!

SubzeroMK98 karma

Fuck hoodbridge. Nasty area

mastiffdude30 karma

Best AMA reply. Ever.

SubzeroMK11 karma

No yours was

gum-26 karma

Do you have houses you specifically dread going to or does the sheer volume of your route make it all kind of blend in?

I always feel self conscious that the garbage man judges me for some reason.

SubzeroMK36 karma

Yes. Some houses are especially nasty or heavy, and it never just blends, you feel every lb of every can.

Jembers199023 karma

Whats the weirdest thing you've found in the trash?

SubzeroMK54 karma


theamorouspanda7 karma

How many dildos were there? I don't know, but I'm sore and I want to go home.

SubzeroMK25 karma

12 dildos. 4 butt plugs and alot of porn

TheCrazyAtheist11 karma

Sooo did you keep them?

SubzeroMK79 karma

Using then right jow

placebo_button22 karma

Have you ever slipped off the back of the truck when it was moving?

SubzeroMK55 karma

Yup hurts like shit.

sparcos20 karma

Do you feel a bond per se just by going through someone's trash everyday, even if you've never met them?

SubzeroMK46 karma

Eh kind of in a way, I know how much your bills are, type of toilet paper you use, food you eat, drink you drink, stores you buy from. So in a way there is a bond.

sundance102824 karma

He is the eyes and ears of this institution, my friends.

SubzeroMK66 karma

And if I have to come back in here I'm cracking skulls!!

badranch12 karma

Upvoted for Breakfast Club. Thanks for being a service to everyone with your job.

SubzeroMK17 karma

Thanks for the job!

sparcos11 karma

Yeah that's what I meant! That's kinda scary to be honest, stranger knowing all that info about me.

SubzeroMK17 karma

Not really scary, the same guys pick your stuff up every pickup day so you figure over a few years the learn a few things

sutwilso10 karma

One time I was late taking out the recycle so I did it in the morning, I was caring the last tub out when they pulled up so I just handed it to the guy directly, the then told me "thank you sutwilso" I was a little surprised but just said you're welcome and went back in, do you know the peoples names that you collect their trash for?

SubzeroMK17 karma

Sometimes we do but mostly no lol

yovman20 karma

You ever run into any of those scenarios you see in porno movies? Like the hot house wife is home alone and you stop by to pick up her garbage and what she REALLY needs is a back massage from your "big strong hands" and then it escalates from there?

SubzeroMK31 karma

I fucking wish

MrDL10419 karma

Are you concerned that the automated trucks with the mechanical arms (this seems to be all we have in California) will replace you pretty soon?

SubzeroMK37 karma

Haha no not at all. They break down so much and essentially cost more than a humans time

Porter_Dog19 karma

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a garbage man just so I could ride on the back and crush the trash with the compacter.

1). In my area, I've heard people tell me all the recycling doesn't get recycled, it just gets thrown into the same landfill as the rest of the garbage. Say it ain't so!

2). Do people throw away a lot of cool shit that you get to keep? Do you in fact keep the good stuff or is it just not worth salvaging it, no matter how good it is?

SubzeroMK28 karma

All recycling goes to a special waste dump where it gets sorted and bundled.

Yeah I keep some stuff mostly not worth dragging around all day

PresidentRaggy19 karma

Hey dude! I actually did a ride-along with a trash dude my junior year of college for a story I was doing in advanced reporting class. I wanted to find out more about the job, since no one really ever talks about the garbage men. I think I learned a lot! So, thanks for doing your duty in rain, snow, heat and cold. :)

The guy I rode with told me all about strange things he found, nicknames he made up for people and places, and all that kind of stuff. I have a feeling he liked having me along, because he normally rides alone!

Stay safe out there. :)

SubzeroMK4 karma

Thanks I appreciate it!

chalklady018 karma

Thank you for taking care of us by helping keep our environment clean and healthy.

SubzeroMK27 karma

Your welcome. Thanks for the job!

newnrthnhorizon18 karma

My step-dad used to be a garbage collector back in the 70s working for the city. Do you get paid by the hour? I only ask because my step-dad would get paid an 8 hour day regardless of how long it took to complete his route. So it was in his best interest to go as fast as he could.

SubzeroMK26 karma

We get paid by the day

jerryonimo16 karma

I still remember that episode on The Sopranos where Richie Aprile told one of his garbagemen to empty his truck in the parking lot of one of their customers who was complaining about overcharges.

Richie told the customer when he called to complain that company policy was "double your garbage back if you're not satisfied."

Has your boss ever given you the nod to do something irritating like that to anybody? Have you ever taken your own initiative to do something similar?

SubzeroMK16 karma

No way in hell but my parents grew up in that town lol. Upvote for sopranos!

BagelTrollop14 karma

How did you end up in this profession?

SubzeroMK54 karma

Wife had our daughter and we needed medical benefits an good pay. Plus I knew the supervisors already

BagelTrollop14 karma

Fair answer! Benefits are awesome. These days, it's all about networking, so knowing who you would be working for is awesome. I'm glad it worked out. How old is your daughter now?

