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Simultaneously witty and existentially depressing... Just like The Meaning of Life.

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Judging by the other adverse effects of a tick bite, I'd argue that you really don't want that to happen.

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I've got three.

  1. Are you allowed to pass up a paying customer's trash if it's too ridiculous (like, if the person simply refused to even put their trash in the can, and it consisted entirely of used Depends, or you find that they've stuffed their can with human body parts)?

  2. How often do you have to deal with people who refuse to pay for the trash service and instead attempt to dispose of their trash by putting it in neighbors' yards/cans and/or buying a fake can? And are you allowed to take these peoples' trash, or would you suffer similar consequences as you would with question #1?

  3. How do you deal with potentially-rabid wild animals (or aggressive pets), and how often do you deal with them?

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Let it be known that Collegetown Bagels is hilariously overpriced and provides small portions to boot. It's the university's equivalent of a tourist trap. There are plenty of other restaurants literally a hundred feet away that give far better food in greater quantities at cheaper prices. CTB is the worst.

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Will you admit that Jaqen is your favorite Game of Thrones character?

And on a less serious note (that first question is incredibly important, mind you), what sort of thoughts go through your mind when you look in mirrors?