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I know a little about homesickness, being away from America for almost two years now. Its not easy to adapt, especially when you do not know the language and have very little independence. There are four distinct stages to being an expat: honeymoon, frustration/anger, depression, acceptance. Do some research on the subject for some guidance.

In the meantime, the best advice I can give is accept the fact you might be in Hungary for the long haul and find ways to make the most of it. At your age, you're considering university. American universities would be stoked to accept someone like you because your background is diverse. If you can demonstrate an ability to overcome adversity, in two years you could be back in America, attending a solid school with possible scholarships. For now, you are going to have to focus on that and work towards a similar end.

You answered some of my questions already with your original post, but I guess I'd like to know if the eastern European girls are as hot as everybody says they are. I understand Hungary is some kind of hot bed sexy euro babes. Just lie to me if it isn't true...

Good luck with everything else.

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I get where you are coming from. A lot of people told me exactly what you are telling me right now. Its been 3 years, and I am getting worse every single day. I swear on my life, there was not a single day ever since I left the US I didnt think about the states. I tried to accept the fact that I am stuck in a foriegn country, but I cant. It is destroying my social life and is really making me have a lot of mental issues. If Id finish high school here Id be fucked because I am failing due to the hungarian language. I have 2 years left, If Id go back this summer Id have a chance to catch up and fix my life. Not to mention I am living in poverty here in Hungary. Anyways, I dont deny the fact that Europe has EXTREMELY hot chicks.

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I'm not sure how you should do it, but proof is a requirement of AMAs.

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I sent a message to the moderators of IAMA asking how will I be able to post proof for this particular IAmA.

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How did you make it from Egypt to Hungary?

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While my dad went back to the US to work, we made our move. We saved money for the airplane tickets and I went to Cairo alone to buy the tickets, I was 14. After I managed to buy them, we ran to the airport the day after that. It took a long time for us to get past airport security due ton the fact that my dad wasnt there. They constantly asked "where is your dad?". Essentially in Islam culture its rare for a woman and her kids to travel without her husband. I remember In Egypt my mom and my sister wore scarves to blend in and when we arrived to Hungary they took them off, I felt like we were doing some spy shit lol. We were very lucky because we left just before the uprisings in Egypt started.

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How did you save the money? I've never heard of anyone going and buying three international plane tickets with cash

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My dad sent money for us every month when he worked in the US, we took money from that and left. Its different in Egypt, I had to go and book a flight all by myself in Cairo. I thought that the place was a scam at first, but it turned out to be legit.

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I lived in Hungary, Budapest for 12 years and it wasn't too bad for me (though it might have changed). Where do you live? and to add to that it might be in your best interest to call the American International School of Budapest they are always looking for good PR and might be able to help you out.

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I live in a village in the Veszprem county. I go to school in Szekesfehervar which is 2 hours away. And yes I live in a dorm during the weekdays. Ever since we abandoned my dad, we didnt have money due to the fact that my mom was a housewife. This is the main reason why itd be hard to go back, simply we dont have money to fix our lives. I am assuming that an American international school would be expensive, something that we surely couldnt afford.

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Do you really think it is a good idea to put information out there that could potentially get back to your dad and let him or others track down your exact location?

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He cant do anything in this country. He knows our general location because we left a lot of stuff behind (phonebooks, etc.).

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How did it get to the point of your father just being able to uproot your entire family? Did you and your mother consent to the move and why didn't your father consider your feelings in terms of moving back to the states?

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Well, as I stated before, my mom was a housewife. So if my mom wouldve refused back in the states my dad wouldve filed for a divorce. He wouldve gotten my siblings and I for sure due to the fact that he was the one with the job. So essentially my mom had 2 choices: stay in the US and abandon her kids or go with her kids to Egypt. My father didnt care about my feelings in terms of moving back. He was a religious muslim that forced his wife and his kids to an Islamic country so they pick up Islamic culture. Well, it turned out that his actions made his family turn against him. His actions made me scared of religion is the reason why I am an athiest.

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considering the recent political situation in Egypt, you made a good decision to run from there

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So why did your dad force you guys to go the Egypt? Are your relationship with him bad before this happened?

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Its pretty obvious. My dad wanted me to pick up Islamic culture and pick up Islam itself. I never realized what Islam really was until I moved to Egypt. I was in huge culture shock, I was forced to pray, forced to learn the Quran. To this date, my biggest fear is, believe it or not, Islam. I know Islam may not be as bad as i state it is, but for me, what they made me do was extreme. This is why to this date I am an athiest and i dont want to have anything to do with religion. In the US, I was never really with my dad. He was either working or doing something else, he was never at home. But that was a good thing. When he was, he was always yelling and always mad at everyone. When we went to Egypt it was 10 times worse due to the fact that he had full power over us.

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Whose computer are you writing this up on?

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There are no computers in Hungary

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