SubzeroMK36 karma

4 months old. Been here a year now. I was always taught its not what you know it's who you know.

spankymunkee14 karma

how much weight do you pick up (rough average) per route on trash and recycling? I work for NYC Sanitation. My daily trash route averages around 10 tons. it depends on the week of the month and time of the year. sometimes it's higher and sometimes it lower.

SubzeroMK20 karma

Recycles averages 7-10 tons a day and trash is 20-30 a day.

spankymunkee9 karma

whoa?! 20-30 tons per truck per day? that's a lot to pick up by hand.

SubzeroMK16 karma

Your damn skippy. Usually done by 5

Porter_Dog14 karma

Just thought f another question that I haven't seen asked yet. What, if anything, is the most fucked up, disturbing or weird thing you've seen while picking up trash? Once in a great while, you'll see a story of medical specimens such as human heads or whatever being found in a dumpster. Ever come across anything even remotely along those lines?

SubzeroMK40 karma

2 weeks ago I dumped a rather heavy recycling can. In the bottom was diapers that was in water for 2 months. And old food been sitting in there. Needless to say I threw up a few times

SubzeroMK26 karma

2 weeks ago I dumped a rather heavy recycling can. In the bottom was diapers that was in water for 2 months. And old food been sitting in there. Needless to say I threw up a few times ever found dead people yet though thank god

SockofBadKarma13 karma

I've got three.

  1. Are you allowed to pass up a paying customer's trash if it's too ridiculous (like, if the person simply refused to even put their trash in the can, and it consisted entirely of used Depends, or you find that they've stuffed their can with human body parts)?

  2. How often do you have to deal with people who refuse to pay for the trash service and instead attempt to dispose of their trash by putting it in neighbors' yards/cans and/or buying a fake can? And are you allowed to take these peoples' trash, or would you suffer similar consequences as you would with question #1?

  3. How do you deal with potentially-rabid wild animals (or aggressive pets), and how often do you deal with them?

SubzeroMK20 karma

We can if we want but usually just toss it and get it over with you know?

All the time. If we notice it than we kindly call it in and don't pick up either house.

I dealt with that twice. Jumped on top of the truck like a fucking squirrel !!

LemonWhore21213 karma

SubzeroMK8 karma

I would love nothing more than to do that at some stops

datbwoymjp11 karma

Why do you fuckers put my garbage can in the middle of my driveway so I have to get out and bring it in to park my car? Why couldn't you just keep it on the grass where you picked it up from?

SubzeroMK14 karma

Eh it depends on the day, time, weather and crew. I put all my shit back exactly where it came from unless I find a better spot (sometimes I take it back to the house for people) buy I do apologize for that sick sack. :(

drphilthy11 karma

I've always had a desire to do this job, something alluring about it. Any tips if I was to get into it? Also any reasons to stay away?

SubzeroMK20 karma

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Keep a steady but smooth pace don't over work yourself. Be prepared to lift by hand over 30 tons a day.

Just early morning bull shit.

Bgtsere9 karma

What are people's reactions when you tell them what your job is? And not to be rude how much do you get paid?

SubzeroMK20 karma

Most of them are like "oh wow that's cool!" Lol but it's just another day at the office.

I get paid roughly 500 every friday

Glyndur8 karma

Have you ever seen something in the trash that you really wanted to keep or regretted having to toss in the truck? If so what was it and how often do those situations come up?

SubzeroMK25 karma

Yes all the time. Just small things that peak my interest like a small wooden windmill that when the fan turned a small swing set would go back n forth. I just disassociate myself with it

NomNomMeatball8 karma

Picture 14 is really amazing, you should post it to /r/pics!

But because I need to add a question... Are there a lot of recyclables in the trash? Up here in Maine we recycle a lot, not sure about Vermont!

EDIT: I mean 14, not 19 ;-;

SubzeroMK12 karma

We find trash in our recycling a lot ppl are generally pretty good about it

theladyfromthesky7 karma

Is it peaceful in the mornings when your on your route?

SubzeroMK23 karma

For us? Yes. For the customers? Nah in loud as fuck in the morning on purpose

perturbedghost7 karma

Do you ever "philosophize" about the nature of your job? Ex: "One man's trash is another man's treasure", "Do people realize how much they throw away?", "I'm not the hero this neighborhood needs, but I'm the one it deserves", etc.

SubzeroMK22 karma

No ... I just go to work clock in work clock out go home and spend time with the family a lot of people do throw away good stuff and its almost heart breaking lol

where_is_the_cheese6 karma

Is it garbage day?


SubzeroMK9 karma

I've seen that before

poppunksnotdead5 karma

are you hiring?

SubzeroMK10 karma

Always our yard is on Central Park drive in Manassas. You gotta go in and apply in person

kaleidoscope-eyes5 karma

Have you ever found a dead body or parts of a dead body? For some reason I imagine you must find them all the time, but I've never had the opportunity to ask anyone before with insider knowledge.

SubzeroMK9 karma

Not in residential but I wouldn't put it past the front en guys to find stuff

YamiNoSenshi4 karma

What dictates what will be taken? I've lived in a bunch of different places and I've seen things like broken down bookshelves and mattresses get left behind. But I once watched, in wide-eyed fascination, a garbage truck chew up a metal futon frame.

SubzeroMK8 karma

Company's and workers choice. If you pay for bulk pick up we take it all, otherwise you pay extra

SubzeroMK3 karma

Company's and workers choice. If you pay for bulk pick up we take it all, otherwise you pay extra. I love crushing furniture

Blackops6064 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA!

Anything you can tell us about the dumps? Do they add anything other than dirt to cover up the smell? What's the nicest thing someone has done for you? Are your trucks cleaned weekly? Daily?

SubzeroMK4 karma

Dumps work like this. You put trash on the ground and place piping all over the place, it gets covered by a special tarp and than covered with dirt and repeat. The pipes let out all the gasses and fumes that way there is no danger of fires or explosions. Usually weekly cleaned, our company has its own truck mechanic shop, wash and paint station. All connected to the yard and main office.

Nicest thing was someone gave us both 100$ just for being hard workers

rob_n_goodfellow2 karma

You answered my question, but I forgot to say "thanks." You guys do a tough job that is more important than most people know. I will definitely work harder to make sure my trash is shit tight to make it easy as possible for you guys.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Thanks! Appreciate it!

marc9622 karma

How much do you make annually.

SubzeroMK4 karma

Before taxes around 40k i think lol I don't even remember I just cash my checks

Usopp02 karma

I know in some instances there is friendly competition between firemen and ploice men in various sports. Is there any type of athletic/non-athlethic based competition between garbagemen and recyclemen?

What was the funniest prank pulled on you/ that you've pulled?

SubzeroMK6 karma

Yeah, first to get killed loses.

Left a dead snake in a trash can and watch as the trash guys almost shit themselves. We also tape torn dollar bills to the floor at the yard and watch the Hispanics jump for it.

Kirkdoesntlivehere2 karma

LOLOLOLOLOL Torn Dollar bills

SubzeroMK4 karma

It's epic!

Usopp02 karma

Yeah, first to get killed loses.

o_O. Well damn

Lol at the torn dollar bills.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Haha it's funny as shit

SubzeroMK3 karma

Nope but my pubes smell like vagina

ETL4nubs2 karma

When I do my recycling I just throw everything all together into the bin. Is that bad?

SubzeroMK4 karma

No it's called single stream and almost everyone does it :)

ETL4nubs2 karma

Good! I always thought you would have to sort through it so I started putting them in different bins. Thanks

SubzeroMK3 karma

Nah it's so much easier this way.

marbel2 karma

Firstly-thank you for getting up so F-ing early to do your (very necessary for society) job.

My question is: maybe I just don't understand through the pictures, but does it even matter that the recycle-ables are sorted? It seems like they all get mixed together in your truck/that giant blade of doom...

Also, I'm more curious what happens at the dump. Am I naive to have thought recycle-ables went to some magical plant where they, you know...got recycled?

Sorry if repeat question(s)!

SubzeroMK3 karma

Single stream my friend mix it all and we take it to a special recycling center where it gets sorted, I have pic of it but I'm on my phone so I can't upload sorry :(

linh_nguyen2 karma

do you care the type of container used? I have a spare regular circular trash can I've labeled for paper recycling (we don't have single stream supposedly, but the way they collect has me questioning that). It seems 50% of the time shit is left behind and/or on the street. And it seems ONLY to be us.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Call the company and complain but usually a long as it says recycle we don't give a PHUCK!

CrazyJes2 karma

Do you think that you are Sub Zero?

SubzeroMK3 karma

The batman must die

Richardmg92 karma

Since when do you take recycling to the land fill?

SubzeroMK10 karma

We don't, it's actually a federal offense to dump recycling at a landfill. Our company can actually lose dumping privileges at the dump if we do. All our recycling goes to either a transfer station or a recycling facility where it gets sorted off conveyer belts and shipped to recycling plants.

That pic is from a trash day.

purplehayes2 karma

My trash service throws the recycling in a truck that looks just like a trash truck and smashes it down. How does all that mixed up stuff get recycled?

SubzeroMK3 karma

You do realize that a trash truck is just a generalization name for the vehicle right? 2 trucks run the sane neighborhood and 1 does trash the other does recycle. The trash goes to the dump and recycle goes to a special recycling dump where it gets sorted, bundled and shipped to plants.

purplehayes2 karma

I guess my questions was how do they recycle a big compacted mess of aluminum cans, newspaper and plastic bottles?

SubzeroMK4 karma

It gets sorted at the facility than transferred to another place where the bundles are torn apart and re sorted